Conveniently we have a banner that illustrates it. Smart from us and ea play they’re. Also on the banner yeah, no, i said that’s why i showed it that’s good stanford. What if people don’t understand what xbox game pass is all about? Oh well, look mate, i’ll, just tell them so xbox game pass for pc gives you access to over a hundred. No high quality, not a hundred pc games, that is big yeah like one’s, right simulator age of vampires, are playing a big minecraft dungeon big time, Laughter that’s, the thing though, so what do you mean? Well now, no hit me tell them stanford, okay! So now that xbox, i know once gameplay fifa, fifa, oh you, stole mine, battlefield, need for speed, brandon, conker, wow, there’s, plenty, there so it’s a great service and if you’re a pc, gamer you’re going to want to get on board. Because how good now can i make an even better voice, one dollar? What is that a solitary dollar? Is that a usd yeah, i don’t know you get three months of xbox game pass for pc. Just let me clarify one dollar one dollar yeah, i mean i have a dollar, so click the link in the description check it out thanks very much to these guys for sponsoring the video we’re gon na get into it’s gon na, be a beauty we’ve done this Sort of funky dodging stuff with rc cars before you all love it and we thought we must do it with drones.

Actually jack. Can you just throw a little look? Can we do them yeah a little quick, monitor a little highlight reel. Yeah, go bang down so to figure out who’s driving, first of all, flying stanford. Of course. Of course. Sorry, sorry, sorry, everyone, my bad those ones with the wings yeah yeah yeah. I get it so we’re going to do an rc car race, hey the rc when he gets to choose the order of who dodges and how good carl’s starting over there and we come into the area around the melon, rexy giant, anvil, another lap, two laps stanford And then this is the finish line here. Three two one go: oh, oh great stuff from the boys. You’Ve hit me yes, yeah i’m composed oh yeah, moving up; oh gosh, that’s right that’s, one left for her and he’s. Looking the goods gone stuck in the fence coins and stuck in there i’m stuck catching up. Can i get him? Oh, oh! No, oh god! Oh hell, i took the victory. Order is stanford first gorny second heron coming home aaron. Can i just say i hope we fly our drones better than we drive our rc cars was diabolical. I also didn’t make the gate on the entry it’s fantastic i’m gon na be flying from up here. My drone is all the way down there and the challenge today is whose drone can survive the longest without crashing, so that could be getting hit by an item or hitting the fence, which would be horrendous, but you never know in our games.

Anything can happen. We’Re gon na cap, the dodging time at 90 seconds at which point crew member michael, will make this sound and yeah folks i’m. Not gon na lie i’ll be chuffed. If i hear that noise, it means i’ve done the full 90. gwanson we’re at the top got our artillery look at it all. Bocce bowling balls, rubber band balls, soccer balls, basketballs, billiard, balls rexy’s here, hey duckies, are here more bowling, balls, witches hats, bowling, pins, shovels, pitches and that’s. Not all we got some special items. Folks, we got a nice beautiful tyre, thanks to need for speedrust on ea play franchise we’re going to quick release the sword, a giant sword. What game’s that from gwanson dragon, hey beautiful yeah well said not gon na lie. I haven’t flown a drone in probably like six months so gon na be rusty. At best we need to talk strategy. We don’t want to be rash or do we so do we start with the billiards and bocce, or do we finish it’s all about time? I need to get rid of this. How could you shuffle stack i’d just like to let you know that i’ve named my drone, tyrone, ah tyrone, hope it doesn’t get slowed or thrown to the ground like a little dirt bag? The only name i could think of that rhymed with drone. I just felt like i got to get in early. Do you like my hat three, two one Music Applause, oh gosh, that was close, chubby chubby? Yes, tyrone! Oh flipping, rubber back! Oh god! Oh, i feel very, very close, yes tyrone! Yes, where is he? Where is he he’s in the middle doing better than the fences? At the moment? Oh gosh melon, oh he’s, coming in he’s, coming in he’s coming he’s come in.

Oh, oh bowling, ball very close the whole damn thing’s going! Oh that’s, too big. Ninety! Oh! Oh! Many penny tv free king sia, oh wow, did someone say javi running out of stuff come on michael. We must be close last thing, all that shoveled enough come on tyrone. This is the final straight freddy we’re out of stuff. Oh, what a performance round of applause from all the trees! Thank you very much. Everyone we didn’t hit him once i had so many that was like that’s, good that’s good and then he flipping moves. How do you beat 90 seconds? You can only tie it. Well, boys, you uh, took out the fence really well, it was good job flipping lucky duck what was close, melon boccis anvil. I mean i wasn’t watching many, but the boscies look close. I must admit little little tyrone was definitely shaking. Hopefully i can tie the tyrone. No, hopefully, you’ll go on within 10 seconds. Do i fly drones? Lots! No! Am i pretty much a legend at them? Yes, i see not connected to mobile pre flight check. Now. I’M, looking at the harbour bridge i’m very excited to throw everyone. I reckon we’re going to take him down heron gawson’s, going down like a sweet muffin earlier i’m in picture mode. Oh no, come back, would you special items? Let’S talk them herron let’s run through got the soccer ball out for fifa or pressed a button. Oh dear, come back me and you mate we’ve loved playing it over the years an hour together, you can play it on uh xbox game pass on pc now, so speaking of pc, stanford we’ve got the actual tower to represent it i’m going to hoik this thing Off the top it’s going to be good aircraft overheating slip and santa claus is coming boys.

Let’S get a move on three two one go: Music, oh gee anvil: where are you your dog? Just remaining calm, remaining, really calm, rexy. Remember the box plot baby. Remember it and we’re rolling linux: oh watermelon hit him strolling at the park; nothing crazy, nothing, silly javi’s and pitches keeping together. Looking fantastic, double bowling balls, hold it there and back and dancing nearly hit the fence that’s. Quite all right. Shabby oh brother of nigey you’re away pick the next corner doing remarkably well at the minute wow that was loud. Double botched i’m, going big with the ducks and tennis and the bucket tell you what they are. Oh terrible, they’re panicking giant dart freaking get him. That was close. Oh have i hit the ground, though 73 seconds for gauntlet it’s, the inverse scott. I think we caused this crash by him being so pressured he was zipping. He was like he’s like a boxer on the ropes. You know had an absolute brain fluff and just got it all wrong. My calibration was out i just oh, no yeah nice flying gaunts and you did really well thank you for giving us the win. I mean i’ve done really well to just stuff that up by the way was that um was it stated that um you got to hit the ground before it times out i mean you can put it to the folks if you reckon you’re untreated fairly, but i Think they’d all get that going again yeah.

It would be a hell of a weasel there’s. No doubt you were doing well and then you weren’t what happened just got over overconfident and forgot left. His right right is left for a second and then just that’s. All it takes went this way that ah and then yeah this netting really effective flipping went through your blades. I reckon it was that close folks heron’s up the key. Is this right? Stick just forward forward back aaron’s already stuffed. I have flown these before, but i’m. Not great at it, i think we should throw where he isn’t, because the odds that he doesn’t move is low, which then can i just give a devil’s absolute distraction on that or like a i like extractions, no, not an extraction, a um i like, where you’re Going it’s more targeted, maybe instead of me just throwing 16 of these bad boys at once, maybe it’s more measured. I also believe once the heat of the moment comes, things are just and what about this puppy, because i don’t mind a bit of a rocker by bear sort of thing as long as it’s rocking that way, my little soldier number three calling him timon to moan. The drone you know a bit of lion king had the heart of a lion. Even you know he was a lemur or whatever lima. No, he was a meerkat. Lemurs are from madagascar spirit of the meerkat, not spirit of the lion this time, but i don’t have tiny hearts, that’s, terrible anyway spirit up to mine special items that are related to games.

You can now play on xbox game fast and pc. We’Ve got the whole toy house because you can play the sims that’s that’s that’s. Why we’ve got this number two we’ve got a christmas tree stanford, oh yeah, the pop plant, very good. You know what that’s from scott uh plants versus zombies. Three two one go merry christmas, you filthy, animal ha ha javelins are nothing daunting. Pot plant sims house. Take him down all bowling balls out, then focus focus, focus and aim focus focus. Oh focus: pokers they’re, really going slow, hey, oh bowling balls bowling, pins exponents, melon gone that’s, another yeah, oh heck, bouncy bouncy! Oh my crook! Take it! Oh dodging good, heron! Oh, stop me big atlas and you’re out and put it up one two three for those take him down. Take him down hit that hit that take him down. Oh watch! Oh, did i sneak him yeah that boy that watermelon, oh wow, that looks close. That was really he’s so available and composed there’s all the light stuff coming basketball bucket, another bucket tennis ball. Oh, they are really just. They have no idea what they’re doing now the boys are battling. Aaron looks home flipping in the finale. What a pop the christmas tree very early on nah christmas tree was ballpark watermelon, dunno bocce. Definitely i reckon i heard a noise, so you might have got a snicker to finish the day. We must ko a drone and it will be in slow motion and it will be heron’s drone going down yeah finale time.

One drone will not survive this stanford it’s going to be good boys. Good vid go on some more. You can commentate the finale that’s wet. Is that that’s melon isn’t it nice freaking out? How are we doing this mate? You and me hovering each of our drones in the air. Three, two one. You can throw one of anything you like what’s, your bloke’s name tomorrow. Timon i’m about to pumbaa your butt with this alrighty. Everyone welcome to the spectators box. Where nothing great happens. Three two one we’re away, oh timon, was almost gone. Timon has dodged a massive bullet there, all right round number two ding ding and phil versus drone. Three two one: oh hello, boys gone out moment of silence for tyrone. It was a good moment that, thank you. Thank you. Everyone was very respectful. Music, well done, heron. Thank you the morning, sir big. Thank you to xbox game plaster pc for sponsoring the vids legends. Oh gosh got ta fly in the mouth. If you want to get xbox game master pc, link in description, one dollar for three months: i’m, going to recover.