Now saying it was a result of drone attacks, so drone attack in our buddha is something that we are picking up in. Niranjan is joining us for details. What do we know more? Well, its a very big escalation. I can tell you uh as of this minute. What we can confirm is that storage stands a fire near the abu dhabi national oil companies, storage tanks led to an explosion. This is what the abu dhabi police have confirmed in a statement that has also been carried by one of the news agencies, yemens iran, backed houthis theyre, said to have launched this attack on the uae, uh its a its a drone attack and uh. We can confirm to you that the story is breaking confirmed also by the different news agencies uh in uh, in the middle east and uh. Even news agencies and journalists are based out of dubai, and the uae are tweeting, confirming that there has been a fire three explosions, uh three explosions on oil tankers and one one explosion aimed at uh aimed at uh one explosion aimed at the abu dhabi airport. So this is a very, very, very, very uh. Big escalation, in fact, were just waiting for more details to come in uh, officially, perhaps so that we can pull it out. Uh but uh the uh house is militia is claiming that uh they have launched this attack on uae and uh. This is a big escalation, in fact were waiting for the first picture, hopefully uh in some time from now.

We should be able to get some sort of a picture, but uh the first uh. These are the first pictures coming in our first uh confirmation, rather than coming in uh from uh from the uae of a drone attack. The housing rebels have claimed the drone attack against abu dhabi airport all right. So what we know so far is that three tankers carrying fuel have exploded in abu dhabi uh. This is an industrial area is what were being told. According to the state news agency, citing local police there and the police say the drones were spotted in the area prior to the explosion, so were waiting for more details.