That important the droning question is the dji mini 3 pro and in many ways. I think this actually is kind of the perfect drone for me and im kind of tempted to buy it now so lets talk about it. So dj invited me out to their shop in vivo city to kind of check it out. So here are my first impressions of the brand new dji mini 3 pro now. Im, not gon na. Do any test footage because number one they didnt give me any and number two youve already seen peter mckinnons potato jets and a bunch of other youtubers reviews of this with really impressive, 4k footage, im kind of stuck in little boring singapore right now, im, not a Luke como, so i dont really have the ability to shoot really insane fancy footage, which is a bit unfortunate. So theres no point for me giving you test footage anyway. What i can tell you about is my usage experience with it, which i think is very important because everyone whos reviewed this drone so far experienced drone users im a complete noob, a complete amateur, a complete beginner. So is it nuke friendly? Well, yes, a few reasons for this first is that its 249 grams, which means you dont, have to get any sort of licensing and registrations youre able to fly it. No matter who you are, which is an awesome, awesome thing. Another important thing about this drone is that compared to the last dji mini 2, which theyre still selling by the way, because its for casual users, it has optical detection sensors.

So if youre gon na crash into something its going to stop and alert you and warn you, so you dont crash into the thing. This is actually very important because i am terrible at piloting things one week within getting my license recently. I curved my car and basically broke it. I digress but yeah having obstacle. Detection is really important for beginners and amateur flyers like me, and since most people flying drones under 250 grams are going to be beginners and amateurs and people who are first time drone flyers. That is a big plus 100 for sure. Another reason its good for me is because this drone has good image quality, not the greatest, obviously, but definitely good enough, so that it wont out of place in my 4k 120 fps a7s3 video. So i can actually use it for youtube and stuff its got. A bigger image sensor with uh 48 megapixels, so you can take really high res stills, and the image sensor is bigger. I think its one over 1.3 inches now so down close to a one inch sensor and the image quality is noticeably good. You can tell from all the test footage from the pedomekins and the peter lingards of the world. It can do up to 4k 60, which is really really awesome, and it also has auto hdr when youre shooting 4k 30 and below, which is very useful if youre shooting outdoors in like bright harshly, lit sun environments like this.

Oh another big important thing is that, since this is clearly going to be used by people who are doing social media, you might want to be shooting some tick tocks with a drone, and this can shoot vertical video, which is actually really nice thing and its actually. The first consumer drone with vertical video, its going to be a big thing – everybody whos, trying to do ads or kind of be successful on social media, is shooting vertical videos these days. So having vertical video built into a drone is not a feature that i will use, particularly but its a future that i can see a lot of people benefiting from. As for pricing, since this is the first video about it from a singaporean youtuber, i think i dont know im just throwing it out there as a bet, its 1099 singapore dollars for the normal kit without the fancy remote. But if you want to get defensive remote, its 1 349 singapore dollars or 1 ‘9, if im, not wrong, which is a very reasonable price for the kind of drone that it is and speaking of the fancy remote, it is a very, very fancy. Remote its got. A nice lcd display, i think, its about 5.5 or 6 inches. If im not wrong, it is bright enough. I can use it in like this overcast sunny day. That makes no sense in this very bright day. Basically, i could use it outdoors, no problem and its got very intuitive, very satisfying, very useful controls and i think its a good idea to get the fancy controller, because this fancy controller means you dont have to sync up your phone.

Every time you want to launch the drone, which is so damn annoying, it does make the whole setup a little bit more bulky to keep in your bag, though, but i dont think its a big deal that something that you know. I would really complain about. Another thing in terms of accessories you can get with this drone is to get a bigger battery. The stock battery can fly up to a rated 30 34 minutes of flight, which seems to be pretty decent if you can trust their statistics, but you can get a bigger battery if you dont think thats enough flight time. The thing is, though, because it is 249 grams, if you get the bigger battery its going to go over the weight limit and youre going to need to get it registered and licensed if you want to fly legally without getting arrested or fined heavily. So that is pretty much it for my first impressions of the dji mini 3 pro i mean i literally shot this after testing out the drone. So i got fresh first impressions im shooting this on the rooftop of the mall, where the dji shop was at. What do i think about it? I think its a really impressive drone. I think its actually a better beginner drone than the ggi mini 2, and while the mini 2 is a lot cheaper, so it makes a lot more sense for a lot more beginners and amateurs. The improvement you get from the mini 2 to the mini 3 pro is quite substantial, especially with the obstacle detection sensors, which i think is like a top feature that is required for any beginner drone flyer, thats scared of crashing their expensive drone.

Think about it. You pay 500 600 more for the mini 3 pro, but the thing is: with the mini 3 pro youre less likely to crash it. So youre actually saving 600 700. You would have wasted if you bought a mini 2 and you crashed it because it didnt have sensors. You get what i mean. The advantage is there, of course, some people might disagree and dji thinks that those people do exist, so the mini 2 will continue to be still as a little little brother to the military pro. I think. For me, the military pro is on close to exactly the drone that ive been waiting for, so i might just pull the trigger and buy one of those because its got the image quality i want and its got the ease of use that i need awesome. Awesome. Awesome thank you to the dji for inviting me out to check out this drone, its actually a very interesting, pretty good product, and i cant wait to get my hands on a review unit and actually test it out properly and make a full on review.