I can definitely guarantee you that um it’s i mean, i would say you would need at least some kind of experience before you would fly this kind of drone, one because it’s pretty large, too um, because usually when you are just beginning to fly a drone, you Probably want to start off with one of those like really small ones that you can fly within your house, so um yeah. I just recommend that you um that you start off with like a small drone, and then you upgrade after you get used to flying that big drone, but um, so yeah here’s the controller. The controls are actually pretty simple: um i’m, actually gon na release a video on um about the drone itself and uh yeah. So or i mean not about the drone, i mean like flying the drone another video it’s a little bit longer than my previous drone flying videos, but um yeah, so here’s the controller you can put um like a phone or whatever here it’s got a pretty wide Span like that, so yeah, but it’s, a pretty good drone, um yeah here’s, a closer look at the controller but yeah so it’s, pretty good drone and uh yeah i’m, very happy that it flies so well. The camera quality isn’t too bad um. I don’t know why. But i upload these videos on hd on these drone videos. I i upload them on hd camera. This is an hd camera, but it comes out as like 240p, which is really weird, even though i upload them in 180 um, but yeah i’ll, try and figure out.

Why that happens but um yeah so that’s? All i wanted to kind of say: enjoy the next video which i’ll i’m about to upload.