That allows you to securely mount a larger tablet up to 14.5 centimeters wide directly on the controller. Now, if youre like me, you probably started flying using your phone because youve got it with you every day, its really easy to connect up, and it just works pretty well, but over time, youre, probably going to start thinking, boy thats, a tiny screen. I need some bigger screen real estate, so i can really see what im capturing on my video footage and my pictures so youre going to start searching for a tablet. Now, a lot of folks out there immediately go to a gigantic tablet like a 10 inch tablet and what youll find is yeah. You get a lot more screen real estate, but its hard to see it in the sun, its top heavy on the controller, its a pain in the neck to mount. You need longer cables, so youll, probably back off to a smaller tablet like this now ive settled. On the ipad mini four and five, i also use the nvidia shield and i love the triple tech which is about the same size as the ipad mini. The challenge is its hard to mount that on the controller. Now, when we had the gen 1 controller, which came out with the mavic pro, this was a brilliant design. They actually built a controller that folded up tiny like this, so it was almost pocket size, but once you flip it out, you can see that theres a mounting on the bottom of it and it was really designed to handle phones any of the larger phones that Are on the market at the time and even still can fit in there without a problem? If youve got a really thick case on it, maybe youve got to do some modifications to the arms, but you essentially slid your phone in there connected it up to the cable and youre off and running now the challenge with that was boy i really wish.

I could get a tablet in there, so when the mavic pro first came out, we spent a lot of time taking the controller apart testing it with different tablet adapters and lo and behold, we figured out pretty quickly that you can actually slide an ipad mini into The bottom of it so its almost like dji built this to hold an ipad mini 4 at the time they even cut little slots in the arms and thats kind of what clued us in to the fact that we could slide a tablet inside there. So we were off with the gen 1 controller, flying with the ipad minis, 4s and 5s, and it works just great. We just love it. The challenge was, they came out with a brand new gen 2 controller, and this started with the air 2 and the air 2s and the mini 2 and its a great controller. I love the new design of it, its very easy in the hands its easy to hold. But the challenge is now the phone mounts above it and they only give you 9 centimeters of width here, which is fine for a phone. So even the modern phones that are really really wide and big will fit in there. No problem but theres no way youre gon na shoehorn a tablet in there without using an adapter. So we started testing a lot of different accessories. Now, obviously, i can use a standard tablet adapter to hold it in there, but then ive got to deal with this big contraption, that ive got to assemble and its hanging over top of the controller and its top heavy and thats.

Just not something im looking for so we were looking for an adapter that would snap on the controller and allow us to put larger tablets on it, and we tested probably six or seven different models that are on the market and my challenge with most of them Was that they were built out of plastic, which means theyre flimsy im, worried about in the warm weather, theyre going to start bending and flexing, but the bigger concern i had was most of the extenders. We saw clamped in here somehow and shot up this way. Now, if you think about that, from a physics perspective, what youre doing is pushing down on these delicate arms that hold the antennas so over time. Im thinking, if you jam a big tablet into one of those extenders and push down over time its going to bend those down and youre going to have a hard time putting it back in the controller, so those scared the bejesus out of me. So i said, look lets sit down. We can design something thats, durable, its small thats, effective, thats, easy to use and doesnt take 20 minutes to set it up on the controller and thats exactly what this drone valley tablet extender is now. I have talked about this before in the channel and some of the clips, but ive had so many questions about it recently. I thought id spend a little bit more time and talk about it specifically, so we sat down and designed something that was small, its certainly small.

We wanted it to be durable, so its made out of aluminum its not going to go anywhere its not going to bend or break on you, its really easy to use, and we built in a lot of protections for your tablet as well, so theres rubber surfaces Here, theres rubber up top theres, even rubber on the back here when you slide it into the antenna post on the back, but the beautiful part about this is by snapping this. On the controller, you now extend that top part from nine centimeters to 14.5 centimeters. So all the tablets i talked about a minute ago will slide in here and held securely on the unit. Let me show you how easy it is to use so essentially what you do is extend the antenna up like this and, on the back of the unit, youll see a little pivot right here. You spin that so its parallel with the unit you drop this in between the two antennas and on the back. You just spin this to lock it in place and youre good to go and thats it thats. All it takes. Would that take 15 seconds to do that and then, when youre ready to use your tablet ill start with the ipad? You basically lay it in like that, extend it up and youre good to go, and that is in there securely thats, not going anywhere its not popping out. You can even use this with regular phones that maybe have a little larger case if youre using an nvidia shield again same thing, put it in the top slide it up and its stuck in there youre good to go now.

I use the triple tech tablet. A lot as well, this ones a little bit more of a challenge because its heavier, but its incredibly good out in the bright sunlight. So i love using it, but that thickness will actually fit in here as well, now its not as secure as the ipad mini 4. But if you put it in there, itll hold it for sure. Just dont go shaking it because it may pop out. Because of that extra space in the case were also working on an adapter for this one specifically, but for now this ones going to work. Just fine but itll hold the triple tech with no problems. So when youre done for the day its just as easy to take it back off, you basically spin that it pops out of the controller you can spin it back, throw it in your bag and youre done for the day and again what we like. So much about this design, which took us quite a while to get together, is that its durable, its its portable, its small enough or it can slide in any bag. You can slide it in your pocket. Itll handle a wide variety of tablets again up to 14.5 centimeters wide and theres no shenanigans, putting something together because a lot of the other solutions we saw it came with an instruction manual that showed you the 15 steps it took to actually bolt something together to Snap it on the controller for me im all about simple im, all about cost effective.

I want something thats going to last a long time and not be a hassle that i need some kind of rocket scientist degree to put together this kind of ticks all those boxes so thats pretty much all i had for today. We have plenty of these around. If youre interested in the product ive got a link below where you can find it again, we stand behind everything we sell. We designed this product ourselves were really proud of it. If you have any problems or questions down the road, well be here for you and we can get it to you faster than amazon. So if you hit the link below go to our website its an exclusive product that we have, because it was designed by the team here at drone valley and well get it out to you right away. So thanks a lot for watching any questions about this or anything else.