As always, the editor in chief of miss miriam mcnabb miriam. How are you doing this this beautiful monday? I am excellent. How are you doing great doing great and moving right into news? It seems like youve kind of hit on two main themes this week when it comes to well drone delivery, and it also seems like the secondary theme, is ecosystem building with dji competitors. But lets get started miriam with our first kind of theme of news in drone delivery. I know theres a lot to go over. So what do you want to hit? First, Music? So drone delivery? A lot of news came out this week. Weve got medical drone delivery with matternet and ups teaming up to deliver coveted vaccines, thats really interesting, because theyre using temperature controlled payloads to do that that really expands. What drone delivery can do, especially in a medical setting. Weve got a to z, drone delivery, thats, a drone delivery ecosystem player. They had developed the delivery mechanisms that drone up was using on uh dji drones for some of drone ups earlier uh testing, now theyve developed their own industry, specific drone delivery aircraft and its specifically designed to address some of the community concerns that you hear with drone Delivery primarily that last, you know 20 feet getting something down its a free fall drone delivery mechanism, theyre trying to address noise and safety, so that was kind of an also an interesting development uh in drone delivery.

We also had the flyby guys uh over in europe. Doing pharmacy delivery, thats non prescription delivery, sort of another retail application. You know as the pandemic continues. Those kind of applications have a lot of value in communities, its contactless delivery. You know it allows you to receive pharmacy supplies and small retail supplies without having to go into a retail store and then finally – and this is something that i didnt write about on drone life – because its not specific to drones. But there was news that came out about amazons plans to open retail stores, and you and i paul have talked about this before i know you wrote something really interesting about walmarts drone delivery systems, so you know, in my view, this is actually significant to amazons drone Delivery project, as weve discussed before one of the problems that amazon has faced, is bringing their supply closer to their customer. You know: how are they going to change that distribution network to bring their supply close enough to their customer to make drone delivery work and if they are planning on opening retail stores, which may compete with walmart or other retail giants? That could be a way to do it, so i think that that could actually make amazons drone delivery program more realistic. Now you had some great insight on walmarts drone delivery system. So talk about that. Well, you know its really interesting. As you had mentioned, the retail war is kind of heating up right between amazon and walmart, as it really comes down to convenience, you know, delivery times are crucial and it seems like, as amazon prime has kind of promised two day delivery on most items that i Think are sub five pounds uh.

It seems like more and more of these items really dont fall under amazon, prime and the ability to get shipments fast, which is why its so interesting that walmart has released as of last week. Their go local program, which kind of opens up this delivery as a service to really help smaller retailers. Local retailers take advantage of walmarts distribution system because, as walmart says, you know they can reach 70 percent of all of the united states population. Within two hours of a given walmart store, i mean thats pretty significant and, as weve talked before, if walmart can utilize their decentralized drone program, which was through a partnership of drone up, it seems like they can really take that platform and service, more local retailers. More small businesses, and if they can speed up delivery for even small local retailers, it seems like that walmart plus program might have a lot more well weight to it. As i know, a lot of people havent really been too privy to the walmart plus program, myself included, so i would say miriam. It really seems, like the retail wars, are heating up, especially as it wasnt it just a few months ago that we learned that amazons prime air program had literally failed to launch absolutely, but i think you know, especially as the pandemic continues. Delivery is kind of a a scenic unown right i mean youve got to have it, because people are just um, really hesitant theyve gotten out of the habit of going into brick and mortar stores um.

You know whenever the mood strikes, so i think that youre absolutely right. I think drone delivery is really going to provide these companies with an edge now heres. Something for us to think about is when youre talking about this decentralized walmart program that can serve other small retailers doesnt that sort of hit exactly where google wing is ah thats. Actually, a very interesting point: i thought you were going to bring up the fact that amazons retail stores could provide a platform to launch from for more drone delivery, but thats. An extremely important point – and i mean especially with all these new delivery drones that are kind of coming out. You know we know that google wing, i believe, got their air worthiness certificate. If i, if im correct on that, they did yes yeah thats a thats, a big deal miriam i mean, i think, drone delivery seems like its here before the regulations are here absolutely so we still dont have like beyond visual line of sight, and you know i Remember several years ago, uh having the opportunity to to speak with somebody who had been present at the very first drone delivery trial on virginia techs campus uh. You know what virginia tech has an agreement with the uas test site and they were delivering the chipotle burritos and she described it and said you know here we were on one side of the parking lot. While they ask you, you know someone has to run over.

Ask you what kind of burrito you want, then they run back across the parking lot. Then they sort of launched the drone deliver you, the burrito. You can see them right over there. You know and then then the person comes back over with their with their uh machine to charge. You charge your credit card for the burrito that you just ordered, and you know, while it was really interesting, because it was one of the first drone delivery examples. It was also sort of a funny reminder of the limitations of drone delivery right now, which is, if you still have to fly beyond you. Cant fly beyond visual line of sight, youre still kind of stuck delivering to the other end of the parking lot, which is um, has some value, but you really need those uh. Beyond visual line of sight, permissions to um appear yeah. It kind of makes me wonder, you know, because drone delivery with very specific circumstances can happen under part 107, but i feel like maybe the best example of that would be if someone like chick fil, a instead of running orders out to your car, just has a Drone pop up, you know, grab your food and have little arms that you know comes to your car window and says here you go kind of thing absolutely in and out burger or wherever those sonic drive, throughs, absolutely yeah. That could really be uh game changing for sure, but in this weeks uh really other main theme of news Music.

It seems like the ecosystem in dji. Competitors continues really to advance, as ontarian is really making waves with their flight controllers. By providing numerous, you know, uh platforms for various companies to kind of attach their accessories or their services or their autonomy to any authorian kind of cube flight controller and miriam. I know you have two pieces of news on this this week as auterian, and these drones offer more well flexibility for their aircraft. Well, you know i dont, i dont know specifically about the flight controller. You know youve talked about that, but i have noticed that in the news this last week i started seeing more releases come from companies that are not drone manufacturers. You know offering products and services for specific drone models and so fox fury, which is a lighting company. You know they are a very well respected lighting company us based and they they do all kinds of lighting solutions for public safety and events and all kinds of things, but they were early to the drone industry providing lighting specifically for drones. You know now theyre offering a complete sort of drone package for the autel evo 2 to make that into a more useful aircraft for search and rescue specifically, so they have this whole package available. You know theyve clearly partnered with autel to develop this, but it really adds functionality to the autel drone. So that was an interesting development. You know, i think, of course, thats happened before, of course, with dji.

There are, you know, different chargers that work with dji drones. There are, you know, landing platforms, gimbals and so forth. However, i think that what im seeing now is really much more sophisticated technology designed to increase the capabilities of a manufacturers aircraft, its an interesting thing, its probably great for the industry, because it allows drone manufacturers to sort of focus on their core competencies and allow. You know kind of other players in the ecosystem to add their core competencies to the aircraft. Now the other space that were seeing sort of huge, huge growth in is software and uh its really hard to get your arms around. Because if you look up drone software companies, youll find millions of them. It seems, like you know, sort of doing a huge variety of things, but these software packages and solutions that are designed specifically for use cases and the example um that i wrote about this last week – was a korean company drone software company called nurse lab working on Software designed specifically for wind turbine inspections right so theyve got inspection of wind turbines down to 15 minutes. You know – and they have these very sophisticated software packages really designed to address very specific use cases, and i think that thats an an interesting development and great for the industry, because, as these other players can focus on very specific use cases, the drone manufacturers can just Focus on making their drones, you know sort of robust, safe, longer endurance, um, whatever they need to without trying to chase every single specific use case.

Yeah yeah, and i think i should have been more clear that uh, auterian and autel are obviously separate companies, but more of a macro push right. Yes, yeah yeah this ecosystem as a whole, absolutely so im im thinking that that is a great um boost for the industry. I think well see a lot of great new use. Cases come out of that and i think that its sort of a more effective way of scaling and growing fast than developing unique aircraft for each specific use case yeah. I couldnt agree more miriam well lots of news this week, but i know youre expecting even more news next week is that right, absolutely so next week really excited to be at commercial uav expo in las vegas. I hope to see everybody there. As we discussed. You know going to auvsi exponential in georgia was really great, despite the pandemic, so good to be with people again and seeing sort of new technology and new offerings really on the floor. So, im looking forward to commercial uav expo next week and ill, let you know what i find awesome miriam well, thank you so much for those updates and definitely looking forward to the updates next week. So, thank you again miriam that is going to do it for us today. Everyone very short episode as theres, not too much really in the news this week, but uh one last thing: we will have a little bonus article here as more leaks for the mavic 3.

Have just been launched – and you may not have seen it as a portuguese based youtuber – was showcasing uh those images and models of that new aircraft, very exciting uh, but other rumors say were not supposed to get it till next year. So i guess time will tell, but thank you. Everyone dont forget to smash that like button and subscribe as we greatly appreciate your support, thats gon na.