Everyone is playing poppys playtime and the one and only huggy buggy the evil. Huggy wonky is on the freaking loose and today, im gon na be flying around my drone and were gon na, be searching for the one and only huggy woogie from poppys playtime and were gon na freaking find him because this freaking drone finds everyone before we start. This video, i dont, want you guys to smash the like button right now or huggy. Woogie from poppys playtime is gon na come to your house Music. If you want to see more videos about poppys playtime make sure you subscribe to my channel turn the post notification bell, so i upload more videos. You dont, miss out dragon army. Here we go Music, Music dragon. I mean in the last video we found huggy wuggy running around, and i promised you guys that if we destroyed the like button on that video that i would come back to the source of huggy woggy, which i think is toys, r us thats right. I think he escaped from a nearby toys, r us and was running around, and i would fly my drone in the area to see where he would be hiding during the day now he might be actually inside of toys, r us or he might just be in The area so im gon na fly my drone around toys r us. If you guys see anything that i should be worried about. Please comment down below the time.

You guys are my eyes and my ears for this adventure. All right so were here at toys. R us, i dont, see any signs of huggiebuggy outside, but you never know huggie monkey can escape. He is a big blue monster with yellow hands thats. What were looking for today, who knows maybe hes even on the roof of toys – r us, maybe hes, even in the back eating garbage – maybe hes kind of like cookie monster, but he loves garbage. Also, i havent played the game at poppys playtime, but i intend to play it as well and i need you guys to hit the like button if you guys want me to do that alright, so we look for a giant blue creature in this sketchy toys ross. I mean nothings really wrong with the toys r us, except for the fact that the floor looks like its destroyed. That is a little unusual, but theres probably a lot of trucks here, so maybe thats. Why? Okay? So this is a pretty big toys, r us as well, and we are in getino uh. This looks like a highway. Is that a train? I never knew that there was a train here. Hey maybe well see thomas attacking as well. Okay, maybe not i dont think, were gon na get that lucky were looking for huggie waggy everyone, if you guys see any signs of hugging away. Please comment down below um, huggy wuggy seems like an interesting game as well.

I havent played poppys playtime. Yet have you guys played the game if youve played the game, i want to know, are you having any success with it? Is it really hard? Okay, so here is the back of toys. R us looks like the garbage area. I think toys r us is freaking huge. Oh, if i was the huggy wuggy, where would it be so theres a door right here? Okay and theres a little alley in here? Oh theres, no alley in here this ram store called maximus. So i dont see how goobagi just yet theres. Also this truck lets go closer. Maybe if we go closer to the truck ill, have a better angle and ill be able to see huggie woggy, no signs of huggy woggy right now, but we got to keep our eyes peeled because woggy can be anywhere thats. The thing about these creatures is just when youre not looking. They can appear out of nowhere and thats why we have to pay attention at all times at all times, Music yo, you guys see, i just ran okay, looks like he was hiding underneath the freaking trunk. Well, thats, what i think you guys see this random cargo truck right here, wow i dont know if this is the laziest thing or the smartest thing ive ever seen, because he was hiding underneath this truck, he came out and made a run for it. You guys saw that it looks like he ran this way, also sign now.

I dont know if that this is the laziest or the smartest thing to do this guys, trying to push two cards with a bike, uh not sure if its the best idea in the world, but maybe if he had huggy wuggys hands, he can probably grab the Cart from very far, but i dont really know if its going too well for him but uh lets. What do you guys think? Is this a good strategy or is it a bad strategy? I dont know looks like hes doing not too not too good, but i mean hey hes, getting the job done right, barely anyways, we dont care about this guy. We just saw freaking huggy, wuggy and huggy boogie seems like they ran away. I dont know where they went, though, where did huggy im, not sure if hucky wonky is a guy or a girl kind of looks like a guy, but then again it could also look like a girl. I dont know they literally. It looks like probably unisex, probably guy and a girl or either or i dont know i cant tell if huggy buggy is a girl or a guy anyways thats, not the point. The point of what im trying to say is that we saw huggy buggy and they made a run for it this way, and now i dont see them so here, let me try going a little lower. I might have better odds if i go lower that way.

Ill have like a better view, so let me go a little lower. I have a bunch of cars here. None of these cars realize that i just saw huggy woggy anyways thats freaking crazy, so we just saw huggie woggy down here somewhere uh lets see where he went so i saw him here and then he made a run for it. Oh im, starting to lose reception. Here, oh no thats, not a good sign aircraft signal interference, no come on just focus for a second all right, so we saw him here and then he like went this way yeah. He went this way and now i dont see him anymore. Oh, my god come on lord bruh lord. What happened guys? What happened to my drone? Oh okay, okay, all right, so my signal came back. I dont know why i had like no reception there, thats freaking, weird. Maybe it was huggie. Well, you was interfering with my drone signal. Anyways okay lets keep looking, so we saw him make a run for it this way, and then i dont know where he went, but he like made a run for it, maybe hes hiding behind his garbage cans or something. I mean it is very possible that he could be behind this. Garbage can or something hes also pretty pretty big, so i dont think he would even fit behind this. Garbage can, to be honest, i think um, unless hes crouching, he probably could crouch, but no signs of him right now.

Okay, so we saw him this way and now my drones kind of messed up too its like kind of on the side. You guys realize that its kind of like tilted, so i dont know if were gon na, see him here to be honest, but we did see him for a second and guys heres. The thing i dont know where he went. He ran by this way and then he like came here so maybe hes behind the garbage can or something i dont know where you possibly could have went there. Oh my god, what the freak yo yo you just you just ran behind here: gotcha buddy gotcha! Oh, my god, i cant believe i just saw him guys. We just saw huggy woogie running okay, so we saw him running out from here and then he ran this way and then he ran back this way, which means only one thing: hes, probably hiding back behind this freaking truck okay, so im gon na go as close As i possibly can, i just dont want to lose reception again, because that is a big possibility, so im gon na go as close as i can lets just look around here, because i oh am i losing yourself look at this already freaking losing reception. Oh, my god come on. No, why does it always happen? Every time i get close to the action, i just lose reception like what kind of what kind of dumb what kind of dumbness is this? Okay, okay, i got my drone back.

Okay were good to go here, so lets see what was going on still no signs of him. We know that hes. Here, though, we know that hes here, but hes behind here, hes, probably behind his truck. How do i get a good angle of the truck like i have a feeling, hes literally behind this corner, but i cant get a good angle, because every time i go closer, i lose reception. Okay, you know what heres, what were gon na do. First lets just fly over first and im. Gon na look down like eagles view, beauty of a drone, so maybe hes actually hiding down here – were not gon na get the best angle like this, but at least well be able to see if hes here so. Okay lets keep our eyes peeled. I dont really see him right now. I also cant see because this freaking sun is in my way, so we cant see anything okay, you see that just when im trying to find huggy buggy the sun comes and blinds me like. I literally cant see anymore okay, where the heck is he here hes like guys, look how sketchy this little alley is. Theres a garbage can perfect thing for huggy buggy to hide theres a massive truck he could be hiding on under the truck and he just disappeared. I dont know where the freak he went thats the thing i dont see him. Okay, maybe he knows that were filming.

So let me just let me go back a little. I dont see any signs of huggy woggy. Let me go back, i think hes hiding behind that truck, because that truck also leads to the inside of the toys r us. So he probably has easy access in and out, and you guys know that huggy wuggy is freaking crazy, so he can probably do a lot of other things that we dont know about, and this looks like a huggybuggy.exe version because he obviously escaped from the video game. So if he escaped from the video game, he can do anything. You know what i mean so lets keep our eyes peeled all right. So we know that he is right behind this truck. I will stay here until he comes out no matter how long it takes all right two hours later. Oh man did he come up yet were still in the air where the heck is huggy buggy. How long has it been its starting to get dark? Look? Theres literally lights, coming out what is going on still no signs of freaking huggy woggy. This is getting ridiculous, all right, huggy! We know that youre behind the truck. Can you just please come out all right spare us all. We know that you are behind the truck. We just want to see you like. We just want to get one nice glimpse of you. Please just come out like i wont tell anybody that youre here, please huggy just come out: huggy buggy.

Can you just come out behind the truck? Because everyone comment down below come out from behind the truck, maybe if enough of us do it um hell come out. Everyone comment right now. Come comment. Come out put me on the truck whoa, really victory, yo! Oh my! What the heck is happening, yo, what the guys he just ran by and then i lost reception on my drone. You guys saw that holy freaking crap guys. I think its the fact that huggy buggy is running around and zooming all over the place. Thats. Why im losing reception holy moly? I cant believe that just happened. What the frig is it raining guys it looks like it might be raining. Am i tripping okay? So we saw huggie bulgy. He literally made a freaking run for it, but then i also lost the reception while that happened and he almost ran into my drone. So this time i dont care were gon na. Go find you, sir. Where are you mr huggy buggy? You are behind toys, r us. We know that youre here somewhere, i dont know where you keep running to, but we will find you mister wheres, huggy, buggy wheres. He hiding. I know hes hiding here somewhere, where the frick. Could he be also side. Note look at the lovely trees. I know you guys probably are like, although we dont care about the trees, we just want to see huggy buggy. Well, fine, fine! You just want to see how good buggy fine, i just want to see ill go away too, but im looking weak signal adjust antenna yeah.

Sometimes you got ta just really appreciate the fall. I mean. Look at those lovely leaves right there dont. They just look super pretty okay. Now, where is huggy buggy? I uh. I keep losing freaking reception every time i get freaking close. We saw him hiding behind here now, hes, not hiding behind here. This is getting stupid like. Where did he heck? Did he go huggy? Waggy, where are you lets not crash into anything here, but i just freaking saw you. I also got to be careful because theres a lot of trucks that come here so i dont want to get hit by a truck also where the frick did. He go, though, how about you? Where are you huggy? Are you behind this 10 feet thing? No, i dont see him. Okay lets stay high in this guy wheres huggy wuggy man aircraft signal interference. What does that even mean? How do i keep getting aircraft signal interference? I dont want to go home. Bro, stop telling me dont go home were not going home until i somehow whoa what the heck whoa did you guys notice that i did not know. Somebody did a lot of circles here, wow thats, a fun fact. I dont think it was huggy wuggy. Was it some kind of ufo thats kind of cool ive, never noticed that anyways adhd kicking in were looking for haki waggy, sir. We saw him inside here. Okay, let me get. Let me get a better angle without trying to lose reception, okay, hes, clearly, not hiding behind this huge wall anymore, thats convenient, i dont know where the freak he went.

I thought he was behind this wall. Apparently hes, not anymore, okay. Well, if hes not behind this ball, where could he possibly be hes, not behind this wall? He was literally here. Oh my god, please dont put the love of god, stop losing freaking reception bro! Oh my god. This gets extremely difficult guys when im trying to do a video for you and i keep getting intercepted like this. Usually that means were getting close to the monster, but sometimes it also just means that were having bad luck. Anyways, maybe hes left hes. Clearly not here. Uh lets go here. Maybe he went close back into the toys r us so lets keep looking lets not crash into the wall. Weak signal adjust antenna bruh. I dont want to adjust my antenna. I dont want to. I dont want, oh my god, im doing reception again, wait were subjecting back. Oh my god. I cant see anything anymore. What the i lost reception, okay, he attacked my drone this time. Im gon na take my drone back. While i still have it in one piece – and we are gon na end – the video flying over solid reflective surfaces, this stabilizes vision, okay position, guys im getting my drone back, it is not broken. Thank god ill check back through with you once i get my drone. Where is my car dragon army? I got my drone back in one piece. Thankfully, it just started raining and also huggy welky is on the loose.

You guys saw how he tried to attack my drone. You guys saw that huggy is out here and he escaped the video game. Somehow i dont know how im going to make him return into the video game land, but for now the search for huggie woogie continues. If you guys want to see more huggy wonky videos, as i continue to search for huggy wuggy, you know what to do hit the like button and subscribe to my channel turn the post notification balance. I want to upload more videos. You dont miss out dragon army love, you guys so much from the bottom of my heart.