Drone Review – Small Foldable Quadcopter

Overview of Skytech TK110HW Foldable Drone For full specs and pricing: https://goo.gl/ZeDnH3 Low cost Code: RC18OFF Skytech TK110HW Foldable drone is a …


  1. hey my cam dont work on app i dont see nothin ! som help

  2. how do you put in a sd card in thet thing? it says it in the manual that u can put a sd card in it.

  3. When you record, does it record audio as well?

  4. good video. thanks ready set drone

  5. Awesome video like I said happy late b day hope I get picked

  6. Just getting into the hobby

  7. crosses fingers for giveaway

  8. Ready set drone love your channel and your contetent keep on doing what you doing

  9. Great video! Love your Channel😉

  10. Great Video! seen some of your review of different drones its better than other reviewer esp the review of H150S FPV better than Q101 keep it up! oh and lastly hoping to win the giveaway my x5sc died and that was a gift cant afford one so if i could just win one of that then itll be great thanks!

  11. Great drone, great review!
    Great birthday gift fot me🎉

  12. April 1st? Any day is a great day to win a drone!

  13. I really recommend that when you are filming one of your videos solo, without your son or someone else on the camera, you get (or if you have one, use) a hat-mount for your action camera that can follow where you are looking and thus keep much better track of what the drone is doing in the air; Quadcopter 101 has one that works quite well for either his Mobius or SJCam action cameras.  The fixed camera on the tripod might have slightly/somewhat  better video quality than a GoPro or the equivalent, but the improvement in clarity isn't as important as being able to keep the subject of your video in your viewfinder throughout the entire flight, plus using the hat-mount will allow you to film the quadcopter on extensive maneuvers all around the field rather than in a narrow area where your camera is focused.

    Good reviews, though – I just started subscribing.

  14. I'd love to win that beast. Shame about the flips, but I'd still love to fly it.

  15. Thanks for the review. Hope I win the contest. I'd like to gift this drone to a kid in my church.

  16. Hope to be able to win this and surprise my Son! Great review

  17. This actually looks like a descent drone. My son Jacob is 12 too. We got into the hobby at Christmas time. Unfortunately, I bought him an AR 2.0 (didn't know any better) Now he is flying a Sky Viper S1700. I have become a drone mechanic. Thanks for your channel!!

  18. Keep rockin the drone videos! We have learned a lot from your reviews. Please accept my entry in your contest.

  19. Brilliant channel! Would love to win giveaway😁

  20. Interesting that it has the folding arms. I do like that though as I love to take my drones around with me. I'm fairly new to this so haven't used one with folding arms before. I wouldn't say no to one even just to be able to pull it out of my back pack at my mates places. still on my first micro drone so could pull 2 out of my bag. Cool looking, seems like a fun learner drone. Will definitely have to check it out. thanks for the review!

  21. An interesting drone that my 11 year old would love as his first drone.

  22. I love this channel and the drones they sell.

  23. I love this video it shows just how technology has expanded before you couldn't fold your drone… BUT TODAY you can with this afforadble drone. LIKED IT

  24. i'll take it i love drones and flying since walking is a prob it makes me feel like i can fly myself

  25. would love to win this one..thanks April 1st is my parents anniversary

  26. wow why did they send it to you I mean do you buy it or you got some kind of deal worked out with him for reviewing the drones just wondering

  27. Can u do some more videos on the DJI mavic

  28. would be nice to have one of these 🙂 ME ME ME….pls

  29. great channel! keep it up!

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