Those things in future means future growth. Is there because there are many things from the past which are giving growth and returns too, something which will become our need, which will be in demand where? If government is also supporting that, so as an investor, it should be his first priority to invest. In such things, and today we will be going to talk about the drone. Yes drone. It is also called an unmanned aerial vehicle in hindi. It means manav rahit vimaan drones are becoming very popular nowadays. You may have definitely seen drones in any programme in india. Drones are mostly used for shooting, videography, etc., but things are changing nowadays. The drone is being used in every sector. Countries use drones for attacking few months ago, Jammu air force station was attacked by a drone before that china also used drones for Galwaan attack other than china many superpowers of the world. Like America, Japan, Russia are focusing on drone technology. It is expected that the country which will be best in drone technology will lead in logistics and safety. Yes, logistics too, because drones are being used for delivering many things now. The question arises that in upcoming 5 6 years, where will be the indias drone industry? For us and for you as an investor, we should must be aware of that. If the industry will grow and we skip this moment, then we may miss the opportunity of making money dont miss the opportunity thats.

Why we are making this video. We will know each thing related to the drone industry and will tell you some stocks which are working in the drone industry and leading this industry. So are you ready to know in last? I will tell you a name and you will be shocked. I was also shocked after knowing this name that how company invest Dont miss the last part of the video.. So I Mukul Agrawal welcomes you on your YouTube channel new peoples subscribe to the channel press, the bell icon and never miss the 830 PM show where we give some trades so that you could earn join us at twitter and telegram for news related to market millions Of people taking benifit by joining Intro music, so at first lets know where the drone will be used because growth and use are interdependent. Currently, drones are used by the military and air force and the biggest use in videography and photography. Drones are not limited here. They are being used in agriculture too, in India. Many big farmers are also seeding by the use of drones, take care of the crop and in emergency rescue. It is also used. Drones are used in the land survey happening in outer space in 2020. Govt launched swamitwa scheme in which mapping of 6 lakh villages is done, entered in the health care too, mostly used in e commerce companies, food delivering companies like zomato and swiggy testing, drone delivery. It is expected that in 3 5 years this company will deliver food with the help of a drone with this, the companies like Amazon and Flipkart are also very much focused on drone delivery.

Amazon live testing the drone delivery in many countries over the world. For the last two years there were more than 50 startups in the country. The drone uses increased in the country govt also using drones, govt using drone on national highways and railway tracks. Govt used drones for announcements and for supervision in covid 19 lockdown. This not only helped to reduce the spread of pandemic, but helped the police staff too. The valuation of the worldwide fund industry is currently around US 28 billion, in which India is likely to hold a 4.25 stake. Now here by realising the high potential of the drone industry, govt launched some rules for drones on 26 Aug 2021. These rules will give rise to the drone sector because the govt gave legal status to the drones. This was not before. Currently. If you uses drones for commercial purposes, then you need many licences from govt due to which the drone pilots faces. Many problems, govt eradicated. All this things, so what are these new rules lets? Look then only we could get to know that what is the support of the govt in the growth of the drone industry in India Till now? If you uses big sizes drones for commercial purposes, so you were charged 3000 rupees for remote pilot license fee, it is reduced to 100. Rupees means breathe of living for those who do drone businesses. If you use personal drone, then you use micro drone. So you will not be charged anything, but you will need permission from govt to fly the drones to strengthen the health care sector.

Drone publicity centres will be opened to make easy. The drone operation business digital sky platform will be launched as single window online system. An interactive air space map will be launched on this platform in which right path will be shown to fly the drone. If you are selling your drone to someone, then the process of transferring has been made easy. Its d eregistration made easy. If you break the drone rules, then you may be fined up to 100000 INR. So these were the govt drone rules which are made applicable since this year. So it is clear that govt is in the support of this industry. The chief of drone federation of india said in an interview that within next 5 years, indias drone industry will be of US 6 billion dollars, which is currently of 20 million dollar means bumper growth. You know govt made legal to fly drone weighing up to 500kg till that only 300kg was legal, so it is expected that in next 10 years the drone taxi can be seen in country. With this, the rural area with no medical facilities, medical facilities can be provided there. An amazing work govt expected that in 3 years there will be an investment of about 5000 crores in the drone industrty 10000 new jobs will be created, so this was the condition of the industry, so in simple words, in 5 years we will see amazing growth in This industry, there are more than 50 companies and startups which are related to the drones, but only few are listed in the stock market.

We will analyse few of them. You see them get introduced, understand them in detail, so you could decide for yourself be your own boss, and so you could decide your own between right and wrong. So here first name is rattan. India enterprises. Yes, I had already introduced this company in detail in another video, but lets know the latest updates. This company has done the partnership with an American drone making company Matter Net matter net is the worlds biggest drone logistics platform by this partnership. It is expected that in India soon drone logistics can be seen. Indian govt also made some rules to push the drone industry In new rule. It is become easy to use drone in agriculture, emergency transport, land mapping security purposes, so the company got many plus points and benefits. Currently, company testing drones in Arab countries. Rattan Enterprises is a company of Rattan India group which is working for future, and this company is also active in electric vehicle segment. The company launched the indias first two wheeler bike as revolt motor here. If you see their financial, so their net income was continously in loss, but it was in less loss in 2020 and almost zero loss in 2021. Whereas if you see their shareholding pattern, then promoters are holding their positions. It is also a nice thing. Now lets come to the second share, Zen technology i already introduced to this company too, will know here in short, for security purpose drone matter it is indias biggest company company have headquarters in india and america.

Both company designs and manufactures products related to security makes simulator driving simulator live range devices and security. Drone systems for military it rised after the announcement of govt upper circuit also happened. Company claims to export drone security products of worth 5 billion dollars in upcoming years. If you see their net income, then continuous growth happened, but downfall in net income in 2021. Promoter holding is at 60.19. After that, next stock is DCM, shriram industry till now this company make chemical, sugar and fibre products, but few months ago it done partnership with a turkish drone. Making company zyron dynamics bought 38 stock in 1 million us dollar. Zyron drone dynamics is expert in making small drones. If we look at their revenue model, then no growth from the drone industry, most of the revenue from the sugar industry about 60 20 from chemical 17 other fibre materials, india, china, europe, are their clients, 79.4 business from india, 6.3 from china, 6.4 from europe, 7.8. From other countries, if you see their net income, then continues rise, but downfall in the net income of the financial year 2021 promoter holding continuously raised and currently 50.11. So it is good and as you noticed that they have a partnership with the company. Now that drone revenue will start when they will start the drone business thats, why we are introducing you to the companies which are growing in the list as we share the new name from the drone sector, you may be surprised and the name of the company is Infoedge, yes, are you surprised or not? Do you already know tell us in the comment box recently infoedge invested in Bengalurus, startup skylark drone company, it is the same company with swiggy, is testing drone delivery system.

This startup was started in 2014 and the companys headquarters are in India and usa. They have more than hundred companies in their client list, including many fortune. 500 companies such as reliance infra tata, steel, lt, aditya birla group, Hindustan zinc. Many. If we talk about infoedge, then till now company was doing online job portal real estate portal, like,, whose portals are very famous infoedge invested in zomato policy, bazaar coding, ninja. You already know that and all thier investments were successful. So how much this business become successful because it is the future, so their recruitment solutions. Revenue is of 70.8 15.5 from real estate and 13.3 revenue from others. If you see their financial, then there was a nice growth but loss in financial year 2020, but they covered that loss in 2021. So like this 4 stocks, which are somehow in the drone industry, i shared with you, there were many companies which are not listed, but first i wanted to know from your side a name of the company which you think master in the drone industry, and i have Not taken the name of that company, so you can tell us in the comment box or any other company in which you already invested, because i think i made you buy gentech at 120 and i hope you should definitely have gentech so which one you have. Please tell and how do you liked this unique analysis where you get to know drones and how was this whole analysis? If you liked the video, then please do like comment and share and link is in description open the account.

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