I got the full beeps, so were at our first spot with the recon nano fpv drone. It basically uses one 18650 in this hilarious little mount for the drone, and it should be able to get like a good chunk of flight time. So the only problem is this: first spot that we picked is pretty windy today. Uh – and this does not weigh very much if anything so im kind of nervous about the amount of flight time that were gon na be able to get so were gon na put it up in the air, see what happens? What do you say? We fly this thing for the first time, its not actually the first time i forgot to hit dvr here. We go. People claim that theyre getting 15 minutes of flight. Out of this thing, i am skeptical just because of the amount of current that it takes to keep this whole thing in the air with its little 18650, but uh yeah well see how close we get to that. The timer in the bottom left is on time. We took off at about 45, so just subtract 45 from whatever we see on the screen im, currently pretty impressed with the range like im, all all the way down kind of at the far end of the lake on the left – and you know still good rssi, Relatively good video happy with that, the vtx on this thing is actually 350 milliwatts, which, for a little micro drone, is pretty stinking impressive, honestly, like its a tiny little vtx.

But it still gets that good of uh punch through power and its a whip antenna its not even polarized so im running two patches here on my goggles, but the actual drone has that little whip. So im gon na see how far around the other side of the lake i can get and just see what kind of performance its got with this tbs crossfire uh at 100 milliwatts, as well as a vtx at 350, milliwatt so im on the other side of That island so now theres a bunch of trees between us and the drone and im down right at lake level or water level and honestly, a little bit of breakup, but not bad. A little gap here lets go for that and im going to punch up, not punch, im going to climb up above the tree line and cruise back with downwind, because what im trying to say this thing doesnt have any punch just climb uh. It does not have a ton of punch and ill come over and demonstrate here in a bit all right. Im gon na take a left and go down between this island and head back on over to us. Oh my gosh between i mean its not powerful its. Not really like flying amazing because of the wind but like you could definitely explore with this because were gon na get at least a few minutes of flight time. All right, you want to see a full throttle punch there.

We go three two one thats, both not incredible on the power side of things, but hey were in the air. Okay, im cruising down along the path into the trees, yeah videos, starting to get sketchy so im gon na go and turn back rssi and the controller is really good. Even though im like not pointing the antenna nearly in the right direction and just let her eat im gon na full throttle down the path, full full, full, full, still full 99, somebody on the path stand to the side, still full still full still full yeah. We made it Music well, were currently about a little over five minutes into this flight sitting at 3.3, volts which, on an 18650 should be fine, maybe a little over, probably probably a bit over halfway over the battery, then a little bit of full throttle punches, but Not nothing spectacular, just letting it cruise enjoying the flight trying not to crash over water 3.2. 3.3, when i let low on throttle still cruising just trying to keep a relatively consistent amount of throttle, so that we know like roughly how long we can expect out of a single 18650. This is a three amp 18650 getting land now messages again, oh okay! So now that the battery is getting somewhat low, 3.2 3.1 resting as soon as i punch throttle, you get my controller a little bit as soon as i punch throttle the uh. The camera is cutting out so like im, fully going black on video, even though my osd is still on, because my transmitter is still transmitting, but my camera is going out.

Thats so sketchy ready, yep Music, oh my gosh! Oh, my gosh im gon na keep going until it drops ill just keep it overground its so sketch so yeah. Maybe you could get 15 minutes, but youd be fully blind for the last six. Oh god that one was even intentional. Its like below three volts, its fully out theres, not much. I think my vtx power is getting lower with my lower voltage too, like i think it can. Oh gosh. I think it cant keep up gotcha, surprise its a pit switch, but just for your camera, all right, im gon na bring it back im afraid fully blind landing. I dont need video to fly. I dont know what youre talking about so yeah. I guess, if you run it too low, you lose camera, which is uh, yeah thats exciting, but i mean thats pretty fun like i im, not youre, not gon na be able to put an hd camera on there, even like an instant 360 go to because its Already so limited in power, like you saw how much we had to punch just to get it to get off the ground for crying out loud, but i mean its a really cool concept in terms of like sticking the you know just having the little battery tray. I love that its just its like a straight up, just like a child like a child toy but yeah. These first couple flights were pretty fun.

I mean its its cruising, its analog its you know, youre, not gon na be able to get shots from it. You know to use like in youtube or whatever, but if youre just out for trying to have like a cruise of you, know, eight nine minutes with relatively cheap batteries with a relatively cheap drone. I think its a good time. I dont know what youd use it for other than you know, maybe being under certain weight limits and certain weight, restrictions and stuff like that. But i mean in terms of a concept and in terms of what this thing could be. I im excited about it. Its pretty fun – i i just i love that it just has this little backpack plug in your little 18650 and away you go its quite windy, see my beautiful hair blowing in the breeze protected by my store.tv merch, so the recon 3 is made out of carbon Fiber a little bit of tpu and then some sort of molded plastic mount for the actual 18650. What i dont like about it is that it is well. Maybe i do and dont like, because it is so thin that, like any amount of torque, it is like all over the place. So like this, you know im not worried about it. Breaking but im worried about like that impacting the flight performance, like i dont know, if you can see like look how much that bends, just under its pretty crazy, so im a little bit nervous about that.

So this uses the zeus aio one to two s: input flight controller, its an all in one that has the escs for the motors built in you can see that it actually uses these plugs to plug each motor in so, if you ever break one, you can Just swap it out really easily. Ours uses a tbs crossfire with the tbs immortal t built in, and then we have the zeus, nano vtx, which is actually a 350 milliwatt vtx. So that is actually capable of pushing out a lot of power, which i was actually pretty impressed with, like this vtx was doing a lot better than the one that the emacs nanohawk x that we were using was uh just a few weeks ago. So, im really soaked with how well that was performing. They claim that you can get 15 minutes of flight time out of it im not totally sure that thats the case or maybe im doing something completely wrong, but or using the wrong batteries or something like that. But like i was only getting like seven eight minutes but again for its size, its weight at 62 grams – it it is able to fly for that long and thats thats, pretty impressive, something to be admired for camera. It uses the caddix nano ant camera a little 14 millimeter micro or actually nano camera. Then again, combined with that 350 milliwatt vpx, the picture out of that camera actually looks surprisingly good.

Sometimes when you get these really small nano cameras, you get really really bad picture. Quality, i was okay with it. I was flying through trees, kind of city whooping through these trees here and not having a problem seeing all of the detail and being able to successfully navigate through without breaking anything until i did crush ones. The motors that are on here are custom, recon, fpv, 1202.5, 11, 600 kv so really really quick, spinny boys, but again a 1s, so that rpm then matches out to something that is a little bit more reasonable, but running 30 18 props from gem fan. I think the combination of all of these different things – the super high kv motors, with the three inch props with the 18650 – makes for a really fun small compact little package, something i know a lot about, and it just its just fun. You dont im not necessarily going to be able to put an hd camera on here or use it for filming or get like that epic long range, but like maybe i needed to do. Maybe i wanted to do like a long range flight in the mountains and i needed a kind of sacrificial lamb, a canary in the coal mine to send out just to see if were gon na, lose it or not and uh. This would be a good place to do that. I think like just you know, get it out there get that long flight time, get it up the mountain and see if you know youre gon na have signal or whatever whats happening, still powered up uh.

I definitely just plugged in a battery backwards and there was smoke uh, but the video is on and it powered up. I got the full beeps Music Music ive done, killed it yeah. So i looked at the battery too quickly and realized that this wasnt a button top like my other batteries and i plugged it in backwards and she smoked so thats a downside shoot really so dont plug things in backwards. Well in conclusion: dont plug it in backwards. Uh that genuinely was not a bit like, i completely messed it up and plugged it in backwards and it started to smoke and now uh motors two and three are not spinning at all. So i killed it and that really sucks, because i was definitely planning on giving this away. Oh im, sorry guys that was a rookie move on my part, im, sorry to recon for messing that up. Definitely i mean i was having a lot of fun with it. Like its its a unique experience, its its really really cool that you can just plug it in like, as they say, on their website, like like double checking that this is the right way. Like an actual you know, tv remote was kind of the joke they made and you know, and then you could carry enough batteries in your pocket to like fly for hours right, because you can eight batteries if you get 15 minutes of flight is two hours worth Of flying so im really really excited about the concept.

Im also not super duper a micro drone guy, but i am really stoked on just kind of unique things like this: the 18650 theyre building the drone around the 18650. Sorry winston didnt get to fly it. My bad buddy thanks for watching the this video on the recon 3 long range. Nano drone again super stoked super grateful for you guys to have sent this out. I apologize for killing it. I was having a blast with it. We had more stuff that we were going to shoot, but thanks very much everybody for watching. I hope that you like and subscribe – i mean weve were killing gear for you so that you dont have to well see on the next one stay flying Music theres a lot more people around, i thought and im starting to get self conscious about it.