Now a couple weeks back, sent me a mechanical keyboard and apparently they like the review that i made on it. They reached out to me again recently and offered a few different products, and one of them that i accepted was this mini drone ive been using it for the past week or so, and this video is an accumulation of thoughts on different aspects of the drone. As someone who has only flown a pretty cheap drone before all in all, i was pretty happy with the result of this drone so feel free to check the links down below. If you want to get it for yourself and thanks again to banggood for sending me this drone lets get on with the video all right, so we have the box here its a bit damaged on the sides um. I imagine thats an issue with the carrier and not the company itself, flip it open. I did flip this open, i will admit and um i know its small and i know it says mini drone, but dang that is a mini drone. Really nice box. I mean you got some cheap plastic, but its fairly supportive. You got this thing which i imagine is the drone battery ill get into my experience with other drones later, but you got a controller, it feels pretty cheap um, which you know im not surprised. This thing is its: not, you know a twelve hundred dollar drone. I imagine this goes in yep, brilliant for your phone and then you can slide this up put in your phone snaps down to hold it in place.

We have this here. Ah little barriers for the propellers that makes sense aka getting caught in a tree 101. God this thing is so small which is kind of cool. I dont really have anything else for demo but hand drone. Is there a battery in? Oh, it comes with a bad okay, so it has two batteries. So im gon na try loosely to pull these out. It looks like they are clipped to place. Okay, that feels incredibly sturdy, so no way thats mechanical. In other words, i do it like this fantastic small drone extra battery. I dont know how to charge these thats. My only question the battery slides in this way very straightforward clicks into place the camera here i imagine thats mechanical, so im not going to move that. Oh and the drone – oh god wow – that is bright – i will say this is very sturdy like this. This obviously is really cheap, but this feels you know its not a brick by any means, but it feels really solid and i can definitely see myself closing this. In and without other guards, just like throwing it to my backpack, obviously i wouldnt want to do that, but well talk about the camera stuff later. In terms of other things, we have 360 rolling degree headless mode. One key take off one key land, thats kind of nice. These are the claims, well be checking those in just a little bit 1080p 4k.

The camera might be capable of that, but i doubt its going to look it simply because of what is legally required for those claims read instructions before use ah theyre on the bottom, with a charging cable. That makes a lot of sense and some instructions to install the app. I should have picked up the black plastic first im a pro at unboxing, okay, cool and it seems like theres, some gesture stuff that ill look at and ill go over. All this. In the rest of the video see you in a second, so this is the drone. It is this small which is fantastic. You simply slide out the arms like this. You got to be sort of careful that you dont push too hard on. One of these sides like you want to pull out from the center because they do kind of bend a little bit. If you push a lot, then flipping it over, we just slide in the battery put a little force on there and it clicks in. I dont fully know what this metal thing is for, but i have a feeling its got to do with landing based on an issue i was having. That probably wont happen to you, because i was fiddling with this lets. Do some indoor flying shall we Applause? Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so my drone experience is kind of limited to another kind of cheap, but much bigger drone and this ones really easy to fly ill.

Put it that way. Something thats pretty generic about drones is that they will drift left to right, wind, whatever happens, and there are buttons on this. You can see there are these tiny buttons that help fight the that drift. So if the drone keeps going right – and this is locally right to the drone, then you have to hit the left button. Also, something to know is that if youre flying it around, it is always locally forward. So if you go forward its always going to be where these two lights are its the bright light, the half the battery right here, you can also clip your phone and ill go over some footage of that later. I guess another thing is that it has automatic takeoff and land, so im gon na hit the automatic takeoff button Applause and then im gon na hit the automatic descend button thats. Why? I think the metal thing is there, so it detects when it hits the ground like if it shakes heavily, then it hits the ground if youre like me and you wan na do this manually. If you press up on the left, stick, the blades will turn on in like a preparation, phase or whatever, and then once you hit up again, theyll go more power, the blades are on up again and it takes off. Oh, i need both hands forward and, if you crash into your wall because youre not paying attention its fine, so thats, the generics are flying its really easy to fly as a general drone and as ill get to in a bit ill cover the app next.

But lets just cut to some outside flying, because why not? Oh, no, no! Okay, all right there! It is there! It is boys there. It is just dont. Why are you going so far right its drifting so much because of the width yeah it just tilts more when its in fast mode? Essentially, all right should i risk a barrel roll im, not feeling the risk. Oh its doing kind of well battling the window, not gon na lie. Oh look at this smooth flight, though okay, this is kind of dope. Just take up was the rough part. Oh god? Oh, oh god it is. It is not oh yeah. The wind is fighting me: oh epic, oh smooth, smoothness, alright lets see if i can get it close to the camera. Ill. Take bad ideas for 500. Take it slow. Take it easy buddy! Oh, oh, oh, listen! Listen to her purr barrel roll! No, not that barrel! Roll, no, why are you no barrel roll? You fool! Oh whered! It go! Oh there. It is oh dont, let the dog out! No! No! No! No! No! Oh god, its fine hold on outside. Okay, oh no hes interested! Oh, oh! No! Hes, scared of it barrel! Roll barrel roll barrel roll, why are you no barrel roll barrel roll? Oh, its, not barrel rolling, because theres too much wind. This thing is kind of epic, though Music max look at the boy. Look at the boy max! Oh the wind, just carried it! Oh! Oh! Oh god came right at me: oh god, Music! All right can mark land.

This on the pavement like an absolute pro. Oh 100 ive got confidence. Oh by god. Is he gon na? Do it, oh by god? Oh the wind is tough. Can he do it? Claudia watch out competition is coming, oh by god, hes a genius all right, taking a quick look at the controller, its pretty straightforward. This little attachment is for the phone which you just slide in and out left stick right. Stick these actually feel kind of nice theyre. Not too like loose or stiff the whole thing kind of feels pretty cheap, but, like you know, theres a small chip inside you dont really need anything expensive unless youre going for that kind of vipe, it works totally fine and it controls very well youve got the Buttons that do automatic takeoff automatic landing – i guess a target thing and then adjust first forward and back left and right and on the back it takes three aaa batteries all right and on the shoulders. We have a 360 to a barrel roll and then we have something which i believe is fast mode, so with fast mode enabled, if you go left or right, the drone will tip more, for example, on easy mode. It would just do this on fast mode. It would be more slanted feels like you get with any other toy, but it works perfectly well in terms of charging, which is super straightforward. All you got to do. Is you got to take any plug to usb the little usb cable it comes with you.

Take the battery you find the little slot on the sides, little hole here and you go ahead and plug the charging cable in this usb thing will glow red when its off your battery is fully charged, and, in my ever so brief experience, the charging doesnt take Any more than like, 30 or 40 minutes, which for 12 minutes of flying, makes sense. I think if they remove the bright lights on the front of the drone. Youd probably get more time than about eight to 12 minutes or so is what ive been getting um. But also the lights are super helpful in case anything gets lost and b just to see it at night and for the camera which well get into now. Okay, so were outside again, but just want to show off the app real quick. All you have to do to connect to is in your wi fi settings. You have to find the thingy. The instruction manual had the wrong connection for me. Ah, yes, its just an open network around but yeah. So we see this snow in front of us here. Im gon na hit record, maybe put in a little overlay on the on the the bottom there. So drone starts its on the its not below us on the left here, but whoa no go left, oh god its going behind me and it fell into my recycling bin but yeah the app its actually quite good, its very easy to set up and its kind Of fun because oh the app is also uh super low latency, so to speak, like i havent noticed any lag and even if its dark were gon na, i dont want to land on the snow, although its probably frozen.

Okay were gon na come up here. I dont want to, oh god, the wind, the wind, the wind, the wind, come back, come back, come back, come back, i cant see anything in the darkness, but i can see the lights of the drone in the distance. App link is given to you when you buy the drone by the way yeah, so the latency is really small anyway, im gon na not look at the cameras, use the camera for audio and were just gon na see what things look like or theres light, and Then well blast off. Is it looking at me all right, so its really windy maybe ill turn it tomorrow, but long story short. The video latency is quite good. The website description, claims 1080p or its theres no way to transmit that with such a small battery to a phone, it is what it is ill show you some video i took from the day as well ill overlay, some video in the day, so that we can Use bad lighting as an excuse, all in all the live connection to the phone works really well, my fingers are freezing all in all in terms of a drone that is smaller than my hand. The only downside that i can really see of it is that its not as smooth or as easy to fly, as maybe some really high tech drones out there. But in my experience i flew a small like 30 dollar plastic quadcopter, drone very similar to this one.

But much larger than i got for christmas several years before, and this flies very smoothly and its very easy to fly its also pretty durable. Its hit some walls a few times as youve seen in this video and honestly, its just a great travel size drone to have for fun. There is an instruction sheet and it has some gestures on it that you can use to take pictures automatically, but i wasnt able to figure those out and also the wi fi connection that youre supposed to connect you for the drone can be a little finicky. The name might change and such you know i didnt really expect much from a drone that was a small, so maybe its because my expectations were so low, but this thing is genuinely pretty fun again. Links are down in the description below and in the top comments. So dont hesitate to check those out anyway without further ado, ill see you in the devlog later tonight or perhaps next week, if im lucky to have you again. But of course thanks.