So this is basically where the centaurmas highway will start so youre going to enter from here and up at the top right. There theyre making a bridge to go over the river which youll see in the drone video, so watch till the end, because the drone video will show a lot more around this area will show the the the path from this end um that the highway will take And you know youll also see another drone. Video will show the continuation of the airway from the grand spin area heading into sentama, so um first im going to cover this area in terms of the start of the highway out here in bulby. So stay tuned. Remember to like comment, share, subscribe and definitely definitely leave a comment as well were almost at 10 000 subscribers so share the video borrow somebody phone beside you subscribe and also, if you want to donate to the channel, we have paypal. You know that help the channel to continue as well, so this is where the highway is starting um before we set up the drone im, just gon na do a a little drive around this era right here in bulby um. So you guys can see this area as well. Theyre also winding the road, so they have purchased quite a few properties to widen the road. Some of them have been demolished already so um ill show you guys a glimpse of that as well. Stay tuned, all right! So, as promised, im just gon na show, you guys a little glimpse of this area.

Um again. This is where the highway is gon na start to cut out most of the existing road leading up to right here, theyre widening the road, so they have purchased. Quite a few properties all right, so this is the current main road, so this road will be widened. Music all right. So this is one of china arbor site where they theyll build the certain bridge, structures, um, another concrete structures and then transport it all right. So just giving you guys a glimpse of the area uh before we switch to the june video, so widening that mean oh, this side and some of the properties have not yet moved back in terms of your perimeter, fence, Music, all right guys, so all right guys! So, for example, in this era, they brought back that um permit offense for that house just to widen the road area leading up to the highway so thats. Basically, what im referring to so well be setting up the drone now so look out for the drone shots. Uh, remember to like comment, share and subscribe as well. So thanks for watching thanks for clicking on the video thanks for supporting saint thomas, i we cant wait till its finished and, of course, im gon na drive on it when its finished, for you guys as well.