I review different things that i buy and actually use so today, i’m, going to review the potenzak elfin. This was a drone that was sent to me as a trial i paid for it up front and then basically, they refunded the money. After i did it, i tried it out, did a review things like that, so what it comes with comes with your four blade guards spare set of props blades, whatever you want to call it. Screwdriver manual, charging, cable and two batteries, so it’s decent little size definitely fits in your pocket comes with a nice case. Nice hard case blades fold out and you put the little prop guards on turn it on has a 2k camera on it. Two smart batteries runs off your ios, your phone, the controller kind of looks like a ps3 controller. Maybe an xbox controller takes two double a batteries, and then this flips up to hold your phone phone mounts like that connect to the drone softwares with the protensic toy. App and it flies pretty decent i’ll overlay – some footage that i took with it up in the mountains and some footage i took just flying around. I think the football field overall it’s a decent drone. I wrote the company i said for what it is for what the cost is. I think this one was under 100. Definitely so for what it cost i said, it’s decent. I wish this camera was on the other drone that i reviewed and i’ll link that video here my suggestion to them for their other drone is to come out with something similar, because the things i didn’t like about this one i’m, not a big fan of tiny Drones, they’re really hard to control and to keep stabilized and the controller does have.

You can change the pitch and yaw of the body of the drone, so it can stabilize and stay pretty much level, but it doesn’t have that auto stabilization feature that the other drone that i reviewed does so when it’s sitting there, a decent gust of wind, will Blow it off course, where the other drone, it will stay. Absolutely wherever you put it. The controls are definitely more finicky than the other one, but overall it’s still flies pretty decent. Has the headless mode? Has the take a picture and a video with the remote onto your camera has a return home feature so overall, if you’re looking for a drone, that’s kind of entry level? Again, if you you know this, one hits the water you’re out: 70 bucks. 80 bucks it’s not a bad, it does take decent photos and decent video, but again if they added this camera to my other drone body and sold a drone similar to that, i would definitely purchase that drone because the other drone i have it flies phenomenal i’ve. Never had any issues with it now: it’s, not faa, certified you don’t have to have a pilot’s license or anything, but it does go pretty decent aerial shots other than that it’s, a decent drone for the price. I did crash this thing into some tree branches and it fell about 15 20 feet onto soft leaves and dead branches and things didn’t seem to hurt it at all.

So for the sturdy it’s plastic body, but pretty sturdy. So there you go, need a little budget.