Thats different than most toy drones, youre going to want to check it out so stay tuned Applause. So before we get started on the review, if you havent already subscribed, please hit the subscribe button. We do a lot of toy drone reviews. We do a lot of dji reviews, fpv anything to do with flying toys, including airplanes, helicopters, etc. We love all that stuff and you will too so hit subscribe and join us this little guy right here is the san sico, a21 and ive done a lot of uh toy drone reviews, including potenzic and sema and stuff, like that theyre good little line of sight, Drones, which is what this is as well, but what got me excited about this one? Is you actually can take two of them and do combat in the air and the way the combat works? Is you take uh your remote control? You push a button on it and theres a little infrared ray that fires out of this thing and shoots the other guy down so to speak. I think that the way its described is when you hit them, theyll feel a little shake or a beep or something that allows you to know. Youve hit them, and if you hit them like three times it automatically lands. The other drone and youve won the battle in the box. You have the little 1s battery powered quadcopter here now. This is stabilized. So its going to be pretty easy to fly set this over here it has ducted propellers, so you can avoid having happen to yourself.

What happened to this kid, which is actually on their amazon page, and i have an amazon affiliate link down below that you can click on if you want to buy one of these, and i will get a small commission for the sale. So if you do want to buy it, please use the affiliate link in the box. It includes the actual quadcopter itself, which is pretty tiny, again uses a little 1s and then inside the bottom of the box. You have a pretty hefty instruction manual, which, for a little quad like this is uh seems like a bit of overkill. But i think this is in multiple languages and has some detail about what each of the buttons do, but i think its actually pretty apparent if youve flown a drone before and it comes with – not one but two batteries which i think is fantastic. Every drone maker should always include two batteries thats my opinion of this. It has the remote control included heres. The remote here are the two little 1s batteries um pretty tiny, and they have a usb charger. So you dont have to worry about what type of plug you have as long as you can have access to usb power source like your computer or a wall outlet that has usb or even a little battery powered backup. This little usb charger has a green light in it and when its charged, its green and when its charging its red, so you plug it in it, turns red and then, when its charged, its green ive actually already charged.

Both of these batteries and ive already put the two aaa batteries that go in here into here. It comes with four spare props and a little screwdriver, so i think i see here on the front the little infrared um sensor that is going to the the infrared light thats going to emit the kind of ray that you use to shoot down the other guy And then somewhere there is a little sensor and i think thats also on the front. I think you have to shoot them from the front or maybe from slightly below but im assuming. This is the sensor that reads when youre hit. So when you get hit like i said it gives you some sort of indication, i havent done it yet to tell you youve been hit and then you get you have to land it. It forces you to land after you get hit three times all right. So weve got it sitting here: uh im going to go ahead and yep thats the takeoff button and throttle and im in probably in rate one right now, which is pretty well whats going on down there whered you go. Oh there it is uh im in rate, one which is a very docile doesnt move very easily wouldnt work well in wind, two beeps means rate two, its going to move a little better. I can kind of zip it around a little better and then three beeps is rate three, which is really kind of what youre going to want to fly in most of the time, its the most most fun and again, with the ducted props.

You dont really have to worry about hitting yourself and lets see if i can find the flip button Music, its probably a lot of times, thats one of the joysticks, you uh, you push yeah there we go. Did you see that i dont know if you saw that flip, but let me try again its uh pushing the right stick down and then the direction you want to flip. So if i want to flip, if i want to flip forward ill push, the right stick down push forward and itll flip forward, pretty cool and right stick down and see. If i can do a right flip, it does lose some altitude when you flip so like i wouldnt want to flip it over the table, because, if i did, it would probably hit the table. So you know as soon as it goes. You need to have a little bit of altitude when you flip it. So do one more ill do a back flip there we go all right and then the last thing i want to talk about is headless mode. There is a button here on it that, if you press it, it will put it in headless mode. Headless mode means that no matter you want to hold this down so now, im in headless mode. Now it doesnt matter. I can yaw and still no matter which way i push the stick, its going to go that direction. It doesnt matter which way im facing see.

I can still control it, its its a fine thing to kind of learn how to fly but its kind of cheating, because it develops bad habits. You dont take into account the orientation of the drone, like you should and so lets see if itll flip in headless mode, yep itll still flip its still in headless mode. Alright, so were gon na uh weve just put fresh batteries in both of them, and this is me this is chris uh and lets see yep thats facing away from him. This ones facing away from me so im facing that way. Hes facing this way and three two one go Music. Oh both have a hit, oh Music. I think you got me too. All right lets try again here we go Music. I dont know how i dont know how well aimed you actually have to be. Okay, that didnt work Music yeah. I think, as long as when you i think you can hit the person as long as youre facing them, but i dont know that um. I dont know that uh they have to be facing. You go ahead and uh go ahead and hit me im gon na, be right here in front of the gopro and see if i can get a shot of that, so i can get a shot of it shaking go ahead and hit me. Oh, oh yeah! That was my forced landing all right, one more go. Do it one more time hit me again.

Music go ahead hit me, but i think you have to be facing me the direction the the direction the shooting drone is facing matters, the direction the getting shot drone. Does not matter yep, you put me down, but i can take back off. Can i take that off? Am i dead dead? Oh there i go. I guess it makes you just land for a second and then you can take back off Music, Music. Oh, that was definitely a force landing. Not only did chris kill me, but he knocked me upside down, so i cant even take off look at that. He landed properly, youre a scoundrel Music, so Music do do Music, so Music, all right, so we got 603 and like 610 out of the other one, so pretty decent amount of flight time. We were zipping around the room. Bumping into things did a couple of flips here and there nothing too crazy, but six minutes sounds like a pretty safe flight time. You could definitely feel some battery drain toward the end to where it was uh wanting to go down, and you had to give it extra throttle in order to keep it in the air, but as a little linocite flyer, thats a pretty decent flight time with a Tiny little 1s battery thats in it. I like this a lot i havent flown a little toy drone indoors in quite some time, ive been doing more camera drone, stuff and fpv stuff.

So this is a category unto itself. If you have a kid that wants to get into flying, drones might be a good place for them to start and again that element of being able to shoot the other person with the infrared and make their drone shake and then eventually land thats really fun. I was surprised at how much fun that was, and it works relatively well as long as your drone that youre firing with is facing the other one, because the infrared array is in the front and then the other one it could be facing any direction. It doesnt matter, i guess its sort of an omnidirectional little sensor down here on the bottom ill, put a link down in the description ill be giving some of these away also. So hopefully, you can win a couple of these im going to give them away in pairs. Let me know what you think in the comments, and hopefully you enjoyed this video. If you did, please hit the like button and well see you next time on ready, set drone thanks for all watching lets, see if i can catch it in my mouth here we go all right here we go Music. I cant believe i did that. I sure hope that was recording.