Some people into the chat should take a few minutes to get everybody in the room. Welcome to wednesday night podcast were doing a podcast tonight because its christmas eve in a few days so um were gon na, be doing things with families and santas coming soon. So all right, a couple people coming in the room here, bike riding – you know you pedaling around the city. If the weather weather permits could be a nice day, maybe to even get some uh christmas lights and oh yeah go go, get some cracks in somewhere might be able to join you. Maybe christmas eve, some snow packs all right guys. Welcome everybody to the room to tonights podcast were having an early podcast whats up wisconsin. We normally have it on friday, nights at 7 p.m, pacific standard time, but tonight were doing a little early. All right, almost 10 people in the room welcome guys crack hey crack. Your beers whats up im, not drinking diegos, not drinking tonight we have uh some unicorns some high life and we have some mushroom beer. What do you guys think the ill tempered gnome winter ale is that appropriate? Are you guys scared of mushroom mail from oregon whats up spiff, hey man, you did make it bro. You did make it. I wish you were here on the stream. You have to come, be a guest pilot some night. All right guys were gon na go ahead and drop that fun, intro and then were gon na get started.

Okay, just just make sure you know whats pretty funny. I dont believe the intro played you dont, think so freaking amateurs, you dont think it played. Did it play? Who knows, i think i have to push this button start streaming. All right, yeah were gon na were probably not gon na play. Any extra videos tonight were just gon na talk about fpv and this this we dont have obs set up tonight so screw it um i wanted to. Oh, maybe i can do it shushing my buddies. No hell, no bro, they shush me theyre in charge. So obs is um our podcast software that we use you have to put in a key for the stream and apparently its not quite set up so tonight i was in a hurry. I got stuck in traffic for an hour and a half holiday traffic. I mean illinois holy trafficking, big city in portland, shopping traffic, sucks portland. I was last minute shopping monday, so yeah, but i was in target yesterday. It was like about 85 karens coming out front door, just waiting for me to do something wrong. Wanted a tiny loop. Pretty much everywhere i went because you could kind of hide somewhere and no one will find you theres. So many people right or they would just be like wait. You know playing a video game play nintendo switch nintendo switch thats. What im doing alone im not doing anything wrong? Whats up luis welcome to the stream.

Welcome mr spat, kai ross. We can make this screen a little bit bigger, so the guys can see the chat. Last week it was hard for them to read the chats. We got to get like a second monitor going or something for you guys, yeah. We got to get something figured out, so good news is tomorrow. The nazcal evoke f6x review drops and um. So far, am i flying for this quad? It might not surprise you but um if i was gon na, buy a five six or seven right now and if i could have just one quad for next year. It might actually be this quad um, and that says a lot about this squad, because it has everything on here that i would want, as an experienced fpv pilot larger a little bit larger motors than normal gps. Weve got the option to run gopro uh hd system on here everything i would probably extend this antenna in the back, but thats thats literally. All i would do to this quad, and i would take this anywhere on fpv road trips with these guys and fly it like. You know, out at the coast or yeah um. Diego knows all about six inch and we were talking about six inch last week on the podcast, how its kind of the happy medium the sweet center spot of between five and seven inch, for, i would say, medium range. I cant really say long range yeah.

I dont know it seems like youve got to be careful with throwing that word around i mean some people would get it roll, what type of gold. So what is long range? What is long range and everybody has a different opinion of long range if youre a newbie uh one mile might be long range right, so i mean we could go around the room and ask everybody what their, what their mile is considered long range for that specific Pilot so well start with nick and ask nick whats his definition of what the threshold for him would be for long range. With his experience, oh gosh, i mean honestly in mikes, i havent put a like the any of the numbers up on my osd, so probably ive probably been about two two miles out max, maybe probably more closer to a mile and a half just where i feel Comfortable, just because, usually i have a lot invested in my stuff, and i havent done the things that i need to feel comfortable to like really just like, send it out um and yeah. I probably need to fix my os. I have at least a couple quads with uh gps, so i need to actually set that up but yeah, honest honestly. Probably in my i was just telling diego the other day. Uh rangefinder would be fun to have just because we always when were out driving. We kind of like stop and were like.

I wonder if we could fly that id like to have a range finder to just be like oh, is: is that close enough or is an optical illusion, so yeah id say about a mile and a half two miles? Probably the longest i pushed it, but what would what would your your definition whats your threshold for the holy grail of what you consider to be long range miles, wise man, i mean i. I think that like two miles is probably is this long range? In my opinion, because once you get past that where i were where we are theres, you get too much theres things in the way and and you cant go like any further comfortably. Like i mean yeah, i guess two months, two miles: okay, okay, um. What about diego i dont know, i guess it all really depends on the batteries kind of my limiting um. But what do you consider like whats like like what you see on the internet, or i mean i dont, know theres all kinds of long range from ive. Seen some people with some really ultralight planes that are sending it out 60 40 kilometers out, which is pretty far in my opinion. I dont know that i would be ever be comfortable flying anything that far out um. Personally, i think ive only flown out, maybe a mile or two out at most um. What i feel comfortable flying at is probably within a half to a mile away.

Is a nice comfortable zone because i i generally can you know stream something that far away? If, if i happen to lose it thats another pacific northwest like yeah, we think about train and yeah. The terrain is definitely a dictator. What like, why i dont want to go yeah if it happens to feel safe, yeah its like the terrain, is definitely a dictator. For me, too, i mean the the thing about it is: is a lot of people think they can go out and fly long range and kind of dip dive as they go, and you can to a certain point as long as youre running gps, if youre running Gps on the back, your machine, theres, going to be a couple factors that limit how far out you get the less dipping. You can do the further away from your transmitter. You get unless youre perched and youre flying from a high angle down yeah. You say youre three miles this way, but youre dipping through a canyon if youre up above your machine, youre, going to get the best line of sight signal down to it down to that camera right if youre down in the bottom of the trench and youre trying To fly three miles away and youre dip diving down into the deck thats going to be kind of recipe for a fail safe. So typically, what a lot of people around the world do? Is they perch? I call it a perch.

We go find the highest spot on a mountain or a ridge somewhere, and we drop off a cliff, so ive maidened, fpv wings off the side of cliffs out on the coast over top of water, and thank god that the setup was right because it flew off And i was able to go down the beach but uh thats. What you want to do, if youre flying line of sight to keep you want to keep it in line of sight between your transmitter and your quad, the minute you dip behind a canyon wall or something like that, even if its crossfire, you do have a chance To fail safe and if the gps is there, itll nose the quad up and bring you back up, and once you get above that threshold where that wall is, you can kind of regain signal and continue on your flight. You dont have to come all the way back to home, but thats mostly what gps is for uh any other instance of total loss of radio communication would be just a total flyback which ive had before, which is completely scary, because with some planes, theyll come back And theyll rotate around the home point um and until the battery dies, basically until the battery dies, theyll circle and eventually youll get your plane back, maybe in a few pieces but youll get it back, which is better than nothing but my definition of long range um. I used to like some of you guys know.

I flew fpv on single rotor and and traditionally we set up a 1.3, so that kind of was easy for me to get into long range, because i was already using a a system that would go out pretty far and just setting up tripod and ground station And pepper box and all that stuff could get us out there miles and miles, but my personal definition of long range probably is like 50 miles uh, mainly because uh traditionally i fly fpv long range with an airplane. A fixed wing quads can only go so far. Uh, unless theyre gigantic and somehow theyre made feather light at the same time, so theres theres a theres, a kind of a catch 22 with multi rotor long range versus fixed wing long range because with fixed ring long range, you can cut the motors and you can Glide, quite a bit i mean some of the guys in russia are doing 11 000 feet 15 000 feet even some guys here in the us theyre not supposed to be. I dont do that faa. If youre listening so uh um and we you know, we try to stick to our our limits, especially most time were flying were flying were not completely in the middle of nowhere. Uh theres, usually people around wherever you go nowadays, so its not super smart to fly. Like you know, thousands of feet up uh, but the general rule, the golden rule of fdb long range, is higher as you go, so you start out low and as you as you go, your mile increments youre supposed to be going higher and higher as you go.

The reason is because the curvature of the earth will actually cut your signal as well, so theres, quite a few things that you can learn. As you start to venture further and further out um. I havent been that far out to have the curvature of the earth affect my aircraft, but um. That is the theory thats the theory that im trying to teach you guys um, so thats, really good information for you to know. If youre interested in that most of you guys wont, go past a mile or two um, so you know thats a long way to walk or hike down into a canyon to find your. So the earth is flat. I was waiting for those. I was gon na, say something, but here we go figured somewhere eating the punch yeah. I dont know its time to crack a beer yeah. What are you guys drinking tonight? Are you guys having some beers weve got some high life here, for you guys you guys ready going for the break. We got a corn, we got a 12 pack of high life, come on keeping it real. Well, the fpv podcast has highlight keeping it classy classic cheers guys were going to pretend this is friday night. So merry christmas happy hanukkah its over with, but whatever you celebrate, uh voodoo ranger, nice juicy. I, like juicies, you guys like juicies juicies, what juicy beer, diego doesnt drink, yeah im pretty sure ive had some juice nick for it yeah you like a little bit of splash of juice in there.

Oh, is that what you mean? I think so. Am i wrong? No, am i wrong about that is the juicy shoots. Is it no thats fresh squeeze and theres like sour, ales and all kinds of stuff? Portland has the most breweries of any town in the country per capita per capita, not in strip clubs, its per capita? So you cant, you cant, go around throwing that same per cap, because people call yeah per capita gorilla glued dabs gorilla d, starting to turn in the background over here. You know we need to uh. We need to plug buck grinder in some night and have him up in the corner, yeah uh. We could get some other guys in here. Just drop some names. If you want me to plug some people in sometime, well, have some guests on its more juicy flavor. Its not actual juice, just more tropical, so so its like a is it like a artificial flavor. It doesnt sound like beer to me, like grapefruit, artificial, sour ale, sounds like poofy drink to me. We need more beer too. We drank most of it last well. I dont know 12 cans of miller high life. I mean after the third beer im wasted yeah with these heavy duty ipas these days uh. It only takes a couple. Yeah oregon beers typically have quite a bit of alcohol content. These are just probably six or something. Six or five cool ipa nick, you want to tell us about this cruise right here.

Little cruiser you got here, uh yeah, i mean its a sweet, its a little. I fly uh the alpha a75 a75, its fun its um. I i really like the tiny loops and flying around, like my condo and little little areas where so, hopefully, im not upsetting people. The one thing about that is ive never flown like this is the 75 millimeter one ive never flown the 85, and it is an hd right, yeah, its an hd, and i feel like its a little underpowered for all the way that it carries um its 3s Uh again, i havent thrown the phone thats like bigger brother id like to have you tried uh using some high voltage batteries on that um. I just recently got some high voltage, but i havent ive only like charged it once and i didnt actually charge it to high voltage yeah. You need to use it. Yeah use it turn up that throttle curve. I do, i probably have some yeah. I have some footage that i need to upload flying around my condo around the christmas tree, nice, the cat um, you know i thought was going to be scared of it, because its motors are so much louder than the the tiny woman. Now you just adopted another cat, didnt yeah. I just got another cat from the humane society nice, how many cats years ago um, but the other one was with my my girlfriend most the time um.

So i figured he needed a partner and yeah. So one cat. Fifty percent of the time uh but yeah is this. This is the a5 right thats, the seven seven five yeah im looking at this and someone said, eight five in the chat but im looking at him, no thats, the seven five six, seven uh. I i wonder, i feel, like the eight five would maybe be a little bit better option, because it does feel a little underpowered. I i like the a5 because you can get away with just a little more wins right and then its a little more stable. A little more stable, ive flown like ive flown it around in my condo like and then out the window on a kind of windy day and yeah. It was not good news, so uh yeah its the 85, i feel like, could be a little bit better um. I feel like for indoor flight, my like the 65, like tiny loop, like a little 1s im, still just got to stick with analog for now. Oh, are we showing more stuff? Does anybody want to are we doing? Are we doing some openings too? A dunked car? A dunt this is the official. Oh, we showed him last week for the new guys in the room. We got to show off the dunk car the duck the dunked car eachine um, so we have another little box sitting over here, um speaking of long range.

This is from a company called c y c. I dont even know how to say that c y c c see why um this reminds me of something like conex hd when it came out its really really sturdy, and this is called the hm30 super super legit way to wait. So this is the unit right here, its got a little spot for the tripod on the bottom um. This is an hd system that can hook up to pixhawk and rg pilot um youve got diversity on here. It has a huge battery, the same battery. Actually that works on one of my led lights, so i could probably interchange these batteries you see here so is that the receiver charging seven ground station or is that does that go in the quad? So this this goes on the ground station. All right, um – and you have huge ants in us – so were gon na test this one out, probably on an airplane um but whats neat about this system is, it has all custom, osd uh and it will go out about 50 kilometers. Full hd like this is a really powerful transmitter for hd, so its its not as good as dji and its more for like industrial applications. We looked at this camera before when it first came in and uh its running on 264.. Look at this louise check this out bro. This is a pretty large camera thats like back to like 2014 style, um, integrated tx or something, and the antennas actually do look like very similar to like the conics antennas.

You get four of them in the box and the antenna that actually goes on the aircraft or the uh. The transmitter um from the aircraft here, like its really the vtx, is huge. Like its like this big. I should pull it out. It should be good for, like a cinderlift or something yeah. This is what were talking about right here, check this out its as big as my handling. Look at that large fan, largest vtx youve, ever seen a built in fan on the top. Its got uarts down the side, usbc its got an xt30 here for maybe an external battery. You probably want to run this through the flight controller, just plug in another side and solder, right down to it and really nice extensions for getting these are for getting your antennas spread apart out on the wing, because most likely this is going to be a fixed Wing thats its pretty impressive um, but again it doesnt look as good as like dji all right, but youre, not flying dji yeah more than a couple bikes just emi out the ua plug into your like fat shark or whatever goggles yeah youre gon na come out Of this and plug right into your input and your goggles right or most people in this type of application, using monitors with a hood, but i think this system is about a thousand dollars: um, not cheap, so these guys are expecting a full review. I know archangel did a review on if you want to go check out, archangels review, hes, uh thats pretty much all he does is long range.

Usually him and i get the same planes to review. Hes done a lot of my twin dream as well, and this will probably go on an mtd, my twin dream: thats, like a dual larger fpv airplane. So anybody get to fly today was the weather good, where you guys were yeah sure buzz. I think the latency on that is somewhere around like 30 or something like that, its it is pretty high, but then again, youre gon na be flying at high altitude, so um youre, not dip, diving through the trees and stuff and flying that giant transmitter on any Freestyle rigs or anything yeah, something like this actually really makes me appreciate. Dji um, never thought id say that any questions in the chat lets check it out. Jeff, we got ta, have you on uh, and you know what luis should come over for a live chat. Luis is like the uh, the portland barwell, hiding in his pad hell. Teach you something every day, luis teaches me something and hes good. At video too, he could probably set up our secondary camera like our down facing camera, to show off the quad. We could switch. You know how to do that: louise um, so some other stuff that we have is on the table. These just came in yesterday, uh day before so were gon na. Do some unboxing and see what we got coming up on the channel. First, one we got from hobby porter hobby porter.

Where are they sending you straight from china? Hes already sanitized these boxes, though again we want to say thanks for sponsors, i dont know um. I didnt get to play the intro earlier, but we have five sponsors on the channel as of now so the first episode they went and checked it out. They liked the content that we provided. We talked about some of their products, i mean obviously, if youre going to get a sponsor. They want you to talk about some of their stuff, more pocket charts which we will do um. So we have banggood yep rc. We have iflight beta, fpv and uh radiomaster. So some really good sponsors like right out of the bat on our second episode. I apologize for those guys that you get the intro to play, but when we get obs set up play every single week, um i know bardwell, i know bardwell either dude make sure you dont show my address so yeah. I was really um interested to see this one from toolkit its called the m4. Oh nice little another, oh a 2s 2s offering from recon with digital, hopefully um. This one is: you know something that youre allowed to see on the stream. This might not have been released yet now it has been. Take your screenshots now boys put it away. Oh yeah, look at that gps on the back crossfire dji got a deuce dude set up on the way dont dont show the address, never show your address on the internet seriously.

You got ta hide all my address. One of the things about people streaming on youtube is that sometimes they offer up information that uh you didnt quite want to offer up, like you got a bill sitting on your desk or your bank account number Music, oh gap, rc boys gap, rc already the antenna. Oh, its for shipping come uh, oh mark five, and i i wan na say there was some kind of release date on that i think its today. So this is the m4 pocket balance charger check out how small this is pretty small. It has input for xt 60 on here, xt30 and usbc. The input is seven to twenty five volt on this, its not an output max of like five days. So here it is nice, its a cool little unit, its got the og camera. Damn youve got like a, i think, theres an xt 30, underneath this top little baby antennas on there wow. Thank you get for sending the hd version. This is another squash x. Look at that check that out mark five, probably the first time that youve seen it on the internet thats pretty beasty. I dont see any gps on there. No g plus no gps like to have gps, but they do have a full size. Air unit, which is nice, you could wire up the gps camera, so you got the 720 or 120 frame original dji camera, which also the evoke f6 x has.

So both these companies are paying attention to what we want, and i was saying in tomorrows review that i feel like iflight has like a whole bunch of cad ex vistas hiding in their warehouse. They got like a bunch of back stock because they never stopped producing their buying flies. Where other guys made a lot of analogs this year. These guys have a ton of dji stock laying around. They must have bought it all up before awesome. The chip shortage all right, so this ones rocking 2107.5 um and theyre 1960 kv. So you know what that means. You guys im hoping that we could fly a lion on this one well see it is a five inch. It would make me a little more comfortable if it was six. What what does it say? Please insert the battery in correct direction in correct direction. I think it means please do not insert the battery. Does that mean that its its wrong on the plane to insert it wrong or insert it backwards? Please insert battery in correct direction. Dont do what this says: im so confused thats, very confusing dont be high when you open this, because youll be like oh theyre telling me that i need to do this wrong. Um yeah, sometimes its good not to do yeah, sometimes its good, not to follow instructions. Um chinese instructions, no offense, china, they somebody somebody missed a space and yeah john thats, not good dude check that out forgot to put a space in between in and the word correct.

Success. Success meter mark five whats up fairly functional its a few days from christmas im feeling fairly functional were just checking out all the newest stuff that came in this weekend, whats up for next week. What was this from so that sounds its my section that i was playing around with you know: nipple sections. Okay, they gave me a elrs. Oh okay, lets see it. This is uh, so apparently gap is releasing elrs receivers. Oh yeah, i was wondering i thought this was maybe just dji, but its got an ers. Oh those things are smaller, thats smaller than that yeah. That was nice. I have not seen it. Oh just a hair, but not much the arrest receiver from frc. What selling in my fpv, probably the ones that you dont like i want my first thanks for joining the stream dude yeah. Sometimes i do have some that get rid of fairly cheap, its pretty dope. So this is the cable to that little. What is this called? The m4 charge your phone off your lipo yeah nice, so you, you can go input here and then you can hook it up to a power bank bro. This is pretty impressive yeah that ones nice um eachine came out first with the 2s 18650 setup, and i got super excited. I had some batteries laying around i charged one up two up went out and flew it, and it flew for about 30 seconds to drop to the ground um.

That was my first experience with 2s 18650, its not good its, not great, not good, but it wasnt. Eachines fault lets just like clear the table, though, because it was my 18650 that werent very good. So i went and bought two brand new ones yeah, and then i got a i got what the other reviewers were getting um yeah those batteries i paid like 30 dollars for like two of them at a vape shop. Do you have to store lions in in a storage mode like lipos, or can you just like? Let those go no yeah a lot of people just use them and drop it like hot right use them until theyre, spinning yeah just drop it like its hot. I mean because thats what i use in my my my radio, my my radios, most under your lounge, so um, the general rule about 18650 batteries – is that you dont want to run them down past, like 2.8 volt. Now, when youre flying and youre up in the air at 2.8 volt, you better be close um, you definitely yeah. You want to be back to the home point yeah and when it hits 2.8 volt theres, maybe 30 seconds to maybe even sometimes a couple minutes, ive milked it to where the quad is basically dropping to the ground like right to the ground um. So sometimes they have voltage protection where they wont. Let you down to like 2.6 that damages the cell all right.

But the thing is like when you land at 2.8 youre safe, because when you land the resting voltage after you kill the motors its going to be like three four right: three volt, so its going to come up to like three volts yeah. You see that uh um theres two charger, two types of two different types of 18650s for guys that are kind of new to that theres, the button type and this type. This caused me a problem on one of my flight tests right because it came disconnected um yeah, so the quad just dropped out of the air and i had it crash and it broke um so make sure youre using the button. Some of these have like not the best quality like uh adapt like touches or whatever. So if you dont have the one with the button on it, yeah youll lose kinda um and the most dangerous one is like where theyre like lined up two in a row that one is safer because theyre side by side – and i i want to say the Other one was like two in a row like down the bottom of the quad. All right lets go find that machine. This looks nice. Those are like so this is probably going to be a pretty expensive quad because it has dji on here and i believe, thats a polar in the front, probably a newer version of the polar and the vista right in the middle on a 45.

thats. Interesting that this is on a 45 and the flight controller is straight, i feel like they should have put the vtx straight, so it wasnt sticking out on the sides as much yeah, maybe thats helping with wiring and everything definitely needs a taller taller antenna. But it has a little spot. I mean everythings shipping with these little stubby yeah everythings shipping with shorties right now. I dont know what to do like that. One has shorties, but that one is pretty decent, though, because it has two instruments on it on the old school one, so we have some pretty cool stuff coming up. What was this one called um the mark now that this recon fpv one 35 recon 35 recon 35 blind flights, 2s 1303, 5 motors with 5000 kv and its probably running one of the the newer zeus flight controllers on here: yeah its got the recon branded motors. Oh yeah thats for for charging small stuff. It has a maximum output of like five five amp on that little tiny. 4S. M4. 4S yeah well youre charging anything that small at five amps youre going nuts youre gon na fry some stuff, youre gon na make some smokes youre gon na make some uh lipo jelly and youre gon na make some hot yeah some hot lycopene smokes smokes whats up Family diver, malachite whats up trevor smokes tbs is going the lrs. I wouldnt doubt it theyre going to release their elrs module.

Why not? Who is that tbs someone said tbs is going to yellow trappies rolling over whats up from iceland hows it going id love to go to iceland. We got some epic foot uh terrain out there yeah do some sweet, long distance Music. I feel like icelands, probably a place you could go fly where, like you, wouldnt be bothered. No, i dont feel like theres many cairns in iceland is that true population is pretty small dude like i like to go to a place where i can just be alone with my drone yeah, you know what i mean. I mean not in a sexual way right. You know, but like no just be alone, with my myself my thoughts, my battery, i mean, if youre gon na fly by yourself, its yeah definitely best to be alone um, like no other people in the area. If theres people around, then you need a spotter like i feel like its really difficult to like go to an area where theres any people around and fly by yourself like yeah. You can do it, but i always feel more comfortable. If i have like diego tagging on just so when im coming in to land and things like that, he can be like all right. You got walkers coming up to your left, like you, dont want to fly in that area. Just if im goggles on flying by myself, like, i hope, theres no other people around, so if any of you guys are interested in the m4 pocket from toolkit rc um.

The battery types on here are lipo lahv, which is great for your micros and life. So i dont know i dont have any lafe batteries that i know of, except for a big power bank yeah im super familiar with that chemistry, its like uh, apparently like safer than 18650. So a lot of the new power banks use lafe because they dont catch on fire. Am i right? Oh its tiny, its like its smaller than the tbs nano. It is its like. Maybe kenya half the size of tvs when we play is this the 900 or the 2.4 uh 2.4? I think i dont have a 915 megahertz module, yet no, the ifly is releasing the commando. You guys seen the commando its coming out. The commando is a dual band: oh yeah, the game style, radio, yeah little yeah miniature song. This is not a fan of the game style. I like the big items. Does it have trim? Does it have trim tabs on it? I didnt see that that was my daily driver like radio and one day i might have been out there with you guys that day i yeah behind somewhere. No, i put it on my windshield to set it down for a minute and i went around and got in the car and drove off on the highway and its somewhere on highway 80.. Probably you werent following us whats. That is that when you followed us out, i dont think so.

I was going. I was going home that day but uh. I realized when i got home and i looked everywhere for its nowhere to be found that sucks for us. That was my favorite transmitter. Good luck, no anything happening. Nevermind yeah its like it just blew. Oh okay, someone said uh, the commando is one or the other. Well, they were saying dual band yeah. I thought it was gon na be switchable but yeah. If, if theyre advertising dual band, then that that would be misleading, if you have to go on the website and choose one or the other high voltage, it does look sick, everybodys, releasing a new miniature controller right now. Radio master has one im so stoked that radio master is going to be one of our sponsors on the stream iflight frc and bang good, like i feel like the five that we got and and beta fbc, i feel like the five that we got are some Of the ones that have really been helping the hobby so im stoked on that ive got a 4s balancer, though so an xt 34 establisher. What is who makes a 6s with xt 30s on it? Why do you even have that mountain supported? Because i can, i guess you can im being so judgmental im just saying now you cant plug it into this chart. You leave. Oh third fight, who makes a six set like 6s battery, has an xt30 connector. There are 6s batteries that are at 60, 60.

30S. All right, i have some oh yeah. I havent seen this. I guess dude bro dude bro. I have some xt 36s batteries 400.. Who does that 50 million? Who does that 456s 450 million yeah lets? Go nicks gon na get a fpb spanking hes gon na get beat fbb all right hold out your fingers its time for the old lets go over the old prop dissections. These props right here are from 2014 and they will castrate you yeah, if youre, not sure, whats that so i used to cut my fingers cut my fingers just taking these off. I found this in my box. Yeah did i hook you up with something recently, no yeah, oh okay, yeah. I want to see the zorro im im messaging them to semi azura. Hopefully they get that to me sooner than later id like to see that one that was radio master right theres. So many of them coming out yo good night when jumpy goodnight bro its probably late on the east coast right now, its just about 8 oclock west coast time west coast time west coast. This is on the west coast, frescoes anybody on the west coast, xt 30. I know you are louise spiff youre still listening, smith couldnt come because wife said no, i hope but see if spiff is still hanging out and he heard that hell be commenting like two seconds theres a little bit of delay. What size props on that toothpick.

So, like a two inch, two west coast, best coasters Music, nice, warm water down there for surfing. You left cali for survivable economics, understandable, yeah, thats, the thing fpv beast in the east. I was just home on the east coast in north carolina. Are you able to share any of your flight footage from this yesterday? Um? No, because i dont have the obs hooked up, but i could try to um see if i can get the key and log into it. Theres, like a stream key that you have to get lets, see uh, i Music outputted the action edit from todays video for you for the f6x and since obs is not running. We cant really play the video ill ill. Give it a shot. Were racing tonight see what i can do we dont have anything ready, yeah. I think once im logged in i cant like gotcha yeah. I think wed have to back up thats what we do. Yeah weve had guy, we had to back out last week and then open obs and oh thats. What happened copy the word yeah we had to copy the stream key, put it into obs like launch through obs, whatever yeah start like you have to click the start streaming button, and then the stream shows up in youtube dude. This thing could all your yours go here. You go yeah the go to um, but i will give you guys some news about that.

Uh long range go to that flight um. Well, the one. The one flight that i use for the edit is one of those flights where i should have destroyed this quad like three times in the video. I almost hit a metal chain and then, of course you know me uh. I went back for the chain like three more times uh, because once you make it through once, you got ta, go back again right for points oh yeah um, so i just skirted under the chain a few times. One time i bounced before the chain and almost bounced into it, because i hit a little concrete bounced up nice um, i dont know how i missed it. The first time i went by because i didnt really see it was there um, but until like the last second, i just skirted by it. What parking garage were you after that kt 20 review? I, like i like um, i was out, was that i was having like like a sweet ago for that yeah, but um yeah, the mall securitys, so funny that, like the guy didnt even get out of his car, he was just like you know uh. This is private property and im like uh huh. Okay, i got ta finish this battery im finishing this battery, see less security. I mean to talk to diego and i were just like: hey you. Dont have led higher okay. We can do that. I mean you know he didnt kick me out.

He just said like this is private property. He just few years ago, when we used to run around looking for garages to fly in at night wed get run out immediately. I feel, like i dont, feel like its a big deal, its not as big of a deal anymore. I think bigger fish. I think portlands got bigger problems. I mean drone pilots taking over garages like homelessness crime, like coveted murder, whos got time to screw with somebody flying something like this. I mean seriously dude. If you have a problem with that right, yeah, you are completely bored. I i knew i wasnt going to be arrested right now like that would be ridiculous, like i would probably laugh all the way to jail if they arrested me. For that last time i went to jail. I laughed its probably not good, but it was on christmas eve. They arrested me this guy arrested me on christmas eve. I was on my way home to my moms house and i came off the bridge doing 45. I was coming back from georgia and you know he hit him. He i was doing 55 and the speed limit sign right off. The bridge was 45, so he got me 10 over immediately and then my drivers license expired, but in in georgia you get 30 days. Grace so i was literally like an hour away from home on, like a 12 hour drive and he was like cant, let you drive any further, sir.

I was back in the 90s. He put me in the drunk tank with some dude who was like super mad. Like calling all the people like tell stacey to come pick me up now, wait grandma up grandmas, not sleeping. I know shell come get me fighting in the bar on christmas, yeah theres a lot of drone haters. I dont know why you know i like i was somewhere today. I wasnt i was in target and there was some kind of movie playing um shopping for my kids and i heard something about drones in the cartoon and then it said like no, it was the drone who who shot him or killed him or something. It was like all this drone fear like in society and culture, its such like its so ingrained in peoples head that these things like are spying on them or theyre, gon na hurt them or um its kind of ridiculous. I guess theres multiple definitions for drones, like a drone nest, isnt, necessarily like a for propped thing theres like drone, robots and things. You know, i think, from like science fiction and things like that, even from star wars, the drones i mean those are like robots or also call of duty call of duty drones, call of duty drones, whats, the sci fi movie with i cant, oh, like avatar, like Avatar or yeah um, trying to think of the new movie they remade with like indian, they got kept uh harrison ford and uh yeah all right way up top, but anyway yeah.

I think thats, where the kind of drone negative thing comes from, not necessarily all together. 5.99 whoa is that serious? No, i think your that chargers off um, so i was told by toolkit rc that this had a firmware update. So if you get this m4 update the firmware immediately, because what diego just showed me right now is that this thing is reading 3.82 3.82 5.99 and zero four six that sells uh bang, im gon na unplug that real, quick and plug it back in and see. If it updates nope lets, try a different battery 5.99 thats, a problem, diego yeah thats, not thats, not right, okay lets find something else, theres another one right back up, just adding the last two cells together, thats, probably a firmware thing. Oh, this is uh. This little thing slides back and forth, thats pretty cool you can select xt60 or x230 its a pretty nifty toolkit. Okay, lets plug this in lets, see oh, i guess i should plug it. The other way, okay, see what we got here on this battery dude this ones, reading all all good. We should get a volt checker on that battery. No, so we got one battery in the house, its uh. You need to take it outside and shoot it. So this ones, reading fine put it in quarantine perfect, should find one of my batteries put on there. If i have any laying around here wheres that i guess this one wont work check out, that balance lead its now.

Two it used to be one. You guys have any batteries like that. I should probably dispose of that battery okay heres one of my old crunched inflated tops this says all the cells are. The same. Lets see what this one says, its saying all the cells are the same yeah and his charger. I think its that little charges piece of thats, weird sensor, um these – are reading fine. I cant really see that i think its just a funky thing. Funky. Are we broadcasting backwards, so this one says 4 0 for all the cells? I dont know man could try a lion, see what it reads. This wont charge a lion but ill. Try it for us that ones read if that cell was at five nine. It would be on fire. Okay, just so you know im not going to sleep tonight. It was truly a five night, its gon na be hot in the oven, yeah just leave it in the oven, put it on the front, porch quit being a plug. Somebody said plug it into 120.: yeah ill get rid of it, thats one way to dispose of them. We used to shoot them. This is dangerous right, yeah yeah that dont do this at home. Kids, no just plug that in just plug that into the wall. Yeah dont plug in your exact charge, your battery back charge your battery now thats how you thats, how you try, thats, how you charge your batteries right? No, you dont need a power source.

You can charge it from that. Usbc thing right and just plug it into the wall direct charge. If you, if your power runs out well, you here you go jd. Did you guys watch direct charger? Uh? Oh whoa, infinite power! Diego has an idea: infinite power, dude youve run for days. What do you guys think i mean this work you cant fly very far. Should we should we ask bardwell? If this will work yeah, i mean 5 volts it. Actually i mean it wouldnt fry anything. I mean you know. There are tethered drones out there yeah, but not on 120. I dont believe, but i mean that things gon na that thing regulates it down to five minutes. Yeah. Do you think, is this putting 120. every time every time every time so its not gon na fry? Anything um but yeah its still dont try that at home, no matter what nicks saying over there dont try to yeah. What is this putting out uh its probably you know three volt or something like a three amp or something like that. Yeah three am two amp, but still 5.9 volts would not be good, yeah, im sure it would no 11 volts well do it at your house were going to do this at nicks house next stream next week, nicks house, friday, night and nicks going to plug in His squad nicks, going to plug in his quad to the one i mean when you plug it into your laptop thats, the same its about the same voltage so im, not im, not a smart person, so thats its beyond.

Just just you know its not like youre plugging this straight in yeah tether drones on ships, cool stuff, keep the pirates away. That would be sweet fly. Some flags looks like an apex, so diego and nick this week are building up their fpv wings, which were going to review on the channel its an eachine wing um. This is diegos right here. Pretty slick, looking wing kind of reminds me of like something: zod would release, maybe azad look alike, but i think the profile of this thing looks pretty damn good. I mean thats pretty sleek for how small it is. I think its going to fly really good its. Like a it reminds me of like a miniature orbit orbit was one of my favorite like blind flowers. The orbit would fly for, like i think, 25 minute flight time on 3s 2200. Just cruising super low kv. This one is a little more hyped up its like 2 000, something kb so its going to be fast, but i think its going to be smooth. You got some nice little winglets here and thatll keep a lot of the bouncing from happening camera right up front. The nose, i believe, those little wings fly on 4s, so maybe like a 4s. Maybe if we get some weather this weekend, we can maybe do some meets, take them out and eat them. Ive got a pretty good. Handful of planes were going to review coming up. I also have eachine flying fish, which looks like a pretty cool miniature fpv plane im, not a smart person, but i know what love is so welcome.

Uh to the stream, if youre, just getting in, were probably gon na end up here, just a little bit, but welcome to the new guys into fpv. If youre looking for a place, an open forum where you can ask questions uh, you want to find out about a current ability. You have a problem or anything like that. All these guys in this room right here, theres 41 people right now. That would probably be willing to help you out so, if youre watching this later or youre driving and letting this play, this is the nicest thing about podcasts, i think is that today i was in traffic for an hour and a half um and i would have Loved to have something like this that im super interested in to to listen to on that drive, i mean i was literally stopped on the i5 just sitting there i saw. I think i sat for 30 minutes in one spot. I started watching like live stream on facebook. Some live live gaming yeah there you go so podcasts are nice because uh yeah, if youre, if youre on a long drive home or you commute, you – can just open up the latest episode and and pull it up on. Your phone, just let it play and listen and theres a lot of information that you can hear or pick up, or you might hear something about something new coming out, which is also pretty cool nice good to hear albert kim likes it.

I need to take a trip down to south cali and fly with albert hes, one of the dudes that i i would fly with. He seems pretty chill. I like the albert kim eachine 800. thats, the thats, the flying fish yeah. I i feel, like zod, has not released anything in quite a while z, o h d youre, not just familiar with them. No theyre theyre one of the companies that, like this style of yeah black and white style, like the delta thats, their like signature, look on all their plates. I i think it would be interesting if, like iflight, released an fpv wing or fixed wing plane, because i feel like an eye flight plane would be pretty damn good. I know diatone has released wings before, but oh yeah and i actually have one of them. Theres. A little screw that that didnt drop out of the quad did it on the table. You got to watch out for random screws laying around because uh theyll end up sticking to your motors and then, when you go to spool up theyll, have a crash connects pretty dope? Is that what that is that wi, fi and bluetooth, or just bluetooth? I think thats just yeah speedy b, yes yo whats up grace scott whats up cool cat yeah. You know like traditionally some people hate on eachine but then again like they must have gotten like over hundreds, like hundreds of thousands of people into rc hobby, whether its just like a cheap little airplane or whatever its affordable.

But honestly, a little eachine. Tiny loop was my my very first tiny loop, but i like added a camera to it by just like popping the top off and soldering the board off like that was how i like got into it so yeah i mean i cant hate on him too much Uh one of my i got a confession: im gon na make a confession. One of my first multirotors was by traxxas, oh wow. It was like this little tiny thing like this big. It was really tiny and you could fly in the house and i crashed that thing all over. The house like i had a lot of fun with it um. I guess that was about probably about 10 years ago, when they released those thats right before that. For christmas and and traxxas after that years, after that they came out uh, they came out with uh a 3d one, so it would go upside. It was like a line of sight. I forgot what its called um so speaking of old school stuff, um, im gon na do a special video coming up at the first of next year. Um, because recently i found a relic of mine from like years ago and and were going to have a little bit of um fpv story time, slash history, video were going to talk about what used to be what was popular, um and itll, really give you a Good look at like how far weve come like in the hobby.

I was looking at this uh and another magazine that i found it was crazy. The ads in there like really took me back, oh yeah, i mean even five years ago. You wont believe how far weve come in just like five years, its crazy. I remember back when my ama membership came with the subscription to their like model magazine and yeah. It was all model airplane stuff. Back, oh yeah, its uh model aviation, yeah magazine yeah. I had some drone camps ads in that, like the first or second year. Oh yeah, i had a drone at a drum camp store wow here here in portland now in north carolina for two years we were up and running. We um. We did. Drone builds for fpv race quads, we did phantoms, we did um, custom flare, builds for hunters and oh yeah. We did military backpack rigs, so people could go out and do recon right. Thats awesome because flares here here in oregon, theyre theyre down in like twilighton or whatever uh i did hollywood cinema rig builds. We did like fifteen thousand dollar like octocopters and yeah dslrs um back then it was in these gimbals. I think zimmies is still around. Probably zenmuse 15.0 by now, yeah, oh nice thats, awesome yeah. I had someone try to return paper magazines. When you have those delivered we delivered every every month we had a custom, build for a client in california somewhere and uh. He spent like 15 grand, but he didnt want to spend like one extra thousand back then to get the dji equivalent of what the hd system is.

Now it was called lightbridge back then some of you guys might remember lightbridge, but lightbridge was like this big silver unit that was far superior to 5.8. Video and light bridge cost like 1200 right, and so this guy was spinning, 15 grand and i told him get light bridge installed in there its way better um. It will be seamless with what you want to do. No, no. I want the one system on there that you got thats like 400 bucks, its its a ground station with a 5.8 monitor, and so you know how people that that flew phantoms feel about 5.