So when i begin to talk about the head scopes. That is some done at the prototype stage. My fault for not mentioning that during the video, but hey. Thank you guys for watching, and i hope that you enjoyed thanks, guys, hey whats up everybody. Welcome to another video today were going to talk about the drone figures. Customs xml work, xjcm, custom, paints stuff, and i threw a lot of names at you at once, but thats on me. I just want to say thank those guys because they let me get their hands on their grim, bat, custom kit and its dope soap as hell. Um, i really love showcasing my friends work. I feel, like a lot of people should be able to get their work showcase, even even if not by me, just people in general who enjoy the art form so again. Thank you guys for letting me have some fun with your grim bat taking some pics. I i appreciate you guys um, but yeah lets talk about it. This thing is dope because it gives you a look at their version of a soft good, styled, mezco, styled grim bat, so yeah here we go. We have our our balaclava. I never could say that right we have a balaclava, looking really cool. We have our nice sculpt underneath we have our armor plating. We have our armored shoulders. We have our. We kept some parts here from the supreme night. Obviously we have a new belt, a bunch of shackles, knee braces everything out here.

Looking armored out, i really like how he hollowed out the cape so that way on the backhand side, as you see here, you can add your weapon attachments, its very important for that and the cape is still wired. He even uh gave it that nice uh weathered. Look which i thought was dope. I didnt even actually notice that the first time around i didnt notice it until i was actually swapping out some weapon stuff, so yeah its weathered out looking utterly fantastic, so yeah. This is something that ive come to truly enjoy showcasing. Uh people who i consider friends their artwork – i mean this is art its dope. I just really like doing it. Taking pictures is fun as hell, so we already know where were getting look wise now. So lets talk about a little bit about the articulation because i believe, im not sure which body theyre using for the upper torso, but i feel like this is still the upper torso of the supreme knight, which you gave it a new upper uh. The clothing down. Here youve changed it, but it keeps a lot of the same mobility which is really dope, because i actually like supreme night a lot even here with our shoulders. We have this piece and it seems a little loose, but that is because it gives you the freedom to move it up and down up against that armor plating, which is dope. I do want to add that this is added on via sticky tack.

So, do you want to be honest with you guys its, not one of those things where its it has its own proper socket? It is sticky tacked, so you get to swap things around, as is as you see fit, so we still keep a lot of articulation here in our arm. We have our bicep swivel looking pretty nice, then we are double jointed, looking really really good. So you get a lot of room, so lets talk about a little bit of the movement here. I know youll see it in my photos, but lets show it off in video, giving you a nice look at some grim bat movement. Oh man, grim bat yeah. Even with this cape look at that, that is a nice little simple pose that you can have going for your grim bat. Looking utterly fantastic lets do this out. So with that being said, we are going to talk about the grimms bat accessories, a little bit of transition, as we take out the cape and im going to show you guys how to do that in a second im just going to get them nicely posed up There we go so lets get ready to talk about that so ill, see you guys in a sec. So now were going to talk about that transition that i spoke about earlier now. Just release this up. You still remove the magnets. All the same. Cape can be just taken right off see and, as you can see, the harness is here it wraps around.

You can take that off. Obviously, by taking off the any way you would normally, but you want to shift the magnet back under and its flexible enough that you dont have to be too gentle, but you can see you want to just shift it back under, so that it sits right. On top, you want to be able to make sure you can do that now, once thats done, you can pop this right back on and now you can have your capeless look nice little transition here. I also like that im, not sure you guys can see it. There are bullet holes on the bat signal, so i really like that thats dope, as hell, oh by the way, these also have wiggle room for movement. So its not one of those things where its just it is. It may look like its flying willy nilly but its room for movement, and i like that that way its not too tightly wound on there, but it gives you enough room now were going to talk about his accessories, which i like a lot in case. You wanted to do the this uh the face. Sculpt, you can see the bottom. There is a scarf alternative piece put that down im going to try one of our alternative scopes, and i think that uh jcm custom paints actually killed it with this one. Its a really really nice sculpt. This is our uh, our grit teeth face and then youll get one more alternate: sculpt with a yelling open head, yeah thats dope, as hell im going to leave this down because were going to talk about our backpack now with the backpack here.

This nice piece make sure i get focus on this. Everybody can see it there we go and with this this is how were going to attach our weapons. So here are our sub machine guns. These attach here on our backhand side and, as you can see, they grip right there same for this side and you can also adjust the scopes up and down. If you feel like it, i usually adjust mines to fit right there. So you know where to stop, and then we have some of our other weapons im, not even sure what this rifle is called and and they gave me the information. But i am drawing a blink down here so im not even going to try to sit here and lie to you guys, like i know these so youll get these and these you can position either going downward into it or the other way. I like him to point down so that way he can reach for them from the back or the like the stock of the gun thats. What is called a stock? We have one more weapon here. Looking really nice nice big scope too, and i do the same thing here now as you can see theyre kind of not lining up, because the scopes getting in the way. So what im going to do is im actually going to shift this one back out gently im going to slide this off, because you can do that by the way before i forget.

It also comes with a nice big silencer that you can attach on im. Just going to gently pull that back away, as you see, our backpack is still holding yeah slides right down now. How does this fit on a backpack, its magnetized? As you can see here, i should stand him up straight here. We are looking real nifty for the people, also pretty angry, but yeah. Here we have our backpack. What i would suggest you do, is you start from the top and then slide down and boom its on now, and this is how you add it on without the cape now, the same can be applied with the cape, as i showed you earlier in the video Theres an opening there that would allow you to just add it on even with the cape there boom its pretty strong too, as you can see, itll have a little bit of wiggle but itll hold heres our backside. Looking pretty good im actually going to take some weapons off, because i actually want to talk about a couple of these. I actually like milly works guns, a lot and, like i said, even though i dont know a single thing about weaponry like this. This is not my forte, it always has this sort of beautiful presentation to it and i can never lie about that. Thats always pretty cool, so here we are, were gon na. Add our our scope back on. I will say this talking to my friend: jake ive learned a lot about stuff like this, so yeah, really nice piece and still removable magazines very important, because you can take these magazines actually and we have some extra slots here on our backhand side.

If you want to store your magazines so lets say you dont want to put all your magazines away in one spot. You can actually store all your extra magazines on him still, which is pretty dope even with our handguns that were going to store in our sidearm pocket. You get these two nice handguns with removable magazines as well. You can store these right on our side. Holsters youll get two of these bad boys. Youll also get some magazines now, even with the extra magazines, even if you dont want to put them on the backhand side, you can actually put two of them up here boom and if you have an extra handgun like this, you can actually store this up here. If it gets a little tight, just be careful when sliding it in there we go, but it holds really well boom. This guys so nice, like wow, these guys did a great job. This is a nice conversion piece now before i go any further. What i want to do is im going to stop and take a quick break that way. I can line up some other figures, so we can see what it looks like next to some other figures. So lets sit you right here and then lets get ready, see you guys in a sec now were on. Our final leg. Were gon na see how he stacks up with some other stuff, which is pretty obvious because its basically its still a supreme night body, but in case youve, never watched, anyones supreme, knight videos lets do a size.

Comparison first thing lets see how he stacks up. Next. To the v toys, i have a custom red hood head on there, who also is from drone figures, customs and painted by jcs custom paints. Shout out to you guys. I appreciate you, so this is how the grim knight stacks up to the v toys body right lets. Take this guy away. Next up were going to compare him to a another mezcal figure. This is honestly going to be my nice comparison shot because i, like the idea of these two fighting two different batman, two different universes, two different fields and looks: we have our uh sovereign knight versus the supreme knight, styled grim bat. Then here we are with a a slimmer, mezcal body, that being a good mess. Obviously right so now you see how he stacks really nicely. You get a different feel for the body types, which is very important when youre trying to aim for that body language in your photography. Next up, we have a lightning collection, white ranger who, for some reason, always fails me when it comes to standing. I dont know what thats about i really got. Ta stop playing my action. Figures ill be going ham in the streets. Here we are with a flint from gi, joe hasbro lets. Take these guys away. We have a marvel legends, scarlet, spider. I dont know what i did to you, but youre having some trouble standing here. We are with an sh figure, its kamen rider cougar.

So you can just see how these guys stack up. Then you have the infamous storm collectibles, which i love cyborgs versus batman. Im always here for that idea, so here we have with cyrax vs grim bat. Then we have articulated icons ninja, because ninjas versus batman are like one of the stable tropes and then we have a mythic legion 1.0 style purple that ive swapped around with amelias body. I like the idea of these two fighting pretty cool, but thank you guys for watching shout out to drone figures, customs, millyworks and jcm custom paints. I appreciate you guys making art and making art that we can all kind of get access to which is pretty dope. I mean we all like custom stuff and thats pretty much what uh, how it all stands out, what we do with things that we want to do with art. So again i say thank you guys, as always treat yourself well make sure you check it in on your friends and family. Make sure you check in with your mental health and make sure you dont overdo. It have a couple glasses of water in the meantime guys, as always, please be good.