Hey guys! Welcome back to the channel, you know its rush, the discover boss, so today were doing a community drone video. I know a lot of times. I may do a drone um. Sorry, a community drive, but not necessarily you know a community drone video, so what well be doing will be setting up the drone um to take out. Take a look at the queen hill era. Thats queening up there well take a look at the perkins boulevard area, parts of meadowbrook as well, so you guys definitely stay tuned for that um again, this video is just a june video. You know just taking a look at these communities from above so were at the meadow brook community center right here in the meadowbrook community. So remember to like remember to subscribe, remember, to share and definitely leave a comment. Alright guys so stay tuned so well be setting up the drone, as i mentioned, just to take a aerial view. Um of this community um ill try to do some more videos like this, because you know sometimes we do a driving video of the community. We drive through um, but usually i do a drone video of, like you know a construction or you know a new development or something like that. But probably i started, though you know more drone videos of communities. Let me let me know what you guys think leave it in the comment section what you guys think about that idea.

Let me know thats right, so: Music, Music, so Music, so Music, Music, Music! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Now! Music, now: Music, Music, yes, Music; so so, yes, Music, 3.