This is a really cool video, because this is me learning how to fly a helicopter. Now i i know nothing about helicopters and i’m, hoping a lot of you. Viewers out there who have helicopters who have flown helicopters, who are pros at helicopters, will chime in and help me out and the other viewers. The reason i am flying helicopters as of today is because a lot of you viewers have asked me since christmas time i don’t know what’s going on since christmas. I keep getting asked this question. Hey steve. Can you recommend a really good helicopter for beginners and i’m? Like no, i don’t know i don’t i’ve, never flown a helicopter. I don’t, even i don’t, know the first thing about them. So what i did is i went out and i purchased three helicopters all from horizon hobby. So i purchased a little one. Much a little bit bigger one and an even larger one, and my goal was basically learn how to fly helicopters. And then i can pass on my knowledge to you. Just like i do with drones, and i realize really quick that it’s going to take a while before i really learn how to fly these well. But let me tell you the following: i’m just going to sum it up what i’ve learned you know flying a helicopter, and that is that if you can fly a drone that like say a 50 drone, because a 50 drone has no gps in it.

You know the kind you fly in your house, they move all over the place, there’s, no gps. If you can fly that, you can fly a helicopter. If you can fly an fpv drone without the goggles take the goggles off and just fly at line of sight. You can fly a helicopter. How do i know that, because that’s what i did this here helicopter and two additional helicopters, i flew all of them in one day. Yes, a lot of people might fly those three helicopters over the course of. Oh, i don’t know. Maybe a year, but i did it all in one day and i didn’t really crash that much. You know not that much this guy i crashed but the bigger ones. No, so let me tell you a little bit about the helicopters i flew and then i’ll show you the video. So the first one is the blade nano s3 it’s by horizon hobby. This little guy takes a 1s battery and i bought 5 of those 1s batteries. On amazon, for, like 20 bucks, so steal of a deal, and you get four minutes flight time on each battery actually get five minutes, but i set my timer at four minutes: it’s really simple: to fly now, if you don’t have a radio like this? Is a radio here, if you don’t have one of these in the rc hobby, you can buy one i’ve reviewed many of them this one’s a spectrum radio, because this here is a blade, nano and spectrum and horizon hobby are all owned together and blade and it’s All there so everything works together.

This model comes with its own controller. If you don’t, have one they’ll sell you one with it and it’s already configured ready to fly and it’s, not super expensive trust me compared to drones. It’S, not expensive pay attention to be really careful because i’m going to use the term in this video collective pitch, because i learned it on the left here. Is it okay? So this is left to me. This is your collective pitch. I’Ll explain that and this correct me if i’m wrong. This is your cyclic here, which is going to move your helicopter forward and backwards and side sides all right. Ladies and gentlemen, this is captain drone super fast explanation of collective pitch, so you can see behind the helicopter. Let me focus on it i’m holding what would appear to be a drone. Yes, it’s got four motors and we all know that on a drone, if you want to fly higher or faster, you just increase the speed of the props, and you do that. Let me see if i can grab my radio if that will come in focus right here. So you have this left joystick that you can move up and down, and that makes the motors on your drone go much faster as you’re flying through the air, but guess what? On a helicopter over here, that’s, not the case. The motors on a helicopter basically spin at one speed, it’s only one speed, so in order for the helicopter to go up or down the pitch of the blade here must change.

So we have a collective over here and i’m just going to focus on my remote. So here’s my remote control so on the left, that’s your collective pitch and when you move this all the way to the top, your rotors will change the pitch so i’m. Going to show you that right here. So here i’ve placed my left joystick right in the center, so that means the rotors on the helicopter should be flat. That means no up or down now, watch this. If i want to make the helicopter go up, i move this and the blade the pitch will change so that pushes the air downwards. If i want the helicopter to go down, i change the pitch. There. We go now it’s going to blow the air upwards and drive my drone into the ground, so a collective pitch helicopter is extremely difficult to fly and that’s. Why a lot of newbies, like myself, will crash them now as a newbie using collective pitch positive thrust. Negative thrust it’s a little bit daunting, especially if you have no experience that freaked me out big time, especially as i got bigger helicopters, yeah it’s, pretty scary, because you could be just flying and you move it. Your joystick a little bit too much and next time. You’Re you’re thundering into the ground – and you didn’t mean to do that. So the great thing is this tiny little. Nano s3 has a mode on it for beginners and it only has positive collective pitch.

So it will never drill your helicopter into the ground and it will also not allow you to roll it flip it everything else. I practiced on that and i flew it around my house and it was so simple that you know it gave me the courage to try something larger, so hopefully all of that made sense and well here. Let me show you the video check this out here. We go first, try with a nano s3 i’ll, either make it or break it. I just noticed on the box. It says skill level, two required. What exactly does that mean? I have to be a two year old or i’m gon na fly. It like a two year old, probably fly it like a two year old. All right, let’s, try this all right! I’Ve got the spectrum ix12 all configured you can see. I have the right helicopter on the screen that probably doesn’t show up in there and i’ve got it set to four minutes so that’s four minutes of flight time on this tiny little battery i’m using a 220 milliamp one cell battery it’s very small. This little thing here, very tiny, so let’s try this out the battery slides in a little slot at the bottom, and you just attach the cable from the helicopter. So this little blade nano. Oh look at that it lights up, so there we go check it out. I probably should have it on the ground, so it configures itself orientates itself adjusts itself.

I probably messed it up. I probably messed everything up all right, we’re gon na fly it anyways. Here we go so there’s a little switch on here that i configured called throttle. Hold it’s basically is like an arm switch on a quad, so i can move up move this left throttle stick up and down. I get nothing, but if i take that arm switch off and do it, she wants to go so uh. Let me stand up and let’s fly this all right, so here we go first flight let’s see if i don’t smash it into the ceiling i’m going to fly it like a quad. Oh yeah, yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. This flies just like a quad right now. Okay, so throttle down throttle up, that’s, good and let’s see i can move it to the left, move it to the right all right, let’s see if i can fly it around my house, so let’s turn it this way and uh let’s boogie. It flies just like a quad in this mode, so i’m, not having any issues flying it here. Let me just bring it up so it’s at height up here and yes, i can fly it. It flies if you know how to fly a drone like a fpv drone, then it flies exactly the same way uh in this mode. So this is pretty simple and i’m sure everybody who’s a pro flying these helicopters is just killing themselves laughing watching me fly this right now.

All right next thing, i’m going to do is try to land it here so i’m just going to hit the throttle hold. When i come down there we go and she should stop, and it does all right. There’S. Another mode on here called stunt. One stunt one and that is gon na – give me collective pitch, so i think that’s what you call it and that basically means if i move this joystick downwards, then i’m going to slam it into the ground, because it’s actually going to shoot, thrust upwards and the Opposite is true: if i move the joystick past halfway mode, so let’s try that let’s see oh got ta, take the hold off this one’s a little harder stunt one. Here we go so in this one, a lot more power. If i move that joystick down see it, it wants to thunder into the ground here so uh that is that’s the way a helicopter is supposed to fly. This is utterly not like a drone, so oh, my god that is, that is going to take a lot of practice. You got to keep the throttle control right in the center, so let me see if i can fly around the house without crashing into things. I guess the best way to do it is don’t play with the throttle control too much man. That is tricky. That is tricky. You really have to get used to that got ta, be very slow on the down throttle in this mode or else as soon as it passes halfway you’re thundering down so so far so good i got it going around.

This is how you truly have to fly. It outside, i guess, uh, for the benefits of doing any 3d tricks or anything which i have no idea. What to do. I do know i do know how to uh. I crash it into the ground i’m. Pretty sure i can do that. Is that considered a trick? I don’t know so: yeah let’s bring it back to me. There we go and let’s thunder it down, bring it down for a landing and kill the whole switch all right so far so good. So there you go. You saw me flying this baby around the house. It was really easy and i flew it in normal mode normal and i also flew it and stunt one stunt one. So later i took this out to a larger field and flew to normal stunt. One here check this out turn on the ix 12 it’s got a boot up all right, we’re all set to go all right. So i flew this the house. I should be able to fly it outdoors here. It’S, not too windy. Right now, let’s see i’m gon na leave it in like the safe mode which will make it fly like pretty much like a quad yep. There we go so let’s. Take it up. Oh it’s, going with the wind. I got to bring it back there. We are all right. I got it got ta get used to these joysticks before i hit myself in the face.

All right, let’s bring it over to the little camera right there, so it’s, not as uh nimble as a drone. When you move the joysticks uh there’s a little bit of a delay before things start to happen, so uh yeah i’m getting used to that all right, let’s see how i can fly it here. Getting orientation it’s um a little bit difficult for me, it’s, just because it’s so small, but i’ve got it. The wind is affecting it. There’S, no stabilization to just stay in one spot. I’Ve got to keep my fingers on the joysticks i’m sure the pros can do it much better than me and i’m in the beginner mode, the safe mode. Now let me land that and change modes here. Put you i down the kill switch. This is the most important switch. This is my kill, switch or hold switch sort of like on a fpv drone arm. The motors disarm the motors okay i’m, just switching batteries, because i want to try a different mode, so i was flying in something called safe mode, which is sort of for beginners there’s, good stability, everything you can’t, flip it you can’t roll it all. I have to do is make sure i don’t crash it into the ground so now i’m going to put it out of safe mode and now it’s going to be kind of scary. So here we go and the wind’s blowing now too okay. This should be funny.

I’Ll probably crash it here, let’s take that arm switch off there. We go now all right i’m. Getting the hang of it. There we go it’s just a little scarier, because now, if i move the joystick uh below center uh, i drop it into the ground. Getting the brain just used to it, it’s not that let’s see. If i can do some quick, yaws let’s try this oh yeah! I seem to be able to fly it better in uh stunt mode, one that i can and safe, because it’s more responsive it’s not a delayed response, because the the helicopter is not doing all the work for me, i’m actually doing more of the work controlling it. So yeah, i think, stunt one is the way to go for learning how to fly a helicopter. This one here flies super super nice. I like that. So all i can say is if you’re thinking of getting yourself a helicopter or buying one uh, this one’s not too bad or any little one like this. All right, let’s put this one down and try another one kill switch there. We go nice landing all right. Let me show you the next helicopter i flew, which would be this one. This is the blade 150 s, and this is the box it comes in. You can see it’s much larger than the nano. Let me hold them here, so there’s, my little nano and there’s. My blade 150., the blades on this one, are plastic i’m told in the helicopter world.

People like carbon, fiber blades. You can replace them the carbon fiber. If you want, but uh yeah, they’re plastic. So i guess they they will just shatter if they hit something. Vice chop it to pieces, which is okay by me, because that this one here was coming close to my face a few times as i’m learning the flat. What i really like about this one is on the back. There is a brushless motor back here on the tail, which is very responsive. I also found this one flies really well in the wind. I was flying it with some wind and it seems to fly really really well, so the blade 150 s is for people who know how to fly helicopters because it has a 3d mode in it. Just like this one’s got the stunt to 3d mode. You can do flips, but you can do the real quality stuff with this one i’m, not there. Yet i could only fly it in normal mode. I could not switch the modes to anything higher because if this one crashes it’s probably going to break a lot more than this one but yeah i got out flying this one and here’s the video check it out. So this little drone i was flying is the blade nano s3, and i told myself. If i could fly this in stunt one, then i should be able to fly this in safe mode. I don’t know if i could fly this in stunt one this one’s heavier and i will say the following.

I have read that if you crash the little ones, um it’s pretty hard to break them, but the bigger you get the easier it is to break them. So yeah, so you can probably see this in the gopro. This is the blade 150s and here’s the nano s3 that i was flying much smaller than this one, and this one here itself has a bigger battery as well put all my switches, so they’re all set back to normal everything’s good let’s power. This on so parts are good. It hasn’t started up. Hasn’T started to fly away, so let’s put the nose cover on so i got. Ta take off the arm switch or, i should say, yeah i’ve got it on hold all right. She wants to go it’s in normal mode, so it should fly just like the little guy but bigger. Oh there we go there. We go being a first time, uh pilot of a helicopter this size with those blades spinning near my head, it’s a little daunting. Look at that. This thing is an awesome drone trying to chop up my camera, but look at that way over there. You can see there’s a plane taken off and there she goes up in the air that’s the thing with helicopters. They are susceptible to it. Oh there’s, a plane up there too. Let me try it forward here. Try to turn this way and come back this way. That’S, good, okay, that’s good and then turn again: okay, that’s good and then up, okay, that’s good.

I got a nice little rotation going around me yeah. I got it. My brain’s got to learn the controls very much like a quad. All right can i take it under and through this goal post of course i can the trick is. Can i bring it back to me there we go let’s, try some back and forth. Uh. Okay. Timer expired all right time to bring her back. So you can see flying the larger drone is a lot cooler. I really like this one a lot. This one’s really good to learn on indoors i’d. Never fly this one indoors, but it’s pretty decent. I also have this one here, which is massive in size. Yeah. You get dwarfs everything else. This is the blade 330s. Now a lot of you watching who fly helicopters are going. Oh, my god, are you kidding me a beginner should not fly this thing, so let me tell you the story, so i bought this to learn how to fly a helicopter, so i could get good at it and then, as i got better, i was going to Fly this one, but you know in the same day i just thought: hey this one was so easy to fly. Let me try flying this one and it wasn’t too bad. So i can fly this one. I haven’t crashed it and then i thought you know what i should fly this one but yeah it didn’t go so well.

I didn’t crash it but um. I think it’s a way out of my league, i don’t, have i don’t, have the skills so watch this and tell me what you think tell me what you think went wrong. Watch this okay, i flew this one here the little blade nano. Then i did the 150. I also have a huge 330.. This was a treat for myself. In case i learned how to fly a helicopter then i would have this one to fly now. Obviously this is massive and big, and probably something that you don’t want to crash because look at all the parts moving parts on it, yeah it’s, going to get banged up, however, it’s got a safe mode, so i should be able to fly it here safely. Fingers crossed fingers crossed i’m going to give it a shot, got to try it sometime all right. Much bigger let’s see that going to whack me much bigger battery on this one, yeah it’s doing some funky stuff there. I don’t know if the gopro could see this, but look at this. This is this is my little nano, and this is what we’re currently gon na fly huge difference here. Everything works, take off the hold button and start up the motors and take her out up. Wow this thing’s a little crazier to handle it’s, like i don’t, think that’s. I don’t think that’s a safe mode all right, so it just goes to show that uh i’ve probably set this up wrong.

I don’t think there was any safe mode going on there, because this thing i was tilting it forward and backwards all over the place, or maybe it was in safe mode. But i just can’t fly this thing, so i’m gon na have to check it out and then try it again another day, but i’m gon na have to practice a lot on helicopters. Before i do that, all right, we have the 330s down here and i had some difficulty flying it because i’m, very inexperienced, so i have jack over here who knows how to fly helicopters and he’s gon na take it for a spin, okay, jack let’s hope it Flies, oh, you got a stun one already yeah right on the ground, all right, yeah that’s normal! Well, i get. I guess i guess i don’t have a clue what i’m doing if that’s working and what, if you put it in the normal as i was flying it well, it looks like you angled it pretty good. There yeah, i would say, you’re there is it’s not in the stability mode, because i can do all that yeah, so i’ve got something goofy then going on. I don’t know all right. So what we discovered is uh jack is telling me that what i thought was stability. There is no stability unless the programming was there’s, something in the programming you’re missing and that i don’t know yeah i’ve gone over it twice. I’Ve set it up the same way.

I don’t know: maybe i goofed up something all right: little babies up, definitely not a helicopter for beginners. Take it around here, see if i can get my orientation. Oh, she wants to go yeah. This helicopter is going to require lots of skill that i currently don’t have. I did finally get it in stability mode as you can see, but it’s a little uh wonky it’s, like i got ta get used to the joystick. It’S got a lot of power to go up a lot of power to come down and uh, not much in the middle. So if anybody’s wondering what i did to fix it, i basically just took stunt two and turned it into normal because in stunt two for some reason i could put on stability, but in normal i couldn’t, so i just reversed them that’s all. So basically, my stunt two is like a normal that’s. All it is, and those beeps you hear are me running out of battery power which says time to land it so i’ll just bring it over here and put it down there. We go slam it in. If you don’t know how to get it down, it’s a high quality helicopter, a lot of metal parts on it, it does not have a brushless uh tail rotor at the back it’s actually got a belt that runs through here. I believe it’s got a lot a lot of servos. This one looks like i can really do a number on it.

If i damage it like not to get it ever working again, all right. So let me move these all out of the way. Oh and just in case i didn’t show you here’s the box. Where is it? Do i have it right side here’s the box for the 330s? The reason i got all three of them they were on sale. I got a deal if i bought three. I got a deal through my hobby shop in my area, um yeah, for these. So by buying three i saved uh quite a lot of shackles. That was the whole reason. I got the three all right, so what i’m going to do is i’m going to put links below to all of these uh helicopters here and you can check them out. I’Ve tried them all. You saw in the video uh and you could see if there’s a helicopter for you in future videos. I will get some of the companies that make helicopters to send me helicopters so that i can review them, but i’m only going to get the entry level helicopters. You know the ones that come a helicopter and you get a remote with it in a package that’s like 100 bucks or under 200 bucks. Those are the ones i’ll review on this channel, maybe some more expensive ones. So when you have that question hey, i want a beginner helicopter. Then i actually have ones to show. You just show you how easy it is to fly indoors.

Watch me whack myself in the head as it’s coming towards me all right, let’s bring it up. Nice get that ground effect happening there. We go very close to me. I just keep it in here, so i keep it in the frame. All right, guys, hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up. I don’t want to take my eyes off this baby and uh i’ll catch her in future videos with many more reviews of helicopters. All right guys take care there.