This might be working now, so just bear with us, joe rogans in the house. Yeah white, six chakra hell whats up luis. Are we back okay there? It is sorry louise! No louise is my man, Music, Music, said Music Music. So if you heard sound on that, intro awesome, if not oh well, were figuring out were like were like three dudes with like two six packs and some pizza here and uh were were not tech, guys uh outside drones. So three six pack well two six packs. Two six max thats awesome, so yeah we have uh some sponsors to to thank tonight. Um getting in on board, hopefully is iflight. We are in talks with iflight to sponsor this podcast also gap, rc, um, beta fpv, possibly and a few other top companies are in my facebook messenger right now asking. How long are we going to do this, and i mentioned before probably until im dead? I dont know how long have i been doing drone camps a little over seven years now so uh long time in the fbd community. Now tonight we have guest pilots here that were gon na talk to and were gon na find out about. Their current builds what theyre, flying and what theyve been up to lately, we have diego here and nick is also a multi gp pilot. Both are very experienced. Um diego ive talked about before in the podcast or in the uh. This is the first podcast in the youtube channel diego likes six inch.

He likes to fly six inch, um, not so much seven for um ive dabbled in a little bit of uh. Six and seven um and fives um. I do like the six inch long rangers but thats what you fly mostly right, yeah more recently its been uh back down to the five inch just because i havent really been uh building a lot lately, uh, mostly what youve been hooking me up with. So its been continuing its working out that were roommates, so he flies pretty much whatever i can to him here fly this. You can have it um its the benefits of living in the drum camps, house yeah. I i think he wants this one, so thats the new um iflight uh f6x – and this is the true x version. There is another one called the f 6d and that one is a dead cat. You can freestyle either one um i i kind of for for what we do. I kind of prefer the the true x version um, just because, with a six inch, you can get away with a little more nimble for you, the nice thing about something that wide a six inch uh a wide ax like this is that you can um potentially, If youre flying with a gopro or you just dont like having props in your your camera view, i i think something like this. That would be the objective of having a wide x like this.

I dont know, but i i would assume youll discover that as youre flying it all right so thats, something for me personally that appeals, because uh right now what im currently flying is my ‘9 um super g, and i currently have my props in view and im Im not currently a big fan of that you want to show that up close yeah. This is the super g. If you look at the super g plus, which is the dead cat and its a 7 or a 10, i believe um, you dont, have with your props in view, but uh. I also like this, this frame just because its a real stout and really nimble um flight configuration thats, a sick ride, yeah cadets, full the full size, dji camera on that one that ones thats a nice setup, its kind of like the holy grail people keep asking Me like which dji camera and so far uh the original dji camera is nice. If you can find them yeah that was nice when they came back available, ive been flying. The titan five inch xl5 and i like it but im a little jealous id like to see the six inch because i feel like the five inch kind of struggles carrying the gopro 10 and i feel like that. Six inch really good. I mean it feels a little bit heavier. It feels a little heavier yeah like i have a seven inch and a six and a five inch, and i feel like the seven inch is like almost too much like.

I feel like it cant you cant freestyle, a seven inch, really its kind of like freestyling like like an x class or something like that, its like, like crazy, maybe like freestyling, a hot tub or something yeah, a bus, a freestyle, bus, short bus, yeah, sure awesome. So yeah, i think that six inch would be like the perfect um yeah im real. I was excited to see that when they, when they release that and see how the only thing that i i i would like to see, change about this one, the um fx or the f6x – is the the battery connector back here. Um, you know having it on an angle like this most of the fpv pilots like which way does this go that way most of the pilots arent big fans of this, the way it kind of comes out the back that way, it should be straight up straight Up and down yeah or ill, i dont even like the stationary i like the wire to where its got a little bit of wood yeah, for if you crash yeah, i feel like youre going to rip thats going to get ripped. You know i mean some people that may be a great benefit. Some people may just want to re, just do their own, but i dont know you could just fly with it and see what it turns out. Who knows the thing? The nice thing about having something like that is knowing that youre youre not going to be flopping around as much yeah and its wise yeah.

I mean the nice thing about that. It keeps everything stationary and, if youre, putting your if youre putting your battery in there correctly youre youre not going to have an issue with your your battery. So i think those are pretty good points about this quad and this quad is coming up on the channel for review um that mount on the very front. Also like i dont know how this is going to carry the gopro hero 10 as well. Nick had a good point as well um about the six inch feeling a little bit heavy yeah for the gopro hero tanks. Its pretty big. The hero 10 is like that big around the sweaty guys here, its its amazing. I think yeah ive been flying. Ive been flying uh my five inch with my hero, 10, easy um. I feel like the maybe the non. The titan is just heavy itself, and so then you put a hero 10 on it and its just like a little. I guess it depends on you know. I mean the bigger the bigger the drone youre gon na be carrying your hero. 10, the better i mean a six or a seven, be ideal thanks thanks great for the compliment, the comment dude. I appreciate that we try to keep it real and never fake. You guys can tell when im impressed with something i i i get pretty giddy about things um. If i really like something you can tell well this needs that back or back that uh backer nut on here um.

Let me go back through some of the comments here. Im gon na try to answer some questions. You guys have some questions. Why? Why dude? Thank you major major props bro. Thank you for the tip 20 bucks in the house. Nice. Thank you, bro, sir. You just helped pay for our pizza pizza tonight was 29 bucks, give a shout out to him that was sweet. Why why why, oh, why thank you, buddy! Thank you, bro! Thank you for the tip. We can uh be a little closer to that rent this into this month, christmas man, i got to buy my kids christmas presents. I guess it all really depends the size of batteries theyre only six right now, so theyre cheap um. This is your first non dji. Quad cant wait to get it um, Music yeah man were doing a live. Podcast stream, like i feel like this format, will get better over time as we do more of these. This is our first one um. This is our first podcast and were really just trying to make something that you guys could put on thats, pretty nice dude and and listen to learn a little bit about fpv and just all right, general chit chat about fpv yeah. I mean youre, not youre, not going to be hitting anything thats. Actually pretty nice thats, not bad. Look at that battery stopper is in effect, yeah, so the the little post sticking up in the back also kind of acts like a a stopper, so its not going to go off the back too much see there.

You go thats, not bad. As a matter of fact gives you enough room to angle that your gopro at the right angle, yeah without hitting your camera, i mean youre, hitting your battery too much. This quad is pretty much yeah. You made the range its made to fly. Youve got the range with the gopro its its pretty much wanting to have a full size gopro in it, whether its a six, seven or a yeah. I flight did grow on this one. I think i love the led accents on it and stuff thats. I would probably extend the video of the antenna on there, but thats pretty nice thats pretty nice. So this one uh analog goes for 365 dollars. You know coved uh price, but then again youre youre youre buying i flight. So i flight buying and fly uh. Some of the best out there in the world, this company, um the them and gap and catalyst machine works also really nice binding flies. Catalysts might be up around the same price point, but this is a beasty beasty frame. I i mentioned before that. I use this same frame to practice 3d flying like zoe fpd does and i punk the crap out of that dude. Can you pull any videos of that that, at all i dont have that up, but we do have some crashes: um, airplane crashes, quad crashes. All this stuff were going to show but uh, i just have to say the testament of this quad.

This frame, not the six inch arms. The five inch arms like crash after crash after crash after crash in the field um and nothing broke, so that quad is still in the closet for next time. I practice, but this one will be a nice um sort of you know mid range mountains. Some places were not burning up that beach um, but the dji version is like 500 bucks, so analog version 365. The hd version is 500 bucks not cheap, oh my goodness so game on game on game on anybody. Uh been playing decent games. Lately. Oh, you got your uh 107 yy thats awesome, im gon na try to scroll back through and check out. Some questions here. Lets go through lets, go through the chat and morton said no girls and cuffs. Oh man, we need a. We need a female pilot in the podcast. We got a couple here in the northwest. Somebody to keep us straight. Keep us real, not saying anything to your derogatory here. Okay, whats up, i have a question im using iflight crystals, looking to update my diversity antennas on my goggles, so i can push them past four kilometers down here in san diego nice, nice whats, your plan on that san diego go down there, luciano fpv, oh yeah, Yeah you guys should hook up and fly yeah try to bring my stuff down there next time, so youre not uh luciano youre, not getting out past four kilometers.

You can probably do the hack and um make it 000 milliwatt um bring up the vtx to 1000. In the winter you can run 1000 in the summertime. I dont really, i dont know san diego. They stay pretty warm year round down there. I dont know what what the winter conditions are like down there, but you could probably run 1000 in december down there, though i mean its yeah. I would do it, i i dont know i do it im just dumb, i dont know anything. I mean ive run 700 in the summer i mean i, i ran it all summer last summer, but one one thousand three more hundred milliwatt. What do you think? Probably wouldnt itd be okay, its got its got auto shut off, i mean so. If youre um trying to run four kilometers out, you definitely make sure youve got return to home. Make sure you have one of these on there yeah programmed into your uh like dont fly lines. Yeah do not fly long range without gps, yeah and make sure, and if you do make sure you know what youre doing. Nobody really knows what were doing. Even if you have one gps make sure you fly a fresh pack, ah thatll get ya uh yeah fresh pack, dont put the one you just flew back on the quad made that mistake before yeah, because then the gps wont save you all right, great scott. Thanks for the comments were looking for some more questions, you guys have any questions about long range um.

If you youve been six and a half miles out on 500 milliwatt um yeah ive been ive, been three and a half um on about 300 on a wing with just a regular right hand. Circular polarized antenna lately weve been kind of been pushing it out there. In the gorge no ground station um, just my goggles – i dont – have my distance ever set up, though so i never look were never now yeah. So these guys dont fly with uh ground stations, um that i know of nope um, but years past. When im flying airplanes and wings, i will set up a ground station with a 5 8 relay and typically what i do is 1.3 or 2.4 2.4 is a smaller setup about half the size if youre doing 1.3 1.3 is just more traditional, but what you want, If youre doing a ground station on a tripod go find yourself a nice pepper box and i use a double pepper box, you guys know about the pepper box. Yup some people make their own. You can even make your own pepper box, but its a little more of a narrow beam, so you kind of have to stay sort of in the smaller radius of a cone in front of you. You cant really fly too much to the side or too much of this side. Definitely not behind. You. Ive lost video messing around like close proximity behind myself. So gps again, you want to field test.

Your gps before you go out, fly along field test. Anything before you try and fly if youve heard the fail safe switch on there go out, fly it out, make sure youre, 100 meters, 100 yards out yeah its uh 300 300 feet for a better flight inside the 300 foot circle. If you press rtl, it will actually drop to the ground yeah. I learned that the hard way had to go drive. My car jump, a fence run over top of blackberries to get to my to my quad blackberries yep. I think it was a bird sanctuary too. Oh, my goodness, of course its always always it was always a bird sanctuary, always a blackberry bush always always thorns involved in recovering if its not up in a tree and theres an arborist involved. So i i actually um in my van. I keep uh two main things. I keep in my van when im going to fly if im doing any kind of range flying or airplane or wing flying. I always keep like a long machete, a pair of gloves, and i i keep like about 45 feet of pvc pipe and and a roll of gorilla tape. I was getting the quad out of a tree one day and this little little guy walked up. Actually, no was the um was that silly airplane that i had. That was like a vtol that i reviewed a while back uh. This thing took off the first flight and flew off to the side and crashed into a tree about.

I dont know 35 feet up. So i had to drive home, go get some pvc pipe didnt. Have it that day i came back and duct taped it all up. Uh. I had like 35 feet of pvc pipe and this little kid walks up. He was like very confident hes, like thats, not gon, na work. I think he was like seven years old hes like its not thats, not gon, na work. What are you doing me? Buddy ive done this before were gon na get it down. He was like not gon na work and his parents were standing there like laughing and theyre like yeah hes, pretty confident kid im like yeah hell fly fpv one day, hell probably be flying uh, augmented reality. So do you want to look at this other quad here? Um yeah, so the other quad that we have on the roster that were talking about tonight is the axis mamba axis flyings at it again the last time they did something. It was the uh, the af4, eight motored, the the x8. I think its called um two minute flight time so really quickly, uh that kind of killed itself off, but they they kind of came back out with a new battery. That gives you a longer flight time, so i have some of them over here, like 4s 1100s. I believe from axis flying that you can now get uh three or four minutes out of but its loud.

It sounds like a 10 inch uh with an attitude so that one didnt get super popular, but i think the mamba should be actually kind of a competitor to you know some of the ifly offerings look at this. This is very similar frame, the just the straight. The stretch x is opposite its not long. You know dont. Let anybody why freak out and start saying its a clone, its a class, its not a its a long versus wide right yeah. So this ones you can. You can tell its a little longer front to back um. I forgot what they called this type of frame, its like a side, sideways x or a straight a straight, a stretch x and a white. I mean im im clueless um, so anyway, theyre correct, um long body in the center. This xc60 is up front, uh gopro mount we have. These are the af227 1950 kv motors on this one um the zing motors are coming in at 1500, 25.06. So a little bigger i like that these are these. Are nice look at the the beautiful anodized aluminum on there thats really nice, those are pretty nice. Those are blingy. They kind of look like a christmas ornament. Super nice uh, but then again, like zing motors, are really some of my favorites, really nice thick coils on the bottom nice stator. They feel really smooth. They dont feel super notchy. So i think itd be a nice smooth motor, but axis is going to give them a little bit of competition as well, because its called the manta.

Actually, it has a really nice bottom plate check this out, isnt that sweet its a little bling bling on the bottom. You know, thats a nice attention to detail that i havent seen a lot of companies do, and i feel, like i said this before about axis. I feel like theyre, trying really hard to impress us um almost to the point of like companies that first come into fpv are like. Oh, i got ta, you know we got ta reinvent the wheel here we got ta re engineer everything you dont really have to do that. To impress our community you just have to make a really cool, simple frame. Keep it simple, whats up im just reading some of the comments um, you just have to keep it simple. If youre a brand new fpd company, you come out with some really clean designs and people like simple um. One of the things about this one is that it does have the flight controller is inside this metal box, its all in one um uh looks like we have some uarts on the outside, which is very cool. If you want to add some things over here on this side, you have usb c port, so thats kind of cool right, and we have anodized aluminum side plates up front. That reminds me of like something like diatom stretch, tax and squished x, all right there. It is somebody corrected us there. There you go squish x, thats.

What im talking about. I knew somebody corrected, so this is the squash. Thank you for the reminder and the stretch so um i was flying stretch x, holy crap. I think they first came out around 2015 2014 for the stretch x, and some of you know who made some of the first actual standard x, quad frames out there. Does anybody have any guess you guys know who one of the first companies was that made a stretch x kit? I mean im talking im talking all the way back to like zmr 250 days, some of the first kits that started coming out. No idea that were diy custom builds uh, the only ones that the only frames that i was working were were the nighthawk frames back. Then nighthawks was the zmr or the nighthawk frames at the time yeah it was one or the other yep um. Anybody in the chat. Guess it. You guys know: oh cool adrian im, glad the channel got you into fpv nice. You still have the ifly vertigo nice dude, huckleberry, thats awesome. You still have that. I sent that to you that frame um. So some of the first true x, we call them truex back in the day. You guys remember that um fbv newbies, we used to call them truex, so um yeah. This is not a true. This is a stretch and, like my man said, this is a squash, but there used to be a true x, meaning no squash no stretch and gep rc was one of the first companies that came out with frame kits that had a true x and i believe One of the original kids was called the the chum, the champ champ from the chimp.

I remember that remember the chimp. I think you hooked me up with one of them and they had a strange thing that they had going back in those days um. You did have this classic long body, but when they came out with that x they did uh. Some of you guys might remember this. It was like a squared up 30 by 30 flight controller uh tall stack, so we had everything in a tall stack in the center like a square and the camera was actually mounted up inside the side plates. I think somebody was asking about the weight of both of these two quads. Okay, you guys want to see a props off comparison, um. One thing that i see the axis got right, just looking at it sitting there on the table, those antennas look at the difference. In the antennas here, okay tbs crossfire on both of these stock. Okay, but look at the antenna on the axis: they got it right. I mean ones, analog and ones digital as well. This is analog. This is digital, youll, probably get better signal anyway, even though you have a shorty antenna on this, because its dji um well, one one is – is like more of a a freestyle, long range rig from what i could tell this. One is built for long, ranging mid range. I light up some. We got to be careful how we use the term long range. Some people may get bucks well, everybodys definition yeah.

So i like to call it range range flying because youre flying within your range and thats what i like to call it anyway, but anyways um uh that ones definitely a range flyer. I because i feel like thats something you would want to. Maybe you know serve here in the gorge. The nice thing about flying digital hero where we fly in the gorge. Is that theres a lot of no interference out there so were flying in a very clean atmosphere where were able to fly pretty far proximity and still have very clean video and rarely ever have any uh radio issues either? So i mean it all depends on your atmosphere. So if you, if youve, got a lot of uh noise, thats going to be a factor that you want to take consideration if youre going to be doing any kind of long range, just make sure youre out in the middle of nowhere helps um. So you guys have any questions. Dude, the beer is definitely doing its job yeah. Whatever that means weve only had weve only had a couple. I actually owned, my first one, so no im not there. Yet you guys not there yet. Give me give me a couple more beers, its friday night and uh. You know we should do right now. You guys we should try to play some of the uh, the crashes oh yeah, so i went through my hard drive and i got some of the funnier crashes yo.

Louise welcome back yo. It is portland. You know how we roll in portland right. You know how we do its oregon bros welcome to the podcast all right, um after we show some crashes were going to talk about the smart 16 um. If you guys have any questions about smart 16 start thinking about that, also think about any questions you have about the f 6 x or the f 6 d. I wish they would make two models. It makes me have to say both of those i forget, sometimes which ones which all right lets do it lets. Do some crashes here im gon na try to pull this up um im working with some obs software? So if anybody has any tips about that be sure to uh hit me up on social media, all right crash number one here we go ive got three crash clips here i do crash as well todays crashes and bashes. Here we go all right. This was actually oh yeah, so so this this plane was for review. Um uh was the side fpv, it was the um. I can pretty much set up anything this time and fly it plane. Wise and planes are easily easy, but for some reason this thing had barrel rolling. I think i had a bad servo and this is what happens when you come in contact with a bad servo um, especially for your maiden that one sucks all right lets go lets.

Go to clip number two, so um. Can you guys hear any sound on those videos when we play those videos, can you hear any sound, so i have no idea, so you guys say um luis. You want me to mute. The video is having a hard time with the voiceover and the video sound. You have a hard time hearing us mute the videos yeah, okay, all right ill ill. I dont know if i can mute the videos dudes uh. Do you got the video full up volume up? You got volume controls right there, um no thats, not the same yeah thats, not the thats, not the video for them; thats, not the volume for the media, thats, the input capture, scroll down, mic aux podcast, intro, okay, okay, let me see if i can crash two. You got ta crash two real high right. Now all right were cutting that back. Here we go okay. Does that work you guys? Hopefully we cut it back on that one yeah, so that was that was a short clip just manually control of the volume when youre uh playing that video all right. Next one um cool that the audio comes through, because you know what on my intro, i was really hoping that our fancy little everything fpv intro, worked out so im going to try to do this really fast here, and this next clip has like four or five Crashes, hey whats up bob bobby welcome to the podcast.

Is that old bob bob bob bob? What up bob long time no see buddy? Some sound is good man, louise youre, so ah youre so picky louise. I love you man, okay crash number. Three luis is like no sound, some sound a little bit of sound. Well, you got the sound bars all over the place on there. Uh these other mic theyre, just not really not really working out the aux. Mics dont dont actually work um its all about the input capture so crash. Number three im gon na try to turn the sound down on that luis wants a little bit of sound were gon na. Do hey were gon na. Do what you want, luis okay, all right lets all do what luis wants all right, im sure luis has very good input. Okay, you know you know. Luis is one of those dudes that like um youre stoned um, he could do. He could do his own podcast or youtube channel and be just as popular as anybody else out there um he. He is hes like another um, very smart, technical guy that could easily get into this, but he has a. He has a real job all right here. We go were gon na. Try this really quickly, turning the volume down, maybe this ones not having any volume. So that was a snow crash. That is never good! You know, anytime, you crash in snow, oh thats, not good. Oh, there goes another.

There goes the gopro gopro hopped off the quad scraggle, oh my god that one jumped out there yo witchs claw. Oh hey watch this. You guys watch this. It was on the street actually. So this is a plane. I never even got to review because the flight controller was wonky. This was sitting in the garage right now and it never worked out and there goes. Oh man Laughter, ridiculous man. I look ridiculous dressing. All black look at me and this one. Actually, this ones bad. The wire burned up the motor it caught my lamp and burned up the motor, oh wow, so i never got to review that quad and that was on purpose right there. This one was on purpose: oh nice, in the water, yeah fishing dress, splash, drone three dude adrian adrian. Thank you for the tip. Thank you for the tip. This is my. This is my day job. Thank you. Thank you. So much guys for the tips super sweet. Adrian, when the drone crashes in the water – oh man, i appreciate that. Thank you. So that was todays crashes um. We were saying like if you guys have crashes that you want to submit well do like crash of the week. If i can get a clip, if im friends with you on social media, just drop me a clip yeah, we all have them. I mean dm me, your crashes. It was just fun to watch your reaction or whatever make a little clip mm.

Hmm im sure these guys have a crash reel. Oh, i sure do yeah, probably some i dont have any ready for us that were not, but i definitely have allowed out there actually yeah. I was looking at my youtube channel. I have some crashes when i first started flying i used to go fly on my lunch. It was hot great at work, id go fly, my lunch break and i was flying out back and i had this little like two inch. King kong thing like way back in the day flying around and a prop flew off like mid flight, and it fell in the only puddle of water like in that field, and i had like had to put that on and i hadnt watched that video in a Long time so i watched it the other day, so yeah definitely have some some crash video. I dont know what it is about like there could be like one puddle right, its just one, puddle magnet like it hasnt rained in like six days. One puddle be the one creek nearby too the one creek nearby. I lost a 4k camera and a drone and like a nice five inch with a 4k cam and a in like a a pond in the middle of nowhere like it was the only pond. No small pond yeah its still there yeah and i lost one of the church too. So if anybody wants to go over to uh the church, while i fly all the time, if you know where that is, go pick it up its its in the frog pond.

Yeah its the old frog come on old water makes some great videos, but it also is not forgiving. If anything goes down, dude huckleberry, you still have the king kong 90 gt. That was a good clock. That was it. That was it i actually. I still have it um. I bought a new flight controller and stuff from it because i love im. Thats, like i love to fly, ive learned that i really do love like the five inch and six inch, but, like i got into fpv flying tiny loops and like little like two inch things. Those are kind of like what im sucked for the smart like yeah. Oh dont, you have thats freaking, awesome, thats, smaller ducted, uh whoops that you have. They came in uh yeah. I have a uh one that i was talking about recently in the smart 16 review. Um everybodys really hot on this one right now. So if youre looking for something small to fly, that you can fly indoors, outdoors freestyle two batteries, um two batteries on this one, this ones 2s, around 130 bucks without a receiver. I put an xm plus on there. Its got one s 380 batteries on here um and it rips so uh. This ones awesome. I know nick burns broke his. You know. Oh yeah things happen um. So this is a really awesome one, the other alternative and its actually not cheap, but not much cheaper because um since cobid, you know, prices have gone up.

This used to be 80 bucks. This is now like uh, i think its 110.. So, if youre going to spend 110 on well this one, which is a really good quad, this is kind of mostly indoor. It comes with one little 1s 300 milliamp batteries, its only a 1s steel um youre, not gon na youre, not going to hurt a karen with one of these but um. I just say that i would spend the extra money and go for the the 16.. If you hit somebody with this, though its going to hurt theyre going to be pissed um, because this little guy does like, i would say it does 40 miles an hour on a full tilt. If you put this camera all the way up, full shoot full of huge yeah, its fast and its fun. I wish i had like eight batteries for this thing because, but i i feel like you could put um a stopper on this and fly 1s yeah like the little oh yeah, ph 2.0 stopper, whatever they call that guys in the chat remind me what thats called Dongle dingle dangle dangle jingle dangle ph 2.0 um, but you can upgrade this one x. You can cut these off. This is probably gon na build in right, cut those off right. There take this off and put an xt 30 on here. Oh thats um right yeah. I put a link down below to a battery im gon na recommend for that yeah, but this ones the jam this ones the jam.

You can check out the links down below um for that one this. If, if you want something for indoors nice, what receivers do you recommend for the smart 16? You know what dude i was talking about that um in the review. I i so theres a theres, a tbs crossfire version, but for three and a half minute flight time do you really need crossfire? I mean man, ive been putting tracer on all my little micros and i really love it like. I just put one one antenna on it, because you dont you dont need diversity on the micro all right here we go so yeah. Here we go thats what thats? Just because i have a mambo and im tired of putting my crossfire like module in and out of it. So now, which quad is this thats uh, the hummingbird f4 uh its a little like thats great, its got a great little tune out of the box? Um its been my one that i fly around my condo is that my drone i like yeah, we got ta cover up those logos, theyre, not sponsoring this podcast. I have to fly ducks because i have some cats that bat, at my drones from time to time. Yeah, maybe hope uh i dont want to hurt, hurt my cats but yeah that thing it its a little turn it around. So it doesnt know there you go, you guys, can look at the back, theres no logos on the back theres, the the the tracer antenna on top.

It works great yeah. Here we go and then weve got ive also been flying this guy uh its thats. The one were flying christmas lights with the other night yeah. This is, i fly its my little like ducted hd drone, some christmas lights flying check that out it cruises around it. Yeah yeah thats all right. I think i should have got the 85 its the a75. I think the a85 would have been a little bit better, but but yeah i mean it does. It does well its a great little. I thought i wanted an hd, an hd ducted thing to fly fly around indoors. Dont want to take off like that. Oh i got a bad prop. Oh you got your xt30 up here. Oh yeah thats how it fly. You got to stick it through the dust. Stick it up and then everythings tight, thats right thats how you plug in your battery yeah whenever you guys take off youre, not doing it. That way, then youre not doing it right make sure you run your battery up through the duct yeah like that and then plug it around yeah thats, how you get rid of the loose wire full contact. Yeah take the wire out, like so ive actually started, fires that way, ive had some that i plugged in and uh. They just blew up in the grass like one i plugged in it blew up, and there was like a campfire like a plastic campfire, and there was snow on the ground.

That day. I dont know that plastic consists of a campfire, its a homeless, its a horrible homeless, portland homeless campfire. Definitely some plastic. Oh my god. I forget the name of that company. I dont think they exist anymore um, but yeah ive been liking the tracer. But i agree if, honestly, if you can like just use the sp8, if you could, if you have a fr sky, uh controller and the sp8 doesnt burn out, i i dont know i hear mixed reviews and sometimes they go out on the inboard on the on Board but im kind of i agree with justin i i would rather not have the extra added weight of the receiver. If i could do it, but okay is it naked. So is what naked um daniel to address your question? What receiver would i okay im gon na tell you what one i would put on the smart 16., the one thats on there is the xm plus ive been about a mile and a half out on an xm plus they are 10 bucks and they bind up To any trans radio without having to have the module in there, if you want better penetration, um get the tracer. Next nix will go places that this and this receiver wont. I did fly some christmas lights from the car the other day. He can fly around downtown around buildings and shoot concrete gaps that this one might fail. Safe yeah, so um xm plus, is for something that, if youre going to fly it out in a field with some random trees, flying downtown um, go tbs, crossfire or tracer um, but yeah.

How much are the tracers? How much those cost? I think i got. I think it was like 35 bucks, it is its not cheap. I mean if i havent experimented with the lrs, but i ive those new boards that have the lrs built. In i mean if i yeah ive been tempted, i have. I havent made the jump, but ive been tempted to buy an els module just so i can get one of those micro boards with the built in receivers because thats the one thing that i that i see as an advantage to els is they now beta beta Fpv happy, if you dont, have to add any weight with the receiver, and you can have that the coverage of the lrs i just havent, i havent made that leap and bought those. This is the beta fpv micro, lite tx. This ones doing really well. Ive heard good things about the new 2.0, the ers 2.0, and it makes me almost want to buy one, but you know youve been going crazy, lately, thats. Why thats, why i put the brakes on it? For me, nick is in by buy mode right now, so um any of the companies that are listening. If you guys, you know, want to have uh email nick hell buy it whatever you have thats new, coming out email nick. Maybe this is full size crossfire. This one look diegos head right: there, no crossfire head hes, going to sleep, you guys, but this one is the one that you want to use if youre thinking about flying 15 miles.

If you want to fly 15 20 miles out, you have your ham, radio license and faa clearance. You get mega mega range with this um, but not not for newbies, not for beginners. This used to be 200 bucks, and now i think you can get the full size one with a little display screen and the joystick there its also a push button um it has its always had the xc30 on the bottom as well, for extra battery support, wi Fi bluetooth super easy, wi, fi bluetooth. It also auto updates the receivers which ive always loved about crossfire, and you can pair it up with something super nice like this diamond antenna, uh and youll have something that will likely never fail safe on you and again, if youre flying this, you should have gps On your quad and the most awesome thing about flying gps on something like a long range rig, is that ive been cruising down a river before and fail safe over a river, but i was running gps. So what happens when you fail safe with gps? Excuse me what now i wasnt, even listening, kids arent paying my interest. It goes up and starts to fly back to where you, where you started so youre in full mode, youre in full tilt, acro flying down the river down safe and then first thing that this thing will do is the auto levels and then begins to rise. And then rises, so instead of just fail safe and you know into the rock like you normally would, without gps, the the gps will save your ass um, basically so fly on medium range or long range definitely have gps or flying crossfire.

You always should have gps um. I have friends like in the past who flew wings with me. I wont i wont name drop, but he knows who he is um. He would fly wings with us with crossfire receiver and hed fly out like two miles with us. Like wing tip the wingtip, with no gps or flight controller, just straight receiver and full manual full manual on the wing full manual uh, you know a little bit of expo exponential in the the radio to soften up the controls. But he was like balls to the wall with no uh gps whatsoever, wow thats wild wild. We might know who that is. I think i know what youre talking about, but now hes doing full builds. He does full builds, but hes been doing full builds for a long time. Uh miyagi did did before, but this is somebody else. Miyagis been doing full full build for a long time. You live vancouver bc, nice, nice, harold, the drums lease in vancouver bc. Horrible effort, are they bad up there yeah ive heard i dont know. Dont quote me on that north of ontario wheres everybody from tonight got some canadians in the house representing the maple leaf nice. Where does my flight ship from uh? I flight ships from china, or i think they might have us warehouse banggood – has a u.s warehouse. So anytime, you guys are trying to buy something, make sure you get it from the us warehouse.

Definitely theres an option on the banggood website like cn, is china and then usa, most of the stuff, mostly the same thing, so vanguard now has uh warehouses in california. I believe, sometimes, when i get something new, it comes from the california warehouse, the micro one with that adapter iowa weve got uh mission bc, nice ontario, india, welcome west virginia whats up or the jumper light seattle. He has a seattle, uh multi, rotor sweatshirt right over there. Oh yeah represent right with any of these people yeah. Some of you guys so pal kind of is, is in old seattle. You know that was those races were up. There mm hmm the pro ariel league yeah, trying to pull out my jersey yeah. It was very short bitter. We had what like two races. I think i dont remember it good times when i was first getting into fpv like um. Yeah miyagi got mad at me because i wouldnt multi gp, but i wasnt a good racer, i kind of suck at racing so yeah expensive. I mean i know he wanted to push me to be the best um and he meant well, but i just im just not a very good racer. I beat i beat ryan evans in a race um only because ryan crashed and Laughter, i won cheers, but still he doesnt mean i watched through these comments. This is too far away. Hey you know, um, you know who the guy, who wins an fpv race, the guy that doesnt correct the guy that doesnt crash, not always the guy whos fastest, slow and steady, wins the race right.

So unless youre racing something yeah clinton or somebody like that. Anybody i dont know what the fast guys are: clinton, uh, uh kyle, the rc car champion kyle, and then, who was the guy that raced at uh uh, the one kid that was super fast, that raced at uh portland, raceway theres, a lot of kids that are Super fast up and coming these days i dont know dude thats why i dont race racing racings for kids. You can find me perched somewhere on top of them um. Let me see protogenesis robogenesis yeah. He was he like robo genesis, yeah. That sounds like a name. I wouldnt even want to fly yeah. He was robin with us for a while. He flew with us for a while. He won the like simulator a bunch of times and went to new york to try out for drl but um. He would always like crush the sims, but when he went to crl into the in real life he always there was always something that went wrong, so he like but yeah when he raced with us down here yeah. He was like racing against some rope yeah. He was ai, it was just crazy. It was difficult trying to keep up with this or even think you could even keep up with him yeah yeah. He was a good kid. I think hes trying to race again these days i recently heard uh robogenesis or something daniel. Are you saying youre over 50? Are you saying were 50.

? You guys know a lot of dudes studying fpv at 50 years old? Oh, oh um! You know it doesnt matter. What age you are honestly um as long as you can still see, are we thats kind of important, oh well, thats kind of important be able to see. Yeah has nothing to do with your age, which is a good thing for you guys. Some of you guys not me, diego, maybe yeah old man, so smart 16. I talked about that that was on my list. We made a list of things to talk about tonight, yeah um. We were writing this list, youre going to show them. The list like this is our prep. Well, you know when you do a podcast, you want to have like something taped up on. You know taped up on the wall and uh. You know im sure joe rogan has like a list of things that are on the wall that needs to cover with each guest um, but were not quite that. I dont know that that goes that this formats, like that at all um. So we talked about six and seven inch um and one of the things that i was kind of driving home recently about my unboxing of of the f6 x see. I can still say that after one beer, um was that six is kind of the happy medium in between the five and seven so where some people feel like seven is too big.

Five is kind of like a park flyer i mean you can get it out there. We were just talking about the other day how you fly five inches sometimes, and you go a little further than you probably should with your five. But you know, six is always feeling a little more comfortable than a five when youre flying range, um yeah, it just feels more comfortable carrying a gopro, and you can carry a more comfortably bigger battery on there without over cumbersome. Your rig, i mean also with a five youre gon na get like three minutes, no, its, not that i mean its just a matter of how youve got your your your drone built, i mean yeah now i agree. I think the the six inch can carry a bigger battery without sacrifice like five inch you try to youre like oh, i want some more flight yeah. Let me throw a bigger value down there and there you go youre trying to do long range, youre, definitely going to be pushing your limits and youre also going to be pushing the battery size to try and get whatever youre trying to capture. If youre trying to capture it, so i mean youre, youre six inches is going to be youre. Just gon na be more better off trying to go with the six or seven. If youre gon na be doing some range writing. You know luis luisi, cracked me out. Dude what whats whats louises bicker now he just said: im blind! Oh dude! I know ive seen your glasses bro.

That is no joke. Im! Glad im, glad that you can, like you know, make jokes um thats, rude dude! I ive ive been having eye checkups recently because im getting to the age where i should be wearing glasses every year your lens fills another layer, but yeah will we still fly? Do you have diopters louise diopters diopters? It sounds like that. Do you have diapers diapers? Those sky zones are focusing in whats up j drone j drone, fpv whats up whats up whats up welcome to dude nice. We need to have like a separate monitor for the chat like make it bigger yeah. I cant see your goddamn thing blowing up on the wall in the background, so you can see the chat. You guys come a little closer nicks younger than both of us, though i love it all right. There we go so um, oh yeah man, a lot of you guys are from kind of like fairly close to this region, except for the exception of like people from new zealand and um india theres a lot of northwest guys in here tonight. Um and i got ta tell you man, we have some of the most amazing places to fly. Diego goes out to the coast, a lot, and i mean some you should you should see this guys, instagram uh. I was telling him the other day that he has way better, more professional footage than any of the stuff that you guys have ever seen on my channel, diego.

The colombian bean is his uh instagram. You should go and do a follow on that, because you will see some of the most epic oregon youve ever seen so thats. I dont know about that. No seriously hes humble about it, but every time he sends me a new clip on my phone um somewhere and im like holy crap, thats amazing, so um like yeah, im, im, im, im, im inflating him right now, but its the truth. So over the weed fields, diego the what weed fields, diego, i think, thats, all it is here in oregon, no uh fly over the weed fields. Southern oregon. I tried to get some somebody to. Let me fly over one of those fields, one time thats all and they all grow the good stuff indoor i mean it might be hemp fields outdoor here, but well. I guess nice from the sierra mountains what up decent hope. You got some sick footage of the sierras right now. Yeah theyre, probably getting dumped on yeah, go uh waterproof a drone indiana the fields of gold bro fly into that snow. Anybody gon na be flying tomorrow morning. Anybody getting their things charged up tonight to go. Get it tomorrow morning, whos charging right now, yeah, you guys are gon na pass now lets lets get some uh some as oh uh, oh girlfriend, oh kids are asleep. I got ta leave ill, see you guys later yeah podcast over lots of snow fully stopped for the weekend.

Nice. Nice! Oh oh, play more videos party, foul party, foul, oh in the snow, into the snow. I put my phone down and it hit the spacebar. Well, spacebar thatd be a good fpv name. Spacebar fpv i dont know. Why sounds cool well, do you want to wrap this up or you want to continue going for a little while youve got anything else to show um, so at this point were kind of out of our uh curriculum of what we wanted to cover. If you guys have any suggestions on what we should talk about next week, free um give us give us a uh. Your thoughts, i know, were not that entertaining, but well try one of the things that um that i have coming up to to talk about. Some things that are coming up is, i have the diatone taken, which is the the latest and greatest one with the leds. Um carl sent me that and im gon na. Do this series and im trying to talk to iflight to get them to send me um their new pro tec, like the giant one its like a giant 6s one that will lift like a full sized camera lifter type thing yeah center lifter. I have my sony. Zv1 – and i keep telling eye flight – send me that quad, so i can fly my zv1 on it um and then maybe ill get some footage almost as good as diegos. Probably not i dont know about them, you, you do good um, but we also have some airplanes coming up.

Ive been sent multiple copies of some fpd airplanes. So if you guys are into that, if you want to get started flying an fpv yeah, what are we? What are you going to be working on this week? Um this next week coming up? I have machines who knows to build uh, we have. We should build shoes and some chase. We got an extra one today. So for some reason, maybe eachine semi one hands. Bang good get banged um, so yeah theyre called the mobile im, not sure if happy model is happy with that, but uh theyre called the mobile and by the way you have to be 14 plus for this. Oh yeah activity – and i also have something over here – that is 14 14, so you have to be fourteen. You have to be to play with the double sided stunt car its enforced um. Look at that fourteen fourteen and up dangerous seriously seriously eachine the ec10 double sided. Look its the dude its 14 months enough yo, its a dunk car thats, a freaking, dumb, thats hilarious, proofreading proofreading. It reminds me of the lost in translation raptor. Maybe i did the cover for that box, yeah 14 and up dude. That is funny 14 months enough. It is kind of it is kind of a dunk car. It is kind of a dunk car.