She said who are you ill be like yo? I hate you, she said everybody broke, you you, she literally just said no way im so excited. My drone is upstairs, and i see someone at my door right over there, yo shes going for my youtube class. It is mine, youre gon na give it back to me now get out of here. Dont ever come back to my house, yo giveaway alert im going to be giving away an iphone 12 and a brand new ps5 to a few subscribers. All you got to do is go subscribe right now, smash the like button, go to the comments and comment done and make sure you guys watch until then for a surprise, ill, be checking the comments make sure you dont cheat, but anyways guys lets continue with the Video, hey yo whats, going on guys becker bush im here with another freaking banger guys today were going to be catching ryans worlds mom and dad on my drone guys were going to hope. We can do it guys. All my other drone videos were successful and it worked so today were going to be trying this one ive seen everyone commenting that try to find them on your drone. Try to find them. Try to find this guys so today were going to be doing that, but anyways guys, if you guys, are new to my channel guys. Please subscribe right now, go hit that subscribe button, but anyways guys.

Thank you so much for 500. 000. Thank you! So much guys. Congrats to you guys, i love you guys so much. I know you guys are proud of me. Thank you so much. Thank you, but guys. Thank you so much for 500 000, but thank you so much for 500. 000 subs. I i cant even thank you guys. I love you guys so much so for that guys, im going to be giving my iphone 11, so stay tuned, get ready! Guys go to my instagram at chaya jacobs right over here, im going to be giving the iphone away over there. So make sure you guys go to my instagram right after this video and go follow me because the giveaway is going to be sometime this week, guys so get ready guys, but it was lets text, ryan, joels parents and ask them. So my plan is im going to tell ryans roads parents that i have a new restaurant in my backyard and im going to tell them to come on a date together to my house. If this works its going to be so funny were going to text them and tell them that guys so lets get to the texting. Okay guys, as you can see, i have ryans worlds. Moms number right over here guys, im gon na literally tell her if she wants some toys to come to my house and im gon na catch her on my drone guys. That is the plan.

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It also has a remote, so you could control it guys, but anyways guys go press. The first link in description to go, get your own to keep your house safe, anyways, guys lets get back to the video anyways ill, be like whats up yo guys ive been here for like 20 minutes. I finally got a response from ryans world mom. She said who are you ill be like yo, you dont, remember me its shia. I spent the night in your house yo. If you guys dont know, i spent the night in their house like a year ago. She i dont, know if she remembers you. She said what, oh, my god, i hate you. She said i be like bro chill im sorry for that. I wan na give your son some toys wink wink. Yes, oh my gosh me crazy. She literally just said toys. Oh my god. How do you know he loves toys guys this is working out id be, like i know, come to my house. You should literally just said no way im so excited. Oh, my god. She said. Send me the address. Oh my god guys. This is literally working out. Guys this is working out. What time should i be there? Okay, come to my house in one hour, my address see you soon. Yo theyre gon na be gon na come yo. The mom is literally gon na come to my house. Im gon na find her on my joke.

I have to be quiet because right now its 3am, but this would be crazy. Im gon na catch, the mom on my drone i cant wait – lets go yo guys. Ryans rolls mom is literally at my house. Right now. Guys, im flying my drone right now. My drone is upstairs, and i see someone at my door right over there yo. Who is that? Oh, my god, who is that yo that is literally ryans worlds, mom, that is literally oh, my freaking god that is ryans world mom, oh yo! I need to go closer. Let me back up, so she doesnt see my drone. You know she for sure sees my drone theres no way. My drone is very small, so she might not able to oh, my freaking god shes in my refrigerator right now, baby shes. Looking for the toys in my refrigerator, you never know, oh, what is she doing? Yo, what what is she doing guys bro? What is she doing in my fridge? Yo? Let me go higher, so she cant see me. Oh my god yo. What is she? Is she looking for the toys in the refrigerator guys i free i yo guys. I literally pranked her guys. I lied to her. The toys are not even here yo, what oh, my god, yo yo, i have to go closer to it. I really have to go closer. What is she doing in that closet hold up hold up? This is so crazy, yo shes going for my youtube plaque yo.

That is literally my youtube play button, guys shes gon na be yo. We tucky have to go to an attacker shes going in the shes going in the room. Oh, my god, she just went in the room. She just went into my room. A random room with my play. Button yo were gon na have to go upstairs right now and freaking get my play button back like what is she doing guys ill see you upstairs hello, whos in here, hey whos in here, Music: hey? Are you ryans worlds? Mom? Oh, my god, why did you freaking take my plaque? Why did you take my youtube lag Music? It is mine, youre gon, na give it back to me now give it give it give it to me now give it to me now give it to me get out of here now. Oh my god. She always took my plaque yeah get out of here. Dont ever come back get out of here. Dont ever come back to my house. I was freaking crazy. She tried to steal my youtube black guy. Thank god i caught her. I literally just caught her on my drone and she literally said that was ryans world mom. That was her guys.