Todays video is actually going to be a comparison of my 2020 drone videos versus my 2021 videos and just to see the progress that i have made in order to prove to you guys that you can do pk hey. Can we not do that? Please you have to behave anyway. Where were we were going to be comparing my 2020 videos with my dji mini 1 versus my 2021 videos with my ddi mini 2, just the comparisons we can see with the way i fly the shot types, the the way the drone handles the differences between mini The mini 1 and the mini 2, so whether youre a new subscriber or going to subscribe. If you check out my youtube channel page go to the playlist tab, i actually have a dji mavic mini playlist, and this was all the drone footage i took with my dji mini one lets just start off with the vector my my trailer. Basically, i called my my first drone pegasus if we just click on it and view it. This is actually a very good trailer to begin with, the drone is slowly increasing altitude and then pulling back doing a great reveal shot. That is a perfect way to introduce a drone video. If you ask me those reveal shots, are absolutely lovely and thats a great spot as well. I chose a very good location to do that, because that area there is very open, so you can do those kind of shots where you can pull back without having to worry youre gon na hit into a tree or building.

There is so many things right with that trailer like the time of day, the music choice, even though i couldnt monetize with it even the building. I love that building. I dont know about you guys, but thats, one of my favorite shots even to today all right lets. Uh lets start off with my 2020 drone video. So if you, you can actually check that out my youtube channel and go to the the playlists. I can link it in the description box down below the first thing you notice with these videos is overall, the videos are good its just. I feel the quality isnt as good as the dji mini 2.. There is a difference with the 2.7 k versus the 4k. Even with some of them, you notice the there is the odd jitter or stutter as im panning in some of the videos on the on the dji mini one, and i dont get that as much with the dji mini 2.. Now that could be a couple of reasons. It may be the because its shot at 24 fps – that was the maximum frame rates per second, that you could get on the gemini one where its 30 fps on the dgm e2. Also through my research on youtube from any other drone creators on the channel, they have said the type of movement that you do also affects this, so whether youre just twisting the drone that could be an issue as well.

I havent had that issue, though with ninja me too, but thats. Definitely something ive noticed when watching back my old drone videos, so the camera movements on my 2020 videos were a lot slower, which is why the videos were a lot longer as well, because i wasnt cutting as much my editing skills were great. Then i was using imovie on my 2015 macbook pro, which just about handled the 2.7k. If you ask me that was my first experience, video editing as well. The the camera movements are definitely a lot smoother and slower. I feel more cinematic watch my 2020 ones and then compare that with what ive done this year. And let me know what you think i know my editing style has changed its a slower pace and even in the combination of the music as well, and i didnt color grade so take that into consideration. The shots may look better in 2021 because i was color grading and in 2020 i didnt do any color grading whatsoever. My flying skill hasnt definitely improved, especially when orbiting and using the sticks, smoothing those shots out and if i couldnt get a smooth shot. I had a jerky movement. I used to cut that out id use it like a motion blur or zoom blur, as i do in lumafusion. My shots would definitely sped up like by 10. Nothing crazy. I just wanted to show more in a short amount of time frame. I created these videos mainly for background tv with some catchy music.

However, you wanted this to to use these videos. That is the purpose. I create these videos for people to use and to watch and to enjoy. I honestly cant wait for the comments for the cat. If you notice him that is pk by the way, the famous pk i cant wait till he sticks his leg up and started to eat himself out. But does your cat do this? He is such a distraction. Where was i oh yeah, 2020 music choice? Now i didnt know anything about youtube and 2020 that much i wasnt really like knowing how to utilize music or how it worked in that way. I just thought you know what i just want to upload to youtube and just see what happens. That was my initial thought, so the music i used. I used what i had on my itunes library. I thought the music complemented. The drone footage is what i liked, even though the music was good. I couldnt monetize on it, so even if they did blow up, i was not gon na get paid from it and ive kept them up for this day, because you know what i dont care. The footage is footage is a reminder as well as to why im doing this video uh. What i achieved then before i even bought the drone. I did a lot of research on youtube and i now link all the following creators that i followed that helped me in terms of getting better footage in that type of footage.

I really appreciate it so what lets name a few now so i want to thank don drones on his channel is great for knowing the regulations and understanding them. They are your friend, especially when it comes to what type of drone you should be buying, where you can fly etcetera, so check out dons channel. I learned a lot from his channel there. Another one here is flight path. His was more of like a comparison, video so its like deciding what drone to buy at the time i went for the dji mini one, for the reason that it was a light run and it got around the regulations. You didnt really need to get your license. Even though its something i have got now, but back then i didnt need to take a test or anything so yeah flight path is great for like making your decision for which drone you want to buy. You know what most of these channels you probably watch anyway, if youre android, android enthusiasts, but tech drone media again, another comparison, video, but he taught me a lot on the camera settings and how to take better photos and videos and which settings to use. So if you dont have a clue learning how to use the manual settings, henrik was very good for that. He has a lot of videos there. Thats, where i started from, i will link those in the description box as well, the ones i liked and the ones i used all three collectively.

Those are the probably the best three channels i used in the beginning, all right. The the last point i want to mention there is definitely some shots. I would not do again only because of groups of people gatherings its definitely something i wouldnt do now and its something that is isnt advised, even though i was high enough. I just if something had gone wrong, not from pilot error, but lets say the drone had failed. Then it had fallen and hit someone theres just too many people there its something i wouldnt advise even the time of day. There was just way too many people. This is why the best times fly is sunrise and sunset, especially during the summer, because sunrise is like 5 6 a.m. Hardly anyone up and the same with sunset thats when youre gon na get the best shots as well. So those are your your friends really sunrise. Sunset, try and choose a quiet location to fly so youre, not disturbed thats, my recommendation so yeah 2020, even though the shots were cool and nothing went wrong. Its just i wouldnt do those again or i would if i am going to do, those top jump shots, do it when its quieter and less people 2021. I was flying quite early, but it wasnt vlogging and obviously the vlogging got me into doing more videos, more editing and being in front of the camera more something im enjoying the video quality is a lot better being at 4k.

Dji mini 2 has a much better range, so i didnt have to worry so much like the dji mini 1, where the reception wasnt as good again 30. Fps footage is a lot smoother one thing for sure. With my 2021 drills, the times of day, i chose like the sunrise sunset: they they just made. The footage epic colors toronto gets is incredible. Definitely those are my favorite times of day to fly orange and pinks and purples, and even some of the clouds they so much drama. And then, when you come to edit them, they just look amazing, but definitely i chose better times a day in 2021. By this time now i was color grading and just enhancing the footage, a little bit, making the videos more vivid and bringing out those colors and using key framing to smooth out the footage and stabilization just to get that extra smoothness in there. Definitely but times a day and better editing in 2021. Another great move that i did in 2021 was signing up to art lists, because i made the decision to start youtube in 2021. I wanted to be able to monetize once i get there. Obviously, im still moving and progressing so remember if you like, watching these videos, remember to give a like and subscribe to my channel future drone content and tech videos and my vlogs. This is what im progressing to do. Im, hoping 2022 is going to be another improvement on 2021, so yeah all my musics from artless.

At the moment i started off with youtubes music library, which at the time was just saving money on cars. We were still in a pandemic. I was running out of music on youtube in terms of like i didnt want to repeat the same things in a way i just wanted to change it up and i think definitely signing up. Artless was a good move. Just a whole new library of music, thats, updated weekly, i definitely recommend it. Art list was actually recommended by one of my favorite youtubers, who i watch hes, probably one of my favorites in terms of cinematography and the way he edits his videos uh, and that would be nicholas crystal check out his channel hes, unbelievable honestly, like hes so good. But yeah definitely music was a good move for 2021., all right and the the final point in 2021. I definitely feel im a lot safer drone pilot now than i was in 2020. Obviously, when i first bought my drone, my dji mini won. I was still new id only been flying for like a month or two, and even when i was using it in 2021, early 2021 before i got the mini 2, because obviously i did crash my mini one. That was a pilot error, clipped the tree and fell into humber river, and you can see a video of that here, but it was definitely safe in terms of like not flying over crowds as much going and quiet at times.

All the decisions i made were for the better dji mini 2 is such a great drone because it doesnt have all the automations and ive definitely mentioned this before it teaches you to use and pilot the craft. So if you want to try and orbit something, it teaches you to use the sticks and how to orbit and stay consistent when you start performing these maneuvers, you start thinking. Okay, if im flying high, are there any objects in my way like a tree or cable or anything like that or if im orbiting this building? Are there any other buildings around me that im gon na hit? Am i high enough that the hardest one is definitely the reveal shot flying backwards, because you need to know that theres, nothing behind you have enough space, not hit trees or cable, so it actually gets you knowing your ground hazards and airspace hazards as well, so thats. Why i love the germany too? If you dont fly youre, not gon na be able to practice these maneuvers. Definitely 20. 21. Save a pilot. Something ive noticed with my dji mini one drone rails is that i tend to just pop up and then just pan. I didnt i didnt move. I literally just stayed in one spot and just turned slowly my most viewed video from my 2020. My 2020 drone riddles was my wards island beach, video with to date, 465, not bad, and that was done over a year ago.

My 2021 most viewed drone video reel was my fort york and garrison common one and to date, 820 views four months ago. Lets end the video there. Thank you very much for watching. I think its always good to review your own work and then see your improvement. I feel like i have improved and, and that shows with the views and your comments and the feedback im getting which im really appreciative of you understand how much it does mean to me. I know my channel is still small, but it is growing and im still going to carry on because i enjoy doing this and i enjoy showcasing toronto and how drones work and im i just want to get more into it, im really interested in it. I love flying ive always had that passion. Thank you very much. I appreciate everyone, one of you that watch my videos and check out the reels as well. Let me know what you think of my 2020 ones and my 2020 ones, which ones do you like? What do you like about them? What else do you comment? Put a comment down below and i always reply and like i said, if, if you put a comment, i dont reply its because youtube like hides: it cant physically comment on it. So if thats the case find me on instagram, send me a message there and we can chat so yeah lets end the video there. My name is dimitrios.