Ladies and gentlemen, let’s head on into the drone newsroom there’s a lot of it tonight. Here’S jeff sills what’s happening buddy. Well, uh yeah. There is a lot of news. Uh it’s been pretty active um. We will start off uh with uh something fantastic and i think ken you get a chance to be a part of this. This is uh. Rhoda riot is going to have the rotor riot rampage. Oh yes, rampage man. This is a big deal uh. This is happening in barnwell, south carolina may 15th and 16th and i’m gon na, be there i’m gon na, be there you’re gon na, be there yeah man are you? Are you going jake? No, i wish look. They’Ve they’ve got a whole bunch of different locations to to fly in. They got bandos set up. Look at all this stuff. This is gon na, be all those places you can wreck your drone. Yes, yes, that’s. What i’m talking about so go to uh to find out more it’s gon na be awesome yeah. It definitely looks like it’s gon na be a lot of fun, all right. So for actual news, we’ll start off here with ehang. They have once again stepped up, and i guess added a little bit more to the whole idea of flying uh people in drones. Um they’ve recently released information about a tree. Inspired drone taxi verteport. This is uh photographs of what their i guess. Their idea is.

No! No, this isn’t e hang. This is a scene from avatar too. I can’t wait, it’s going to be awesome. Avatar 2, coming to a theater in 4d near you, no that’s, not okay, so they modeled it after something called a baobab tree. Apparently uh these things are going to be 30 meter. High structures constructed out of steel and limited wood, and they will, i guess, have that natural look to them, but you’ll be able to fly. Your e hang personal drones from these particular locations and i’m noticing that they have the the symbols on the landing pads yeah i’m, imagining that they’re using that as part of the the system to help you know the drone land in a specific place. Don’T they look like at symbols, though yeah a little bit yeah, okay, well and technically, it’s ad right there, all right! So next we have uh noah, no, no double a uh, the national association of atmospheric administration. They are really actively kind of ramping up their use of drones and the remote controlled aircraft. The recent usage that they’ve done is in oklahoma and some of the areas where the tornadoes have been hitting. One of the examples that they like to share is an 80 mile tornado track that was in this very remote area, but and they had very limited, uh road access and stuff, but they still needed to document the impact. And so they were able to use drones to be able to fly out in that area and document the damage that was caused by the tornado and, of course, then used that information to determine uh.

You know how strong the tornado was. You know data that they may be able to use to help people predict or avoid tornadoes in the future, because obviously tornadoes come down and they don’t necessarily always take the same path. So really really good stuff i’m really anxious to see how they apply this going forward. Of course, i don’t like seeing the storms that they have chase, but uh the forecasting bonus benefit from this and the data that they can receive, i think, is definitely worth all of the effort. Absolutely that’s really cool all right. So our all time, favorite robot people, boston dynamics, has partnered with a integrated security system and they have created a salon, and this is their promo wait. What was what was that? What dude do we need to bleep? You no just go because you said you said ass lon, you said it again hold on. I need to bleep you on my bad, my ears. I you know i i’m getting older. I can’t really. Okay, i heard the same advanced robotics and artificial intelligence. Asalon developed the joint core platform, a fully autonomous aerial surveillance system that allows for three main use cases, pre programmed autonomous missions like perimeter and inspection patrols, autonomous alarm response to third party sensors and manual remote command and control missions. Dronecore’S ability to leverage existing security sensors to act as an automated first responder verifying alarms before dispatching costly assets is just one example of a fundamental change in today’s security, environment yeah.

You got to take care of those costly assets when i was uh djing at the strip bar. We had some costly assets in there, man, they wouldn’t even accept singles. They wouldn’t accept ones. After after after the first uh, the first use of uh a salon yeah, it felt like there was a lot of other words that sounded eerily similar to that. Throughout that video there um it did and it was, it was really triggering jake’s sensibilities and you should be more careful in the future jeff please. We have children watching. Okay back to you in the i worked newsroom hard at this, for you guys to just do that to me: that’s, fine, okay, um! So recently the us navy has upped the game in using drones themselves. They have destroyed a surface vessel using a swarm of drones for the first time on april 26, as part of an unmanned system integrated battle problem test. They used a swarm of attack, drones and in combination with other unmanned aircraft and boats in the area engaged using sm 6 anti ship missiles uh a a, i guess, a target ship and were able to completely obliterate it um. This is probably the first practical time that they have shown off the navy’s super swarm project and, of course the navy is always looking for ways to be able to hit targets either you know farther than their normal range, etc. Um – and i think not so even you know to using like rail guns, etc.

But this right here, i think, is really cool, because the swarm idea, you know being able to come in and hit a target from multiple different directions to to do that to a ship yeah is, is, is pretty impressive. Would you say that these um these clustered military cluster drones? Would you say that that possibly, they might just be Music, a force multiplier Laughter, all right um, so this one? This next story, i think, is probably something that is more along. What i find interesting about using drones, um recently, a short clip from a citizen archaeologist named anthony murphy. He was flying his drone high above the river boyne in ireland, and he came across a ship in the water, and what he turned out was is that this is a log boat. This is a ship that is hundreds of years old and every so often very you know rarely. These things will pop up and in this particular case because of his drone footage, he actually found this ancient ship um wow. That almost looks like nothing. You know, like you’d, have a yeah look. If i was flying over, i wouldn’t have noticed that i would have thought it was just uh, a log or or somebody’s old slipper or something in there it’s hard to tell scale, but that is cool. What are they going to do? Are they going to preserve it i’m, hoping that they go out there and and and try to preserve it? I mean it would be a a very great thing to be able to do, especially since these things are are sort of rare to find um, and you know that’s a bit of irish history that deserves to be saved is that it is that a sale that’s Crumpled up, yes, no, it looks like that’s amazing yeah.

Some of these log boats can be carbon dated to 5 000 years old. Oh so that one is is going to be interesting, is to see what how what they carbonated, how old that ship actually is. So that’s the kind of stuff i love a history, geek uh all right. So next, in the news we have a girl scout troop that teamed up with google wing to deliver cookies. Okay biggest challenge for selling cookies this year is the booth. You can like a lot of places. Don’T want you to open up a booth because they they have all the restrictions, so we had to come up with different ideas and how to sell the cookies. This is an amazing idea. You know to have the cookies delivered right to your door: it’s right there, that’s so cool there. It is yeah, that’s, so cool interesting. We are the first council to deliver cookies by drone, and that is pretty awesome that we get to be the first council to do that. So is there cookies and tube socks in there Music, my favorite thin mints, hell yeah drones are gon na help change our world and girl scouts want to help that so drones are going to be a very awesome way to do that. That is cool and – and i like the way, those girls each got their cookie delivery by drone patch right, yeah that’s, a special patch i got ta, say though uh and this.

This is something that old guys say. You know what used to be. The girl scouts had to sell their cookies door to door took a little bit of uh. You know a little bit of leg work to do it, but now you know girl, scout moms put it on the app they put it online and girls just kind of sit back and wait for it to happen really the the whole there’s, no more middle woman Anymore, there’s it’s, all just there’s, no really girl scouts really involved directly anymore. I i can’t tell you the last time i actually bought cookies from a real girl scout. You can get them online, they taste better. If you get them from a kid you hand the kid, the money they get, that feeling of accomplishment and they smile and it’s. You know that extra little bit of effort, i don’t know maybe i’m being too old fashioned walking through the neighborhood with the wagon. You know and there’d be like three or four of them and they would be just spreading out hitting the doors as they go down the street right right right, great stuff, you know, yeah, i mean you know not to throw dispersions cast dispersions but uh. I don’t know does that look a little bit: uh dangerous, no i’m, just thinking yeah! This is fine. This is google making sure that their google wing gets pushed out even farther right, exactly yeah, absolutely yeah yeah, all right, all right so pushing the limits.

Is the next video that we have uh? This is courtesy of uh, the mall of america, where some people decided to be a great idea to fly an fpv drone i’ve never been to this mall. Have you have you been there? I have none it’s more, like a museum, looks pretty amazing. I’Ll, say this i’m intensely jealous of the fact that this guy got to fly through it, yeah yeah me too, and they had to get everybody ready. You know these things you just don’t, go and, and do this you have to make announcements in the whole mall to let everybody know you’re doing this so that everybody can participate. But look at that that’s look at this is a freaking mall i’ve i’ve never seen the inside of this place a whole roller coaster in there yeah as silly as it is. I i don’t think i would be the one to fly the drone through the place, but i really want to be one of the guys rollerblading through the mall that just looks like so much fun. That would be pretty cool too yeah. I’M. Sorry, that’s wow. You know that’s just me, gosh it’s rare, to see a drone flying over people on rides just for liability’s sake, but i tell you this right since it’s under a covered structure, the faa has nothing to say about it. Nothing that’s right, you know. So all you, you don’t, need the fa’s permission you just need.

The p is that a giant freaking skateboard is that what that is yeah yep? Where is the mall of america? Let me know in the chat i got ta go to this place yeah. I think i got ta go here too. This looks wow holy praminelli Music, so they have a food court. Do they have actual stores in this place? Okay, they don’t do stores yeah stores. Who cares? I wonder what all the stores would be like the like. The main like hub, you know, for like the stores sort of like you know those outlet malls. You know where they have specialized stores for stuff. So i wonder what the rent on these stores is in this place. Oh gosh, oh yeah, probably a lot okay, but this is a premier place. I mean check out legos. You know, location wow. That was great. That was awesome, very, very, very cool. Yes, indeed, ah yeah did you get that little twinge of jealousy jake yeah, oh yeah and you’re thinking the whole time like i could have done it this way. I would have gone through that gap. Yeah it’ll be all right. Well, my thought is like they probably did several like you know practice flights test flights to like, because obviously they timed a lot of that the skaters and maybe some of the rides and stuff like so the fact he probably got to fly through there like four Or five times just okay, somebody said it’s in bloomington minnesota.

Is that right? I probably i’d have to look it up. I’M. I’M, not sure i would love to go there, though, that that looks like it’s just way too much. I choose to believe you all right. Minnesota all right, so next in the news, the the agriculture community in central california suffered a crime wave that police are attributing to thieves using drones and criminal activity overall seems to be sort of increasing, with the use of drones. Mariposa county is one of the places that seem to be most affected by it. Uh with this interesting story about crime and drones, drones are the future and the the future is now. Apparently i think we’re just lucky that the criminals can’t get their hands on the ones with the missiles just yet. But in this particular case we had fbi suspects, who were part of an organized criminal gang that had drones, ready and in preparation for an fbi, hostage, rescue attempt that was taking place at their location. And so not only did they use these drones to swarm these agents and disrupt their operation, but by flying essentially, these low high speed passes to try and harm them, but they also live stream. The video from the drones to youtube, so other members of their organization could see where these fbi agents were were located. So imagine having this swarm of bees attacking you, except for these. Bees are the size of basketballs and if they hit you in the head, they’re.

Definitely going to leave a scar, and so this is just one more incident in a long line of cases here where law enforcement is is starting to see this technology be being used in a different way and it’s becoming a serious problem for them. What do you think? How do you? How do you counter that? I mean there’s, some sort of do. We have to develop jamming mechanisms, counter drones, uh, because it seems frightening the way you laid that out don’t you love hearing, uh news people that don’t know anything about drones, talk about drones. They need to watch our show. We’Ve talked about how many different counter drone systems yeah. Can we can we do something about it? This is this. Is this is bad and then they’ll show a drone rescuing something. Can we get more drones out there? This is awesome like just exactly make up your mind. I mean the thing is: is that this this one was kind of surprising to me i had. I had not seen this particular type of use of drones. One of the other ones that is is becoming a little bit more prevalent is that criminals are using drones to scope out targets that they want to to to steal stuff from so they’ll fly over certain properties or certain areas where there’s things that are, you know, Large value items like tractors or things like that and they’ll scope out yeah, where things are anytime anytime, new technology comes out.

There was a story years ago and i loved this story. There was a story years ago when night vision first came out yeah. It was only the military that was using it. Do you remember this yeah there was a dude running drugs on the interstate at night, using night vision, driving his ferrari or lamborghini that was painted flat black with no headlights, and just i love that story stuck with me forever 100 miles an hour. Yeah yeah. Did he ever get? Did he get caught? I think he got caught eventually or crashed or something, but but he ran a lot of drugs before that with that new technology, so that’s just what happens with new technology, you know all the good you can do with it and then there’s going to be criminals Going hey, you know what i got an idea for that. You know so that’s always going to happen. Hey charlie, come here, but check this out. Yeah idea, ding. Okay, all right all right! So dji, the largest chinese tech giant in the drone industry, has decided that they want to get into the car game. Uh they’re going to start unveiling, uh smart car technology at the auto shanghai 2021. didn’t. They already do that it’s it’s a little robot about this big it’s got these uh weird little wheels on it and it’s got an arm and yeah. They have they already put out a car, this one you can ride in.

No, i think this is uh like uh assistance software, you know to to work with the cars. I think what they’re, what they’re doing is is is taking a lot of the automated features that they have in their drones and putting those into the intelligent drive systems. In a lot of the jet or the chinese cars because the chinese cars over there, they have a large contingent of manufacturers that are making clone tesla, teslas, etc, and they need to have cars that can auto drive. Because if you’ve ever watched a video of a chinese intersection, they need they need auto driving badly um, but being able to put these intelligent systems that we use in our drones into an automobile uh is is definitely a step up for dji. I know we have an international audience and i urge people in the chat to please answer this question uh in your particular country. Let me know what country you’re in and let me know, is it a a car, centric company, a country you know, like the united states, we’re all about cars. You know, we’re all about cool cars, go places to go in cars, but to some countries it’s. Just another mode of transportation, for instance, you know you’re not going to find these big land cruiser cars in the uk because they have these small streets that they have to get around on, because their communities are millennia, old and uh. They don’t widen the streets.

Uh. All that much so you see these little smart cars and things. So, having said that, you know, let me know in your country. Would your country as a whole as drivers be accepting of relinquishing the control to a smart card getting in like a smart taxi? Would you i think americans are just too controlling to to relinquish that at least this generation? At least this generation is yeah there’s there’s a positive and a negative to it i mean i, i think that it comes down to uh. You know parts of the community would benefit from having uh vehicles that could automatically drive themselves around uh people that are handicapped people that are informed people that are elderly people that need that assistance uh because of of things that are going on in their life. That just they just need that that extra kind of benefit to be able to get them from place to place. Oh i’ve just been handed this from my producer that doesn’t exist. We have breaking news this just in a 100 super chat from anubis arts, tj grady for the best drone news around wow. Thank you for that that breaking news, my goodness that’s awesome and we’ll uh we’ll we’ll talk about all the other super chats that came in uh and uh. Of course, jeff you’ll get a percentage of that so yeah as soon as i can figure out uh how to divide one hundred dollars by point: zero: zero, zero, zero.

One percent. Now, back to you, oh back to work, huh, yeah, okay, yeah yeah, so uh for those of you in the world of netflix. You probably understand and know very clearly the the line darren carol baskin. Well. This next story is all about carol basket. All right, hi, it’s, lauren lowe um. Well, we found out who signed the drone over at target theme park and one of the uh guys to detect my husband, carol and howard baskin were in thackerville tuesday afternoon, visiting david and barbara murdock neighbors of jeff and lauren lowe who have moved the tiger kings Park to love county, the baskin’s drone operator was flying their drone over lowe’s property to check in on how the animals are being treated. I don’t know why it’s a big deal we’re just trying to monitor the conditions at the zoo. Baskin says they were visiting friends and walking along their property when they saw jeff and lauren lowe at the fence line. Separating the two properties, jeff and lauren, were down there by their fence and, of course, his usual nonsensical childish, behavior started yelling extremely hey. Once the lowes noticed a drone flying over their property, they got in their white range rover and drove down jimbo road where they encountered. The murdoch’s son david murdoch, jr yeah it’s uh dave, murdoch’s, son they’re gon na pack, him on the road, and we found out that it is carol’s back and how about him that are flying.

The drums. Jeff low can be heard on the 911, as his wife lauren urges him to stop, but the two didn’t stop thackerville’s police chief says the two blame each other for starting the fight and both men had injuries. I got ta handle it. Okay, do you want an officer to come out there and make a report on this? You know what sure let’s do that. Okay, love, county’s district attorney’s office got the report thursday morning, but no charges have yet been pressed on either murdoch, junior or low. This tells you who he is he’s a jackass, wow Laughter. I don’t know how i feel about that. All i can say is uh legally the zoo can’t do anything about you flying over their property. Really, if it’s a good airspace, then tough noogies yeah this. This all boils down to just the continuing harassment that they have between those two groups, but the simple fact that this particular story included the use of a drone – i thought was something i could not pass up. You know: are they going carol basketball? Are they going for another season of that? Is that what they’re trying to do yeah? You know i would love for them to do another season. The first season was just an absolute train wreck and i can’t wait to see more is that dude still in jail? Is that yes, yes, he’s going to be in jail for a long time? Okay, all right, i think that’s a good thing.

I think that’s a good thing, yeah all right, so probably it’s, not a great idea to fly your drone at a football soccer game and it’s – probably not a really good idea to fly your drone with a banner attached to it, mocking the team that’s playing yeah. But it’s even worse to fly that drone low enough where they can do this yeah and by the way that’s soccer you’re not allowed to use your hands right, that’s, a foul right there, oh well, he used his foot, though that’s a double foul right there. Maybe a triple unsportsmanlike drone ship yeah get him out of the game, wow that um what what an idiot for flying in in there right? What country did that happen in uh? This is whatever country. I know that it’s uh newell’s old boys, whatever country it is i’m sure they have, they have rules just like we do for flying over sporting events and things yeah uh, and i knew it wasn’t the united states because well it’s soccer i’m. Sorry, football ball. Football. Yeah yeah, it doesn’t make sense to call it football. You use your feet right, so right, ball, right, it’s, the easiest most simple name for a sport ever uh in that regard. Um football in this country should be called um a hand, oblong ball, but i digress back to you in the newsroom all right. So this week we had a rather extreme demonstration of mother nature throughout the midwest and one particular reporter the toronto star had the opportunity to bring us some amazing footage of a tornado intercept in which the drone was eaten by the tornado.

It was eaten. Yes, oh, they lost the drone. When did that happen? Oh good, lord, how are you staying in? What drone is this that’s? Pretty close, how do you? How are you really close? What i want to know? I want a tv channel, seven out of little rock whatever drone that is, i want to buy. How is it pulling away? Well, it didn’t pull away for very long. It eventually did get sucked into the into the tornado and was destroyed. Do we have that footage? This has got to be a uh. I tell you what it’s not it’s, not a mini it’s, not uh, a tello again that’s. Oh captain, morgan bbq is gon na, say that’s, one of those egg drones. Yes, smash! Oh wait here we go is this: it is this the end of it. Ah man it was. It was right, then, that the drone pilot realized he might have made a mistake and gotten too close yeah man and not not find available mentioning as to what type of drone it was, and i said i tell you this don’t try this at home, but if You do send us the footage, you can send it. Yes, you can upload at, because i want to see it. You crazy, all the way to the end. Don’T cheat us out of watching the drug crash. Well, you know if it is in 4k and it was buffering. You never get the crash right, yeah, yeah, yep anyway.

True. How do you explain that to dji care so uh i refresh flying my drone and uh. You know it crashed tornado jumped out of nowhere right and then you send it back to him and it’s got nowhere and it’s got like shards of glass and and bark embedded in it. It has a piece of grass right through the center of the drone. Yeah. Hey, but when they check that gps localizer data it’s going to show that you were out in the middle of a field, nowhere near anything that could potentially impact that drone. You should be able to cover it. Yes, all right, all right, so a uh! I guess a group of people on a victorian beach uh got a special thing where they ran across a sail drone. This is one of these uh drones that they use to to go around the world um and they primarily hang around like antarctica and stuff like that. They they do uh science tests and, and they they study the the the. I guess the ebb and flow of all the different water ways and this particular drone washed up on a shore and was retrieved by the us owners uh at at some expense, i’m sure, um but uh, but yeah that was probably something that they really enjoyed. Finding was this huge giant, robotic research vessel and this thing had been out in the southern ocean for a considerably long period of time before it ran up on the shore.

It’S been out there for, like 12 months, uh huh um. Thanks for this goofing up. My news again isn’t he, oh yes, he’s, scooping up my news again. I would never do that i’m sitting here, trying to do serious news mm. Hmm, jeff. There are weeks where i just i’m amazed that you keep coming back it’s the money anyway, some money.0001 that’s. It man hey, you – can get yourself. Some cube gum with that kind of money, it’s all about the benjamins, all right, all right so last in the news, and this one was the one that i thought was, i guess it’s fairly unique uh this one’s out of diamond fork, canyon, uh and this particular Place in utah, a woman was found alive by a drone in a rather strange way. Since late november of last year, utah county sheriff’s office and search and rescue volunteers have been looking for a woman who seemingly disappeared and left her belongings behind. All we had was her car down here in this parking lot, some of her personal items in that car and then a campsite up here, all of which appeared to have been unused for an extended period of time and no evidence that she was still here. A sheriff’s sergeant and drone pilot came out to search again. They set the drone up and apparently on one of its first passes, the drone crashed, so they went up looking for the drone that had crashed and in doing that, they came across another small campsite where there was a tent and as they’re.

Looking at this, the zipper of the tent unzipped in this woman who we had identified the previous year in in november and december last year, sticks her head out more than five months and an entire winter had gone by. They came across the woman in a tent alive. I have to be honest. We fully expected that we wouldn’t find anybody related that alive up here, given how long it had been. We in situations like that we often find somebody after they passed away. Many will wonder how was this woman able to stay alive throughout the winter months? She had a stream nearby for drinking water. She did have a small amount of food that she had stretched out over time. She also lived off the land so to speak. The sheriff’s office thinks there are some mental health challenges involved in this case. Oh well, that’s, sad and and that’s good that they found her but wow wow, but they found her by crashing their drone. That is not wrong. I mean that’s that’s, just you know unique, and i do want to give a special shout out to your mom for sticking up for me in the chat. Oh is my mom in there oh yeah renee, savacool that’s, my mom.