I ain’t going to see that review yet, but a few little um updates to the channel yeah. That was it um. Basically we’ve got another channel. I don’t know if i’ll present in this channel yet, but i will be dropping a wrap um, probably the 25th of march. I don’t know yet, but i’ll keep you updated on that one um and now i’m going to be drawing videos every thursday. Maybe – and i don’t know yet, because i can’t really get out of recorder i’m recording one tomorrow off the drone um, but the review that we are going to be doing today well before that before that let’s just say a channel update yeah. That was only blackjack. Only but today we are doing no not today, but we are going to be doing a bit of blackjack with probably peavos really silly yeah. He might be helping me with the wrap he’s gon na, be like shooting everything i’m gon na be out. Of course, this big thing that i’ve got behind the camera – it is, is absolutely ridiculous. Um, but yeah let’s get on with it and let’s. Do this drawing there’s a review? I was right say it then. So the review is what we got. Are these bad boys? Now let’s start with the little one we take this one out from there and the little one it was good. Having i mean i still use it, i can still use it um and you don’t use it that often i do know how to fly it.

I can wait if you want to see a little like clip yeah of me flying this one get this video to 1k, then no let’s let’s like just get this video high, viewed, yeah um, make sure to subscribe, and i will fly this one and i will Risk it in a forest by doing flips with it yeah, i can do flips with it, and i will record it on my phone and ipad, so you both got a little like sneak peek yeah. Well on each side. You know yeah this one. It was really good, evan um. Shame, though, because like that app, it was really. It used a lot of gigabyte. It was like 1.5 gigabytes for that app um, but the motors on this side went on all sides. You see they’re black, they are actually supposed to be the same color as what the actual body is of the drone. Well, that is because i think it was this motor here. The right one um right inside here you’ve got the motor and that motor and there it blew up. I don’t know what happened, but it wouldn’t work it wouldn’t fly, so we had to replace it. So i got these ones in black um, so we modified it. A bit the iphone no shut up, we put new propellers on so the battery difference. I mean there’s the battery compared to my new one, it’s much bigger, as you can see, much bigger so well, not on really after i’ve got three of these um.

Well, one’s. Charging shot but yes, now moving on to the next one. Now this one she may be thinking well, the camera won’t pick it up that’s, because i’ve got ta like do this now it is much smaller without the protection guards on and but i keep them once like it. Don’T crash into trees and it’s easier to just hang their truck and not get it out the tree and climb the tree and get it out, so it just hangs there, and this is much more powerful. If you’re wondering has it got one camera well, we’ve got the one. We’Ve also got the two yeah, so i mean you can’t hide away from this thing. Yeah um. I i think this one this drain here, i’m, going to be using to record some drone videos. I don’t know what, though, because we have some best pranks coming and that’s. Why i’m going to be out tomorrow filming some drone shots and i’m going to be going about a bit later, so i can get all batteries charged that one yeah that’s, basically what’s going to be happening um, and that is basically that update nearly completed one little Preview – and i mean the controllers now for the old one which i’ve got here. This was the controller. I hated this controller because it was really big, um, obviously it’s, okay, but i just didn’t like the controller at all and well in a new one.

I much like these controllers because well, as you can see, let’s get the joint out of the way Music well it’s, all foldable in one like that. There you go ariels for the actual main part of the drone, but yeah that is going to be it. For today hope you enjoyed, and this is going to be a little preview and also this channel is now being run by me. People, the ugly people are gummy there and silly billy willie and teddy bellywilly, but yeah that’s going to be it um. My channel is going to be used for wraps yeah. His channel is going to be a rap channel, but i hope you enjoyed. There are going to be some top best pranks coming um. As i said, the wrap is being dropped on the 25th of march. Get ready for that big up, hypnotic james! He will still be up. It won’t be uploading anything on there at the minute. It will just be rap videos yeah, but get this video get this channel no at least up to 100 subscribers yeah 100 subscribers by the 25th of february. I am literally losing my voice because these two keep interrupting like we got like one over there doing whatever yeah and we got m over there but yeah.