Look at this thing. Look at this one. Let me get the tiny trainer out. Oh yeah yeah tiny trainer for scale, oh yeah, for scale wow. This is huge. These are bigger than i thought. Yeah i mean look at the prop itself, like the tiny trainer like kind of fits in the tiny trainer is the same size as the flop check. These batteries out theyre, like um uh, really skinny, like they look like these, like three cells almost, but they have these like super skin skinny, like five cells in there, its a five cell 2300 mah, but its like these tiny thin cells and it pops in literally Just like the tiny trainer you just get on the back and then pop it in and then like do your tiny trainer, and then you do the exact same thing where it just slides right in so its. I think you really really get that its kind of yes, so awesome does this have all drl gear on it or do you put like betaflight gear on it, so we use like their electronics um, but the only thing thats different is like the um, video and Receiver system, so they use like your own special video system, but um yeah. So this is like the this is not what they use in the show, just like a unified of tracer receiver, but thats like this is like. So this is the flight controller right here and then thats like this power distribution board, and then this is like uh yeah also pdb.

So you can see like these are like breakout boards. So they solder here here and here and then this is actually an esc ill show you when it closed esc, which is like it really quick, just pops in the tech. So you can see the motor is trying to solder on right here and then it just uh has this connector here and it plugs in, and you solder the positive ground, positive ground, the leds just snap on so like they dont even like really need to solder. They just get them on here and then they just theyre on like that which is pretty cool, wow um. This one just has like individual ease. You can kind of see in it, but theyre just like tbs. You can see the lead that i had to add. So the ones that we fly on the show like the video system and everythings heavier and more leds um. So we have to add, led simulator, yeah so thats why i had to bring like literal leg, but the motors are 25 10 and heres like heres. A shell, this ones broken, but crack so heres the practice i brought two of these for uh neil and avonda fly um and its like the project ‘9, and they. Obviously, these are all. This is all weight here like lead weights here um, but it uses just like a hobby wing stacks this one here. So this is 16 like 25 10 like 1280 or something kv yeah.

Those are drill branded, but these are, you can buy them and then use the same. Props theres just hq seven by four by three props and its its not exact, i wont say so like these. We use like for obviously proprietary escs and they use like one shot in their own special tune and stuff, really yeah um, but like so weve, never ive never been able to get this to fly like exactly like a race before or be like a proper training Tool but i mean its super cool to like fly with your buddies um. You might have a big quad on your face if youre practicing for drl, then like yes, practicing with one of these or other people who are flying. These is great because it does simulate. Like that big quad on your face, but you dont have to use a big quad like that to get spec racing like theres, a freedom, spec and other forms of spec, so their video system uses two antennas uh. Well, this ones for crossfire. So, like the s2 little ports cross, fire antenna are not crossfire, whatever theyre its, not its, not crosstalk its something 900, so they screw up 910 on and then uh the five points. The radio link is their own proprietary, yeah, thats uh and its supposed to um around the latency of tracer. A really fast radio link fancy stuff, a lot of leds yeah, but the ones on the show they have even more so like we.

This only has them down the arms, but they have like a panel that goes down the top here. So when does the actual season start starts airing at the end of september, so youre training and you decided to take a flight down to houston its a really uh dense, full of like talented pilots. Evan just said that journey 5 is a talented pilot. I think hes talking about you, so he brought one uh one quad like that for me and for neal yeah yeah, so this quad is actually fast faster than uh razer. Four, so were kind of like adjusting the speed of this quad with the throttle cap and giving evan a little bit of yeah and competition fun. So he wanted you. He came down here to get the training. Is there incentive for you guys to actually win, or do you get something for winning yeah? No theres uh? I mean its just like i mean like in any like racing racing series like for every race, theres theres incentive to perform nice um, so yeah. We everybody wants to do bet the best they can and you get a night get going to a nice dinner. If you win, but of course the end goal yeah its like you want to get a contract for the next year, so you want to be in the mix were trying to get to like 350 grams or 380 grams, with everything on us that is like gopro Um with the battery, if drone racing is going to become a spectator or anything like this, i think freedom spec is the best practice for dro and it like it really helps me.

I think so so chances are hes dominating no, no! No! No, but i i i mean its very similar like turning early and like a lot of the like ways when youre flying at the quads maximum potential, then, like you really have to like think of fundamentally like how youre turning the quad like what the motor is. Like for you off, for example, like you want to minimize, you, dont want to use any yaw, because that means youre at full throttle lets, say youre going through a turn using yaw youre youre cutting off two motors, like that they cant go full throttle. If you can minimize how much you are going to use and turn with the other motors youll have more thrust like inherently, you will have more thrust. Yeah. Did you mess with the camera angle? Any time no were required to use 45.? Oh okay, really yeah and straight away, youre not losing near as much like. The thrust is near as important, so you can kind of it sideways in a straight and then when you actually go into a turn, because in a turn, thats where, like the difference, is made, if youre going into a turn with a ton of yaw a quad. Can power right out of you, so you can kind of conquer sideways and then really pull with roll and pitch and use less yaw, and that and thats, where you make up the fight, i wouldnt recommend you buy it unless youre on your own um there you Go if youre on or youre friends with somebody whos on dear alvin, theyre great to race each other.

But then, if you get serious with them, then you got ta have like two or three of them: yeah and then its like. The batteries are expensive. The motors are expensive, so basically, freedom spec gives you almost the same. Feel i like the idea of like for the community itself to be able to use their drone for the spec drone for other things, use the motorcycle things use the batteries for other things. The batteries are pretty big, you can never use those for five inches. The motors are kind of expensive and you never really use them anything for anything other than that i mean danger. Yeah sure i mean crashes like full. Drone. Uh danger has never scared a drone. Pod away from anything, i dont think so i dont thats, not one of my reasons but um its cool. Nonetheless, like i said its uh, i caught one today, though, over andys barn yeah, so he started hit the start. Gate hit the grass right in the start, gate and started cartwheeling and then cartwheeled up and hit the like. The awning of the barn on both sides of the roof and like was on the other side like theres. No way like this yeah yeah, oh yeah, and like just change the props yeah how much like extra metal, if you put on them, thats crazy, making them heavier like all over its thirteen hundred. Well, not this time. Why not? These are uh! I i dont know.

I think we replaced this motor or something so we cut it now im a little bit lighter yeah hes got the advantage. I dont think its gon na help. You lets see how tough this thing is. It looks pretty good were golden boys, okay, not a scratch. On it, just new props thats, all she needs look. This is where it hit, though, for sure lets find the mark in the tree here. Look at this dog in right here. Oh man, thats, like legit, like fits in there, look at that wow thats about a 45 caliber, like my whole finger, goes in there thats crazy, geez whats that, like its like 10 millimeters, oh god, yeah look its so thick dude. I can stick my finger in the tree where it hit like that thing: wow. That is tough. What is that project ‘9 yep, the brig here we go. We got all six squads coming around the line Music way, midair yeah, like five years in drone racing ive. Never had three way me there when three quads collapsing with each other, like thats, crazy. I guess because these squads are big, so theyre slow and big its much easier to be there. Oh you cant fit inside the the speed is, oh, my god, its crazy, but going through these tiny gates, especially like yeah. Only so many pods are gon na fit through one. I want to do that. That was pretty its like thats a cool skill than five inch, because when youre behind you kind of have to fly different lines, if you especially if you want to pass somebody like, if you want to pass somebody and youre behind them, you have to fly a Different line than you normally would because theyre you know theyre going to be on the line, so you have to kind of try and figure out a different way, but also because of probably you can feel pro portion of the pilot in front of you, its crazy, Because its quite so much heavier, it creates so much more turbulence, youre just slower.

If youre behind someone youre just slower neil, said its like the opposite of cars, its like opposite draft, you dont want to be you dont want to be look at that. Oh thats, crazy, so its like almost counter intuitive yeah. I mean lets, try and plug it in see what happens see if fire fire comes up were good Music whats it looking like well just replace esc. Now i need to put a motor on it and hopefully its good to go. This is his dad. I dont know what is that yeah neil smoked it. He me there with me and with evan. At the same time, yeah three way mid air. Can you imagine how big of an you are if you take like like a split second and two other piles down together with you, so its like? Neither neil have fun no nor other pilots. Oh, i was having fun too. It was more fun until we crashed, then i found out it hit you and then it was more okay. Thats a masculine is that, like a menage, a trois crash, it was yeah thats a party right there for sure. Oh, my gosh, it has been like the most fun of racing ive had in a long time, the last two days, man because its like, so that we really got the throttle cap figured out where, like im racing with evan every heat and like man, its been Like we were racing all day and like especially if i dont mess up, which is that happens but like that were like 10 feet from each other and like passing back and forth, i mean its really good and we set up andys like really stretched out and Really high speed to like mimic the sort of grl feel and its been a good time.

Its been a really good time for sure yeah, its its been good, like theres, probably been more crashes from midairs than from us, like making mistakes yeah because were just that. Close its been good, its been good. Look at this thing, its a beast: have you picked it up yet because its really heavy look, its like full of lead, like hes, got an added weight on all the arms to get it to like match the same weight as like the drl quad Music and Its i mean like just find all these big quads slow and like for sure mines a little faster than evans, but it still feels good to be like there yeah. You know like really really racing so yeah its fun; Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Music, dude, Music Applause, Music, head right next to joe Applause; Music Applause; really, oh Music; Applause, Music, joes, half a gate ahead; neils a quarter gate right behind him; heading back for the Back split s, joes up evans, right behind him; neals right behind him; Applause, Music Applause; the face is staying; the same neal gained some ground right there; Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, so Music.