Guys look at this. The sun is going down right now. The vibes are getting spooky and guys its like mid august right now, and you know what that means. No, its not september its coming guys, hella freaking ween is around the corner. Well, i wouldnt say its around the corner, but its like around the block. You know its like coming up its down the street. You know what im saying yeah and guys with halloween coming up means a lot more creepy. Things are gon na start happening in the air, especially near our house. You guys remember. Last year he encountered monster after monster. It was so much so to the point where we actually had to leave and go to los angeles. We had to leave the countrys dramatic squad, but here with me today i got my boy cameron. You know hey whats, going on alex what is going on. You guys guys, you know every time i start off these videos. Ive come across something new and mysterious that was worth making a video about. There is nothing more worth making this video right here than this urban legend that has been stalking and roaming around our entire neighborhood somebodys going. I dont know what draws these crazy paranormal like beings to this specific spot of toronto, but i have a feeling that we have something to do with it. His name is long face. He looks like this and strawberry squad. This is not someone you want to mess with once long face, chooses you as his next victim.

He will never stop until he youre not gon na believe this, but stretches out your mouth guys. He literally wants to stretch out peoples mouths and make people look like him, because hes super embarrassed by how he looks bro. Are you serious, dude, im serious? How do they freaking stretch peoples faces bro like i have no idea when youre like some kind of monster. Yeah dude, like he literally, takes peoples mouths and stretches them. I dont think youre surviving that, oh god theres no way. I dont even want to imagine how that would potentially work, one of the worst ways to go. Bro, someone just stretching your jaw. Imagine your family finds you like that all floppy guys there have been so many pictures of long face spotted in the area. People have submitted all kinds of videos caught on cell phones through the police station, guys im gon na roll them up right here. Long face has been spotted hiding behind bushes trees, hes been spotted at the playground, literally next to our house and for some reason dude. They must have heard about long faces, yeah bro, definitely theyre. Definitely scared. You hear them screaming bro yeah dude. Maybe they were just running from him or something 100. Okay, yo we shouldnt joke around dude like long face, is not to be made. Fun long face has been spotted so many times around the neighborhood people dont know if its just one of them or, if theres, multiple of his kind.

But what i do know is that he has been driving a lot of terror into the neighborhood, so much so that people are actually selling their houses and leaving somebody squad. You guys know we are nowhere close to doing that, because we are going to always be on the front line of the action capturing these insane creatures and bringing it to all your guyss attention so that you guys know what to look for. If you ever were to see this entity, god damn bro, this is actually crazy, femme. I hope we dont run into this guy bro. Damn you know how this usually goes. Bro, we fly the drone, we see him and then what happens. He follows the drone to our house, comes into the house and starts terrorizing us bro, yeah and youre, trying to tell me we can get ambushed by more than one of this guy, like theres more than one long face dude we dont know for sure, but there Is only one way to find out strawberry squad, we do have the drone were on top of the prime capital house right now on, the porch were gon na. Take this drone up and were gon na try to see if we can get first hand footage of this urban legend long face dude. I cannot imagine walking down a trail like at night and seeing seeing this stromedy squad following you. Oh my god. That is literally something out of your worst nightmare dude.

I think i just passed out heart attack right there holy crap dude. Can you imagine what it would feel like to get your mouth like stretched out? Why does he want people to do that like there has to be a reason i dont know, but is how did his face, get like that? Bro dude, i dont know, but it looks like hes almost been like burnt or whatever, and people are even saying, like theres rumors, that long face actually uses magic and he like teleports around hes, like a wizard yeah hes like like a dark wizard of some kind. Wait so youre saying he could just like teleport up here, just attack us or something whats most dangerous about longface is he could be watching us right now and you wouldnt even know it because of how fast he is. So what are you gon na beat him? How are we gon na catch him dude? I say we just cut to the chase. We get the drone up and we try to see if we can see him anywhere roaming in the neighborhood. Okay lets go. Lets go okay, sorry squad and we are launching the drone right now. We have okay dude lets. Take this all around the neighborhood and see. If we can come across this insanely legendary monster guys long face. He cannot be hard to miss no theres, absolutely no way. Bro his face is super long guys and he has like a really big body.

So its i mean bro. Just look for a guy with the ripped open jaw. You cant miss it exactly. He has a pop hat and everything guys guys literally police are on the look right now for long face. There has been tons of reports about him terrorizing the neighborhood, literally our neighborhood, literally our neighborhood bro. I swear the pictures that were taken by the police were at the school right over there, yeah werent they yeah. They were literally next to our like our house in that playground over there yo im thinking we saved the best for last and go investigate that area. After yeah lets just inspect the streets a little bit see if we notice any any suspicious activity, potentially even anything, thats not connected to the long face. We dont even know how far this guy could be going outside the neighborhood right, hes expanding youre, saying that theres more than one yeah and dude with halloween coming so close, there could be other crazy, lunatics and monsters in the area too. You know we want to keep an eye out but strongly squad, if you guys do notice anything make sure to comment down below give us that time stamp, because you guys know. I see this a thousand times in every video we miss stuff sometimes, and then i go back to editing and i look and im like holy crap. How did i miss that yeah its sick to have the strawberry squad theyre like our personal little investigators, but look guys? The sun is about to go behind the city right there, thats mississauga, guys that is the town thats being terrorized by yeah, but you know: whats not beautiful long face long face long face: yeah hes disgusting bro.

We havent seen anything yet but look see this whole area right here. This is actually the park where long face has been spotted, so were going to take the drone down there in a minute or so, but lets just investigate the surrounding areas, because oh crap im like losing signal a little bit already. Oh my god. What would you do if you just seen him in the air long face was just in the air like flying? He was like on a broom or something – oh, my god, hes a witch okay, strawberry squad. The drone is super freaking high right now. I dont even see anything though yeah its gon na be hard to see anything from this high up, but like its like its hard to know where we should look in particular well bro, you said that he likes hiding from people right yeah. You should check like behind houses or like maybe behind trees or something you know what im saying and like forested areas, hes, definitely covering like places like that. Exactly exactly long face loves to camp out in trees, dude like he climbs up in trees, and he watches people from because trees are high and he has like a perfect vantage point: yeah and whos looking up and exactly nobody and when theyre walking by on the Sidewalk, like whos gon na yeah yeah, just jumps down. Bro jumps dude its like. How does he do this in broad daylight, though, like theres, so many people like walking around in this literally bro bro, i feel like how would you get really silent? Hes, probably completely silent, think about it.

He can teleport, he can probably levitate like float everywhere. Bro just rips, like you, cant hear them coming. I cant lie youre gon na hear the drone coming now hear it look there. It is right there did you hear it. Dude holy crap dude. That thing is going fast, okay lets take it all around this area, see if we can see anything here, lets start with this side of the school so guys long face. This is one of the hot zones where he was spotted and where quite a few people have actually gone missing. Stromedy squad, oh no, especially when they just take shortcuts through this little forest here and thats, where he waits for them. Thats one of the spots where he has been known to wait for people dude – oh my god, bro hes, just taking cover all the little like freaking, hidden paths in the forest, all these spots and thats what hes surprised exactly dude i dont even know what would Encourage people to go take these shortcuts, knowing that long face is like lingering in the area like this, you know what im saying thats, what im saying, but i guess im like not everybody knows you know what i mean, not everybody, watches yeah. I certainly should have like posters up in that area. Fam letting people know what i swear. I feel like the cops and stuff want to hide it like they dont want people to know and get scared about.

Paranormal activity like this true bro, because the cops dont they cant they dont want to cause a panic dude, because the cops dont even know what to do about it. Yeah exactly okay, im gon na try to take it down, lower like right over here and see. If we can see anything low to the ground here, okay were gon na bring it down low right here, so long face loves, trees, dude yeah. So what we also want to keep an eye out for is anything moving in the branches dude. You know what im saying hes like up in the trees. He could be dude, but i think we have a better chance at look. Theres somebody walking their dog there, dude dont. They know that long face in is in the area like. Why would you be alone like this? What im saying bro i wish there was a way to warn them or something dude, and i feel like pets. They would be able to detect so, if anything, its safer to walk through with pests, because they would be able to detect like paranoid. Okay, i want to make sure i dont crash here dude. The last thing i want to be doing is going over there over there to get the drone, especially with the sun. Going down like this, like the vibes, are getting creepy right now, yeah, you really dont know how you can fly like this bro so close to the ground bro, but it gets us the best advantage.

All i know is if we lose a drone this time, bro im, not helping you fam im not going to get it bro im, actually sick of chasing these drones. When always a professional chase girl dude, we just got ta hope that nothing holy crap happens. Do you think i could fit it through the swing right here? Oh 100? Oh, oh my god! Oh my god. Oh dude, im hella skilled with oh yo holy crap. We should be more worried about the obstacles here instead of long face. Oh, my god lets not crash the drone, though you know yeah exactly look theres even wires right there too. Imagine we hit that wouldnt that, like blow the whole electrical circuit in the area, imagine yo, but that would definitely draw and then there would be no lights anywhere at night and then long face would have the perfect opportunity to go out and start like hunting. Everyone would you be like that, just like draw him out dude? No, that would not be smart. No do you know with the humans here, not against them, but yo. Do you know if hes like out during the day or if hes, mostly like a night type of guy dude, hes, most active supposedly in the morning and in the evening right before the sun sets and right after its really yeah? I feel like its before the kids go to school and then, when they come back, bro yeah exactly youre, taking shortcuts yeah bro.

What are you doing? Okay, okay, this guys a new dude, see this path right here, like imagine, you were just walking down this lake alone at night and you just seen long face dude. I think i dont even know what i would do bro i dont even know what i would do. I dont know because you could run drone through the shortcut. Do it do it bro yeah, yeah thats. The only way were gon na see him. No, do you think i should take it through that cameron. Dude right here is where somebody went missing: okay, dude, im, just gon na go through im, just gon na risk. It right now bro what if we see him right now dude i dont. That would be insane bro. What, if you seen him, you turn the drone around to get away from him and hes there again fam dude. How do we look behind us right now? I dont even wan na send that right through dude, i feel like he was in there and he heard the drone. Now he knows that people are like trying to like find him. Wait. People think that was like a bad idea. Like did we make a mistake? Bro, do we just alert him? No, we always make mistakes with this. Probably this whole channel is a mistake. Im not gon na lie come on kyle and the sun is only getting lower guys. You can tell its starting to get a lot more dark in the area.

Bro im saying it goes closer to the playground, bro im just going to bring it lower im, going to bring it lower and try wait what yo yo did you just see that dude hes like peeking out dude there cant be somebody playing a prank? No, no! No way no way oh yo, yo, Music, hes hiding behind the tree, remember i said he loves to be behind trees and stuff. Oh, i did not think wed find him bro. I didnt want around the tree. Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh, my god, yo yo, yo yo, wait! Wait. Where is he bro? Where is he chill? Where is he dude its like he teleports im trying to run, i dont want to hit the knees i dont want it to leak. Oh look hes going to end now. Now, dude literally teleport, how are you seeing this? Oh, my god look hes right behind hes right there now bro hes, actually a wizard bro, god dude. He literally is a wizard. Dude youll tell him were trying to go behind the screen. Now, look at him! Dude! Look at his face and his gray hair and everything he literally looks exactly like the pictures. Dude. Oh, my god, okay were gon na have to be fast bro. We got ta catch him guys. We wan na freaking get as much footage of him as possible before the sun goes down because once it hits night like its over, we cant see him, but he can see us.

Oh my god, we cant do anything bro! Oh my god. Look at him! Look at him im gon na use this cover right now: okay, okay, wait! Wait, wait, wait! Wait! We got ta, be quick! Look at him, peeking dude. What do you think? Hes peeking at us hes peeking out of his head, oh hes, playing with us hes a creep there, yeah dude hes a total. I know this guy in his head right now, hes thinking about what he could do to us bro. You know what im saying he wants us to get close and then just dash to the next tree hes trying to definitely grab the drone look hes running out hes running. Did you see his face? One of the ugliest things i have ever seen dude. I would not want to be on the other end of that song, no no way bro. Oh my god. Look at him hes going behind that tree now! Yo. Should i go investigate. You have to go back im. Moving up, wait. Dude come on not again teleport again bro. We cant capture, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Dude! We need something next time, hes gone! Look. What are we gon na dude theres, no way to catch him like a drone, is no match for teleporting, literally bro. The drone is fast but its not as fast as teleportation. What, if he just literally teleports right here, what do we do? I dont know wait.

I dont think he knows what, if he somehow uses like magic to trace the signal and find out where this is being like controlled from, and he teleports right behind us dude make sure that he doesnt sneak up on us or he doesnt approach the house in Any kind of way yo im gon na just go investigate the trees. Wait, wait. Is he hiding him wait? I cant get a good enough view on him. Theres way too many leaves dude. Look. I see his feet dude. I see something moving somethings up in the tree, i dont think theres a kid or anything bro hes still up to his thing: bro hes up in the tree, dude. What the heck remember. We said that he cant stop in trees and then he waits for people to walk underneath him, and then he pounces on top of them bro we got ta, make sure no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no im gon na lift it up right here. Hopefully i dont hit a branch: oh look, thats him dude hes, jumping in dude, i dont know look. It looks like hes trying to swing his sword – crazy, oh my god. Oh my god yo. I almost just had a branch bro hes going nuts dude. We might lose the drone right now should i just risk it for the biscuit, but we have to risk it right now. Look at his face. Hes gon na hit us with a sword.

Look. He almost looks like a mix between a zombie and like a crazy. Like like a gorilla or something dude, he cant reach us, though the sword is not long enough hold on wait. Dude, we lost the signal we lost. Are you serious wait, my god its like glitching out dude wait. I dont know whats happening right now. What am i going to get to see wait? Why is it going like that? Oh wait there. It is there, it is wait. Just stuck in this wait. Wait. Wait. I cant move it weird. Wait, wait, wait, wait! Wait! I cant move it its just. Oh look. Look hes behind that tree hes behind that tree. You see him, you see him look hes right there. I cant move the drone right now. Look he teleported to that. Oh, my god, hes literally teleporting bro hes messing with us one hundred percent or something dude. Yo. Look, he keeps teleporting now hes buying that tree, which is behind that tree hes getting closer dude. He keeps teleporting tree to tree right now: yo kyle, california, dude. I have the signal back. I have single back yeah, okay, yo, im gon na go up to that tree. Right now, look hes right! There hes right there hes walking out! Now you keep going following im following you, making a dashboard, dude hes, not teleporting this time, hes just walking! I dont know bro whys that dude i dont know hes walking, pretty powerful, looks pretty angry too dude look at his face.

Oh he definitely sees us. He definitely definitely sees us at this point hundred percent. He saw us a long time ago. I think at this point were just gon na wait until he like does something hes gon na attack the drone or something yeah at some point. Im gon na take the drone up. Okay, oh my god, dude im, not seeing anything theres, nothing, bro, theres, nothing! Anything! Youre looking for dude, i have no idea where he went. Oh, my god bro. Where did he teleport wait? Hes not around us? Is he? Oh, i hope not bro hold on im gon na look all around us right now. 360 on the drone wait one! Second! Oh look: hes right. There wait whats, he doing. Oh, he only pulled us down. We just lost it dude he like do some magic and he pulled the drone down taken. He could have done that the whole time he was just playing with us. Oh my god. Dude, what the freaking heck yo long face its got, ta be one of the craziest lunatics i have ever come across on this channel somebodys gone what the hell i cant believe we just ran into that. Are you kidding me? Dude bro the man just went like this, and the freaking drone came down now. Imagine theres more than one dude, oh, my god. He could potentially be coming for us next. Does that mean he could just walk right here, point at us and make us yo? I have no idea dude, but were gon na have to put those security cameras to use.

One of us is gon na have to stay up all night and make sure that he doesnt approach the house dude dude im not doing it im not doing it either. Bro dude, what the heck i feel like we cant leave the spot dude. I feel like hes gon na approach, any second, what the heck is inside the house. Oh my god, whose complete signal dude he lost complete signal duty like pulled it down. You saw what happened. Okay, i say this. I say we dont go back and get this because thats what we usually do when we run into some problems. Dude, honestly, i agree because every time we do that we end up encountering this guy, and this guy has magic dude, and this guys way worse than the other. We were not trying to encounter that guy bro, no, no holy crap romney squad. Okay, the sun is really starting to go down right now, guys were gon na call. It quits were gon na get inside lock the doors and just hope for the best guys. If we end up catching anything else on camera, i will be sure to pick up the camera record. Another video, if you guys until next time, shout out to alex and cameron for helping me being in this video. I cannot believe we actually caught footage of long face. Well, probably have to try to submit that footage to the police or something dude youll, send it right away: bro, okay, sorry, thats, exactly what were gon na do and until next time ill see you in the next one peace remedy squad.

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