There are holes where the players are going to have wedges in their hand, theyre going to be holes where players are going to be having maybe as much as a six iron five iron to execute a shot. So the variety of holes they move left. They move right its just really wonderful, the way that the golf course sits in that regard. Music, jeffrey great, to see you good morning, good to see you brennan uh were uh nearly on the eve and uh. Why dont we take a little tour through uh through your wonderful golf course here, fantastic hole, number one starts right there in the middle of the racetrack, which will be really fun to see strong dog leg left 490 yards to get them started have to put the Ball in the fairway, you have an opportunity to roll that ball up under the green, its well bunkered, and that green. Has that infinity look in the back and if we have a back hole location, be interesting to see if they challenge that backhoe location yeah. I think its its a good start going to have to drive the golf ball in the fairway yeah. But if you dont, the the openness in the front of the green will will give you a chance to to still rally and and make a par, maybe maybe better. I anticipate the players. They do miss the fairway theyll play to the first part of the green and just try to go ahead and chip up and get it up and down.

Yeah, a strong start will wake them up right out of the box thats for sure, and then you come to two and that i think will have their complete and undivided attention. Yes, i think its gon na be the most challenging of the threes that we have for open week. You know its. You got ta play to that. First part of the green and back in at wing foot billy casper won the open and he played to the front of the green all four days and i think thats gon na be a great strategy here, be able to chip it up there and make three And walk away with 12 for the week, theyll be pretty darn happy new, tee added a little bit of length, but itd probably be a mid ish iron six iron, depending on the wind, a little bit uphill uh, well, bunkered, a pretty small target for for the The club theyre playing but uh this is the us open. You youre, the best players in the world stand up and hit a golf shot. You got it and then we get to the third hole, which is really the first. Look that that unique look here at the country club, where you stand on that tee and okay. Where am i supposed to go because they had to fit the hole into the ground that the good lord put here? And they did a wonderful job with that? But its its a little bit disconcerting when you stand on that tee for the first time, but i can remember paul azinger saying several years ago: a blind shot is only blind once the first time you play it.

These guys are awful good and their caddies theyll get the right information to dial in there, but they got to fit that into that little that small little area on the in the drive zone. You got the modern game versus old school architecture, and this is where you first see it at home: number three, its my favorite hole in the property and see the rock outcroppings for the first time hit down into that green, its a downhill, shot again very firm. There watching those balls run through the green and those little delicate shots, theyre gon na have, and then you have our skating pond behind its a great view, really anxious to see how they play this song skating this week. But – and i love to you know the great work that gil and team did here, the putting green restoration there to kind of get those angles out in the shape of that original green, its its really unique, and i think, especially from an aerial view. Well, look well, look quite good! So jeff we get to hole! Number four another beast: 495 yard dog leg to the right: fairway slopes from right to left, get up to the green complex, probably our most severe green on the property from right to left very important to drive the ball in the fairway here and be able to Manage that second shot, the most generous fairway on the golf course so therell be ample room to do so and its it is a blind tee shot as you as you make mention of, but yeah theyve got to manage the golf ball under that grain to be In the right place, you know, i think the players need to think about aim a little left of the hole, even if they hit in that bunker.

On the left hand, side thats a better play than it is to be pitching up from above the right hand, side of that green. No doubt it theyll theyll welcome the opportunity to score four and get to the fifth tee speaking of the fifth tee. How exciting is that going to be 310 yard par four up the hill, our first drivable par four, and to see how these long players try to navigate this hole, its going to be fun to watch? The green goes away from me in the back and are we going to see that aggressive player hit it through and you got about four paces behind that green? You get into those native grasses, its not going to be an easy up and in it will be fascinating to see how the modern player attacks this whole. Having a conversation with curtis strange a month or so ago about how he played the golf course – and it was, you know some iron off the tee and a nine iron well thats, just i dont think going to happen next week with the u.s open, so well See how they do but theres an opportunity to to potentially make it two and theres also an opportunity to to make five or six if they, if theyre, not accurate enough with that tee shot, so itll be fun hole. I think for the fans to keep an eye on thats, why they call it risk reward thats right and then we get to six great part.

Three, this whole play the most difficult relation to par 1988, its the only green complex that goes away from us and the whole locations here going to be very challenging for the players. This is another one of those holes first, third, all day long. You do not want to play to the center of this green love. The variety thats available on this particular hole theres, not a lot of alternate tea options really at the country club, but this is one where, where we could utilize, maybe a little more forward tee with a whole location, thats a little bit harder to get to well, Have to wait and see what the weather provides us and how firm or how soft it is. But i love the fact that this green is kind of atypical it. It runs from the front to the back and its just a little something different for the player to contemplate. So next three holes there in the round some opportunities to potentially make a score and then some places to stub your toe interesting to see how this stacks up against hole. Number two in relation to par, yeah, absolutely so jeff. Now we get to hole. Number seven! Ive kind of been curious that the players are trying to drive this screen 375 to the middle, probably 360, to the front edge. You get these long players fairways get firm. Will they have an opportunity to run something up there, but that fairway slips really hard from right to left, so its going to be challenging for them again, itd be fascinating to see how they take it on because the layups no gim me they have to hit A quality golf shot to get it into a drive zone, thats fairly, tight and and its maybe one of the more pitched drive zones that we have a lot of undulation a lot of movement in the ground.

There absolutely and the green uh transformation there with gil and jim, and what theyve been able to do. There gives us a few more opportunities for whole locations, which will be fun to watch but its a short hole. They have an opportunity to put a scoring club in their hands and and make a birdie, so itll be fascinating to see what approach they uh they take there and and really the prelude to another great scoring opportunity going to eight par five that every player in This field will be able to reach with a good tee shot into the fairway significant incline up to the green, where that ball, that just gets to the top gravity could win and bring it back to the bottom, but its a short hole. Certainly, a real good birdie opportunity, but again another one of those holes where you could be thinking for and writing six, its all about your distance, controlling that second shot or third shot, depending on what theyre doing there to be able to get to that on. The left hand side you got ta its a little shorter. That false front is, but it goes about two yards up as you carry into the right hand. Side of that green weve. Seen plenty of balls come back down that hill over the years, so yeah therell be a few divots at the base of the hill thats, really going to test their patience in that hole.

Absolutely and then we go to nine again a hole thats, not particularly long, but is very strategic one of the more strategic tee shots on the property. Incredible piece of landscape there, theres a big rock that sits in the middle of that fairway. The death area was grown over and you have to stay back and that ball just clears that theres. A really good chance with that slope. Going down towards the penalty area go into the water that they could be hitting three from down at the bottom of the hill. Yeah theyve got to really think through that again it just part of the us open is not just its just not about physically standing. There and hitting a shot from 158 yards these. All these guys can do that. They can do it with three different clubs. They can probably play a shot and carry it 158 yards, but heres where youve got to think about the approach and be patient and maybe youve just made a bogey at the eighth hole. But what is the best way to play the ninth hole? Because if im gon na get it back at the ninth hole, that could be problematic, you know its. What makes us a little different for some of the other us open venues. You know they got to think here. Its not just pulling drive around in every hole. Could they hit driver here somebodys going to go ahead and try to take it over the water down there, but if they miss a little right or little left theyre, making five for sure yeah its going to be going to be quite challenging all right? So we go to uh the back nine, which obviously the tenth hole, be a starting hole for players on uh, thursday and friday.

Everybody will start there once a par 5 in 1988 be a par 4. This go around and just a wonderful hole again. Another example of fitting the hole into the topography that was here green, sits up on a shelf surrounded by rough, so theres, no approach precision will be a requirement with that second shot. So that really means you got to get it in the fairway off the tee. The screen severely sloped from left to right, so favoring the right hand side on that second shot, even if youre pitching out of the long grass for your third is not going to be a bad play up that hell. Keep you on the offensive side of the hole, itll be a a tough starting hole, absolutely for everybody, but everybody will do it. Just do it just once and then itll be right there in the middle, around waiting waiting for you and then we go to were so excited about my favorite hole on the property first time back since 1913, they played the u.s open that we met one as The tenth hole back then and to bring it back in its so exciting. I know youve been very instrumental in this jeff. So why dont you tell us about the hole? Well, listen! Gil gill did all the work he and jim did all the work and getting it back to the way it was and getting that putty green complex back the way it was, but im just excited for the opportunity for there to be a 130 yard par 3.

. Everybody watching everybody thats here as a fan watching on tv, everybody that plays golf can try to play that hole, including the best players in the world, and i think its going to be really fun for the average golfer to watch the best players in the world Play that particular hole. You know you stand up on a 250 yard par 3.. Not everybody in the world can play that hole. This is one everybody can play its going to be fun to watch. Spin control is going to be a must on this green complex. Well, uh well see how it shakes out. Hopefully, mother nature gives us some firm conditions. Now we head to hole number 12, which is a 475 480 yard par 4 blind tee, shot the players arent going to see the ball land downhill, second, shot to a very severe green. From back to front again. Distance control is going to be a key favoring. The first third here jeff not sure what your thoughts are. I think its a pretty straightforward hole but a demanding hole again, theres, just not a hole here at the country club and just generally speaking at the us open. You cant take a shot off and i think theres ample room to drive the golf ball. Fairway bunkers waiting for a shot that wanders to the right, its a very small target to play your second shot and again one thats, surrounded by rough and bunkers and and and things that are not pleasant, but a really good golf hole.

So jeff 13th hole gon na need some strategy here kind of like playing number nine. What are they gon na do off the tee here, dog like to the left got carried over water on their second shot, the green slope severely from back to front a little bit from left to right, gon na be critical. They drive the ball in the fairway. Here, yeah exactly theres, because this is one where theyve got to have distance control. They need to be in control their golf ball. This is a great example where we will have graduated rough, so theyll have a strip of three inch rough. Where listen. The best players in the world can play shots out of three inches of rough, but they wont have control of their golf ball. So will they be tempted to take on the putting green, even if they do miss the fairway well well, have to wait and see, but its you know its an interesting hole. Its the first combination of the first and second holes on the primrose course that make up what will be the 13th hole excited to see how theyll play this hole. First time we play that hole is 1957 amateur, so really fun to see it still in the rotation absolutely, and then we go to 14 and 14s been really transformed for this particular open over 88. It was a par 4 in 1988 at about 450 yards. Well be playing this hole as a 619 yard par 5.

. I know the theme has been consistent, but you better drive the golf ball in the fairway here, because that second shot is up to that plateau. You know it better than anyone yeah if they dont drive it in the fairway and they have to hit below theyre going to have a third shot. Thats blind about 150 yards up the hill. They need to know their sight lines here, its 525 yards to get to the top of the hill. We introduced this hole in the 2013 amateur, and only two players hit the green in two interesting to see how theyre able to navigate and therell be some fours. Here but i think theyre going to be a fair amount of sixes as well yeah you just cant, get out of position on this hole and if you do, you will pay the price because, as you say, that third shot will be will be blind from the Bottom of the hill, so all of a sudden, a great scoring opportunity becomes where youre playing a little bit of defense and trying to get five and get to the 15th tee coming down the stretch. Last day, back nine sunday, the us open its going to be fun to watch see how they take advantage of this and 15. The walk from 14 green to 15 t just a magnificent view from up on top of the hill there. You can see the green, but you absolutely cannot see the the fairway in the drive zone where the ball is going to land.

I think a hole that theyll hammer drivers theres its its not a particularly narrow fairway for a u.s open, theres room out there, but its a really pretty spectacular shot from that tee and they have an opportunity to run the ball up here. So, if theyre in between clubs again first third, you do not want to be long here that greens a little sneaky on the back right. It falls off pretty quickly so middle of the green here. First, third middle is a really good spot to play from now. Good good par four to uh to get us into the closing the closing stretch you got it now. We come to hole. Number 16. put a new tee box in weve, lengthened it to 190 yards to 200. Gil. Did a great job, really fun green complex here. Slopes from left to right a little bit back to front you dont, want to take on that whole location. Behind that bunker you get a little bit of a down, so if it hits it could run off to the back of the green, have a little bit of an infinity look now so middle of the green little left hand side of the green. Let that thing funnel on down well bunkered, here, really challenging bunker shots theres two right hand, bunkers that are very challenging for the players, its a tiny target and i think its made to feel even smaller, a little claustrophobic with the way the trees work around and Youre playing back into this cops of trees and – and it just feels i mean theres plenty of room, but it just feels a little tighter and i think it accentuates the size of that putting green.

I im looking forward to to watching that hole and the guys are gon na have to just stand there and hit hit a golf shot. Now we come to the most famous hole in the property hole. Number 17 all started back in 1913. We met makes birdie on the 71st hall as an opportunity to make another birdie in the playoff. So many great things have happened on this hole, its only 375 yards. Will the modern player try to drive this green itd be interesting to see they try to carry it in the front right front, left bunker and give a bunker shot there, but thats no picnic either depending where the whole location is so will they lay up and Its all about spin control, two tiered green here you can get a lot of balls coming back at you if they dont have take the spin off those pitch shots. Yeah. I think if, if played properly, theyll have a scoring club in their hand and its a neat opportunity to to have that birdie real scorable hole as the 71st hole uh in the national championship. So it will be fascinating to see just how the the modern player takes this hole on and will there will their philosophy change based on the day uh in the moment. Well have to see now we come to the home hole 460 yard par four dog leg to the left. This is where gil and jim move the fairway out about 15 yards to the right.

We brought the bunkers a little closer to the green, see if theyre gon na challenge these bunkers. I think its a 315 carry over that bunker on the left side, theres a little fescue grass right behind it. So will they play that three wood out to the right or are they going to take it on with the driver? It absolutely blew my mind when curtis said in the playoff. He hit two iron, two iron to that hole that just doesnt happen anymore, but he was a great player and knew how to play us opens and sometimes connecting the dots is. What is what you have to do so itll be fascinating to see that that fairway is pretty tight and it turns, and your angle of your tee shot will be important and get a bunkering around the green. The green is well protected, well see if we get some more magic on that in that hole from a strategy point of view, if they hit in the rough theyre, almost better off, laying short of the bunker and pitching from the fairway for control versus trying to Carry that force carry up over, which is a little bit of a down slope that ball could roll to the back of the green, very tough up and down from over the green. There well well see what kind of decision they they choose to make gon na. Be fun to watch the last three holes theres a chance.

We could see uh three birdies in the last three holes, maybe to get a champion for the 2022 u.s open thanks, jeff its always a pleasure to be with you likewise looking forward to it.