I am going to do a review of all of my gear that i have for my drone because you guys saw me use that in the last video. So i thought the next video i’m going to do a review for what what i use for flying my drone. Obviously you can’t see me right now. It’S gon na be like this for the rest of the video, but i’ll go over all the things that are in my bag. With my drone, my drone, what kind of drone it is and all the rest of the gear that’s in my box so for the first thing, we’re going to start off with, is actually my bag. I have this bag right here it was um. It was intentionally a camera bag, but i made it a germ bag and all this stuff comes out just like this. You can pull this stuff all out and it it’s a bag just like that, and these come out, so you can rearrange them. However, you want – and i can fit my drone in there so that’s how my my bag works. All these little flaps come out. Um and it’s got a nice little handle right there and it’s really soft inside. So i don’t damage anything, and then i have this little pocket that i keep my sd card in it’s, not in there right now, and then i have this. I keep a couple things in there. I actually have a screwdriver in there right now.

That is to change my props and it’s a handy tool whenever you crash – and you have to take off your props but uh other than that here’s my bag. Again then the pockets – and here is the other pocket on the outside. I keep all my extra props everything inside of there, as you can see it pretty. It goes all the way down to the bottom of this whole flap right here and then i got this zipper controlling this pocket, and so that is what i put all my props and uh some extra storage stuff in there. Like all my tools that i need to fix it, if i crash my drum and so then i have the zippers on the outside there’s, two of them right there and then i have a little reflectant pad, which you can also put like a strap through. So you can carry it, but i don’t i didn’t really do that and then after that, it just made out of a really good quality, um water resistant material. I use that whenever i thought like a wet day, this works really well for keeping the water out and the zippers are one tight too so water doesn’t seep into it whenever you set it on on the wet field or something but that’s, my bag. Now we’re gon na move on to my drone here’s, my drone uh. This is the mavic mini by dji. I have this is a gimbal protector on it, and then i have my props, and this is my strap that i hold one of my props in with so this just comes off with this once that comes off.

I just take this propeller guard off and then that is the drone. But then, whenever you’re going to fly, you fold out these little flaps there, and that is the drone. Pretty neat little thing. Uh has a top speed of around 40 miles, an hour which is pretty fast, has a 380 or not 380 1080p um 60 frames per second camera, so it’s not the best for filming, but i mean i’m, not a professional area photographer, so it works so there’s. The drone and whenever you go to put it back together, pretty simple, make sure you’re, oh sorry, about the chickens. In the background, we just got chickens today, but whenever you, whenever you’re gon na put your gimbal protector back on, just make sure that it’s, like it’s flat, like that, you grab your gimbal guard and you place the gimbal guard under there and make sure it’s hooked On there and make sure it’s straight so that’s not straight right there, but i’ll just restart it so make sure everything is good. Make sure you don’t push too hard else. You might break the gimbal, which is not good, because then you can’t film and then bam so there’s, the gimbal guard and then the props just flow pretty freely that’s. One design flaw that i didn’t really like that they made with that, but anyway, that that was just one design flaw. I guess they just messed up on and so and then the battery hatch is back here, that’s, where the batteries go in i’ll show you the batteries in a second and here’s my sd card.

I have a sandisk um image pro imagemate pro 128 gigabytes um, and you have to make sure you get the image pro to fly drones because uh, if you don’t, get any. If you don’t get a image mate pro it won’t, it won’t have enough speed to keep up with the drone, so make sure you get that kind of sd card, or else it will not keep overdrawn. You won’t get that good photography or anything like that. Um. So my chicken’s going to join us today, he’s joining us, hey, bud, say hi, so how the camera all right, dusty, all right, we’re gon na have chicken leave us now: there’s chicken don’t cook it all right so enough of the chicken but that’s that’s. Where that little hatches go for the battery, that is for so you can plug it in. If you want to charge the battery in your drone, but there’s other ways to charge it too and that’s pretty much it it’s. Oh, this is the power on button right. There you just press, press and hold, and it uh and all these leds will turn solid and it’ll do like a beeping and all this will go and uh that’s pretty much it for the drone and it’s venting holes and sensors and stuff simple things. But that’s pretty much it for that, and so just to pack that thing away. It is just fold these up, like this and i’m, not going to put this on right now, because it takes a very long time but uh you get.

The point that just goes on holds the propellers on. So you get the point all right. The next thing on our list to look at – let me get all this out of the way here. Next thing on our list to look at is the controller. This is the uh dji controller. It comes with the mavic mini um phone goes under here and i use an iphone. So i use this cable right here, but it also comes with different cables. It comes with both new and old samsung chargers, so that’s what that it comes with these two too. If you have like samsung phones, but i have an apple, so i use that one so i’ll leave it in there and the sticks are under here. You pull them out and place them on right here and twist – oh i’m, not supposed to do that, but you twist right here: there’s like a little screw in thing right here, so you twist and it in you can’t you can’t pull it out, see boom and So then here’s the second one just screw in just like that and make sure that’s it out of the way while you’re doing this. But then you’re going to pull out your antennas and set them just like this it’s not supposed to sound like this, or else it interferes or like this, because that won’t work that well like this. You get best transmission just like that and to turn this on.

It’S the same thing as a drone um, you just click the power on button. You say and you’re going to do, press press and hold, and it does that and it’s looking for the drone whenever it blinks like that so i’m, going to turn this off. It makes it sound whatever it turns off. Here is the up and down gimbal controller. Just a little wheel, move the up and down gimbal there’s the recording button and here’s the camera button. Nothing fancy uh just a simple little controller. Dji does have other controllers and a little bit more fancy than this but i’m, not a professional aerial photographer, so i don’t need a better controller. I just like i like to do this as a hobby or go go. Do youtube videos with it and it works well, so just to pack it away you just unscrew your your little joysticks here and place them back under there fold up this, and then you just fold up your antennas and push down until they click that’s pretty much It for the controller, so that means it’s, packed away and so here’s my receiver for my sandisk card, um just slide it in there and you put in your computer and you can check whatever’s on here. I got ta check it after this, because i have no idea what’s on here, so that’s the sandisk card holder. This thing let’s put that over the side. The next thing we’re going to show is my battery charger.

This is the whole battery hub and i just got two batteries yesterday, so it’s all these are charged and the batteries just come out just like this and that’s all the whole three batteries and you can see the slots in there and you just line the leads Up on that thing, you line the leads up on here and push down, and you push into clicks and you’re going to see. You can see the battery charge and you just do that with the rest of them, and i and then it holds my batteries pretty well and um. All of my charge, as you can see so i don’t, have to charge after this and so and then you can charge your controller right here. You can plug a usb in and then plug it into your controller, so you can charge it that way. This is how you charge your your batteries it’s actually right there, you plug it in and it charges all three of these batteries, not at the same time, though, it charges one that is um already the most fully charged so which, whichever one is the most charged. It will charged, it will charge first, so you can get up in the air flying faster. So then it will charge these two, but these are all charged because i charged them a couple days ago and then here is the power button. Just to show you all. The statuses of these – and you can actually charge these if you charge this bay, this little thing right here.

You can charge these without plugging it into the wall. That’S a pretty neat feature about the dji hub and i did not get the fly more. Combo fly more combo, it comes with this and the extra batteries i actually bought two of these batteries, but the the normal combo came with one, so i actually bought the tub the hub and the two um extra batteries. So i have three batteries now, which um all three of these are 30 minutes um. They say it’s 35 minutes, but really in real time, with all the wind and stuff it’s really about 30 minutes. So i have about an hour and a half of flight time and if it’s windier, obviously gon na be less time but about an hour and a half of flight time so for each battery about 30 minutes. So just change it out every 30 minutes and you get about an hour and a half flight time with all three batteries i’m thinking about getting some more. So i have some more flight time, but that’s it for the batteries. So the next thing that i’m going to show you guys is actually my propeller kit. So this is just a kit that has propellers in it. So in case i ruined some propellers, an extra propeller strap an extra screwdriver, some extra screws just to replace the screwdriver or not the screwdriver, but the propellers in case i scratched them so that’s it for that it’s, just not a plastic clear case.

I got these on amazon for, like 20 bucks, um, pretty nice little kit to have whenever you’re flying and you mess them up by by accident, or something like that. But it’s pretty neat to have. If you ever mess something up and it’s a pain in the butt to get back on there back in there, but oh dang it all right, let’s put these back in there. We go so that’s, pretty much it for the propeller box. Just have it. Whenever you’re flying pretty nifty has all the propellers and everything in it, so whenever you crash – and you run the propellers, you can change all your propellers out, um that’s, my favorite thing about having this it’s just extra propellers. So the next thing, we’re going to be looking at i saved this out of my box – is the mavic mini um. Like all these things, you need to know about it. What to do if something happens. Basically, the mavic mini manual is pretty thick, but it has all the languages in it, so it has spanish, japanese, english and whatever language there is out there check out, i don’t even know all of them. It looks like it has english, japanese, chinese, spanish, um and the rest of them. I don’t even know what they are, but anyway that’s the manual that’s that’s, one of the things there and i have actually one more of these little pads that go into the bag.

Back here i don’t know if you can see that but there’s a bag. Maybe i have my bag set up here. It’S it goes in the bag, and so i have another one just in case. I need to put something up again, so i can like section it off so there’s that and then the next thing i got is actually a pair of the joysticks, these joysticks, just because i’ve almost lost one one time, but i haven’t so um. I have an extra pair of them in this little baggie. I also got the drug bag doesn’t, it yeah a little. You know just a little joysticks. They come out but i’m not going to take them out, because i mean why not so that’s it for that, and now i have some extra screws for propellers. Those are pretty hard to see too, but that’s just extra screws, and you also notice, in the beginning of the video it’s, just a plain old screwdriver for helping with changing the props. So that comes in handy whenever you crash too so that’s it for that screwdriver and i’m gon na lay out everything that’s in this box that’s in this bag here in a sec, so i will see you guys then anyway, so this is all the stuff. In my bag, the bag, the propeller kit, probably can’t, see that the pelican sd card little dividers manual, two cables drone three batteries battery hub screwdriver extra little sectionals, then the cables i don’t know.

If i already mentioned that and the propeller holder, these screws extra extra um joysticks controller, so that’s a that’s, pretty much it that’s all. I have that’s what i use for going to fly my drone for youtube videos or for tick tock, and for it my tick. Tock is very long: i’ll have to link it down below here in a sec after i edit this video but i’ll link, my uh tick, tock down below so y’all guys can go subscribe to our tick. Tock me and my brother he’s over here too he’s been my cameraman yeah he’s there. My brother come here my brother, hello, he’s, my he’s, usually my cameraman and i’m, usually like the one that’s, always talking that uh, so that’s everything in our bag.