This is a UMX Timber X, its brand new from Horizon Hobby. Let me just mention Horizon Hobby does not send me anything for free because Im a drone guy, so I had to buy this, and I have a ton of other Horizon Hobby planes that Im going to be showing on this channel. The reason Im going to be showing them is because Im a drone guy and I come out to my field and everybody here seems to fly drones and RC planes and RC helicopters and RC cars and so Im getting into all the other RC Hobbies. So, Im going to make a series about all you drone guys who fly camera drones and fpv drones how to get into flying RC planes. Now you can see its pretty windy. If I let go of this, the wind is just blowing it all over the place. So this little plane should be fun to fly in the wind, and hopefully we dont crash lets go, try it out now, so in future, videos Im going to explain a lot more how to get into the hobby. But this is a really quick one. I already own a radio. This is a spectrum radio. It works well with Verizon hobby planes, because theyre all owned by the same company and the batteries for this little guy are also Spectrum, but you can use any type of batteries. You want theyre a little 300 milliamp hour, LiPO batteries, so all I have to do is set up a model in here.

Ill show you that in a future video and then the next thing I do is put a battery inside the plane set everything up. Its very simple much easier than flying, fpv drones and go fly, and these joysticks they do very little compared to flying fpv drones, but theyre very similar in some ways to the Simplicity of a camera drone. You can almost fly this with one hand, ins for some planes – youll see that in the future, all right, so let me put a battery in so the most important thing with the plane is always to get the center of gravity and Ive marked mine on the Bottom, you can see two little xs and that comes in the instructions. So it tells you how many millimeters, from the face of the wing back and then you match up your battery when you put your battery in it, should balance nicely lets get this battery in plug it in it will go through its little motions. Make some sounds. Just like an fpv drone, almost all right, the wind is blowing this everywhere lets take off the throttle hold. I got prop. It wont take long before it goes up in the air, because the wind is blowing right. In my face Joe, my cameraman is, over there hes doing a fantastic job of capturing this, and here we go up in the air and look at this. What I got ta do. I can almost fly it backwards because its in the wind at the moment, just hovering there.

That is amazing and if I turn it around with the wind well get some speed Music foreign back this way and theres Steve, take your pits up Steve there we go. Let me bring it down lower and Joe can get it so this Timber is brand new by Horizon Hobby. Oh sorry, Steve, I dont mean to hit you in the head, its brand new by Horizon Hobby, and it can do some pretty amazing things, but right now this is just the maiden so Im just showing it to you here how cool it flies in the Wind. Normally youd fly a larger plane in wind like this or something that goes a little Speedy designed for it, but uh this little guy does quite well. Here we go lets, go a slow pass going by slow pass here, nice and slow full flaps there. We are okay: Ive got takeoff flaps on Im gon na try touch and go bring it over here to me, theres a touch and go going down and up in the air. Okay Ill, try fast pass yeah there we are okay. Lets do a pass with some rolls, and here we go foreign Music Loop slip over and flip over again: Music Applause, Music. Thank you, Music. I can hear my battery going down. I can get six minutes flight out of this even eight minutes. If I take it easy lets, bring it back, never expired. Lets go down nice and smooth there.

We go right on, I dont know. If you can see it, we have indicator lights on the wings on the wing tip on the wing tip in the front, on the top and on the bottom, theres indicator lights, and we have our ailerons, which are lots of movement. Its got our little elevator at the back lots of movement and you even have flap arounds that I can move here. Flap positions there we go pretty cool right and the landing gear underneath is made that you can come down with some hard Landings. Look at that. Its very flexible so if youre a beginner flying no problems with this baby, all right guys so stay tuned for my videos on RC planes and teaching you how to fly RC planes from the point of view of a drone pilot – and I know all you drone Pilots watch this channel, so this will be pretty informative and a little bit different than other channels on teaching how to fly. Rc planes Ill put links to this little baby below its from Horizon Hobby. So that means you can get on the Horizon Hobby website, as well as many other RC hobby stores in your neck of the woods. So uh check it out and join me in future for many more reviews of RC planes from the perspective of a drone pilot.