He literally filled the entire tree with presents and is another nintendo switch after one whole month of waiting. The time has come. It is december 25th, christmas day at the time of recording this video. It is currently 4 17 p.m. December 25th, christmas day now, you’re, probably all wondering jester. Why aren’t you celebrating with your family? Why aren’t you doing anything right now and it’s christmas related? Well, i am you guys, will not believe what happened to me this morning. This is something you only ever see in the movies and it happened to me this morning. I woke up doing my daily routine as always letting my dog outside to go for a pee and making myself a coffee while waiting for him to finish his business and sipping. On my lovely black coffee, i heard a noise not just any noise. No, no! No! No, a thump on my roof. Are you thinking what i’m thinking could it be possible that santa claus has come late to my house to drop off presents and is now on my roof? Well, my mind was racing when i heard that thump. So i thought of the only thing anyone could think of and i ran outside to go look on the roof to see if i could find out that santa was there and i didn’t see anything at all until i flew my drone right here. I have the footage that i took this morning in broad daylight of santa claus, literally on my roof, bringing presents to my house i’m, not making this up guys i’m gon na watch it and explain everything going through my head as i’m on the drone and guys I was in disbelief, okay, so starting off as always i’m in my backyard, because i’m not going to try and fly in the middle of the road in the front because the car is going to hit it.

And i just don’t want to deal with the mess of a broken drone so i’m in my backyard immediately i’m, like i’m going up, i need to see what’s on the roof, because i need to see if santa claus is there and i look he’s not there. So i’m very confused at this point because i definitely heard some sort of fall on the roof now. I’M, not sure if i was uh the neighbors, but at this point i’m confused, because i thought i heard something and i’m looking around you don’t see anything at all i’m. Even looking at my neighbor’s houses, i don’t see anything at all, nothing in the backyard. Nothing even on the front part of like the house, nothing, so i thought at this point i’m just so tired. I should just go to bed, but i see something red peek right out the corner of my eye and you guessed it. It was santa claus right there on the roof in the little corner. I think he was trying to hide, or something literally right there sitting and looking through his bag of toys, guys or gifts whatever it was. But i was excited at this point. I’M, like i can’t, believe it. This is the real santa claus on christmas day delivering presents to me, so i found it weird that he was on this, like small roof, because the chimney’s on top you know so i got closer. I was wondering what he was doing, trying to figure out if he’s here to give me presents – and i think uh you’ll see later – he definitely was okay.

So at this point the wind was actually blowing the drone. I was kind of scared. I was gon na hit the house, but i ended up getting a little bit better of an angle, so i could see his face and right there look at him. You can literally see his ginormous beard looking around being super sus as hell he’s looking around, and he doesn’t see anything at all like at all we’re good. My drone flying skills perfect. He has no clue that we’re there watching him and all is well. So it seems like he’s going through his bag of toys, and i don’t know why he was going through them, but he ended up putting a lot of toys like out of his bag, like he was taking them and putting them on the floor. As you can see like he’s, just putting it on the roof going through his bag, putting it on the roof, i don’t know why. But if you guys can see what’s in his hand right now, he has a nintendo switch. I don’t know what made him think that i wanted that for christmas, since i already have one, but he pulled out a nintendo switch, and i don’t know if that was for me, but that got my heart racing i was like. I can’t believe it. Why is he bringing these presents right now? This is awesome and i continue to record him and you guys are gon na see what’s gon na happen next, this is creepy stuff guys this is so creepy like.

I cannot believe i it’s the first time i ever captured santa claus on christmas day, not during the devil’s hour and he’s on my roof. Broad daylight in the morning, depositing presents for people, see look at that. That present almost fell off the roof right there. I was, i was like he’s, not gon na get it he’s, not gon na get it. I can’t believe it and he didn’t get it so he’s trying to climb the roof, and i don’t know why he didn’t just land on there with his reindeers doesn’t, make any sense, but oh yeah that’s right. I completely forgot about this. He actually saw the drum so i backed up. I went really high up. I don’t know if he like thought it was like something completely different like a little black object in the air or red object in the air flying. So i moved it out of the way and he stopped so maybe he just thought it was something like weird. I don’t know he definitely he definitely didn’t seem um interested about it. After so i was looking around, i don’t see any reindeers anywhere so i’m, like where’s his sled. How did he get here? There’S, no snow on the ground, it’s like literally a green christmas right now and all is weird, very weird. So the best next thing he does is goes through a window he’s trying right there, my roommate hyped mike’s room. He tried breaking in and it didn’t even work.

So he has to go to someone else’s room. He goes to nick and eventually he sees that the other room actually has a window open. So he goes to that one. Now, no one was in the rooms at this point because i’m, pretty sure everyone just went to their parents, for you know christmas. So no one was in the house, but me and oliver, and we were literally in the kitchen watching this happen and i’m flying the drone i’m literally right behind the house at the back flying the drone and he goes in the house. I could not believe it guys it’s crazy, he’s opening the window, and this is the only way he can go in. Eventually, you guys can see there’s literally like four five five presents there. He just left him on the roof. I don’t know why, but he left the presents on the roof really doesn’t make any sense. At this point i know the drone is going to be useless because he’s going in the house, i can’t fly the drone in the house, so i tried to see what he was doing in the house and he literally shut the window he’s looking extremely weird, and He makes his way to like the door with his bag of presents. So i recorded this santa hey. I know you’re in here he’s up there he’s literally right up there guys santa. I know you’re in there just show yourself. I just want to see the real you what where’d he go guys are.

Those presents still out there. Oh, my god, what guys santa claus left presents on the roof. Oh, my god, we got ta go, find him guys santa! I know you’re here, but where could he have gone? He could be in any one of her wait. What the christmas tree’s on, what the hell look at that guys! It’S bright, wait! Oh my god! Look! He delivered presents! Oh my god. How did he do it? Look guys he literally filled the entire tree with presents, and this another nintendo switch fortnite edition there’s two of them wait a minute what is happening guys and just like that we got ourselves a second nintendo switch. So a massive thank you to santa claus for this. One right here, but i already have a nintendo switch, so i guess the only other thing i can do is do another giveaway and give away two nintendo switch fortnite editions if you guys didn’t, know i’m actually holding a christmas giveaway where i’m giving away. One of these nintendo switches – well, i guess now two of these switches. So now you have double the chance to win a nintendo switch, so i highly recommend you guys enter the giveaway. It is fairly simple, and all you need to do is the following three steps. One make sure you’re subscribed to the jester youtube channel and turn on post notifications. Two is to go onto my instagram jesseunderscorebaron and follow me on there and then the final step is to like and comment on this picture right here, nintendo switch and just like that you are entered to win.

This is the final day that i’ll be taking entries. So please guys if you are interested, go down below and enter right away with all that being said guys, i want to show you all the presents that santa brought me today. Oh my god, look at that tree. You guys see all the presents. Yep that’s right santa claus delivered them. I i have yet to open them, obviously, because my roommates aren’t here and that would just be unfair, so i’m gon na wait i’m gon na admire them until they come and i’m gon na show you guys the second nintendo switch actually the one that i bought Right here, as you can see, there is a actually a dog bite on there. So i’m, sorry in advance. The dogs are just crazy. Okay, now i don’t know what’s in these presents, but i cannot wait to find out what he got me now for this one right here. You know for a fact that who the hell is that wait guys is that santa claus? Oh, hey santa wait, what’s wrong with your face: you’re fake. Are you the evil? Santa? Oh? Where is that gift? I got you jesse. Did you enjoy it? What um? What no you didn’t, because you already have one wait, what you did? What are you talking about? I i enjoyed it, but don’t worry. I i found out a better way. Okay, you don’t have to worry about it: okay, you’re, very creepy, i’m gon na give it away to one of the viewers.

No, i have a good idea. What you’re gon na give it to me? Well i’m, not giving it to you you’re, sad that you have plenty of these in the in the north pole, i’m santa i give gifts. I don’t get them. You know what whoa whoa that’s sweet. Listen you can’t, have them switch it’s for the viewers? I already told you, but you you, you can’t, whoa, whoa you’re, going to give me that right now, listen santa just calm down! Okay! I have a good reason to believe that this is going to be given to my viewers and not you, hey, look what the hell yo! What are you doing here? What did i tell you about coming to my spa? This is my spot. What the hell yo, what is happening guys you need to get out of here! No, you need to get the mess out right now. What are you even doing here? What well i’m delivering telegrapher? Oh, no he’s, trying to take him away Music! Oh! He wants presents! Okay, the grinch has presents. Oh, do you want a present for for me, i got this. He’S got presents for him. What the heck personally picked out this present, where you give me a second Music, oh crap, what oh no yeah! I really thought that you should have this, no so from the drench to santa. Oh, my god, oh crap, yo here, hey, i just i don’t want any beef don’t.

What are you doing? What do you mean? You just came from mr claus. You don’t have to worry, wait what’s going on you’re just taking him like that holy crap. What is happening? Oh, oh, okay. I guess guys what is happening. Grinch just knocked out something he’s taking him, but we we have the we have the switch, though so i can still do the giveaway don’t worry about it. Guys, oh a merry christmas, what the heck guys! Well, i guess that settles it santa claus for some reason wanted it back, but that didn’t happen so i’m, just gon na end. The video here, if you guys enjoy smash 30 000 likes merry christmas to all.