The results are always spectacular, but, as were about to see, they can also be confusing. Bizarre and even utterly terrifying. Here are 15 weird things caught on camera by a drone Music pizza in space. Chiptune is a surprisingly popular genre of music that utilizes programmable sound generator. Sound chips to produce 8 bit compositions that invoke the arcade and video games of the 1980s. At first glance, it seems like the novelty of chiptune would wear off after a song or two, but this is very much not the case. Countless bands have released countless albums featuring nothing but chiptune songs in doing so, theyve earned legions of devoted fans and carved out successful careers in the notoriously harsh music industry. Perhaps the best example of this is anna managucci. Anna managuchi are a new york based chiptune super group, who many people would say, define the entire genre theyre, just as beloved for their ultra creative music videos, as they are for their music itself, but sometimes the band can be a little too creative for their own Good when shooting the video for their 2013 song endless fantasy anna maniguchi decided to attach a slice of pizza to a weather, balloon and propel it to the very edge of space using 291 cubic feet of helium. The pizzas marvelous ascension into the heavens, was captured by a drone that was also attached to the weather balloon resulting in this incredible piece of footage which closes out the bands music video.

While anna managuccis fans held endless fantasy as an artistic triumph, law enforcement officials were less than impressed, rather than touching down in connecticut, where it had set free. The astro pizza landed in the new york village of warwick and it caused quite a stir. The band were summoned to the warwick police station, where they were questioned about their mysterious package and lectured on the dangers of releasing unregistered extra cheesy aircrafts into the stratosphere. Now lets get ready for todays missing topic, while anna managuchis fans held endless fantasy as an artistic triumph law enforcement officials were less than impressed, rather than touching down in connecticut, where it had set free. The astro pizza landed in the new york village of warwick and it caused quite a stir. The band were summoned to the warwick police station, where they were questioned about their mysterious package and lectured on the dangers of releasing unregistered extra cheesy aircrafts into the stratosphere. But when anna managucci used a drone camera to film themselves sending pizza into space, they fully intended to share the resulting footage with the world. However, there are some drone camera captures that no one was supposed to see such as todays missing topic. This image was reportedly captured by a young boy who had been gifted a drone to keep him entertained during a family vacation in a tropical paradise for a while. It did just that and the child gleefully explored the resort grounds through the lens of his drones camera.

While his parents enjoyed some sun and cocktails, but things took a dark turn when the boy inadvertently captured the moment, a gigantic sinkhole opened up in the clear blue waters of a beach near his familys hotel. The resulting image shows the sinkhole tearing ever closer to the shore as stunned onlookers, pray, the rapid currents, dont drag them to the ocean floor and beyond its a terrifying picture, but not one that everybody is buying. Some have accused the uploader of tampering with the image, citing a lack of additional reports about the sinkhole its worth, noting, however, that the resort would have lost a lot of business. Had news of the monstrous sinkhole found its way to the media, so perhaps its owners bought the silence of those who were on the beach that fateful day. Furthermore, ocean sinkholes have been reported since the 20th century, meaning we can say with certainty that they do occur, but witnesses are rarely lucky enough to capture them on camera. Is this the first photographic evidence of their existence? Let us know what you think in the comments using the hashtag missingtopic to make sure your voice is heard. Hey, hey. Did you know that if you smash the like button subscribe and click, the notification bell youre more likely to win the lottery? So what are you waiting for sausage savior? Earlier this year, a dog owner in the english town of havant was devastated when her beloved jack russell terrier millie escaped from her lead during a walk through her frantic public appeals.

Millys owner was able to trace her dog to the mud flats of portsmouth, while the woman was no doubt ecstatic to find her dog. Her excitement was short lived as it quickly became clear that rescuing the animal from the treacherous terrain was not going to be an easy task. Portsmouths mud flats are extremely similar to quicksand, and even the lightest of humans would have sunk into them. Had they attempted to rescue millie by hand for two days and nights first responders attempted to coax millie from the mud flats to a safer location. But the canine was far too weak and frightened to attempt to cross the marshy landscape alone. On the third day the tide was rising rapidly and the outcome of the rescue mission was looking increasingly bleak. It was in this state of desperation that one of the first responders had an unusual but promising idea they attached a cooked sausage to a drone and flew it into the mud flats where millie was frozen in fear by dangling the sausage above the starving dog. The team was finally able to lure her from her would be crypt and led her to higher ground where she was immediately rescued. Footage of millies rescue was captured by the same drone that was used to deliver her life saving treat. While it certainly is difficult to watch at the beginning, its heartwarming to watch the shaking jack russell realize that shes not only going to be saved but is also about to chow down on her favorite food abandoned mansion.

For this next entry were heading to moore hall and county mayo. Ireland. This sprawling mansion was built all the way back in 1972 by george moore and remained in the moore family for more than a century before it was destroyed by a fire in 1923. Since then, the mansion has been lying empty, decaying even further, as it disappears into the towering trees that surround it with impenetrable forestation, rendering it entirely inaccessible by foot. The only way to see more hall today is through the use of a drone. The footage was captured by a drone operator almost 100 years after the demise of moore hall. At first we can see nothing, but the vast and haunting wilderness of rural ireland trees dominate the landscape for miles, but, as the camera closes in on its target, the ruins of the manor come into view. The drone reveals the once majestic mansion to be a literal. Shell of its former self windowless and without a roof, its covered in moss and vegetation, and looks more like a fish tank feature than a home for irelands upper class. Male county council actually purchased moore hall shortly after this footage was uploaded to youtube and has plans to turn it into a major tourist attraction. At the time of this, recording these plans have not materialized and the building remains. The same. Crumbling house of horror shown here bear chase a lot of the strange drone footage thats out. There was captured completely by accident by unsuspecting operators who simply wanted to document the beauty of their surrounding environment.

The following video is perhaps the best example of a drone owner inadvertently stumbling upon a wild event. The footage begins with a tour through a snow covered forest that wouldnt look out of place on the front of a christmas card, but as the drone descends from the gray skies and ventures further into the leafless, but beautiful woodland trees. The video takes on a much different tone out of nowhere, a panicking man in a bright blue jacket. Sprinting comes toward the camera, with the speed of somebody whos running for their life, just a couple of feet. Behind the man we can see a fully grown grizzly bear in hot pursuit as the bear passes by the camera. The drone quickly changes direction, presumably because the person operating it wanted to make sure they had actually just seen what they thought they saw. Luckily, for the man in the bright blue jacket, the bear seems to be caught off guard by the drone and does a double take the beast, isnt distracted for long and quickly resumes his chase, but that momentary pause was. Thankfully, all the man needed to make it to safety in this film adaptation of one of shakespeares, most famous stage directions: Music kangaroo slap kangaroos are renowned for their boxing prowess, so much so that they were often pitted against training human boxers and exhibition bouts throughout the 19Th and 20th centuries, the controversial filmmaker woody allen even fought one on live television and what would remain historys most bizarre boxing match until mcgregor vs mayweather claimed that crown in 2017.

. Today, commercialized kangaroo boxing is thankfully a thing of the past, but these muscular marsupials can throw some serious hands. One unfortunate drone owner learned this the hard way when they flew their camera over a mob of kangaroos in new south wales. Australia, in the footage we see a group of kangaroos observing the drone from a safe distance. Circling right under the drone are two aggressive kangaroos who dont look too happy about their territory being invaded. At this point, the operator seems to realize that their flying photography machine is in danger and tries to hightail it back into the clouds, but before they can get the drone to safety. One of these aggressive kangaroos swipes it clean out of the sky with a devastating left hook. The animals punch was so strong that it completely destroyed the camera, but at least the owner of the drone was able to salvage this remarkable video to remind us just how dangerous a take off kangaroo can be. Drone cops police are always on the lookout for new types of technology that can help them carry out their duties more efficiently and effectively. So we guess it was only a matter of time before law enforcement entities throughout the world began utilizing drones. The chinese traffic police were among the first to introduce drones to their crime fighting catalog, and they did so with surprising success, along with allowing them to monitor long stretches of road. At once, drones give chinas traffic police the ability to communicate with motorists without approaching their vehicles.

In the following piece of footage. We see a man riding a scooter without a helmet, as he waits on a traffic light to turn green. He hears the disembodied voice of the police coming down from the heavens, after catching his attention. By calling him a quote, handsome young lad, the police tell the scooter rider to put on his helmet. The man complies producing a helmet from the side of his scooter and fixing it firmly to his head. He then rides off into the sunset in a state of embarrassment and confusion, polar bear house on the small russian island of kaliuchin. There sits a disused weather station that was built in the 1930s before being abandoned following the fall of the soviet union. Today there are no humans on the island, but theres a sizable population of polar bears and a large chunk of them have a set up camp. In the abandoned soviet weather station, nobody knows for sure just how long these polar bears have been living in this weather station, but the first footage of the animals was shot in january of this year by photographer, dimitri koch, he was smart enough not to step foot On the island himself and instead used a specialized drone with low noise propellers to get up close and personal with its arctic inhabitants, the images and videos he was able to capture with this drone show about 20 polar bears, most of whom are male. Some of the creatures are exploring the exterior of the weather station hunting playing and investigating the mysterious flying device that suddenly arrived on their island.

Others can be seen inside the building, moving from room to room and, curiously poking their heads out of the various windows. The photographer himself has described the footage as a once in a lifetime find this may be true, but it certainly isnt going to stop us from watching and re watching it for the rest of our lives. Well, dolphin dance dmitry isnt, the only photographer who managed to use a drone to capture a once in a lifetime. Animal interaction, hawaiian native jacob vanderveld got just as lucky, if not more so when he piloted his drone over the north shore of oahu island. At the time he had only been intending to take some photos and videos of the islands environment which is pretty spectacular in itself as his camera traveled through the sky in search of the perfect shot. He noticed something spectacular happening in the waters: nearby, less than 200 meters from the shore, a humpback whale and a dolphin were engaged in a dance that was so majestic, so jaw droppingly captivating that it almost looked like the two had been practicing it for months. Building up to this very moment, obviously, he immediately abandoned his original mission and immediately flew his drone as close as he could to get to these sea creatures. There was a high chance of the photographer losing his professional grade drone in the ocean, but he felt the risk was more than worth taking and when you see the amazing footage, he managed to come away with its hard to disagree.

The whale and dolphin move in near perfect harmony, twirling and diving, like nobody, is watching. Of course, the camera above is watching, and by this point their breathtaking performance has been seen by millions of people across the world, but lets not tell them that bigfoot drones have given us the ability to explore some of the most remote places on earth. Granting us access to forests, hills and mountains that were previously off limits to everybody, but the most determined adventures. So we guess it was only a matter of time before a drone enthusiast began, reporting, bigfoot, sightings dont get us wrong here. We love alleged videos of bigfoot and theres, been no shortage of them since drones started hitting the mainstream a decade ago. Among the most believable bigfoot drone videos is this one which was recorded in ohios salt fork state park. The original unedited footage is nearly 10 minutes in length and is essentially just a tough through one of the more remote portions of the park around the seven minute mark. However, we can see an abnormally tall, humanoid figure in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. The camera doesnt linger on the subject for too long, but we get a good enough look to make out a thick coat of fur that covers the entirety of its body. Cryptozoologists welcome this video as indisputable proof of bigfoots existence. Many pointed to the fact that the drone doesnt try to get a better shot of the creature as evidence.

The drone owner didnt even notice its presence until reviewing their footage later on, which would mean it could have not been staged, at least not by the operator. But what do you think is this video the real deal, or are we looking at yet another bigfoot hoax malaria? Fighting drones transmitted by mosquitoes malaria is one of the more devastating infectious diseases in the world, its so devastating that it claims the life of one child. Every minute, which is a truly heartbreaking, thought scientists and medical professionals are constantly testing out new methods to combat the disease. One bold new method of fighting malaria utilizes drones to shower common mosquito breeding sites with a non toxic silicone based liquid known as aquatain amf. While it does not cure malaria itself, it makes it virtually impossible for mosquitoes to reproduce. This significantly reduces the number of transmitters in the environment and, if approved, for widespread use, could prevent any new cases of the disease. These malaria fighting drones, are groundbreaking pieces of technology and have the potential to change the world forever footage of these life. Saving machines in action has been captured by more traditional drones, who must have felt pretty bad about themselves and their accomplishments drone jumper. In 1917. Latvian engineer, valerian abbalowski unveiled the aero wagon. This was basically a large wooden carriage with a propeller attached to the back. Unsurprisingly, the vehicle wasnt a success and suffered a devastating crash during a test run claiming the life of its creator in the process.

The failure of this caused latvian inventors to swear off aerial and semi aerial vehicles for a hundred years. Then, in 2017 the latvia based company air owns produced a drone so powerful that it could lift almost 500 pounds to a height of 1082 feet in order to prove the strength of its mega drone aerons partnered with the seasoned daredevil ignis for one of the most Highly publicized skydives ever with the world, watching the drone carried him right up to its maximum height. At this point, he released himself and started hurtling back to earth before opening his parachute and enjoyed a calm descent to the latvian soil. Additional drones were used to capture the dive, as was a camera strapped to his jumpsuit loch ness monster. Earlier on. In this video, we took a look at the drone footage claiming to show bigfoot alive and well in an ohio state park. Now, in the interest of fairness, its time to look at a similar piece of footage, that many are saying is evidence of the legendary loch ness monster. The following video was captured by the youtuber richard maver, who was visiting loch ness in the scottish highlands to record some footage for his outdoor steam channel, but instead of capturing one of the nature, centric videos, his followers have come to expect. He walked away with this footage of a dark serpent like shape moving beneath the waters of the lake. After watching countless similar videos purporting to show nessie, he became convinced that his drone had indeed caught the monster on camera.

Many independent researchers have backed up this belief, citing the movement and immense size of the shadow as proof it couldnt be a piece of driftwood or any of the other items commonly used to explain away loch ness monster sightings biggest graveyard ever the wadi. U salaam graveyard is located in iraq with a total size of 3.54 square miles, its the final resting place of more than 8 million people. This earned it a spot in the guinness book of world records as the worlds largest cemetery like a major world city. This graveyard cant be fully experienced on foot to truly understand the sheer size of it. One must see it from above for a long time. This was impossible, but thanks to one drone owner in iraq, we can finally get a birds eye view of this marvelous holy site. The footage youre watching now shows the enormous cemetery in the middle of the day, the drone glides over crypt after crypt. These crypts are so large that theyre capable of holding 50 bodies at a time. The video also shows us an almost incomprehensible amount of individual tombs, some of which are so old that theyre crumbling under the hot middle eastern sun. Others are so new that theyre still being visited by mourners, whose feeling of grief is perhaps the only thing larger than this cemetery: Music giant tire. Fire odessa is a city in texas, thats, often overshadowed by its more famous brethren, such as austin, houston and, of course, dallas.

But a few years ago, odessa finally found itself in the spotlight, albeit for all the wrong reasons. In 2017 a small fire broke out in an odessa tire yard. The blaze should have been relatively easy to quench, but the closest fire hydrant was almost 5 miles away, which gave it time to spread until it had engulfed all 100 000 tires in the lot. Authorities fought desperately to get the fire under control, but their efforts were unsuccessful and, and it wouldnt be until the tenth day of the fire that the flames finally died down. For almost two weeks. Odessa residents recorded videos of the gigantic tire fire, but none captured the unrelenting terror of the event. Quite like the following footage. This video was filmed by a drone that was able to get right above the tire fire as it raged on in it. We see bright orange flames juxtaposed against the thick plumes of black smoke, as they bellow upwards. Most chilling of all is the fact that no firefighters or police officers seem to be present at the scene, which helps to explain just how things got so out of control. Music shade balls for more than a decade now, the los angeles department of water and power has been using shade balls to combat the citys, well documented issues with water conservation. If youve never heard of shade balls. These are small plastic spheres that are dumped into bodies of water by the tens of thousands to shield the water surface from the sunlight and reduce evaporation during a particularly harsh drought.

In 2015, the ladwp transferred a huge collection of shade balls from californias reservoir number two to a larger reservoir. This drone footage captured the moment that the balls were removed from the first one. We see the balls being ferociously pumped upwards and into a waiting truck marking. The first time a shade ball: migration has been caught on camera, all in all, more than 96 million shade balls were added to the reservoir to help combat the water shortages of 2015.. Ultimately, this saved about 1.7 million cubic meters of water. Ironically, the balls themselves cost about 2.9 million cubic meters of water to manufacture. Well, we suppose its the thought that counts that ends.