My name is elaine rao and i do product reviews today ill be reviewing this drone, so lets just check out what it looks like comes in a awesome case. Just like this first and foremost got the actual drone right here. Secondly, we got the controller third got the battery and, fourth, all the gap, the gadgets that come with it and, of course, the instruction manual, so the accessories that it comes with are basically these guys, which help the drone not bump into things and or if it Bumps into things that a drone doesnt get hurt and then the charger for the drone right here. Oh, an extra wing, an extra wing in case one breaks or theres several wings in here and then a little screwdriver all right so step. One is uh were just going to go ahead and take out all the arms or this part of the drone and then lets see if it comes pre charged just go ahead and hold and press oh yes, it does thats, amazing and so thats should be blinking And that is basically how you just undo the drone, then you want to go ahead and put the then you want to go ahead and put these bumpers on. So, to put the bumpers on, you want to go ahead and you want to insert you see how theres, like a little circles right there youre going to insert it into those two circles right there next were going to set up the remote and it doesnt come With batteries, so youre gon na need three double a batteries, and then you should hear that beep and then this top part, youre gon na undo and open up for your phone and thats, where youre gon na put your phone so that you can uh see where The drone is going and then thats what it will look like.

Next, you want to download the app with a qr code, all right so once the app is downloaded youre gon na see something a screen like this lets. Go ahead and start youll know youre connected when you can see your your drone or the camera on the screen. So, for example, im just going to oh theres, my showing my oh, the camera, you see so so so heres the camera right on the bottom. All right, so next you want to go ahead and use your remote and make sure to set your drone on a flat surface. And then you want to either use your remote control, diagonally up or diagonally down like at a 45 degree angle and down and then thats when your drone is gon na start. Okay. So so, as you can see its a learning process to learn how to fly a drone, so im not going to be perfect at this 100 or youre, you know its going to take a little bit time, plus its probably preferable to fly your drone outside. Instead of indoors in general thats how you set it up, thats how you start it its quite simple, actually but its learning how to fly it properly, thats going to be the big challenge, but if you would like to purchase this drone its in the link below, If you want to check out more unboxings, make sure to comment, let me know what you think about this drone.