This is episode. 115.. This week were going to talk about the new amazon patent, which is involves robots on the ground and robots up in the air, which is going to be interesting. As well well, talk about eb coming up with a new tactical drone to do. Mapping for very large area well talk about the dot secretary that is looking at drones with us one of our friends. So we wanted to feature this and lastly, well give you a quick update on pilot institute. Weve been busy and weve got a couple news for you, so lets get to it. Music now lets talk about this amazon patent, and this is kind of an interesting design. Amazon is trying to combine unmanned ground robots with unmanned aircraft in order to make deliveries, and both of the systems would be in constant communication. Theyd be outfitted with a bunch of sensors to avoid obstacles to avoid people. You may have seen these things actually not from amazon, but from other companies that are a little like a little uh wall e robot thats, just kind of moving around weve seen actually videos of people that get them out of ditches because they get stuck, and so This is kind of the idea here in in combining the um, the robot, the ground robots with the aircraft to make those deliveries. Now this is very close to what ups has planning has been planning on doing with adding drones into the ups trucks.

In this case, amazon is trying to get the truck driver out of the picture completely and just doing deliveries by using well nothing more than robots really interesting. I know a lot of people are always talking about amazon. Every time. Theres new regulation people talk about how its to let amazon do their thing. I know its a bit of a conspiracy. I dont really think amazon actually has that much power and uh and is really trying to take away. Our space is just my personal opinion, but uh, but i do think this is uh well. This is a different approach and i still dont really believe in drone deliveries or everyday product as being something thats feasible, but again its just my personal opinion. Next thing this week is the eb, eb tac tactical drone tac for tactical drone. This new platform is designed mostly for the military to do mapping missions for beyond visual line of sight operations, and this is a bit of a different world than what we talk about. Typically, but i think the technology usually that goes into the military, eventually ends up being used in the civilian world as well. So this is designed to be completely silent, so imagine having to figure out doing some recon missions to go and figure out what uh. What is going on at quite the distance, then you would be able to send this thing its fully encrypted its called c2 functions. Its got a 90 minute flight time it weights about 3.

5 pounds so very, very lightweight, and it has the ability to do ndvi and rgb capture data capture, and it also has a very camo look. It features a camo paint job on it, so really interesting design. As well from eb, eb has been creating these flying wings for a while theyre pretty popular with uh mapping to do very large mapping missions so hopefully, eventually well see this happening in the in the civilian world and have this ability to do this next story. I wanted to feature this because uh our friend alex suarez hes the community engagement for global air drone academy, and he did a demo where the secretary of transportation, pete burridge was basically given drone stuff and – and the reason i mentioned this is because quite often we Talk about how theres a big disconnect between politicians and uh and rule makers and the people on the ground that fly drones like you and i and um. I think its important to mention that at least theres some interest. I dont know if this is going to make any changes, quite frankly, but uh thanks to alex for doing this, for showing good side alex, is a great guy, hes, very involved, very young guy in this industry. That has got a lot, a lot to offer and a lot of promises. I think so im excited to be talking about this for him he actually basically put fpv goggles on uh on the secretary, budajet and kind of talked about.

You know what it takes to fly. Drone even alex told me that he even got to fly a drone. So again, thanks for doing that, alex last thing this week is some pilot institute news. We just hit 000 trust certificates. I think were one of the largest provider out there of trust certificates. To date, we also are about to hit 100 000 students. Obviously this is a big landmark for us. I want to get some ideas from you guys. What do you think we should do for a hundred thousand students, maybe our 100 000 student or something else tell me what you think, but we are we just rolled in a new service which is pretty awesome, i think were offering free registration stickers to anyone wants Them we just posted a pic, a video earlier this week and im going to put the link up here, so you can click on it, but the idea is we hate to see people getting caught into some schemes. You may have seen them online with registration, so were helping people to go to the right place to register their drone, its only five dollars. It can only be done on the fa dronezone website, which is a dot gov website, and we are offering free stickers to um help with awareness of the right place to um, to do your registration, so no credit card needed no gimmick. We we dont need your credit card information. This is just to help the community make sure people go to the right place to register their draw so thats it thats all.

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