The latest drone news, whats up buddy well lets see drone news for this week is yeah its been kind of its been kind of a quiet week, but we do have two to start off with dji has released a new video promoting their dji action. 2. Camera is a familiar one, tough waterproof in a compact body, its a formula that other action cams are content. Following now, dji looks to throw out the rulebook. This is dji action. 2.. I mean if it was just that then id be like yeah id be on board, because it ended up aluminum body and all that i mean its power and adaptive shooting for sure right. It looks it looks like it yeah i mean if it was like the size of a session id be its magnetic modular design. I dont think they attach magnetically the two halves. Do they effortlessly honestly weve only seen photographs? This is the first time weve actually seen them using the thing, but i mean what happens. Is that the camera? You lose the the screen, you know you take it off and the screen is separate. Can you use the? Can you use it with just the one side? Well i mean in the video here they had the guy taking the camera and taking it separately and putting it on a headband etc, throwing it around their their neck, etc. So i would imagine that you can but youre not going to be able to to know or see what youre filming until you connect to the other part.

No, no it does it has. It has a monitor on the back action. 2 was designed im just wondering about you know: does it give it extra whats the benefit of the other side action focuses i dont get it smoother footage i like the form factor for like fpv and stuff, but what how much is it? Do you know jeff? The magnetic locking design is is for switching different modules and accessories uh that theyll make uh use uh with that camera, oh and theyll, be accessories for sure therell be plenty of accessories external mic. Did you see that thats cool yeah that was an external mic yeah? It looks it looks neat but uh. I dont know for fpv youre not gon na want to break it. It doesnt look as rugged as a gopro. Well itll. You know like with everything every other dji product look at the market and people people are saying. 520. Is that right? Oh wow? Oh thanks! Let me just be the first to say to hell with that i mean it comes broken its already in two pieces Laughter. No speaking of broken, i mean my hero. 10 is broken yeah yeah. So i can. I can do that, oh no, it hit an f key. Oh no shows off shows. Are we still on it, hit a function key all right anyway, so you just have to replace that yourself. Theres, no warranty that covers that. Do they have like a gopro care, or what do they have Music? I wasnt gon na say anything here.

It comes um. You know i like to be honest with everybody bring it. I ordered another one on amazon when that one comes just gon na switch them out. Oh thats, is that dirty, hey i buy enough stuff from amazon. Is that wrong? Is that wrong, im being told yes, its wrong im being told thats wrong, but im doing it anyway? His excuses i buy enough stuff from amazon, yeah yeah im not hurt jeff bezos isnt, going to show up my house, so youre saying i buy enough groceries every week from the grocery store im allowed to steal now thats what youre saying thats right? Yes, yes, okay! Yes, yes, i dont know any of these people and i just wanted to let you guys know im not associated with this. In any way. I just do the news disgraceful. Yes, yeah all right next to the news, dji mavic 3 photos. Uh some leaked renders ive recently come out showing the new drone in some rather striking detail yeah. So this drone is definitely shaping up weighing less than 900 grams um whats the price on this. Do you know jeff jeff? I we dont have information for you. I dont have a price on that we dont have anything. We dont have anything, wait. What the pictures, let me just say, hold on. Let me check. Let me check it does say drone news back there and on the sign, but thats all right, yeah yeah.

Thank you. This is the bus that just ran me over. Thank you yeah. Well, i mean this is one of the most important things that people need to know. We got pictures. How much is that thing ive heard amazing. I heard it was a fantastic picture. I heard it was like three grand or something or more or more, maybe theres somebody out there that in the in the chat that knows more than we do, even though we call ourselves the news theres, the controller theres, the controller, so i dont know im gon Na im, looking forward im gon na order, one from amazon and then switch it out with my gopro karma, send the karma back there. You go thatll work now, do you buy enough stuff from amazon? I i think im at my limit right. I think i just exceeded my limit. Okay, all right, im gon na just spend the rest of my life learning the price on things because apparently thats the most important thing it is. Is it not the most important thing, the price nope im showing the pictures? That was the news story? Thats all right, jeff anyway, all right. So next in the news, yeah, the llama dogs lost palmer dogs that we talked about last week, apparently have been rescued. Oh good, the team that was working on trying to rescue them had been testing out drones. That would be able to lift the dogs out of this particular area and they had actually done some trials and the trials had it had worked out and in the process of getting ready to go, get the dogs.

They flew the drones out and there was a sign and on the sign it says, cheer up be strong la palma. The dogs are well signed, the a team uh cheer up, we were in la palma, oh thats, good, the the camera or the drone was able to pick up footprints in the lava leading up to where the area was so. Somebody walked out there and got the dogs and walked back out good for them yeah now would you go to that much effort for cats? No, no thered be a bunch of cat skeletons up there, but now dogs have. I made it clear by now that im not a fan of cats. I dont need to keep saying it. Do i ah get me on the truth. Look look, look its no secret that cats are thats the secret all right back to you in the news. All right, so what if you had to have 10 cats or one kid which one do you choose me in your house at all times when youre home you either have 10 cats running around or one child one kid, because i stop feeding it eventually, some authority Will take it away Laughter, i dont want those either theyre, not a part of this now now, when the kid is here, do i have to change its litter box or or does it? Is it house broke jeff? Please continue. Please continue jeff, please. Yes, thank god quickly, so mesa air group, which is associated with mesa airlines, has partnered with flirty to continue the efforts of launching their drone delivery service.

The service initially would focus on the last mile food and beverage deliveries in the united states with plans to eventually expand to new zealand, where flirty is already active, so this isnt in the united states. This is in other countries and theyve gotten beyond visual line of sight approval well, their their focus right now is on deliveries within the united states, um, oh okay and then theyre going to expand to new zealand. Oh okay, um, so theyre dead in the water thatll. Never happen: okay and theyre theyre theyre, adding 500 additional aircraft to their service. Yeah shake up that beer thats great its a great idea, wow all right, i dont mean to be uh pessimistic about all these drone delivery companies and thats great people loving drones. So much and they want to do their thing, but uh yeah uh can can i point to the stands. Uh i will say ill make a prediction ill make a picture because im ken stradamus uh a year from now we wont hear from them anymore: flirty flirty. I just wanted. I want to reach out to the audience and let you guys know keep a lookout for any drone delivery service available in the area where ken lives so that we can start sending him socks overload him with tube socks. If and when this happens, if, if one day im talking and not not just normal tube socks, we need the 1970s tube socks with the double wide, but you know what stripes on the top, you know what, yes, it has to be.

It cant be like larrys drone delivery service, its got to be like fedex ups, dhl, something legit. If, if you deliver tube socks in my house, i will eat a tube suck. I will eat one tube suck there. We go. Okay, thats it. Ladies and gentlemen, the minute its available we are going to watch ken eat tube socks. I will eat a tube sock all right. Next to the news. The kansas city zoo has been working very diligently on expanding their their zoo and theyre building a new aquarium which is said to be completed in mid 2023 and to show off uh to the people uh the progress that theyve made. They took a drone out to film the the site and let people see how the aquarium was coming along. Oh thats, neat that looks like its gon na be a really large aquarium. Thats gon na be pretty cool, yeah thats, a big old big one right. There um be interesting to uh, come back in 2023 and and hopefully get some drone footage of the completed building to be able to have side by side yeah, all right so in mumbai. The mumbai fire brigade is going to start getting advanced technology and equipment uh, which includes drones and theyre, going to be utilizing these drones to be able to deal with high rise fires, one of the biggest concerns that they have in mumbai is these high rise buildings And high rise fires and theyve been investing in a lot of different types of equipment to be able to fight fires over a certain uh number of meters, so number of floors, so up to 30 floors or or higher, and the drones are going to be deployed To give them extra visibility, help them search for people that are trapped or survivors uh, and also to provide uh real time.

Uh performance, video of what theyre being what theyre able to accomplish with the fire all right and so look forward to seeing uh them get a chance to use this. I dont want to see a major fire, but hopefully they will get us get a chance to give some demonstrations of it. Yeah thatd be awesome, so once again drones to the rescue. Indeed, and next we have a rather interesting one in collaboration with a company called flight based, a miami based autonomous drone dock manufacturer hextronics is releasing the hex truck a vehicle. Mountable drone hanger that you can put in the back of your pickup truck. That is uh designed for automated mobile inspections and public safety operations. The the box will recharge your drone uh its designed primarily right now for off the shelf drones such as the mavic 2 series. It has rapid drone battery swapping capabilities um and as soon as they release the price that they dont have hint hint. They are expressed expressly trying to make this affordable for its release in may 14th. Who is this meant for for companies that have fleets of drones or okay? I think this is. This is definitely going to be something for first responders: public safety officials, um or you know, companies that uh have uh pickup trucks. So you can just leave the drone in the little hanger thing and you wont have to let it sit in your back seat, right and and it will keep it charged and ready to fly and it will deploy directly from the box.

So um and it will come back and land in the box um its an interesting its an interesting way of doing this, and because its in the back of a pickup truck, you can take it off. Put it back on et cetera, so uh pretty cool idea. Yeah i like drones and boxes all right, so the electric daisy, carnival or edc is one of the biggest dance music festivals in the world. Last weekend, it attracted more than 500 000 fans to las vegas over a three day period and they had a very uh, exciting drone light show as part of the opening ceremonies. Oh man, Music, wow thats, really these cluster drone shows are getting better and better Music. This one was 600 led equipped drones flying in harmony over las vegas, sky and thats kind of interesting, because las vegas is a highly restrictive area to be flying. You have the airport, you have several military fields, nearby, um, so them being able to do something. As a as extreme as a drone show in that area, uh shows an awful lot of how far drones and the coordination with the faa and and other uh areas has has come along yeah thats, because thats really cool one of these days. Im going to be able to find a cluster drone, show and see it in person one of these days. Yes, and he will bring a camera along. You know he will im gon na im gon na film it with a drone.

You know: somebodys tried that right. You know so thats that has to be one of the the things that they look out for oh uh yeah. I would imagine so yeah, okay, so in tobin, ca uh recently there was a large landslide that shut down highway 70 and the they got a chance to go out and get some drone footage of this. I i had to include this because you know when you see a landslide most of the time you dont really get the full perspective of it, but this guy who shot this drone video uh, really captured how much of this hill came down on this highway wow And yeah, luckily, nobody was injured there werent any cars uh that were caught on the rubble um, but highway 70 is most definitely going to be shut down for a while. Oh my gosh yeah how dangerous but good good drone footage. Yeah and some of those rocks are the size of small houses, thats uh, pretty impressive, yeah wow all right. So finally, in the news, um, a japanese startup, backed by soccer player, kaizuki honda hopes to persuade wealthy consumers to swap out their supercars for a 77.7 million yen or 680 thousand dollar hoverbike that has recently gone on sale as of tuesday. The xturismo limited edition is a can is essentially a four battery powered uh motor drone that you can fly for 40 minutes up to 62 miles an hour huh.

Now. My curiosity is theyre theyre marketing this to people who would buy supercars yeah. So you have a lamborghini that goes 200 and something plus miles an hour with zero to 60 and four five seconds, maybe less, and you have a 660 or 680 000 hoverbike, which you can ride for 40 minutes at 62 miles an hour, jeff jeff jeff. I see what youre doing here and you cant apply uh jeff economic logic to billionaire logic. Yeah, you cant economics is that i know what doesnt make sense to you may make sense to a billionaire. I mean hell, theyre, a billionaire shot, uh captain kirk into space. So i will see them in dubai any day now right, but flying around the united states, not gon na happen. Yeah i mean they already have dubai cops on those things yeah, but you know thats all about the image and everything uh and i have a very special 80 000. I think you can get a good super car for less than 680 thousand dollars and by the way uh is, is your tell us, whats scooby doing back there, uh shes just looking at staring at the corner? Sometimes she just stares off in the distance. Oh, you know what that is. You know what that means. What is that? What is it that means that there could be a ghost in your room that only a dog can see, and we will talk with urban ghost hunters and find out about these things in just a little bit.

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