It has a little bit of everything for everybody way up there there's a little crevasse a Death Star trench run. I want to go through it upside down. I'Ve always wanted to stick myself to that sign up there. I love getting fly these high elevation places where you got that big. Like point of reference up there, you can do like under the trippy thing, so the natty stunt style but I'm, almost more excited to just watching you flying I've, seen a ton of like the high up tilt, guys slide bridges. But you do this 3d thing. The idea of having like kind of a ground and an actual ceiling and what you're gon na be able to do with that, could use my landing really interest: yeah, Music, Music, Music, Music and even just a little bit of these. Yes, maybe I'm, just having invent something new. Have you ever done so like that world? Do it again do it again so Music Wario's, who am i rude – a right intern, arcade, fpv that's? What I don't have never been asked this question before you know: yeah. We never made an episode with you, you like live with me for like over a month, and we liked it all sorts of rota right things, but it was what your my blogs. So maybe some of you guys that watch. Maybe you got some in the blog, there would be a couple. People came up, be like.

Oh, my god me like. I saw you drool all I'm like wait. Really people were recognizing me. This is weird: Music, Music, Music, Music, sup dog, whoops what's up my quad. So what happened? Let'S try to show off there's, like a nice little gap. Take your time. I go forward today. What so you hit it and then just video instantly no went out. I thought I had plugged it, but I can see that there's an LED on it. Oh yeah! No, you can see it well, maybe if it's peeping that's why they can arm the beeping won't, stop the army well, but if it's uh it's in beaver mode yeah. Oh, no, I think it just started beeping.