This is the week of may 9th 2022 and we get four stories this week, the first one being a pretty big one. The dji mini 3 pro was finally released. This week, the most leaked drone in the history of drones and well talk about some details. Well talk about the mars ingenuity drone that is on mars, that is recovering from a dust. Storm talk about wing copter, a company that does drone delivery. That is getting special airworthiness criteria under part 21., its a bit complex but its, i think quite a big deal and then lastly, well talk about flightfest, which is right around the corner and where were going to be so lets get to it. Music. The first thing this week is the mini 3. Pro was finally released by dji on tuesday and it packs a whole lot of different features, and now we were lucky to have one. You notice. We have not been talking about the mini 3 for a while, because well weve been testing it and we didnt want to say something that we werent supposed to. So we put out a whole lot of different content, including a full 40 minute review. Yes, i said 40 minutes we did well, we did what we do best, which is go in details on a lot of things, so we created, i think, the longest uh review of the mini 3 pro. If you want to know everything about it. This is the place to be so well put a link somewhere up here, and you can see that well put link in the description as well, but we also put out a full blog post that has the review of the drone, where you can download sample footage And do a whole lot of testing on your own of the footage and see if you like it better than other drones, and then also, we created a full, deep dive, of course, for you, so its almost two hours of content youre familiar with the deep dive.

These are the free courses we put together, where you can learn everything about the drone, all the different features and how it works. So talking about the mini 3 pro its a bit of a departure from what we are used to from dji, which is the the mini entry level type of drone first drone for some people. This is a bit more expensive in the 600 range at the cheapest and going all the way to almost twelve hundred dollars, if you add uh all the bells and whistles and all the different packages, but it can do 4k 60 frames per second uh. Its a new sensor, one over 1.3 inch sensor, which is like three quarters of an inch. It has a new portrait mode where you can take videos in portraits without cropping the actual camera rotates 90 degrees, and then it comes now with master, shot, focus, track and a bunch of quick shots as well, and it comes with a brand new dji rc remote, Which is a small smart controller if you want to think about it, this way, which punches a lot of different features for a pretty cheap price? Actually, so this drone is pretty cool. You can buy it by itself without a controller which is new, you can buy it with just the traditional rcn1 controller, and then you can also buy it with the new smart controller. On top of it so, like i said, check out the deep dive check out all the content that weve put out.

I think youll find this very interesting, but this was fun. This was fun to watch. It was difficult not to talk about it because well, because we were going to be in trouble all right. The next story this week is ingenuity, which is the drone that is on mars, experienced a blackout during a dust storm that there was dust accumulated on the solar panels that resulted in a pause in the mission for both ingenuity and the rover perseverance thats on mars. This actually goes to show that the test vehicle that was only supposed to do four flights has now become a massive asset for the team and for the rover thats on the ground, its a great combination right. You have this little thing thats rolling around and then it can send up the draw and capture information, its just really cool, so theyve completed 28 flights to date, and i think theyre just going to keep on doing that until they cant anymore all right. The next story this week is a bit more complex in terms of its a bit more technical and regulatory, but wing copter mentioned that they finally got special airworthiness criteria under part 21 for their wing capture. Drone now im going to back out a little bit. The fa under part 107 allows you to fly your drone to fly for commercial purposes for non recreational purposes, im going to say because thats the correct term, but in order to deliver packages, you need to operate under a different set of rules and that set of Rules called part 135.

and under part 135. If you want to operate and drew drone delivery, then you need to have a drone that is approved under part 21.. I know its a lot of part. Its pretty complicated now part 21 is the part that defines how an aircraft can fly an actual full size aircraft that can carry people and under part 21. There is a consideration for special type of aircraft, such as the wing, copter or other aircraft that are going to be flying for drum delivery, while wing capture has applied for that special issuance of an air within a certificate, and in that process the faa had to Provide them with criteria – and this is what were talking about today – the faa finally came up with a set of criteria that wing copter has to meet in order to be approved under part 21.. So its not there yet its, not an air within a certificate. Just yet its just a list of criteria, you might think this is not a big deal, but its kind of a big deal because for these drone delivery companies in order to go through that process, they have to go through all of this and finally get approval. So we actually had a great discussion with the folks at wing copter and bill from wing copter at the pixel drone show were gon na put it down a link down, so you can see and go watch that because uh well, because i think wincopter is doing Things slightly differently, because i think theyre approaching drone delivery from a sense that makes more sense.

Lets just put it this way. So i think this is a big step forward for them, especially and im sure well see more of these in the future and well keep you posted all right. The next story this week is flight. Fest 2022.. If youre familiar with flight tests, they put on flight fest every year, its a big well, its a big party, its a big fest of people that want to fly drones and fly model aircraft and everything flight test is pretty much the the og right there. The original people that uh made flying drones and flying fixed wing aircraft cool online – they have an amazing channel. They always have a ton of fun and weve been working with them for quite a while, so were really excited to finally meet in person with their whole team and so well. We will be at flight fest, which is june 22nd to 26 in ohio uh. We werent able to make it last year actually had uh. Well, we had a baby in the way right around that time, so we werent able to participate, but this year well be there. We actually booked our trip, our our tickets and and book our rooms and uh. The whole team is going to be there, so we hope to see you there make sure that you head out to the website, and well, hopefully see you in ohio in 2022.