I just wanted to do a quick unboxing video for you guys lets get to it. Oh there, it is! Oh, my gosh: okay, okay, okay check it out, goggles wow dang. This thing is sweet and we have the remote controller lets see in the box. Here we have some propellers okay. This is the uh goggles battery right here, uh with an ac power. Adapter. Okay, lets move this down below here, get everything, probably in better site, so you guys can see it there. We go okay. So in this box we have the goggles headband, the goggles antenna, the top shell cables and manuals. So it does come okay. So you have two joysticks that are actually inside the controller uh one on each side. There theyre built into the controller, and then you get a pair of extra joysticks as well, so im gon na plug the extras in right now. So i always definitely definitely recommend getting the extra batteries just because you know if you want to get out there and be able to fly for more than uh 10 15 minutes at a time so thats. Why? I always get the batteries at least the fly more combo. I got it with the air 2s as well. These are the antennas for the controller just screw them in like so here are the extra batteries? Okay. So this is everything that you get in the fly. More combo, we are all set time to log some simulator hours in and get to flying thanks for watching guys.

The dji fpv is an immersive high performance drone that combines the excellent video capture quality of previous dji products with the maneuverability and speed of a racing drone capable of capturing up to 4k 60p footage. The dji fpv can reach speeds of 87 miles per hour and accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in an impressive two seconds when paired with the bundle dji goggles, the viewer is provided with a low latency first person, ultra wide view of 150 degrees, two Screens, combined with the goggles offer excellent viewing quality boasting a high refresh rate at up to 120 frames per second over a six mile or 10 kilometer range footage is stabilized using djis rocksteady technology, ensuring ultra smooth video capture that is recorded onto a micro sd card With its three unique flying modes, users of varying ability are able to pilot the drone based on their level of skill. Djis motion controller can be used to pilot the fpv with naturalistic hand, motions offering a new type of intuitive operation in audience mode. The video feed from the fpv can be sent to multiple sets of goggles or smart devices, letting you share your flight in real time. Safety features include an emergency brake capable of bringing the fpv to a hover, mid flight forward and downward object, detection and a built in return to home function. The dji fpv also has built in aircraft detection for an extra layer of safety.