I dont think this is where ill be flying from just because its a little hinky, but luckily i have this safety belt thats attached to the pole. That gives me all the confidence. I need Applause, hello friends, im here at camden, speedway in camden tennessee for oval dirt track racing im going to try for the very first time to follow these race cars around the dirt track. My worst fear is getting too close, maybe getting hit by some dirt flying up from a wheel crashing on the track during a race and then get repeatedly pummeled by the race cars over and over and over. Because i wont be able to say, excuse me: can i run out and get my drone? This is blake. This is blakes car. I know nothing about blakes car or any dirt track car. What do you call this thing? This is a uh. This is late model. Sportsman 602. Okay, it uh me and my dad. We bought this as a roller roller see, i dont know the lingo man. All i know is that i get brown boogers when i come to these events yeah. This is a. This is a 2016, its a pierced car. Okay, are you the driver? Yeah? Is it terrifying? It looks terrifying. No! I actually before i race cars, i race go karts, oh okay, so its in your blood yeah. You know, i grew up racing. You know anything. I could okay but uh yeah so going from go kart.

To this i mean i actually think this is easier to drive than a go kart. I have a good feeling about this youre gon na youre gon na win tonight, youre gon na win youre gon na win the whole thing whats the first uh prize. I dont know what theyre paying tonight, okay, but you want to win anyway. Yeah awesome well its great to meet you man, good luck, nice to meet you all right, look out for that. Little drone all right ill be passing! You is this! The winner tonight should be someone told me: a red car was going to win tonight and that other guy i talked to. I guess it wasnt him. Sorry other guy. Does this car have uh cup holders needs one? Does it got uh air conditioning yeah? It does faster, you can go okay, the windshield factor at 100., yeah all right, so hes going to start it up. Oh hell, damn im gon na take off from the truck theyre doing a thing called a hot lap where theyre actually just packing the dirt down. So this is a good chance for me to practice at a slower speed. Hey there. I am hello, me, Music, oh yeah. I can pass them all day long with this. The thing is, i do not want to get directly behind the cars, the race cars when theyre racing down, because a piece of dirt will come up just take me out.

This is fun man. This is fun. Come up next to these guys, hey how you doing, how are you doing Music, okay, im good with that excellent, all right, thats, a good practice if youre ever doing one of these events make sure to get permission from everybody? Also, let the drivers know that youre doing this, because you dont want to just start appearing in their eye line, and thank you thanks again for being here, say: hey, surprise, theres, a drone filming yeah lets see how many people we got in the stands. Oh theyre waving theyre friendly thats, nice, hello, everybody, hello. All right, i got it. I got ta land looks like i have enough light. Im gon na go for it yeah theyre, slowing down. I am going to have to adjust the angle on my camera because the tilt is just too much. Luckily, this is one of those race track places that doesnt have the wires going across the track. Here come a couple more fellers lets see if we can keep up with this guy. Okay, okay, oh hes! There we go. Oh i got ta get out of here, see i wasnt watching my voltage almost killed the battery theres, a great video that joshua hardwell just did about this very thing, and i will link that in the description yeah you see you get so caught up in the Race, you got to pay attention to your voltage. My worst nightmare could come true by dropping out there, nothing i could do dead battery.

I just become road pizza, carbon fiber, road pizza and we dont want that. Well, i must be ken stradamus, because just a few minutes later well get to that in a moment, but first they can do it when theyre going slow. If they just go that speed the whole time thatd be awesome, you got to watch the wall. You got to watch your height, you got to watch your voltage here. We go. I dont think im fast enough for uh, sustained yeah see im up too high checker flag, checker flag. I dont think i can do the race not with this, not with a five inch and im running uh a 6s 1100, so it doesnt and – and i have 1300s ill – probably use one of those later but uh getting close to this guy but got ta go Got ta go, got ta go well. As you know, drones are kid magnets, so these cute little kids wanted to go for a ride and i thought id accommodate them ill hand these to you, but you have to share. Do you know, do you know how to share? Yes, just press it against your face? Okay, like that and take a look and then pass it down the line. All right. Are you gon na make it yeah im gon na im gon na, take you out on the track, yeah yeah yeah, oh yeah, yeah! We can go high if you want to little.

Did they know that they were gon na get a face full of dirt? Okay, you guys ready yeah, make sure you share here. We go Music all went pretty smoothly for the first battery, but then i had to switch it and well. I didnt check the voltage. Oh no, i crashed. I crashed thats, no good. Oh, i crashed yeah on the track. I felt terrible that a kid was watching while i crashed so i ran down to the track and they yellow flagged it and one of the track officials picked up. My drone put it in his truck and then drove it across the infield to another official got it back to me. I switched the propeller out and we went again but by then it was pretty dark and, as you can see here in all the excitement, i forgot to change the settings on the gopro. There was plenty of light in the goggle view, but on the gopro, its a little bit dark, the cord to my microphone also pulled out when i replaced the propeller on the quad so thats. Why im doing this voiceover? It was a super fun night out in the sticks of tennessee, and i learned a lot so when i return, i will put those lessons into practice. I want to thank the owner for letting me come out all the officials for retrieving my drone and jonathan gowan, who helped me with the camerawork, along with his son, ill, put a link in the description where you can find out more information about camden speedway as Well, as links to some of the gear that i used during this video until next time from the backwoods of tennessee, Music and bye, oh – and i want to apologize to that mother, whose three kids are going to make her holiday very expensive.

I think youre going to have a revised christmas list once theyre done. Oh hell, damn wow Music.