This is something that is built for speed and it crashes at high speeds. So if you are a beginner, try to find something thats going to be suitable for putting an fpv camera on a plane for the first time i dont recommend elevon, setups or fpv wings for the guys that are just starting out in fpv, fixed wing youre, better Off to start out with something like the atom, rc eachine seal plane, this is a pusher bixler style plane that you can add dji fpv on or analog. It has a pusher motor in the back, but, most importantly, the setup is going to be easier. This has elevons here, so this is going to be a little harder to set up in your radio and when you throw this in full manual mode, the first time you fly it without a flight controller, its usually characteristically these planes nose in a little bit and Thats something to look out for so a lot of times. When i toss these, i have to make sure that the cg is absolutely correct and that it has a lot of up trim. So if it doesnt have a lot of up, trim youre going to have a nose dive, so i had probably about id say four or five clicks of up trim and 35 expo. I had travel limits set to about 50 as well, so only 50 of travel on each of these control surfaces that makes the whole plane flyable.

Otherwise, when you go to launch one of these type of wings, the first time its going to be a disaster and what happened with this one, is it nosed over upside down both times bam and even after i added a little more expo in this plane, the Control surfaces were still way too fast, now, im on a spectrum, dxa radio and depending on what radio youre on youre, either going to go positive or negative with the expo taranis radios, i believe it was negative and with spectrum radios its positive, so you want to Go positive expo and thatll soften up a little bit, so the one im going to recommend for you guys is the one that we reviewed yesterday. You can go check it out if you want to put some fpv on a plane start out with something like the eachine atom, rc seal plane. This again is the ultimate ultimate setup here. Its got a big trap door on the side. It comes with two different tops fpv front. It has a pusher motor with a 1400 kv motor on here, capable of about an hour flight time with a 4s2p 7000 milliamp battery which im going to try to get a link to also i have a 5 000 milliamp battery, and this is a t tail. So this ones gon na be a lot easier to set up than something with elevons elevons, its just kind of hard to set up so yeah.

If youre, a beginner start out with something with a t, tail move up to elevons later thats. Just going to be my total honest opinion for your journey into fpv on fixed wing, so lets go ahead and do some crashes with this one for todays, honest review and show you the negative side of the airstrike. You can check out this link below. If you want to take a chance on one of these be my guest, this is a result of two flight tests. With this one, two crashes and its fixable, i can take it home, put some ca on it and i can fly it again. Um but im probably going to pass this one on to a friend and just keep flying my trusty seal over here with 60 inch, wingspan ultimate fpv cruiser um yeah. This is the one to get so check out yesterdays review on the seal. This one is just fpv worthy, especially for the new guys and were looking out for you guys on the channel. So i will see you on the next one: enjoy the crashes, todays crashes and bashes. Here we go Music, Music, all right! This is the second maiden flight, corkscrewed upside down, and this time yeah it looks like uh its not going back together today. Unfortunately, um have 35 expo in the controls, and this is the kind of uh crash damage that you can expect. You know yesterday, when i was talking about kind of the ultimate fpv beginner plane, um yeah, the bixler is a t tail.

This one is more of an traditional elevon setup and um made for speed, but also going to give you some high impact crashes and i wasnt even about even three quarters throttle. I was about probably half throttle on takeoff because normally i dont go full throttle, but right there um, the wing came apart first time i had minimal damage. Only one piece popped off in the first crash that piece up front right there, but this time it kind of broke that whole nose assembly out, and i had a kind of a feeling about that. The way this goes together is that this front nose, cone, slides in and kind of, has a thumb screw to lock in place, but that looked pretty good, but uh yeah its good. They provide two nose cones because look like youre gon na need it, and i was watching painless 360s video, and he mentioned that it would be nice if they included two fpv versions, because with this setup, the dji air module fits perfectly. The camera fits in there. Just a little bit of hot glue would hold that down, but you got to make sure that all this is absolutely correct and he tested his with um eyenav on board, which helps for the first launch im flying in full manual and normally thats. How i like to test them out before i put a flight controller on just to see how the characteristics of the plane really are in flight like pure manual flight, is really good to know.

If you can fly it in full manual, you can fly it in any mode, so i usually start out there and i like to give you the characteristics of the plane. When i do that, you know what i mean guys um, but yeah you can check out the link down below and uh. That was my quick flight test of the axis or the zod airstrike. Not axis got another axis test coming up for you by the way. Um but yeah this is where were at esc, disconnected itself too in the crash. All that forward momentum just threw that battery forward and uh. This is the crash test right here into the review, guys uh. If you want to take a chance on this one, it always benefits my channel and uh. As always, um come back for more honest reviews.