What’S happening buddy, yeah there’s, a lot of it and it’s all over the place. Um, so we’ll go ahead and start getting through this kind of quick, the first one that comes out of the uae uh. This is an area that doesn’t have an awful lot of rainfall about an average of 3.9 inches of rain per year. They’Ve come up with a really exciting new way of uh, using drones to seed clouds. Oh okay, it looks like they’re just flying around, but i guess they’re doing something right yeah. So the plan involves launching unmanned aerial vehicles, uh that emit electrical charges, and this provokes water from falling from the clouds and so it’s the same thing that they do with aircraft uh jason. You would probably be familiar with the old school project. They do it yep and they really really do they really do that yeah jason. Do they really in man in manned aviation, they fly a little like 172’s and stuff like mine, get out and they seed clouds to to stimulate rainfall yeah they would that’s the word. They use that’s, that is their word, not mine, okay, because you know uh for years and years, there’s always been some guy trying to help the farmers by doing a rain, dance or shooting something out of a cannon. You know, but they’re really doing that they’re for realsies, and they have to be very careful in how they do it because of the weather patterns as well, that you could create storms in places they don’t need storms right.

You have to think of how the weather is how long these clouds are going to build, for, as they travel all the way across the country, to then rain here exactly there’s a lot of like math into it. It’S it’s, fascinating science. If you look at it, but is it electrical charges that’s doing it or don’t they seed it by putting some kind of chemical in there? I don’t know well the the methods that they use this one. The droners are going to be using an electrical charge, but the aircraft would would use uh fines, particles of salt or silver iodide. Okay, they would fire into the the clouds to provoke uh the consolidation of mist into raindrops wow ken haven’t. You ever seen those chemtrails. I mean that’s what they’re doing oh, they can’t. Well, i thought the chemtrails were uh sent by bill gates to control our minds. Yes, yes, that’s. What i thought the chemtrails were for every time i see one i go outside yes, bill control me all right. All right back to you in the newsroom all right, so next in the news uh this one i’m, actually looking forward to myself there’s a drone soccer league coming to the united states, cool yeah. This is neat. You like this. Okay tell us about it! So two teams of three to five drone pilots enter a caged arena with drones that are enclosed in these plastic fears, uh, hence giving them the soccer ball look and the idea is to use a designated striker to pilot the drone through the opponent’s gold and, of Course the other drones then try to stop or block or prevent that firsthand from flying through that’s, really cool and very creative.

But why do they call it soccer? Why don’t? They call it like a drone ball or something because nobody’s using their feet on the controllers. Right so it’s not prime, primarily because the the idea behind it is around the same idea of soccer. So i guess that would be the reason why they just call it drone soccer, okay and in europe. It’S cool still called drone football. I guess yeah yeah okay, so the first tournament is going to be in colorado springs this july. During the rocky mountain state games, uh and the competition is open to both adults and youth under 17.. Okay, so definitely something to look forward to uh skydrone uh. These guys make the drone in the box and they’ve done a lot of beyond visual line of sight. Flying they’ve come out with something new. Their drones now use 5g connectivity um. So essentially, the range issue that they had had is sort of out the window. Now they have sort of unlimited control uh when it comes to range using the the 5g network, um and so they’re, one of the first to i think, master the 5g integration with their drones. I know that a lot of companies have have been experimenting with it and using it to transition drones at larger distances, but this is the first one that i’ve seen that’s a commercially available platform: okay, yeah that’s, that’s neat. I guess skydrone it’s kind of a obvious name right we’ve got a drone which goes in the sky.

What do you want to call it? I don’t know i got nothing. Oh wait Laughter. I just have a hard time at you know any time now someone says drone in a box. I just think of ken’s song, oh man, every single time. Oh many episodes ago, yeah yeah, i think, if you’re drawing the box song it’s still haunted, i’ll have to break out my boy band beard and do that again, sometime Laughter, all right, so a very inventive pilot uh has come up with something really unique uh. His name is ian pagnum and he turned the footage from his skydio into a real life game of mo rear cart mo rio. Okay, this is so clever and creative. This look at that wow yeah, combining the ability of the skydio to follow the target and then using augmented reality. He was able to essentially generate his own video game. This is so great now, this guy that you can see. He’S got the 1.’ subscribers. You should go to uh original and uh subscribe. This took a lot of effort yeah it did. That is the most inventive thing i have seen in years with a drone. I love that and i can’t wait to see what other creators come up with using that same technology. Look he’s, tiny, he’s just a little moment. How do you do? How do you do? I want to do that? How do you do that yeah? How did he do that? Wow well, he’s, a better watch this all day, he’s a better video editor than a drone pilot, which is why he owns a skydio.

Oh snap, oh i apologize. Let me take that back. I i take it back and i’m. Sorry that was mean ken’s a dick i’m sorry i’m, just using my news to go dissing another time, sky idea was probably just about to sponsor the show too that’s it yeah yeah, so much for that money. Ah, miss call from skydio. Luckily my phone’s made by skydio and it answers itself all right back to you in the news. So recently russia commemorated victory day on may 9th and they decided that they were going to have themselves a traditional parade, followed by a drone show, and this drone show was over one of the world war ii monuments in russia wow. I have yet to see a cluster drone show in person. I really want to see one either you haven’t seen one just. Do you know what those are? No are those the intel’s, do you know or what are they? No, these these would be uh drones. That uh are, i guess, available in in russia. I don’t believe that any other existing groups that i’m aware of did this show um but uh the the the fact that they were able to do this uh and and and show it to the the people, because normally they would have huge firework shows and stuff. Like that, i thought this was sort of a great change of pace, uh and it’s good to see more and more of the drone shows getting out there.

You know drones need that that good sort of uh, good good, good, behaviors, yes and and and – and i see people in the in the chat, uh getting bent out of shape – and let me just take a moment and apologize uh, i won’t apologize to skydio i’ve, Been up since 4 am my um. I don’t have a filter aft when i get really tired, so i just want to apologize to scotty all right sure. I i flew it for about 11 minutes before it wrapped itself around a wire, but i do love the technology and i love you guys too. If you want to send me a skydio here’s the address, you can send it right here. No, that one! Okay! Did you ever think, maybe maybe it’s, not the drone, maybe it’s the pilot you crash more than anybody. I i see on youtube, hey uh. You know what i don’t know that is i don’t i don’t. I just share my crashes. Instead of editing them out, that’s a fact, jack that’s a fact all right, everybody else i just like i just like picking on you – i know, but everybody you know i do. I share all the crashes and i don’t edit anything out just so. You i’m learning, along with you with all this stuff for years and years, but you know what uh we all crash. It all happens. We all crashes right, you can’t edit it out of your memory and i fix them that’s right all right back.

Yes, all right! So next, in the news, this one is really good. Uh marine researchers are using drones to save uh dugongs, the d: u g, o n g s is that the pronunciation that’s right, yep, dugong yeah, so this international team of collaborators have decided to use drones to save these guys. So my research mainly focuses on spatial ecology of ju gun, so looking at distribution, habitat use, movement and also abundance. So how many g guns there are in a certain place and for that i use different tools and different cutting edge technology, such as aerial survey, whether it’s in man, planes or using drones, but also using telemetry tools so using gps satellite tags that we fit on. Dugongs also accelerometry tags that inform us on the very fine scale movement of those animals. Catching dugongs is a bit like water, bull, riding, it’s, it’s, very rough. An animal can weigh half a ton and it’s very powerful. So you need to be very careful it’s, something that not everyone, um can do, and it’s uh and safety is very important both for the animal and and uh and the catching team yeah. You know it’s it’s important to keep these animals safe and don’t. Let them go extinct and take care of these mermaids of the sea, because if we don’t they could be do gong forever. A couple of those for you there is it. Is it like a uh, a manatee, i i’m not familiar with what a dugong is it’s in it’s in that family, yeah it’s it’s, like a it’s like an it’s like you, take a seal and, and you no the walrus, take a walrus.

Take it away. It’S it’s it’s tusks ugly, it up a bit, make it fatter boom, there’s your dewgong and a little narwhal in there too. I just i. I just want to meet the first guy that came along one. You know, years and years and years ago that sat there and looked at and goes you know what we need to name that thing. What do you want to name it dugong? Well, what look i’m i’m not going to get into it, and i know we have uh children watching but uh the fact that the facts are out there there’s a rumor about dugongs, the mermaids of the sea, uh uh in your spare time after the stream go Ahead and google, what the pirates supposedly used to do to them and that’s all i’m saying back to you in the news: oh gosh. Yes, thank you very much. Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, oh yeah, all right so waste across the globe in the oceans has become. I guess a big issue and several countries – england, dubai rotterdam. You know baltimore san francisco everywhere across the world. Trash and debris that builds up in these places gets bad and a very interesting new initiative has started off using drones and drones. The waste shark, the waste shark eats trash and can swim for 16 hours a day, wow to kilograms of trash. At a time it produces zero carbon emissions, it’s friendly to animals and it’s compact and agile waste shock friendly to animals that won’t fit in there right.

An unsuspecting bird from red marine i’m pretty sure that was an xbox controller. Can we go back i’m, almost positive, that was an xbox controller yeah. I think it was, i think, you’re right. Let me see yeah yeah. I think it was. I can’t go back that’s! Okay, so this is like a roomba of the sea is what it is right. I mean that’s what it really is: it’s a water roomba that’s, a great idea yeah. I love it, but we’d need one the size of an aircraft carrier to get some of the garbage out of the pacific ocean. Oh yeah yeah, oh and there are there’s a there’s, a very inventive young man that came up with an idea of one of those that is a very large machine that sits there and scoops the the trash out of uh channels and waterways and stuff that’s amazing. To sit there and watch because uh, you know the thing’s completely automated and they can sit there and just come and take the packages away and it never stops going it’s it’s an impressive piece of machinery so i’m glad to see this is happening. You know it’s good it’s, good stuff, yeah, yeah, yeah, all right uh, nasa perseverance rover has uh been all active on the on the on mars surface um, the first one that we have from them is that when the drone recently flew one of the devices, that Is actually on the rover.

Uh is acts as a microphone and was able to listen to the drone as it flew, and this is the first time that we’ve ever heard something fly on another planet. Yeah check this out. So listen. You can hear the flutter 2537 rpm isn’t that interesting you’re hearing a drone fly on mars, where you going buddy, hey, buddy, hey buddy, come back it’s, pretty cool. That is great isn’t. It is that, beyond visual line of sight, of course, yeah i don’t think the faa is jurisdictional mars. Another uh and i’ll just go ahead and do this? Oh, the perseverance rover is the is the designated spotter? Oh there you go good point um. You want to see some on board footage from the drone on mars, too. You got to yeah. This is the other. This is the other footage that is amazing, Music, so uh it’s not moving very fast at all, but what you’re gon na see from the navigation camera here in a second, so you see this. The shutter speed has to be unbelievably fast to cap. To stop the the shadow of the props spinning at 3 000, whatever rpm wow isn’t, that incredible that’s, the navigation, camera wow and then here’s the actual video from it that’s. How fast it moves. Look at that it’s drone footage from freaking mars we’re living in the future man we’re living in the future. Oh truly amazing stuff! I want to see it again.

I want to see it again. I want to see it again, it’s so cool. Look at that! S’Mores it’s super cool i’m geeking out on that that’s just that’s amazing, that is awesome. I’M. Such a dude yeah. I i would imagine every single rover that we send up. There is going to start coming along with these devices to sit there and extend their ability to reach different areas and to be able to see things from different angles that right there is a game changer from the exploration sense on mars. Oh yeah, yeah, that’s, amazing, awesome all right, so manchester city happens to have a football team manchester united and they uh are celebrating their third premier league title in four years. With this amazing footage, a lot more companies are doing this type of fly through stuff and i think it’s great. I love it yeah i love it uh. Would we look at last time that was the mercedes building, i think, or something it’s? Oh yeah and the movie theaters and bowling alleys it’s, so cool yeah. This is their etihad stadium. Oh, they cover up the seats when nobody’s there well that’s nice and, of course they advertise on top of it. They’Re, not yeah wow. Now he flies around the stadium. For a little bit i’m going to fast forward this, just because it’s kind of a long yeah i want to get back inside okay yeah. Here we go around the net bloody blow more soccer stuff up here we go it’s a pretty snazzy stadium yeah.

Any word on the setup of what drone was used and camera and all that jeff uh. I don’t believe that they have any information as to uh the type of drone or what they use. This was primarily just uh from the high level from the manchester city itself, um, but yeah that’s, amazing, footage and then at the times you think they go and walk this and practice this. To get this one seamless, oh yeah, oh yeah, yeah yeah, you can’t just go in there and throw the goggles on and do this you it takes. A few runs now i’m going to flower to the end. Where uh he goes. I won’t fast forward still cool, but he comes down and he flies around their trophy, which they have in the middle wow. Look at that. That is awesome, great job on that that’s, so cool. I can watch that kind of footage all day. Oh, absolutely so all right! So next we have uh in minnesota. They have recently uh. I guess taken the next step in organ transplant deliveries. Pilot ryan, henderson recently joined them to fly a human pancreas by drone. This is the first ever drone test flight carrying a human pancreas that’s within the box right there, the historic flight transported, a research pancreas from mercy hospital in rapids 10 miles over the mississippi river and then back to the hospital again. That was a test flight joining us live to talk about that flight, and maybe the future of this is lead pilot ryan, henderson good morning ryan good morning.

Thanks for having me, this is crazy. This sounds like it’s. Like you know, space talk and oh years and years away, but this is really potentially what we could see in the near future, so tell us a little bit about this historic flight and and how you’re feeling about it this morning. Oh sure, of course, well we’re feeling great and uh super happy to be uh and had the opportunity to work with life source mercy, hospital and the line of health for the opportunity to do something like this. As you said, this was a historic flight. First time ever that a pancreas has been flown on an unmanned system, we want to make sure that uh, these things uh, are moving forward and progressing, not only for the unmanned system, uh industry, but also for organ awareness. The flight was just a little over 23 minutes and a little over 10 miles in duration super excited about it yeah this is, you know you maybe you’re asking well. Why would you do that? Why don’t you just drive it over there? Well, sometimes, these organ transplants are time sensitive and sometimes yes, the medical center, where the organ is harvested, isn’t close enough to where it’s going to be put into the new patient, and so this is absolutely life saving stuff happening here, love it yeah and the expense You know for for in the past, they would use helicopters to go from. You know hospital to hospital and it was always based on the fact that the hospital had to have a helipad or some ability for it to be able to service the helicopter uh or you know, in the case of an ambulance, you can’t predict what kind of Traffic you’re going to run into so having a drone.

The drone can go to a hospital that doesn’t have a helipad and still offer that type of service to a hospital that traditionally in the past would not have been able to conduct those same types of operations. Thus expanding the ability for medical uh practices in larger areas, i wonder how many organs become uh unviable just because they didn’t get there in time. This will change that yeah think about weather too. I mean a helicopter can’t dispatch because the weather or whatever that is traffic jam, like you, said, it’s it’s super cool, but ken i’m gon na vote. You missed the mark. You could have been the first to fly a pancreas. I don’t know why you didn’t. Think of it, man i’m kind of disappointed. I have so many other firsts. Why didn’t, i think, of the pancreas. I don’t know how about at this point. Has anybody done the spleen yet that’s, you that’s, your goodness, i’m gon na staple a spleen to a to fpv, quad and i’ll be the first to fly a spleen acro. The acro spleen million views all right, jeff all right. So next we have a company. Hexatronics is releasing for, i guess anybody uh their global drone docking station, and this is a really unique, wonderful little device, it’s a metal body design. It has robotic battery swapping capabilities um, and this is essentially a drone nest. Okay, so you take your drone, you put it in the pizza oven and how long do you cook it for 30 30 minutes, however long it takes to recharge the battery, but the nice thing is that come on that’s, a pizza, oven, that’s, a pizza oven.

What do you want on your drone? You want pepperonis, you want a hawaiian drone, that’s crazy, it’s, a pizza it’s, a pizza oven. Does it does it charge in the oven or does it swap the battery? Oh, i think there’s a little man in there there’s a little man and he lives in the box. Is it he’s related to the man that turns off the light in your refrigerator and he comes out and he’s just a little four inch high guy? He has a buddy it’s, it’s it’s, a two little man job and they get they’re in there like okay on three we’re gon na pull this battery on. They replace it and you never see him because he’s in he’s, in the pizza oven did. I mention. I’Ve been up since 4 am and i’m a little rammy jeff you good buddy, you telling me. Okay, all right! Let’S continue all right. So next, in the news uh, the royal mail conducted uh or conducted its recently, its first drone delivery to an island uh off the uk coast, uh the isle of sicily, okay and or silly sci. I guess it’s silly um and this particular island uh. You know, although they would normally get all their supplies either by boat. You know et cetera, it’s, only a 70 mile uh flight and so they’re, using drones now to deliver uh stuff back and forth between the island uh. Everything from you know large twin engine, wind, racer, uavs to smaller multi, uh, multi, engined or multi motor drones to deliver smaller packages.

They have a mix of devices depending on the type of mail that needs to be deserved or delivered, but this is really exciting. Stuff. I’M glad to see the royal mail using a variety of technology too that’s neat yeah, that is really cool, um. Now speaking of mail, just just a very quick aside, i know the news is already three hours long, but i just wanted to mention this uh. One of our viewers – uh hit – oh forget his name. He lives in iraq, okay and he won some. Some free will filters one of our sponsors tonight. Thank you very much uh free well for providing the prizes uh, and i tried to send him some filters to iraq and free will said nope we don’t deliver to that country. So i looked up how to send stuff, because iraq has no no i’m. Sorry, iran. My bad i’m, sorry, i’m. So sorry, it’s very american of me to get those two confused. It was iran. It was iran, tehran in fact anyway, so i looked up that their zip codes are like 30 digits long and there’s. All these rules that you have to follow if you want to send something to a muslim country, you know like nothing that that would offend the the culture so uh. What i did was philip that’s, his name if you’re watching philip sorry about this, but i sent you a set of eyeballs and it hasn’t been returned to me.

It’S been about two weeks. I hope you got it. You got them. It was just an envelope with a eyeball stickers in it. Shouldn’T offend anyone. Oh i did have an american flag stamp. Well, we’ll see what happens back to you in the newsroom, oh boy, i don’t know i don’t know what’s gon na happen with that. But we’ll see all right so last in the news, and this one is really sort of spectacular, uh the russian uh. I guess military decided that it would be a fantastic idea during the saint petersburg fireworks to fly one of their military drones through the fireworks. This is dangerous, so so it’s, a military drone with a little toy drone on a stick yeah. What are you looking at yeah? So what they did was they put uh they put on the front of the drone uh a a famous russian military aircraft from world war ii as a model, and then they flew it through the fireworks. Well, they can do that. Yeah yeah. I guess they can jason. Can we fly through fireworks in this country? I i don’t know that answer i’m gon na say it’s not smart to do so. How about that i don’t know of a regulation that forbids flying through fireworks. I mean there are there’s, a regulation that says reckless endangerment and if you, if, if a firework, hits it it catches on fire and comes down as a flaming fireball i’d imagine the fa is going to slap you with reckless endangerment.

Okay, because i mean everybody can fly at night and over people in certain situations now, why not through fireworks? Well it’s going to happen from my perspective. From my perspective, doing the news i have seen numerous videos of people flying drones into fireworks, displays um and it’s happened in the united states, i’ve seen it happen in australia and other places. Um and surprisingly enough in the footage itself is pretty spectacular. Now, if you’re doing like a small drone, but you know like a little dgi drone or something like that – uh and i’ve even seen a guy – do an fpv drum through a fireworks system which that’s spectacular, but this being a russian military drone. Something that’s, probably big. It’S, not gon na hurt a little bit more risky than most well it’s, not gon na hurt it if it’s metal, but i can tell you this in uh 2015 i flew a phantom two or three or whatever one was out through a fireworks display and uh. I almost lost my drone, so you know believe it think twice because if, if that gets knocked out of the sky you’re still the pilot in control in command and uh, then you’ll get in trouble if it hits anybody, but anyway uh jeff i’m, being told by My producer, that doesn’t exist, that we have one more piece of video, and this is just for jeff um. I actually filmed this. Thank you producer. It doesn’t exist.

I actually filmed this a couple weeks ago in nashville with a camera that had a a bit of a um problem with the the light, but uh just ignore that, and this is for you, jeff, hey jeff it’s, your buddy ken out the park here shelby park In nashville – and i have one question for you, my friend: what is that? What is it? What is that jeff go ahead? Tell everybody what it is. Oh dear god, what is it jeff? This looks like a melted bird. It does doesn’t it. Oh well everybody’s heard about the bird bird red red with a bird Music. Oh second verse same as the first, no we’re not going to do that to you jeff jeff, how you doing buddy buddy buddy. What are you drinking pal? What are you? What are you doing here, jeff jeffrey, what you drinking coke, coke and coke is a mixer in your house. It’S not a drink. Go! Oh! Is it okay, all right thanks, jeff, well we’re gon na? Let you go and finish your coke and uh. I thank you very much for the news, sir. Thank you. You’Re welcome. Just put a thumb in it. Bye now get out Music Applause, Music Applause, so i started out Applause with the faa. Applause got the information and i didn’t have to pay Applause, but as i took that test Applause i needed more, i guess you get what you pay for Applause i’m, learning to fly that 107 i’m chasing the best teacher Applause is a guy named jason for the Good old days may not return delivery.

Drones might burn Applause, i’m learning to fly, let’s, keep things; Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, break your heart Applause and push you around Music Applause, but there’s a place to learn yeah. You know where to use heron 18 Music, when you get Applause just there, a cloud get certified, you’ll be so proud. All right, jason hit that guitar solo, i’m learning i’m, getting the smarts Applause. The hardest things are: the sectional charts, i’m learning to fly and i’m. Not alone Applause, everyone wants to get a drone Applause. 101. Applause i mean, i am sure tom petty’s uh estate is not going to hit you with a copyright slap on that one.