This is the week of may 2nd 2022 and we have five stories for you this week. The first one uh the end of the world is pretty close, because somebody created a drone uh to do well, selfies and all other things we have skyward thats about to end operation. This is kind of a sad story. Well, talk about that and then we have disney launching a drone show and well also talk about a website where you can find stolen drones and then lastly, well talk about 10 000 free registration stickers that were created by yours truly so lets get to it. Music and the first story this week, as i said, the end of the world is impeding because snapchat released a new drone. The drone is called pixi, its a very tiny drone thats designed to replace your selfie stick and, if youve ever been anywhere in public. Where you see selfie sticks im sure you can imagine how great its going to be to have small drones flown by people that have no idea how to do this just buzzing around. So i can i can see. This is a great idea. You can see im very sarcastic about this. I love drones, obviously, but the last thing that i want to see is just a whole bunch of them flying around people at low altitude and especially to do just selfies. So pixi is supposed to be an autonomous drone that takes videos as it flies and then its transferred directly to your snapchat app and the drone is ducted, which is maybe i guess, a good thing.

It weights about 101 gram. It should be sold for 250 dollars and we actually recommend that if you want to do this, do this the right way get something slightly bigger or learn the rules and then maybe get a mini sc from dji its about the same price and its going to Give you probably much better pictures and much better control, so im sure there will be more stories about this. Nothing thats going to help the drone community just making us look more like people that dont really care about other people anyway ill get off. My soapbox lets talk about skyward that is about to end operation. Skyward is a verizon company. They announced this week that they would end operations. They sent an email to their customer base. Skyward provided lens airspace authorization. They were lance approved by the faa. They offered fleet management and a few other things they are going to refocus on ground robot management. They said the connectivity services and solution development. They will continue to have their service through june of 2022 june 30 of 2022. They something happened with verizon a while back. We used to be a customer because i had a free account with them for a while. I actually enjoy using uh using their platform, because i could do all my planning in one location on the computer instead of doing on the on the phone or on an ipad which i dont always enjoy. I like having the computer.

I have much more freedom to do what i want to do and moving different between different tabs and different sections, but anyway its besides the point. They had decided to stop their free program and uh. We actually get a lot of email. We got an email directly from them, because we were sending a lot of students to them to create free accounts to use the platform. We had videos tutorial in our course on how to do this, and then they told us that they werent doing free accounts anymore, and if you wanted to join, you had to pay, which i think was probably the beginning of the end. They were realizing that they just couldnt make enough money. I think in this space by by doing this, so its yet another lens provider that is stopping operation and having a difficult time monetizing in the drone space. Air map shut down their operation a few months ago, and then they were purchased by drawn up shortly after so, if you are a customer and youre looking for a replacement, i would recommend going to a loft. They have a great solution in order to do this, or you can also go to ua psychic. I think both of these companies are doing great things in the industry. Obviously, we have a preference for a loft because weve been working with them for a while and theyre great people so, and the next story this week is disney launching a drone show.

This is not happening in the us. This is actually happening in paris. This is the 30th anniversary of the park in paris theyre going to be featuring 150 changing drones prior to the fireworks show, and the only time that this was done on disney property was in 2016 in orlando, its a bit harder to fly in the us because Of the temporary flight restriction that is around the parks, it sounds like thats, not the case in paris. This actually goes to show that drones can actually be used as the next big thing after fireworks, so well put a link down in the comments. If you want to read more about this, the next thing this week is a website that is designed to help you find stolen drones. This is an australian company called dronesec. They are launching a stolen drone registry and the database allows users to report stolen drones, including the make and model and serial number and then the date and the location of the loss. The system will then actively scan on ebay, facebook, marketplace and other locations to find matches and if a match is found, then the person is going to be contacted. The person that reported the theft is going to be contacted, so you can find more information. Go to your drone excel our friend haya has more information about this and well put a link down in the description and the last story. This week, im really excited about this 10 000 free registration stickers.

This is how many weve shipped since we started this doing. This last summer and uh – and we said we were gon na stop at ten thousand, but guess what we lied were gon na keep going uh based on the feedback from the community. A lot of you have reached out to do this and uh and and love the quality of the stickers so well be continuing. You can find more information on how to do this at pilot, free and, as it says, it is free. We created this campaign because we wanted to bring awareness to the fact that registration for drones is done only on the faa websites. If you dont see a gov at the end of it, youre in the wrong place and if youre going to pay more than five dollars youre, also in the wrong place, so dont get dont fall for these scheme. Registration websites that ask for more money than you should be paying and sometimes register you, and sometimes they dont. So you never know what youre going to get so make sure you verify on your web browser, make sure youre on the gov website to make sure youre. Not losing money and thats it thats.