I would never have said hello guys and welcome back to my channel Im michele and a few days ago I was contacted by ben wood, who offered me to review his new drone to be exact. X2 PRO3 model enclosed, enclosed. You want in this beautiful bag, but we will be back in a moment. As I will be honest, I knew absolutely nothing about this drone, so I informed myself I was struck by its price and its technical characteristics. We are talking about a 4k cam with gb all three axis mechanic, gp svp, a brushless motor twenty minutes of autonomy, one kilometer of control law at a price of just over 100 euros per face. So why not try it, and here is how it looks like it arrives at home in question the bag. I have to say very well made with many pockets one here in the middle one in the upper part is among other things here. We also have the shoulder: strap, really is really nice in fabric and also quite waterproof. It is once opened. The drone is revealed premise. This is the basic version, including a battery. Is the bag so the one that costs just over 100 euros. Then there are versions with two and three batteries. As you can see, we also have the predispositions here in the foam. We just have to remove for this block and insert the battery. We have the usual manuals. Fortunately, all in English, with images quite explanatory this and to download the application on our smartphone.

In fact we have they were cod, ios and android in here we have the battery. If I can to open. Obviously it is a 7.4 times from 2200 milian, for which it must be recharged, through this micro, usb input placed on the same battery a quite comfortable choice, because it allows us to recharge it even on the move, for example, with a power bank. While we are out and about with our drone, are three pairs of fairly standard propellers, the plastic used and transparent, it is also quite flexible. We also find the usual hunt for unscrewing and inhabiting the replaced propellers and the usb micro usb battery charging cable, a port, and this we have nothing else to here. There is another prop that had escaped the radio control is pretty nice looked at and there is also the display lets see if the battery is integrated. Yes, we have an integrated battery that, I think is recharged, via this microusb input placed in the back. It is, however, it surprises me that there is the display on a remote control for a drone so cheap. We find useful information such as the battery of the drone battery and the radio control the power of the signals at the height the distance, the flight mode set here at the top left. We can set gps or puppets a way if we want to fly indoors without too many dangers, power button off button for automatic, take off and landing button for reds mood.

This here should be used to calibrate the pulse. We have the button to take pictures and record videos the button to activate the automatic return home, as we have smart plugs the ring the wheel to pollute the gip ball and this other star. That is not for the exposure made man singh for adjust. The speed of the drone hear beeps restoration mentions two, since the radio, control and bellino are committed to seeing the real drone, and here it is, as it looks aesthetically. I must say that it is not bad at all. Reminds me a lot of the drones of the zrc line: piste seats. 906. Ok, its not absolutely evil. We also have a protection for the gym ball here in the front gps, hd camera drone written quite usual ugly. The video signal transmission antenna, as you can see, is a simple wifi, so do not expect a sensational range despite a kilometer being indicated. However, there is more that will allow us to have greater stability of the drone indoors or in the absence of gps. The power button, the arms are foldable, i can be opened in any way. This here is drone once opened with its brushless motors. I have to say they are quite generous in size. I want to see the camera acam, how it opens it pulls. Ok, here is the jingle with the 4k cam. The sensor seems quite small, but it is a real jim ball and not fake, as it happens very often to find written in the technical data sheets.

This is a real gb all, and so, while we are inserting the battery, I do not know what happened here. It is lets see it once turned on. Obviously they are not bacteria. On the contrary, okay lets insert it. We turn on the usual citizen purple. We also have the front LEDs, guys attention and very bad this drone known, among other things, that there are also the red position LEDs on the front, and I guess green in the rear part seems trivial, but believe me, modern, sounds. It is even difficult to find these red dai, absolutely not bad, and there are also four letters. The lower part of the drone that allow us to monitor the residual charge status of the battery smart enough to put them under and not behind are much much easier to see, especially when we want to turn on the remote control in low light. So we try to understand if they are already paired or no, I think so, because the remote control has detected the state of charge of the battery, which is totally crowded. An important thing is to understand if all the motors work correctly, it seems trivial, but when we talk about drones, so cheap believe me, it is not at all so lets. Go set, lu, pilu mode, then gps off and try to arm the motors. I dont know how we try with here. It is then down to the exterior and arm all the motors seem to work well, and it is also not quiet enough at minimum power.

Ok, here we are also in jim ball. It seems to work correctly on all the axes. I would have never said anyway. I repeat it: how bad is with these front LEDs. Oh well now lets go and see its application, and here is our smartphone on the remote control. Support very stable is the connected to the drone application connection. Unfortunately, only wifi is, for this reason, the signal strength, or at least the return of the video transmission will then not exceed 200 maximum 300 meters, as always happens in these cases, but lets see what this application offers us. Maybe we frame something different from my hands. Among other things, the food, the three axis mechanic, seems to work really a lot. Well, it seems to me a fairly basic publication. I must say there is the possibility to activate, for example, the gesture modes and then control the drone, with the movements of the hand like take a photo record, a video, the volume mode that will use the gps of the smartphone, and then there the return home Will follow the automatic take off the automatic landing then zoom this here we will need to use, and the waypoint mode is even present an eu point mode. This here instead switch the camera. We can even use the lower camera the v more. Obviously, the quality will be quite poor, but there is this possibility and the interface is very, very confusing at the bottom right we have.

The distance at the height is the speed of the drone in the upper right. We can select a music, ok record, the audio we have a microphone on the pain photo video in the upper left. We can enable the joysticks directly on the smartphone. If we want to fly using only the phone without remote control, we can also maneuver the drone with the gyroscope of our smartphone bouar mode. If we want to connect it, for example, to a cardboard and other things like the circle, so we can choose the range from four up to 20 meters. This will be robbers way. Surely the satellites hooked 0 currently because we are finally closed the battery at the top right. We have none n, yes, but possible, setting with regard to photos and videos is this and a nice limitation or that we are talking about a cheap drone. But in my opinion they were there among other things, now that I think about it. We have not yet seen how much this drone weighs so lets put it on the scales, and we are three 134 grams 5, and this leads us to some considerations weighs just over 250 grams and less than 500 grams. This is the practical side means that we can fly almost anywhere or almost no flyzone, allowing as always simply being equipped with a certified license to a 3 which, as I always say to you, is very easy to obtain. You can get it in less than five hours totally free.

Thanks to the Luxembourg portal just enter the channel, the legano texmex say linked below in video descriptions. Look for free license luxembourg and follow the link that I posted on telegram is easy, really easy, but very very easy today to get the license in a short time. The dro ne itself instead surprised me positively, even if with some reservations as it costs very little. Just over 100 euros you can find the coupon offers links below in video descriptions and, on my unofficial character, the best I told you about a little while ago so enter immediately. You see the offers and always updated on this and many other products, but I said, apart from the price for just over 100 euros, a drone with the three axis mechanical jimbo. That also seems to work very well gp, sv, plus brushless motors folding foot. Arms is really a lot of stuff, especially if we go to see what we can buy in Italy at the same price. Certainly nothing of the kind and also radio control, usually the weak point of drones, so cheap indeed very often the least is present, but which we have a nice. Remote control without removable sticks, unfortunately, but with a good ergonomic ergonomics, reminiscent of that of the dl but wicker two they of the jamie of two but cut in half, so cute be n done. But there are a couple of critical issues and you, too will have understood them during the video, the first at which weighs more than 250 grams.

This drone is not a big problem, the license, I told you and I repeat, it is obtained really easily and for free in a short time, but for someone it could still be a problem, but the second biggest criticality, the total absence of a microsd slot or At least I have not seen it and I have not found it. This means that we will have to save all the photos and all the videos recorded on the smartphone, because we do not even have an internal memory, so the recordings will all be streaming and even if the cam should be really 4k. But I dont think it means that the quality will be hd at most or a little more, and therefore it is absolutely not the photographic drone. I will try it as soon as possible in flight. Now I ca nt because in Bari it has been raining for five days and it doesnt seem to stop. But I have some doubts about the quality of photos and videos as well as we could expect ttare. Who knows what for this price, however, children are always lost in this nonsense. What it would have cost to insert a microsd slot to have photos and videos at the highest possible quality. I do not know, unfortunately, there is not, and this for one and all from x2 pro3 see you in between a few days with the actual flight test. But now you want to know what you think of this dronero found interesting or you do not find that its price is attractive, or you think that in Italy it is possible to find similar or higher drones for a little more.

I believe that if it were to fly well, it could be a good alternative to the dg rai drive stelle, which by now also costs just over 100 euros. Even if it does not have a gps, it does not have brushless motors a radio control. This could be an interesting alternative also because it is very well built for its price. It is I like it. We hope that the stamps are also good at this point, if you already want to throw an eye on us, consult some offers on this pain. I remind you, you find the coupon link below in video descriptions are up to date on my official telegrah channel Tecmessa said to be linked in video descriptions with my facebook group pedroni and technology Italian Red income. You expect, and if this video you liked at least a little so well, you can support me very simply with a like a comment, a share and by writing via this channel activating the bell so as not to miss the notifications of my new next videos, and This is really all we say goodbye, and we hope that the weather improves here in Bari. You know why I am very curious to test this role. However, we say goodbye and we make an appointment at my next video as long as you always want it here.