Hs110D drone. So we’re going to open up the box here and check out all the different components you can see: there’s the main drone there’s, a bunch of spare items, here’s a spare battery a charging cord for usb a mount for your phone, some spare guards for the propellers And some spare landing gear – and this is a pretty pretty nice – not too heavy remote control. Take another look at the drone itself. Again, you can see the camera right there on the bottom and there’s the battery in the back there’s a little bit of an antenna. Sticking out there off the back of the uh, the camera here’s, another look at the battery and the charger as well as a close up of the bottom and how you would uh how you would charge the uh. The battery inside we’re going to take the battery out just for a second it’s, a little tough to pull out but it’s uh, but it’s pretty tight when it sticks in there. So it’s good for uh for operation and it won’t fall out so easily. And this is uh. These are all the controls. You can see: uh labeled on the on the actual remote. When you take that off uh there aren’t actually any uh labels on the remote itself for all those different controls and here i’m opening and closing the camera mount. You see there’s some spare propellers or some spare screws and some of the covers for the leds as well or a bunch of spares for everything, and here there’s, just one pair of spare landing gear so i’m putting the propeller guards on now.

You can get a look at that it’s, even a couple of spares of those in there as well. When you charge it there’s a little red led that lights up on the bottom. The remote takes four double a batteries. You can see when you first turn it on uh there’s, these red flashing lights, but when you turn on the remote assuming it’s all already synced up at the factory, it then starts shining blue and white lights, here’s, a quick little indoor test flight. Just a couple of feet up and a couple of feet back down now we’re going to test it outdoors, you can see it’s uh it’s, not the best resolution. I think it’s, probably 720, but it’s uh it’s got pretty fairly low latency, so it’s uh it’s, actually pretty pretty good for uh for the price, and this was recorded using the iphone app that comes with the with these drones. You can just download it for free on the app store and you can see we’re going a little bit higher here up in in the trees. You can see the pond in the background pretty pretty clearly when you get up this high and there i am trying to see how close i can bring the drone to myself without smacking myself in the head, so we’re going up a little bit higher this time. This is the next test flight and we’re, trying to see if we can get it up to a pretty high height, maybe close to the top of the tree line without being affected too much by the higher wind speeds up there, and it actually seems like it’s, Not drifting too much, even though there’s a tiny bit of wind, but this uh.

This drone is not waterproof, so i’m trying my best not to get too far over the pond, because i haven’t really tested to see how long the battery lasts. You see a little bit of the pond there on the on the right corner, which i’m just barely grazing right over that and in this next test, it’s a little bit lighter outside. So you could probably see some some of the ground features a little bit better, but we’re going to go on this test. We’Re going uh above the tree line above the top of the tree line, and you can see this is the the other side of the yard and now we’re looking back uh towards the pond, and you can see it’s it’s got some pretty good resolution. You could see lots of little features there that, given the price that it’s pretty good that you can, you can see all that so now, we’re going to do a quick landing test and it’s actually pretty smooth it doesn’t require too much trouble. You have to just press one button and that’s the same button for takeoff and landing and now we’re going to do a quick crash test which isn’t really a test it’s just sort of an accident, and this was not actually user error. One of the motors got a little bit stuck and it caused the the drone to move laterally and crashed into a tree, but it was okay, it survived so overall, i think it’s a great drone for the price and i would recommend it.