Ah man, i was lucky enough to get the typhon from dread box in the studio and give it a test spin. If you will test drive test play whatever you want to call it Music absolutely blew away all of my expectations. I really did not expect this much power in such a tiny little box. The taipon is just loaded with all kinds of power and effects and flexibility its just like an endless palette of sounds and thats. What i like now this is a monophonic synthesizer by dreadbox and it to my knowledge, as of this recording its the only one that i know of that actually has stereo out, meaning that youve got that stereo separation in the sound, including the onboard effect processors. Now, the reason why thats important to me is because i like the stereo spread of a synthesizer and if i need it to be mono in a mix, then i can condense it down in the jaw mixing process. Thats no problem for me, but having that option is very important to me now. The exciting thing about this synthesizer is is that it is compact, its this tiny little box that you can set anywhere in your studio because it fits just about any place. One of the negativities that i would give it is is that it is usb powered. I dont like that and im going to tell you exactly why. First of all, its not a big deal for me to run a usb cable into the back of it down into the uh connectors of the power outlet with an adapter that holds a usb cord.

Okay, thats thats, not a problem. Ive got a lot of those laying around, but where i have my gripe is i like to connect all of my synthesizers via usb in order to let them play nicely midi wise in my daw, and that kind of kills that option when youre powering this thing? Uh over the power outlet, because that is the only way you can get it to go, and so there is no option for uh that i can foresee for midi out to the daw unless im just missing something here now this isnt, just the only synth that Runs into this problem, you have the roland boutiques that also run on either battery or usb in their case, and i dont ever put batteries in a synthesizer because im telling you i would forget about them, something would happen and i would get a battery leak and It would just be a miserable day for me. In fact, when you look at some of the older synthesizers from roland like the roland sh 101, one of the biggest things you need to look for is: was there a battery leak in the battery compartment? In the past, so to avoid that i just dont put batteries inside of a synthesizer and the dreadbox typhon doesnt have that option other than the power options that are really not much of a choice. I love this synthesizer. It has an incredible big fat, warm sound. I mean the two vcos on this mega synth im gon na call it a mega synth, because i got ta tell you in my opinion, it is perhaps the best dread box synthesizer at least sounding uh to date.

Now this is just my opinion. Ive got to say they did a really great job with the flexibility heres. What i like so much about this dreadbox typhon, and that is it sounds so different than any other synthesizer. I have in my arsenal and believe me. Ive got a lot of synthesizers, but this one has a character all to its own. Now, of course, you know as well as i do that you can take just about any synthesizer that is vco analog, okay and you can pretty much match them up to another. Synth of similar characteristics and get a similar sound, yes, thats true, but it is a rare thing when you pick up a uh synth such as the typhon, and you start just playing it and you immediately realize hey. This is a different thing. All together. This is going to go into a mix without any problem. Its got a great warm sound. It has a smooth, creamy sound, and you know what sometimes i forget im playing a mono scent. This thing is a lot of fun. There is a bit of uh menu, diving and a lot of clicking and a lot of scrolling through menus. If you want to get deep into this synthesizer, that could be a problem for some people, but if this is going to be the only scent that you have to deal with this uh problem, this should be the synth that you pick and i dont like menu.

Diving im, probably one of the biggest advocates against menu diving. I really dont like it, but for some reason the typhon makes it so easy that you really dont even realize youre doing it once you get into the presets and you start exploring them, it really isnt. A big deal just to scroll through each one of the presets and to check them out and im a preset scroller. I like starting points because presets give me an idea of exactly what a synthesizer can do and usually what it cant do, because if you cant find the preset uh its probably a good bet that that synth cant do what youre wanting it to do. That doesnt mean you cant make it do it. It just means that its not an easy job and thats. Why the presets werent included and so its great to have presets to scroll through and check things out and find out exactly what this synth can do and uh a lot of times. Okay, a lot of times, synth companies put some really cheesy garbage presets into their synthesizers. I i dont think that this is the case with the type on im really enjoying what the typhon can do, what the presets are showing it can do, but the presets are very musical. In fact, if you want to call this a negative, you can, but i find it a positive uh, workflow wise. I find myself wanting to play around with the scent the type on, because the presets are so enjoyable that i just get lost in them.

Every single one of these presets are just begging you to turn those big fat knobs that are on the typhon and explore each every one of their sound aspects, and i got ta tell you, there is some great choices to choose from on the typhon synthesizer when It comes to knob twisting and one thing that i got ta tell you uh us synthesizer people we love to twist and push and slide all kinds of controls on a synthesizer. Now the type on has this little window that isnt too bad to read. I can see it pretty well, even though i have to have reading glasses every now and then for my computer and the type on screen isnt too bad. I can see it its very clear and thats. The good thing is that you have a great clear display that isnt too bright, its, not blaring, the the lettering is kind of small, but because its so crisp and clear i dont have any problems seeing it. So the layout of the type on is very intuitive. You have eight knobs right at your disposal in uh the left side of the synthesizer, and then you have a menu knob. I call it the menu knob over to the right side as youre looking down at the synthesizer. So, on the left side you got eg level, youve got uh resonance, you got cut off and now let me stop at the cutoff, because it is a big fat knob and its going to give you this great feeling.

As you turn and twist it, i love it. When synthesizers make the cutoff one of the largest of the knobs, you can turn because its easy to find you reach right for it and then, in the center of these knobs, you have the wave selection and every one of these knobs turn nice and smooth. They have a really nice high quality feel to them the wave knob. I find very interesting because, as you turn, it left or right or just spin it around, and try to find what youre looking for. There are so many sweet spots that come by using the wave, knob and then theres this tune, two knob which two tunes, the uh vco2 and man. Just having that right there, where you need it right, underneath the wave was a brilliant move, because once you find the wave sound youre wanting you can fine tune everything right there. Then you have the amp time and you have the filter time and of course you have a volume, knob thats easy to find, and you know i do play with the volume knob a lot when im doing live jams. Just so i can turn the synth up or down to bring it into a mix it out of the mix over to the right hand. Side you have these five sliders. They do various things depending on the patch. You have four buttons. You have a uh a play button, because this thing has a sequencer and i havent really played a whole lot around with the sequencers, simply because i like to tie these up these modules to a midi keyboard, preferably for me.

I like to use the key step by arturia, because it is so simple to hook something up, select your midi channel and run a sequence through it, its just so simple to use and when im trying these out, i can do it fast and quick. So i really havent played with the dread boxes sequence yet, but uh from what ive heard from some of the demos of the presets – and this is another thing when you scroll through the presets, you can click the play button and you can get a demo of What some of these presets sound like via the onboard sequencer? So this is a lot of synthesizer with effects with great sound in a small package, and if you need something for under 500., the dreadbox typhon is probably what youre looking for. If a monosynth will help you out thats my opinion on the taipan, i will be having a full blown sound demo coming out.