What im going to do is a quick overview on a brand new drone thats just been released on the market. This one came in from banggood actually today, guys and ive been eagerly waiting to feature this one on the channel when i chose it about three weeks ago, so it arrived today – and here it is. This is a new ex 5 pro foldable drone, pretty much based on the original mavic mini in its size. You know styling if we rewind about a year ago, youd probably remember my videos on the eachine, the original eachine ex5. I made quite a few videos on that one late last year i done a review, video, a distance test and a couple of modification videos, and i remember in one of those videos that i filmed towards the end of last year that i actually predicted that eachine Would bring out an ex5 pro, probably in a couple of months? Okay, thanks very much for watching guys, i had fun flying this ex5 its a pity that doesnt have a sd card dvr. I really would have liked to seen that um, but ive got a gut feeling that you know what these companies are like. Theyll end up, bringing a like a eachine ex5 pro version that may have a two axis gimbal and an sd card. Dvr theyve done that with other drones. Before there is room for improvement, i got a feeling thats whats, going to happen with this particular one yeah, doing really good.

Look how stable that is, the sheen ex5 guys the budget, gps, drone Music. I have a feeling theyre going to bring out a uh pro version of this one guys. I just have that gut feeling that theyre gon na bring out one with a two axis: gimbal, okay, but uh. Here it is about a year later guys nearly to the day and eachine didnt make this one uh, which is uh actually surprising, as you can see here, on the top left hand, corner of the box, its actually been produced by a company called domibot and ive. Actually never heard of that branding before, but yeah uh eachine didnt make this one. But as you can see here, this is definitely an eachine uh ex5 pro upgraded version of the original, and we do have a gimbal on this one uh. They do state on the back here that this one has a 4k camera with a three axis gimbal and also has image stabilization, which, on this side of the box here, goes through some of the features so weve got a mechanical pan tilt, zoom camera, so theyre, Referring to the gimbal weve got speed control. Of course, one key return headless mode altitude hold weve got a hd camera. Now this does boast that it has a 4k at 30 frames per second camera, with eis, okay, electronic image, stabilization and gps. Now this does have uh dual gps: its got the gps module and a glonass module, so it should pick up a whole heap of satellites.

So today, what were going to do guys is have a quick look at it. Im not going to have enough time to fly today, because these batteries from memory of the original they do only charge via usb, and they do take quite a bit of time to charge. So what im going to do? Just a quick overview well have a look at this new, updated ex5 pro model and in another video ill, take it for a full flight test, so lets check out the new ex5 pro all right guys. So, first things: first, we have the exact same uh carry case as last years model: okay, its pretty sturdy. Its got some pretty decent zippers on this one and a carry handle. The only difference between this and last years model is that last years model had the eachine insignia logo on there. So uh lets open this one up. Okay weve got some foam covering the drone in the transmitter. We also got some documentation up there, as well as the spare parts and charger all right. So let me just uh put that aside. Lets have a look at what we get as far as the documentation quickly and well grab that out as well all right. So we have two user manuals here: ones in english and one is in italian by the look of it looks like theres some other languages as well, so yeah, very good booklets uh from eachine um, very easy to read and very informative okay.

So it goes through everything you need to know, especially if youre a beginner. I suggest that you do actually read through this carefully before you fly the drone heres the qr code, so weve got the vs gps pro app. Ive used this app quite a few times on certain drones. Uh in this price range so were going to be using that thats what it looks like there. So you can go ahead and just get your qr code scanner on your phone and download the app that way or just go on. Google play store and uh or the app store and then just look for that logo type in vs, gps, pro all right to download the app – and it just goes through all the app functions and features. Okay, guys so yeah, very good booklet. Definitely give this a read, especially if youre new to flying drones, but even if youre not new to flying drones, you want to have a look at the user manual anyway, okay, and what comes including that bag, we get the usb to micro, usb charger, a full Set of props, as you can see here, the screwdriver to attach the props and some spare screws, okay, so onto the drone itself here, as you can see its just neatly, packed inside this foam casing, we have the three battery version here: heres the two extra batteries Here guys so lets have a quick look at the milliamp hours on this one.

They are a modular battery. Okay, theyre all encased in this uh proprietary casing its exactly the same as the original eachine ex5 from last year, except as you can see its just underneath. A different labeling here dummybot and it comes in at 2200, milliamp hour 2s battery 25c uh, says lithium, polymer, okay, so these are lipos in this, even though the casing is rounded off to look like it housed. Two 18650 cells, like a dji mavic mini dont, be fooled. These are actually lipos inside because i did open up one of the original ex5 uh lipos last year and its just a normal standard lipo, but um so yeah. If youve got the original eachine ex5, i cant see why you wouldnt be able to use them on this new ex5 pro model theyre. Exactly the same, so uh yeah ive got the three battery version here. Uh. You can obviously get this in the one battery two battery or three battery models. All right so lets have a quick look at the controller. Now this controller looks pretty similar to the original one of last year. There are some slight differences to it immediately. I can see that the actual uh phone clip is thicker and looks more sturdier a bit of rather large phone in there guys gimbal sticks pretty similar. We dont have an on and off switch like last year, pretty sure that one had an on off switch instead. Weve got a push button power button here, all right guys, weve got some led lights.

Obviously, in the middle here is the compass calibration button key okay, so the compass calibrated on the top. Here we have the speed switch im. Pretty sure this has two speeds, maybe even three well soon check that out in my flight. Video here is the wheel for the gimbal okay. On this side we have the return to home button and weve got the camera button, so one quick press would be for taking photos. Hold it down, for a couple of seconds would be for taking video. Now looking at these antennas, they look like theyve, been re. Styled these are actually a lot longer these antennas here. So um, you know if theyre faux, antennas or not lets have a look. I cant see a wire in that one and theres no wire in that one. So yeah these are fake antennas, guys all right, but they actually have changed the uh the length of them they much. The other ones used to only come up to here, so uh yeah its a slightly different controller, but not far off the original ex5 one. From last year and on the back of this one, i think were going to have to put four aaa or double a batteries all right guys. So here is the ex5 pro i actually keep wanting to say eachine the x5, but this is not an easy sheen. This year, but uh yeah anyway uh it looks pretty good in black. I really do like the black last year was like a grayish sort of color, like a light gray, very similar to the actual mavic mini color.

But as you can see here, it does have the same design as last years. Model except weve got a gimbal on the front here. It does have that same sort of rubber texture, which i do like uh its not like shiny plastic or anything like that. But as you can see, the front of it is exactly the same. Its got that blue lens on the front um same motors, same leds on the arm, so lets uh actually fold these out and there it is there theres a footprint of the drone itself and it does have the exact same uh, 1503 brushless motors as last years Model and these motors actually look identical to the mavic mini ones as well. Okay, all the arms look very similar to the rear door, for the battery is very similar to the mavic mini okay and weve got the third battery in here, as you can see, just get that out its actually in there pretty tight okay, i can see why They put a little uh ring around it, so it doesnt connect to keep it from connecting to the drone, so it doesnt go flat in transit, but it does clip in like that and you close the door now. One great thing about this particular ex5 pro model guys is that it is not wi fi based only guys so uh. It actually does take an sd card. As you can see here, please use a class 10 card and we do have a dvr this time.

Now that is awesome last year i did mention that i wished the eachine ex5 had an sd card implemented to it. I believe there was the actual empty slot on last years, model thats, why i probably mentioned it, but uh yeah thats, a real good bonus. Most of these drones, even with the two or three axis gimbals these days around this sort of price range. Most of these drones online are wi fi only based still – and i just dont understand that so thats a big plus for this one im glad they included a actual dvr. So thats going to be really great were not going to get dropped frames anymore. We shouldnt get any drop frames rather than relying on a recording that will only be transmitted by wi fi straight to your phone. Now, as you can see on one of the front arms here, it does claim that its got eis, which is electronic image stabilization, and it should record at 4k at 30 frames per second. So hopefully that is a true uh specification statement well soon find out when i fly it uh on another video, so uh that does look promising anyway, uh that the camera has been upgraded so ill. Just take the gimbal cover off guys and uh lets have a closer look at the camera. Okay, so lets peel that sticker off, and there goes the gimbal guard that come off pretty easy, heres, the camera and gimbal guys.

Now they do state. This is a three axis: gimbal uh with a 150 degree, wide angle lens. So i believe the actual lens is about 30 degrees wider than the original. I believe the original ex5 was 120 degree field of view, so they have actually upgraded the camera, which is good to see um supposed to take 4k photos, of course, and shoot in 4k 30 frames per second, as they say on the arm here now this pro Model states on the box anyway, that its got a three axis gimbal, so weve got the axis there for the roll and tilt up and down, of course, and the third one should be like a yaw and just feels like a bit of dampening there. More than anything uh we have to see, i dont want to force it guys or damage it, but it does move a little bit as you can see here, left and right so yeah, i wont uh play around with it, while its not turned on it also Has a dampening system there, so hopefully you can see that just a rubber dampening system above the uh gimbal housing, so yeah it should take some decent uh footage with the gimbal here, as well as the eis image stabilization. So i look forward to trying it out. Um you know this drone has all the other features that you expect from uh drones. These days we have uh, you know the orbiting mode.

The intelligent follow me mode also has waypoints. It actually says here: aircraft retrieval function, so i guess, if you happen to lose this drone youll be able to find it via the app, which is a good thing, be able to retrieve your drone that way so uh thats pretty much it guys. Um lets just turn it on lets: hold it down and see the lights there we go so its got the exact same lights as the original model. Weve got a couple of little leds on the back legs, none on the front, but we do have the visor blue led light here as well. Okay, guys well on the actual online listing on banggood. It does say that the new ex5 pro weighs in at 263 grams, so lets uh just test the weight on my digital scale here ill turn it on wait till it zeros out, okay, so its all teared out on xero the ex5 pro there and as you Can see it weighs 258 grams 0.64, so 258.64 grams, so it does go over that 250 gram weight limit, so uh. If youre in the usa. You are going to have to register this drone so anyway, guys for now um thanks very much for watching this overview of the new ex5 pro, like, i said, im going to do a full flight test in another video okay, because it is rather windy. Today it is the afternoon, and these batteries are actually going to take forever to charge.

They do take quite a bit of time to charge because they are 2200 milliamp hour batteries. I have three of them here, so im going to charge up at least a couple of them: uh one for the full flight test and ill do a distance test thereafter, all right in another, separate video, so uh. In the meantime, if youd like to check this one out, it is from banggood um ill leave a link in the description below, i believe its on flash sale for around 200 us or thereabouts at the moment, for the three battery version like i have here. Obviously, if you want the one battery version its going to cut the price down by quite a bit, so just check it out if you wish, and especially if youve got the uh, you know the ex 5 original uh youre more than likely going to be able To use the batteries out of that one, so its up to you guys, you can check it out in the description below until next time. Guys thanks very much for watching if youre new to the channel be sure to subscribe.