You know it's crazy, Music, what's up everybody, I'm, so happy I'm, the dred and I'm Dirk and we're here in grandma's California to ride some sand rails cuz. Some epic footage and bring me along for the journey Music daaamn Dave, Coggan ski my wife and I Jen rent out UTV vehicles do production assistance, production, transport stunt driving sand rails because it's caged okay, so the the rail is – and I think I think, what an Old school would say, is the rail is because you're putting lines out there that's it so it's kind of like being on rail, it's kind of like being on Rails. It really is okay, I'm gon na put you guys in the can am X, 3x ORS. The max 172 horse, one more thing that we actually do out here. We got the famous black bag project. My wife and I started the program to clean up trash. We were at one at one point going out every week, cleaning up trash now, it's to the point to where we have sponsors come in. We have thousands of dollars of prizes that were given to the youngsters and the parents that bring us and a bag of doing trash. It'S got to be doing trash, but it's it's, working that's, so cool. Do you guys take donations on that absolutely link in the description? I think that's an awesome thing that they're doing out here great way to keep this place that you guys get to enjoy so much clean twenty that future generations can enjoy it, absolutely hell, yeah that's.

What we're trying to get into the youngsters we're? We got the parents now at the point to where young the youngsters are getting excited about it and that's. I think that's what's really making the difference. I hope you guys will check it out and help support this cuz. This is a beautiful, beautiful place. Yes, and you know you guys are lucky to get to enjoy them we're lucky to get to enjoy it today. Music, let's hide back here. You know I struggle when other people are driving. Do you know I don't and I trust you. I know I like no you're a responsible person it's, just like I got to get in the IndyCar with Gabi Chavez and go for a lap and even though he's like a professional, I was freaking out it's, just when other people are in control like if I Was driving I'd be fine? That was so mellow? I will literally make you put your whole side believe I believe Music, this doesn't, it look like United States right now. We look like we're in a different country. It'S absolutely beautiful, like I said, Jumanji was shot in this area. Beautiful sand dunes anywhere from fifty to a hundred feet in elevation and these machines are amazing, got 300 horsepower 200 horsepower they're gon na go faster than we're gon na be comfortable sitting in, and I can't wait to get some nothing better: Music, Music, Music. A lot of fun: he was just in it for a minute and then there's a call.

No, no! No! No! You crashed in your trunk like way over there. You drove around here and dumped him like right here play right. There, you dumped him right here for us that's real life, yeah yeah, thanks man, the 70s 12 is 60s. Actually people been going out there and partying they got to the point back in the 90s. It got so bad during the night weekends that they actually shut down during the night. Now they don't allow people to congregate there anymore to the trash 2020. Now there's still trash go out there and clean it. Two three times a year and we'll get truckloads of trash, literally truckloads of trash out of there and by the next season all the sand blows. It just comes right back so we're skin cibano we're, just about pushing through it I'm gon na fly from in here. But I got ta wear a helmet, so the only way I can do that, so we putting the goggles down then securing the helmet so I'm gon na be basically the drone pilot get to the next spot. Music, Music, Music riding in this thing, while flying behind, is one of those orienting things that are done like my stomach was like. This is wrong. This is wrong and then same foot, because I brain thinks I'm in the drone, and then I see the vehicle going over this Mound. I feel at my body – and this is weird disconnect that I can't quite describe.

It was so good what an amazing day out here on Tatooine dude definitely check out the black bag project, thanks to your whole team for letting us come out here and chase these things around, and this is such a beautiful environment and I can't think of a Better way to get to enjoy it so make sure to check out the Glamis black bag project. So you can learn about what they're doing and how you can help keep this area as amazing, as it is hollow. Axa off road for amazing video links in the description it's too awful like y'all, got one more trek back to the base so I'm. Looking forward to getting a victory lap in, thank you guys right now, we're gon na go take the path that I've been following, that you guys that you guys just got some video on would be nearly as fast but we're gon na go.