Mr beauchamp, i dont understand how ive morphed in this show to first following the pigeon jerky and then now beauchart well, hes hes, just the opener for you hes the opening act youre the main draw here, jeff. So lets hear that news all right. So back in june we talked about the lake county, sheriffs office. They had a drone that got shot down by a gentleman, and his name was mr goney. Mr goney was then confronted by the police department admitted to shooting down the drone and also admitted that he was legally not allowed to possess a gun because he was a convicted felon. He had 29 prior felony convictions in the state and he was indicted recently for shooting down the drone. He is now facing 30 years in federal prison if convicted on both counts. In this particular case good, this is he just. He just looks like the type that would shoot down a drone doesnt. He look like the type be like i dont care, what the law is, if its over my problem, im gon na shoot it down well and once again, it is a reminder to those individuals out there that feel that shooting down a drone is within their rights. It is a federal crime. He is going to a federal prison yeah, so dont shoot at drums dont. Do it all right? Speaking of federal. Next, in the news we have the head of the fcc brendan carr, who decided recently that, after review of the chinese drone maker, dji hes, calling it a potential huawei on wings, yeah heres, the guy right here there he is thats uh, mr carr and uh.

What what do you call it huawei on wings, yeah huawei on wings? Does he know that uh quadcopters dont have wings? Does he know that? Has anyone told him? I went ahead and i took the liberty of making a few memes about this guy uh heres one. You like that one, so what else is he upset about there jeff? Well, so, based on the fact that they say the sir, the surveillance technology on board dji drones is capturing vast amounts of sensitive data. They have decided that they want to add dji to the covered list monitored by the fcc and as to what or how this will affect the drones that we currently fly, or that we currently have access to um im, not a hundred percent certain. What i? What being on the covered list does to us um? Well, they tried that before they tried that before i can answer that question. If youd like me to yeah go ahead, the the covered list basically stops federal dollars being spent on on on that manufacturer. However, theyre actually updating the covered list to now include youll no longer be able to get fcc approval for products either. So you wont be able to sell those products in the united states that update – and this is nothing to do with dji, specifically at all. So this isnt a vote on dji or anything else like that, but the update of the covered um, the sec covered policy actually just went through congress.

Two days ago, four hundred to four in favor uh, so thats now going to the senate so thats more than likely going to happen, but dont kill it in the senate. That is a separate conversation to the to the dji thing. So im not saying dji going to get on the covered list, etc, but thats whats happening to that list. But one of the things this guy was worried about was facial, recognition right, yeah, right yeah. He was also concerned about the fact that, because people are using their their smartphones, theyre connecting their smartphones to this, that data from their smartphones, uh potential, personal information, etc can be taken from the phone and transmitted which they feel that they have uh evidence of it. Doing that so uh i mean itll be interesting to see how this plays out but uh. The simple fact that, as you mentioned before, he doesnt realize that drones have yeah. So so i made this one and uh. I hope that goes viral. I also made. I also made this one and then uh, and then this one just for fun, Laughter, youre gon na youre gon na get me in trouble with youtube just in the news. So next to the news, we have a dutch railway recently spent about 10 million euros uh. Removing graffiti from trains, vandalism is a very serious issue and in recent years that that vandalism has increased last year, 142 000 square meters of trains were tr were sprayed thats about 20 football fields um.

So what theyre doing now is theyre setting up new security? To start monitoring the trains, one of which is a drone system that uh, if the sensors detect that people are uh hanging around the the trains and trying to to paint them, it will set up a sensor and the drone will then be launched. And it will go out and film these individuals to get the get the information that they need to be able to prosecute these people that are spraying these trains thats great but werent. They kind of filming themselves, isnt that isnt that them filming themselves. I dont know i mean if youre going to do the crime. I love how they dressed up like like, like youtubes, doing doing wrong its like how do they dress? They all put these large coats on and have balaclavas on right. We need hoodies yeah. We need to look the part yeah, oh yeah, all right so uh next in the news ill. Let you guys judge for this, but recently uh the minnesota timberwolves decided that they were going to have some fun with one of their players and an fpv drum. Oh lets see what we got: man yeah its poor resolution, but you can tell hes not flying it, but its still. This is a this is a bit unusual because usually these fly throughs. You tell everybody to ignore the drone, but the drone is terrorizing them and theyre all reacting to it.

So its a good switch up, oh knocked over the light, its a little bit more creative theres, a guy on the stage that almost hits the drone with some papers. He got pretty close. I think he was actually trying to knock it out of the air. Is that the same mascot running around the whole building doing all this, or is it three different mascots the same match? Oh, oh, you better get out of there. Okay, so your thoughts on that that was that was pretty clever. It was clever, i mean. Obviously he wasnt flying the drone, but it was. It was a very clever fun way to show off the minnesota timberwolves in their facility, absolutely yeah, yeah and again. You know it shows that drones can be used in all sorts of different ways for marketing to just in this case, uh drawing attention. So i thought that was really well done. Yep. I agree all right. So next to the news brook park, ohio, the city council is considering legislation to regulate the use of flying model, aircraft on model, unmanned aerial vehicles and drones inside the city limits. Good luck: the proposed ordinance was discussed to the councils october 12th caucus the quote from councilman tom troyer said. I think weve needed this for a long time. Its simple – and this gives us a start to a simple start to regulating drones, yep, which apparently tom troyer doesnt, realize that theyre not allowed to run yeah thats thats the thing about these little municipalities theyre, like you, know what we dont like drones.

All right lets lets make uh an ordinance okay, but we need science too. All right well, head down to kinkos, well put up signs it doesnt matter. You can hang your! You can hang your goggles on the sign and fly the drone. They have no power to do so. They have no control over their airspace, so a nice track. This is part of the the established reasonable and uniform regulations that they want to put in. The operator must receive express written consent from the mayor or police chief, a 1 000 foot restriction would be enforced to keep unmanned flying vehicles away from public or private school properties. All city owned buildings, utility power, substations, active crime, scenes cell towers, active fire or accident scenes users would also be prohibited from sustained operation above roadways, where the aerial vehicle could pose a distraction to drivers they just they just took all of the the rules that we Should know as drone pilots, all the people watching know that you cant have sustained in the united states a sustained flight over roads. You, you cant, you shouldnt, you cant, go to active crime, scenes and and fire scenes and everything. So they then they get a little bit on the crazier side by uh legislation that restricts the infringement of peoples, privacy through unauthorized photographs, a distorted expectation of privacy. You see were living in in something i like to call 2021. soon to be 2022 and uh.

Every time you go out of your house, even when youre in your house, you know your your echo dots listening to you, your atm is filming you as you drive by the camera, the gas station. You know i mean just, is it right? Probably not? Does it need legislation, probably, but these little municipalities arent going to do it because theyre overstepping and that pisses me off it almost makes me want to go there on purpose and fly around the mayors head. Do an orbit just around the mayor. Where is this again? This would be uh located in brook park. Ohio, hey brook park, ohio, the name well, the gentleman by the name of tom troyer is the councilman in charge of this, and his final statement was that he indicated he does not anticipate any problems enforcing the restrictions by he doesnt. Does he doesnt anticipate any problems? No, he doesnt anticipate any problems. So if, if we have any attorneys in the audience that are looking for making a quick buck yeah the uh brook park, uh ohio city council is ready to be sued for violations of the rules of the faa yeah whats. This troyer guys name again say it again. His name is councilman tom troyer. In what city brook park, ohio, okay, people who are watching put his his number put his office number in the chat, and then i will copy that later and i will put it in the description and then everybody watches this just call that guy leave him a Message on his phone because he doesnt expect any trouble, but hell get it.

Oh hell get it yeah. Oh hell, get it! Okay! Yes, yes all right! So next to the news, we have covered the la palma volcano and we have shown video footage from the la palma volcano. But an interesting follow up. Thats happened since that uh lava has has made its way through the city. Is that uh theyre, starting to see uh through drone footage, uh dogs that are trapped in areas uh, surrounded by where the lava had come through yeah? This is pretty sad. They cant get to theyre trapped on roofs and everything this. This is really. This is heartbreaking, yet um awesome what theyre doing so. The spanish drone company is attempting to rescue these four dogs that are trapped and what theyre doing currently is using drones to take them food and water on a regular basis to make sure that the dogs are cared for as best they can until they can successfully Get the drugs rescued from where theyre at look, how skinny those poor muffins are. Oh, oh, my god, i love doggies. Oh those poor little doggies were the owners uh! No telling no telling they just said forget it. I mean these particular dogs are actually in a in a a rescue center. Yeah look. I think these are rescue dogs um. The the plan from what i understand is to get one of the heavier lift drones and using a net with food in the center. They will lower the the the device down and, as the dogs go for the food, the the net will pull the dogs up and fly them to safety.

So hopefully i will have a follow up for you guys on this story uh to cover how well that particular rescue effort goes more power to him more power to him uh. Next, in the news we have a company called cyclotech and cyclotech recently demonstrated their new technology, demonstrator uh called the cyclorotor propulsion system yeah, and i got people sending me this, like a lot like a lot of people sent me this going look at this. I mean its its neat, but its super inefficient. This is more um energy, inefficient than my mazda rotary engine yeah, so its its actually more of a um, a celebration of the ai and the coding yeah anything to do with efficient flight right. I mean the im. Sorry, this isnt a propeller replacement. It is its neat voice, schneider propeller design, which has been used in maritime applications for decades yeah. So it is not new technology, but the application to quote unquote and air taxi would be. It is neato and im glad that they were able to to do that, but now propellers are here to stay until until we get uh the anti gravity technology going whos working on that is that elon elons on that im being told elons on that. Okay, i call him elon because you know were tight like that. Well and rumor has it that your guest this evening has a an affinity for fpv flight. So i would be remiss if i did not provide a more.

I guess experienced fpv video, so recent, recently northwestern university decided to showcase their student life through first person, video cool, all right Applause, so they told everybody ignore the drone yeah. That would be one where they say to ignore the drone right, because you know peop i mean there are some people. Some newbies may be watching this stream that are thinking hey. This is a great idea, ill just go to my school and ill fly it around. Well, this is not the reaction that you would get an entirely different reaction. If you just did this without lots of planning yeah, this one was shot by a minneapolis based company called sky candy, studios um, and so they uh. They worked in conjunction with the university to do this, yeah that that is a lot of planning yeah. They they definitely covered quite a bit and its a its a great promo for the for the for the university yeah thats, really cool, okay uh. So i think uh next or last in the news we have a video that has come out of peru um. This is a video that has gone around the the the internet in barranca, peru in a neighborhood uh. Some people noticed that a drone or a pigeon had gotten caught in a telephone line and was hanging upside down above the street. Ah, so a couple of uh police officers that happened to be part of the the drone group decided that they were going to free this pigeon and they came up with the idea of attaching a very sharp blade to the front of the drone and then flying Up and cutting the bird free using the drone awesome, but it still had some string on its little pigeon feet, and then i guess somebody caught it and they cut the the string off of it and set it free.

Yes, thats great its a feel, good story. It is lets see him lets see him take off here. Youre free buddy go ahead and fly fly away, just stay away from tennessee because well make jerky out of you uh, so uh. Thank you very much for that story. Oh whats that oh my producer that doesnt exist wanted me to ask you jeff um what the animal, because he cant see the screen hes just listening. What was the animal right, thats yeah? He wants to know what the animal was in that uh story. We just did he doesnt exist right. Do you exist im being told he doesnt, okay, fantastic in that case, then it was a lion. It was. It was a lion. Oh no jeff is lying. Okay, he says youre lying. So what was it jeff? Hmm. I almost made it through the damn news: why was it jeff? It was a bird. It was a bird, oh well, everybodys heard about the bird daddy Music dont. You know about the bird whale everybodys talking about a bird bird for birds, yeah, daddy, jeff, jeff, you, alright, buddy, buddy, buddy lets just just say: jeff. You can go now: okay, jeff thanks. We appreciate it. Love you buddy! Okay, thanks for stopping by now get out. We should probably mention isnt it a great place. It is a great place. Tell us about your place, jason, so remote pilot 101, no one has uh prepared more part 107 pilots than us and youll be pleased.

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Can we, i call them the boot camps at the end, where i share this is a question youre going to see on your knowledge test lets not memorize. It lets understand the why behind it uh, but just to prepare for the knowledge test. You know this, though. Ken i want you to be safe in the real world. My mission isnt just to pass a test. I want you safe when youre out there flying fpv whatever it is, so you can be uh a light and be a mentor to everybody else. Thats out there wondering about what this new drone space is, even though its not that new, but to many it is so new.