As always, is the editor in chief of miss miriam mcnabb, miriam hows it going today. It is going great thanks for having me. As always, we got some fun stuff to talk about. We do have some fun stuff to talk about and lets get right in it Music. So in the last week, weve had some new uh drones come out and from a popular yet uh ever growing manufacturer. As i believe in a previous news story, you talked about how autels market share was growing significantly, and it also seems like, as djis enterprise share is going down drastically autel launches a new drone to compete in the enterprise market whats going on here miriam. So i got to see the ontel enterprise bundle at auvsi and at commercial uav expo, and you know there isnt anything super dramatic. You know a little bit longer arms a really beefed up communication system. You know the communication system can go out to eight miles which they recognize. Most people cant use right now, but it does mean like its much stronger wherever you are and, however you use it, so nothing really dramatic. But when i talked to autel they said you know thats kind of the point. What we want is to offer people a better bundle. You know weve upgraded, some accessories, weve upgraded. Some features weve, listened to customers and made improvements where they wanted, but at the end of the day we want you to have an enterprise drone that you know is going to launch and land the way you expect it to every single time that thats really.

The point were going to keep making incremental improvements were going to keep uh innovating, but what youve got here with this enterprise bundle is you know, improvements upon a theme that isnt going to throw anybody for a loop and isnt going to introduce any sort of dramatic New pitfalls, gotcha very interesting, just uh just in time as another uh lookalike or i look like of this drone – is uh getting a new evolution Music. Yes, so speaking of drones, that look like that, so youre hearing all kinds of leaks and interesting stuff about something new coming out of another chinese drone manufacturer, it seems like the leaks, are definitely pouring out regarding the new mavic 3 miriam and, as you know, with The mavic 2 release, in fact, i think you were you were at that release, if i, i think so yeah, because i remember seeing so many familiar faces in new york that day, that was a lot of fun um, and that said, if you remember the mavic 2 pro we got two editions right: the pro and the zoom one was providing obviously zoom and the mavic 2 pro was a larger kind of form factor sensor, their first hasselblad sensor. It looks like theres going to be three models. Well, technically, two models plus a fly more combo with the mavic 3. uh looks like were gon na get a mavic, 3 cine version, which essentially actually has a wide format: micro, four thirds camera and a zoom camera itll essentially be the equivalent of six times zoom.

But theres not an actual zoom feature, youre kind of switching between the two cameras that are on this now: dual um, you know: gimbal payload, then were going to have the mavic 3 and the mavic 3 fly more combo. This is just going to be one sensor. The more widescreen format sensor, i believe, its a 35 millimeter equivalent. The cina version, though, is also going to have an onboard ssd for recording, which makes you wonder well. Is this going to allow for faster frame rates? Is it also going to allow for, like the apple pro res codec now, in these leaks, weve, also seen some very, very interesting details that i havent seen actually reported by other outlets, which made me write an article myself, which is if you pay attention the details, You see that dji included a mechanical shutter with the mavic 3.. Does this mean that its going to be essentially replacing the phantom 4 pro as the powerhouse of mapping drones? Well, it sure looks like it as the mavic 3. Well, it would be more portable than the phantom offer a larger uh camera sensor, which means better resolution, and that would also reduce the overall time for mapping acquisition as a whole. Now the fact that they added this expensive shutter only on the wide frame by the way or white, wide format, camera showcases, where dji is really going to really support the market with one aircraft. That is more like a platform so very interesting to see.

All these leaks, it also looks like uh. If you remember, on the uh, what is it called on? The fpv drone dji did something very, very interesting by adding arms that almost have the same sort of physics as a wing, so in forward flight, this drone actually produces lift below the arms, and i believe that were going to see the exact same thing on the Mavic 3 and thats how they actually got more flight time. You can even see that for the first time, dji is cantering. The arms of the mavic 3, like the inspire 2, to give more stability as were going to see prop wash kind of come down from the arms in an x rather than straight down, so very, very interesting, details to come and, frankly, you know a lot of People thought that the mavic 3 would be delayed until the first quarter of 2022, due to the chip shortage and also with so many manufacturers in china being intermittently shut down because of chinese power consumption limitations. It really makes you wonder: are we going to see this drone in mid october as the leakers are saying, or will it be quarter one of 2022? One thing is for sure here: miriam. Is that try to find a mavic 2 pro online hard very hard interesting? Well, i cant wait to see what happens. Um super interesting to see kind of new innovations. Eventually those become the new standards right, so uh well see what happens.

Definitely well see what happens in this next piece of news. It seems like one particular provider of lance authorizations, uh air maps and other information has actually well fallen out of the grace of the faa. Who are we talking about thats right, airmap miriam? What is going on? You cant use air map anymore for a lance authorization. Music yeah hard to say so, um im hesitant to make any any definitive uh statements on this. I did reach out to airmap to get a comment. Um did not hear back from them. I was in a a drone chat room. An auvsi chapter chat room. A couple of weeks ago and a gentleman whos, the lead on the safety team in texas said that they were getting a lot of calls from providers saying hey all of a sudden. Our lance functionality on airmap is not working. When you actually now look at the faa website, where airmap was, of course, one of the original lance providers, airmap is no longer listed as as a provider on a list that was updated, uh earlier this month, so hard to say maybe um just a temporary thing. Uh, you know certainly um theres, a large number of things that could go wrong and cause that situation, but right now they are no longer listed as a lance provider and the functionality is, is uh not working is offline. I guess youd say on their app. So um interesting to see whatll happen um, you know not a lot of communication from airmap on the subject so well see whats going on very interesting, to say the least.

A lot i mean, i know, theres been a lot of speculation in the industry about this and we really dont have any information. I will say miriam its really surprising. You know this story, isnt necessarily brand new its been around for about a week and unfortunately, due to family issues. I couldnt join you for a news show last week, but even still in this time we havent heard from airmap. I dont think anyone has is that right, uh, as far as i know, certainly um uh. My request for comment was uh didnt, get a response, so yeah not not sure whats going on um. I do not believe that their customers got a an indication either because um, certainly those calling into the safety team, were definitely surprised to find their capability offline, yeah, very, very interesting, to say the least. Well, if you are looking for a lance provider and you like the convenience of air map, i know many of you do even though weve done well previous to the drone life news. Weve done a lot of shows about air map and uh and some of the things that theyve been doing with their data. But if you guys are looking for an alternative, highly recommend that you check out open sky by google. They integrated it with google maps and i have to say there are a lot of anti google people out there and i understand it, but i will say they nailed convenience miriam.

They really make it easy and uh and simple. So, if youre looking for an alternative check that out now into our next piece of news Music, if youre looking for an alternative from dji or autel because simply well, maybe they dont have what you want. Maybe you like to drive a lexus right with the headlights that essentially move right when you turn your vehicle. Well now you can have a drone that well moves the obstacle avoidance as you yaw or rotate as well, which brings us to our next piece of news. Regarding the analofy ai miriam, what is going on with this drone, i thought they were going to launch it already yeah so well, i think they are, or at least soft launching, and so this is something that your audience may be. Interested in parrot has announced uh the anaphy. I like the way you say it better: the anafi ai uh access program, and so that is for professional drone operators. Public safety also can get in on this uh. You can apply to receive one of the first enough. The ai models and give feedback and actually contribute to the platform a little bit so wow, so people can get their exciting stuff. You know i wanted to kind of call that the locust drone, because of the way that it like looks but maybe strong something yeah youre praying mantis drone. Is that what you said yeah it is, it is definitely the insect um.

The insect marketing that they did was actually phenomenal and a little creepy. You know hey, you know what it was a head turner miriam. So i definitely got people to look myself included, thats for sure so very interested to see uh what comes out with that aircraft and uh yeah lots of new stuff coming out. I mean it seems like the end of this year is going to be very interesting. Uh for the drone world as a whole. Now i know my next question. We didnt talk about in pre show. So if youre like you know what paul, i may not be prepared to answer this. One thats fine well just delete the segment but uh. My question to you is: you know, with the chip shortage going on uh with a lot of the international travel, you know slow to come back. Do you think that this is going to have any impact, the supply chain constraints? You think its going to have any impact to the drone market as a whole for the latter half of this year, i got to say that i kind of do um and this again this is strictly my opinion uh. So please take it for what its worth, but i do see um the chip shortage and supply chain, which is not just affecting the drone industry. It is affecting everyone, i mean its affecting cars and and all kinds of manufacturing. You know i was trying to get a fridge earlier this year and you cant buy a refrigerator uh anywhere.

So certainly those manufacturing issues are affecting every single industry and i think that theyre affecting the drone industry as well and ill tell you why uh paul you know the drone fleet is actually slower to change than most people. Think so you can hear a lot of hype about a new player to the drone industry. You can think that you know a lot about it. You can um, you know, therell, be huge change about new models and new models get released and when you look at actual statistics that describe the fleet here in the u.s im, always shocked that you know, like 3dr, still comes in at number five or six okay, Because people are still flying those solos, they loved them, they didnt break, so they dont want to give them up right, so um, so people there are a lot of people who dont buy new drones until they absolutely have to now. Of course, there are also a lot of new players joining a drone industry. You know a large industry is trying to scale their drone programs. They had these trial programs and now they want to scale up. There are new players coming in saying: okay, we now recognize the benefit of drones. The technology has gotten better. We want now to use drones more regularly for power line, inspection across the whole country or or whatever it is. Those people need drones and i think honestly, theyre going to have a hard time uh finding them.

I do think that there are probably going to be wait lists and i think that some of the new players who are offering great technology may be a little bit slower to take market share than we might have thought, because you know its just very hard to Produce enough to meet demand right now and i think everybody is going to have uh problems from that we may. We may see a tiny bit of a of a slowdown, while manufacturers kind of rev up to meet demand yeah, and we have some clients who ordered some of the drones off the blue s. U a s list earlier this spring and still have yet to get them, and i know that there is a used car index for used car prices like the manheim or manheim or whatever index uh, and i know you know i – i got a new car this Summer, just because the dealership pretty much offered me what i paid for it three years ago, uh even after putting a hundred thousand miles on that thing. Uh and i wonder if the index of used drone prices, if there is such a thing would be, would be showcasing an increase in used drone prices with this uh. This shortage, because its not just a shortage of microprocessors anymore, were seeing shortages of all sorts of of things. I mean even the shipping prices on our landing pads to get them here from shenzhen has gone up pretty significantly so its uh, not to mention staffing shortages too yeah, even if youre, based here in the us and youre, getting everything from the us, its very tough To get staff also yeah, it sure is, it sure is, and i know they say that our unemployment uh rate is like six percent.

But if you look at the uh, what is it the rate of participation? It is below 2019 levels, so its kind of all relative at this point um but miriam. Thank you so much for your insights and uh very interesting to see if well hear more from airmap, but thank you again for doing the drone life news show with me. I appreciate it always a pleasure. See you next week sounds good miriam well, thats gon na. Do it for us today. If you thought this was a good show or a mediocre show. Well then, let us know uh, let us know also in the comments, if you have any tips or suggestions on any of these news items or more to come. We appreciate you joining us today and well. See you next time for another edition.