So in a previous video i tested out some little led lights that was available on my amazon store for the dji mavic mini, so these little lights are mounted underneath and they are twist to turn on there. We go just like that all right now in that video i tested that these could be seen up to about 500 meters. Now they greatly greatly aired uh you’ve been able to see your drone at night. They did a fantastic job and, like i say you can’t say that to 500 meters, as i could. If you haven’t checked out that video, then please go ahead and do so. However, in this video i’m going to be testing out something completely different, so let’s go. Take a look at that now. One of the favorite things i have about this youtube channel of mine is the community spirit. Now i always try my best to read every comment that you’ll leave on my video, and it is by doing so that once again, you know a youtuber called richard. Um alerted me after my last video to something which is much more brighter, which is what i’m going to test in this video. So the product in question are these cree strobe lights from flytron now keep watching till the end of the video, because there is a little juicy bonus at the end of this, as this channel does have a worldwide audience. I wanted to make sure that the next product i tested ie these on the channel, was going to be okay for every sort of body that governs flights with drones, etc, such as the faa, the ca and the esr roles in europe.

So what i wanted to do is make sure this was as correct as possible. Now one person did actually comment on my previous videos, see i told you. I do listen to the audience that it’s all good having those previous lights on your drone, but the problem is they’re, not directional. So if you did fly over 500 meters, for example, you would technically have no navigational awareness as to where you actually was to be able to fly home. Should you lose your instruments, so i thought that’s, a great point challenge accepted. So what i’ve done is to make sure that these are relevant for all the bodies, as i’ve previously mentioned. I made sure that i bought a green one and a red one. So that would then give me the ability, in this video as i’m, doing my tests to be able to see the orientation of the drone um, and you will be quite impressed with some of my flying, hopefully, and just how good these do. Allow you to have full visual line of sight of your drone, so what i’m going to do is i’m just going to show you how these mount to edge run because there’s a couple of different ways right so from the uk seller, these lights cost 15 pounds Each which isn’t cheap and the mounting system that they offer is these little sort of hooker velcro things which do work really really well. So, as you can see the sort of 3m thread lock now, if i just push them together, i mean you can see they’re pretty secure all right.

So that is how you would mount them normally um. If you’ve got your own method of mounting them, then absolutely brilliant to you go ahead and do that just make sure they don’t fall off. However, i did have a really really nice person that sent me some mounts that they’re 3d printed, so i thought well i’ll feature them in this video and i will leave a link in the description below. So you can go, have a look for yourself, so these are the products that they sent me now. These are cree light holders that clip onto the real legs now they’re a really really much more secure and ideal sort of piece of kit to have on the drone, but you might ask about where we’ll come to that in a second, the second option they gave Us is this product here, so that sits underneath the drone. The only slight downside with that is, you would have to make sure you turn the drone on before you mount it, because it does cover the on off button. So what situation would you use these little holders, so this one would be ideal if he was using a white holder now, white color leds is noted to be the best color for being able to see it on a night. So if you wanted to get yourself a white one, something like this would be absolutely ideal. Now, as you know, i have gone for the red and green, because i wanted this next video to be absolutely correct in terms of how you would navigate on an actual aircraft etc and keep up with the rules from for many places where these are going to Be sold so i think the best option is to just clip these on the back of the legs so i’m going to quickly show you how to do that now.

So, first of all, i’m going to take my create light i’m, just going to gently slot that in i’m going to take the drum pop it on the top and just gently twist it round into position. As you can see, that is perfectly mounted and is going absolutely nowhere. I won’t bother the other side because there’s no real point. So if you’re going to do the other side, you would simply hook it into there and then just pop that into place, and you take your mount in your little light in there absolutely perfect. So anyway, enough talking i’ve shown you what these do. Let’S look at. What they where to make sure we’re going to keep average run under that 249 grams right, so i’ve put both shrubs on with these holders so i’m just going to place. The drone which does have a battery in you know just to make sure that we’re doing things correctly on the scales, and that is 249 grams, precisely so i’ve just taken both rear lights off and i’ve mounted one inside this little holder. So i will just give this a little weight as well just to make sure there’s no funny business going on let’s put this on the scales and that’s 244 grams right so now it’s time for action. So these are the two lights in action. Hopefully, they’re not blinding, you i’ve got lots of light in this room, but they are incredibly bright.

Now, like i said, i have tested them and you’ll be really really impressed with the performance. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to cut through that video? Now hopefully this is explaining well enough for you and, like i say, keep watching to the end because there’s a nice little juicy burner. So i have done three flights, so one flight was done during a complete daytime just to see the limits of them. One of them was done at dusk and the other one was done at night time. So let’s get started so we’re going to start our flight out now, then you can see that it is quite bright. Unfortunately, the camera doesn’t pick up using a screen recording just how bright it was, but it was pretty bright. So we’re fighting the wind a little bit here, but you can see. I can see the drone completely. Absolutely fine, these lights, doing a really really good job. Even in the daytime, so what i’m going to do is i’m, just going to jump to 400 meters now and then just continue our journey just because you don’t need to be watching it that much so we’re coming up to that uh 400 meters, 470 meters and To be perfectly honest with you, i could still see the drone, but the lights had washed out. So what i’m going to do now is, as you can see, we’re going to cut to the nighttime dusk flight, so that’s how bright these lights really really are.

So here we are then we’re flying out in normal mud. I tried to do it in sport, but unfortunately the gimbal kept dipping down and i wanted you to be able to see the see the sights really so 221 meters. You can see on screen now how much they are visible, using a mobile phone recording. I think they uh look really really good and really really bright, but of course we are so close. I’D expect them to be so. Let’S continue on so we’re flying along then and we’re gon na come up to this uh. Well, what should we say? Should we stop at say 500 meters yep, i said we’ll stop at 500 meters and then we’ll take a little look and see how much we can see them. So there we go we’re at 500 meters, all but a couple. So right, what you can you see on screen really really bright? Look really really good, still perfectly visible and we’re at that maximum visual line of sight. What you would expect to see in the daytime – and you can see – we can still see them perfectly fine, so cracking on with this then i’m, going to jump straight to 900 meters, as you can see, on screen i’m going to stop at a thousand meters and Then again, just show you, the mobile phone footage, as i’ve already said, just be aware that the phone can’t see as good as your eye.

So there you go it’s on screen now. What do you think to that really really bright? Still absolutely amazing, so let’s bring the drone back and let’s start our night flight. So here we go then i’ve waited till it’s night time um. I want to make sure it’s completely pitch black, so i can get full effect of the strobes, so we’re flying out nice and steady again in sport mode, but fighting that wind. It is quite windy tonight, so we’re gon na jump straight to 500 meters and during the night, as you can see on screen now you can see them a lot brighter. They are so so nice and visible doing their job. Absolutely perfectly so. Let’S fly onwards, then, still with the strong wind warnings really really battling the wind, as i’ve already mentioned plenty of battery left there. You may see the signal dropping in and out slightly that’s, because i keep putting the phone controller at the the remote controller down on the floor. So 1000 meters. What can you see impressive? I think so still see them perfectly bright and nice, so let’s continue our journey and i’m literally not going to mess around this time. There we go 19 thousand sorry one thousand. Ninety meters, let’s stop at two thousand and let’s just see how good you can see them on screen. Look at that absolutely brilliant, so so bright. I could see these if i continued on for another thousand meters.

I reckon um absolutely no problem at all, but ultimately it is now time to bring the drone back. So what i wanted to do is prove this point that was mentioned in the other video. So you know by that comment and what i mentioned at the beginning of this one, so i am going to fly this drone home backwards and, as you can see, i am not using any compass i’m, not using any maps. I cannot see the surrounding city, we. Obviously we are over a river. We were over the humber estuary and, as you can see, you know we’re really getting sort of uh blown around by the wind. Look at that dipping speed. That was there um. Now with the wind, we was drifting a little bit so it’s not a case of just flying straight towards me. You know i do have to have to keep making cost corrections and just to take away my complete visual line of sight and reference. I have now dipped the gimbal down towards the humber. You can see absolutely nothing on the screen as we speak i’m, not using any instruments i’m, not using any compass, nothing, absolutely nothing! You can see i’m having to make some course corrections, because you know we have moved slightly so down to 1200 meters. Centimeters high yep completely flying this drone in the dark, no instruments and this answers. The question: can i basically can are using these stupidly bright, flytron, cree navigation lights, using the red and green to make sure i’ve got the correct orientation? Can i fly all the way back home without using my instruments and just using visual line of sight only and as you can see, at 16 meter meters meters per second, we are absolutely murdering, along only 600 meters to go that’s how fast we’re going in sport Mode we’ve got the wind blowing us as well, so absolutely no resistance, as you can see, absolutely flying along and yeah.

Nearly home 300 meters i’m going to start to slow down slightly because i’m going to need to bring the drone down and there we go, and that is me flying my drone as you can see in complete darkness right, let’s cut to the studio. So what do you make of that? Absolutely fantastic performance? Now i do appreciate this is not the cheapest we’ll get to that at the end. But realistically i could see them 2 000 meters away, and it was so so clear now yeah. I can do so much of a better job than a mobile phone screen can so i did struggle at times to get the screen to focus, to be able to see these in the distance, but i could see them perfectly perfectly fine, now, 2000 meters, isn’t really That fine in comparison to what the manufacturers stay with, which you can see these three miles away and that’s, what makes them um that’s what makes them compatible with the faa rules so yeah i mean this is probably one of the best products i’ve ever tested and What i will do is i will leave a link for these in the description below, so you can go, get you one yourself like i said. Please do check the rules in your own country because there is navigational, colors, red and green that you might have to adhere to. If you want to just get yourself a white set – or there is a blue as well but it’s not recommended, then you feel free to do so, and the big juicy bonus that i did promise you at the end is, if you use gavin hr at the Checkout, you will get 15 off any item site wide, so hopefully that’s a nice little bonus for you guys i’ve negotiated that discount with you with the manufacturer, so also these are absolutely brilliant.

I will leave a link in the description about these as well. You know they do a fantastic job at keeping them on and the you know. This feel a lot more secure and they do have it come in great as well to match the drone. I just wanted them in orange because they stand out a little bit more. There is the in the body one as well, which does work well, but if you don’t want any of that, then of course you can just get the 3m lock, which is also on the website available to buy. Hopefully, that was the most comprehensive test you could possibly ask for on this channel. These lights, as i’ve mentioned, are compatible with all the rules such set out by the faa easer and the caa as well. You can’t go wrong. They give you utterly brilliant visibility. They have 15 pounds each give or take, i think, the 14 pound 90 um, and that is obviously pounds you could buy these worldwide. So your local currency may be this slightly different, but they’re well worth it i’m, not paid by uh flytron. I bought these myself. The only thing i happen to do is negotiate that discount code for you. So, thank you very much for watching don’t forget to check out all my other videos on the mini 2 and the mavic mini, or indeed go check out the video that i’ve done using the cheaper, led options that was available in my amazon store.