This is not my creation thats. Why its a name that i can barely say. Hopefully you can say it better than i can. This is the work of dax neal and yes, dax has a channel and i will link his channel down in the video description below, but he found a way to make a super light: hd, zero, competitive, paddocks vista, its naked whoop. So, of course, to fly this youll need to at the very least, youll need to have the dji fpv goggles uh. You can use the dji fpv radio with this. This is the only dji radio because you can use the vista as your receiver as well, but in my case i am using the radio master. Zorro and ive got some new stick ends on there. Uh the thumb grippies ive got a hankering for these things. I like them, but dax has got build. Videos on this and hes got several flights, so definitely go check out his videos on this, because itll certainly help you a lot im not going to cover in great depth because hes already done it to a degree im. Just going to cover my experience with it, so the first thing to start off with is dax has got a print on thingiverse, or you can also have that print printed up by a print service of your choosing, of course, naked vista, its pretty much required because You want to get that weight down as much as you can.

Ive got the caddix nebula pro nano or nebula nano pro, whichever its called the motors are happy model. 1102 10 000 kv motors. I swapped these out from a uzi 85 case because these motors are actually hard to come by, but i like the 10 000 kv and ive got some new hq props here, theyre the 40 millimeter tri bladed 1.5 millimeter motor shaft props theyre relatively new, and i, Like them, but they do kind of break off right at the hub broke a few props. The flight controller that i used is the j h e m c: u g gs405a! This is a one or a 2s board. It does have express lrs on the board and i am using the radio master zorro with express lrs, which i really like as well a couple things to note about that board: one its kind of expensive theres, no motor connector, so youve got some tiny little soldering On there it does have several uarts, so you have all sorts of options for it. I think the price i kind of skipped over that was 71 or 72 dollars. Now the last i looked, it does have black box on here. So if you like to tune via black box thats a feature, i am running, betaflight 4.2.8 express lrs receiver on this board, while its integrated on the board, its not like weve, seen on other all in one boards. This one has its own wi fi for the receiver, so you can update the receiver separately.

You dont have to update betaflight in order to update the receiver, so thats a bonus, and if you can see it right down there, its got a little ufl. So the antenna can be tucked out of the way you dont have a cube antenna or anything like that down there, so it keeps the profile relatively low, hopefully im getting a decent profile shot of that. Also on my first iteration of this, i had glued the camera down at my second iteration here. Of course, i didnt glue the camera down. You may see a touch of jello. I thought it was really really good and it gave me the opportunity to try out some different props found the gym fan props because they turned up at the profile. It created a little bit of a problem with clearing the camera. You can see how its a touch wider than the base. So initially, when i did have these props on, i stuck some foam under there and then i used some welder adhesive or people call it e6000 to bring the camera up just a touch, because the props wouldnt clear natively down on the frame. You also need some nylon or some screws that are m2 and theyre 25 millimeter. These are actually hard to come by. You can see come from a micro, fasteners and ill link that down in the video description i bought. Actually, i bought the wrong bag first. So i had to buy a second bag, but dax was nice enough to send me a kit uh.

So he sent me a print and he sent me enough nylon screws to get me by. I did break a few of those and it does take a while to repair this thing. You know its a micro so its not necessarily easy to work on or faster repair. So when you break these little guys like, i did take some time to get them out and put new ones back in and continue to front load the damage report. I also broke one of my ort antennas. These are nice antennas and theyre very, very light thats. Why i used it to keep the weight down, but unfortunately, through a few crashes, i pulled the antenna loose. This is repairable. Thankfully it didnt do any great damage. I just need to get it back in there and kind of crimp it all back together. You can see ive got some welder on there as well, but i changed how i applied the welder on my second antenna. I globbed it on there, so the welder would actually play a little bit of a role in protecting the antenna staying inside the ufl. So ive got it kind of slimed on there a bit and yeah dax has got stickers. Thank you dex. I should mention his name. Is dax neal? The way i have mine built that weighs just under ‘ grams and as a refresher for another digital whoop, the hd0 mobile 7, weighs just under 41 grams and prior to building the mob digital 7.

My favorite cadex vista or dji whoop was the iflight alpha a75hd, and that is a two to three s: whoop and it weighs 70.5 grams, its a porker, but it still flies really nice. But i like this one, a lot better. The flight video that youre going to see are, with these nanotech 300 milliamp 2s batteries, theyre the 45 to 90c, rated or labeled. As i like to say, because the rating doesnt mean anything its mumbo jumbo, but its a way you can identify the batteries but theyre very difficult to get. I dont think hobbyking is making them anymore. I did buy the new version of this one, which is bigger and its not as good, but with that battery my flight weight comes up to just under 57 grams. I did also fly it on this g b, 530 milliamp 2s battery and it got about somewhere between four minutes and 40 seconds and five minutes, and that brings the weight up to 65 and a half grams. So as we start, the flight pay a special attention to when i take off, because i think thats, where i see a little bit of camera movement a little bit of jello. Maybe you saw it right there, but were going to take it for a spin around on the 300 milliamp battery uh were going to get a flight time of about two minutes and 40 seconds. Of course, if you fly slower or if youre flying outside youre flying faster, your flight time is going to vary uh, i think the 530 milliamp battery it would be something you probably want to move to specifically for outside flight.

You know you can get more space. You can get heavier on the throttle, youre very likely to do punch outs or certain sorts of tricks or maneuvers, where youre just higher on the throttle and therefore youll probably need a little bit more battery. But for inside flying i like to stay light. So i can have fun and i can fly the way i like to fly now. Something else is why im kind of signal boosting daxs work here is. I think this is a market that most of our woop manufacturers have just missed 2s. Most of these whoops, just like the iflight alpha, a75 hd, you know really its 3s and when you add that extra cell and that extra size and weight of a battery for me when it comes to inside flight, its still fun. But i have in the back of my mind this concern that if i have a crash and then i hit something im going to do some damage in the house and of course they are far noisier with all the prop rotation. You know extracell more prop rotation. That gives us the thrust that were looking for. But if we drop that weight down and we make some wise park choices, we can get a quieter quad, a quad that can fly for a relatively good period of time. Good performance and because weve dropped the weight, the damage inside a home or any other flying space that you might have is going to be less.

I have not flown this outside at all. Ive mentioned it to a number of people via the comment section of other videos and chat and stuff, like that, our weather has just been brutally bad over the course of the last five weeks. Ive got another video coming up, but i have to roll back the footage to clear back when i first started flying that thing, because i just dont know when the weathers gon na clear up weve had three snowstorms that have closed the schools. Weve had rains wind, uh, terrible cold uh today was actually a relatively decent day, but weve got standing water in the backyard and i dont tend to fly when i have standing water back there. I know conformal coating, but i just cant be bothered with conformal coding, but i was really really having a good time with this flying at all sorts. Actually, you know i rebuilt it because i wanted to challenge myself. I wanted to see how far i could drive the weight down without getting extreme. One of the things about going extreme in my case of builds is that i tend to find that my durability or my repair ability suffers in going to extreme decreased weight. In this case, with no motor connectors and have to do the soldering thats kind of extreme, so if you bark a motor or something its gon na, take a bit to repair uh, but there you go. Flight has ended.

As i said about two minutes and 40 seconds on that flight, ive also got some flippies and floppies, because i was kind of impressed with my tune, its better than my average tune, not to say that im a great tuner or a master tuner. But i felt that it really just kind of tracked really well and for my flight style, especially in the house, i thought it was very controllable and i didnt have a lot of horrible crashes getting used to the quad once i did get it tuned and i Didnt, do anything fancy i didnt do any rpm filtering. I didnt raise the uh motor frequency. You know i didnt go 48 kilohertz, which you can do to try to get some extra flight time. If thats your thing, i dont like how that changes, how the motor slows down so i tend to stay stock. I didnt do any rpm filtering and i thought the tune was pretty good, so i thought id show you a little section clipped up of the flips and the rolls that i did in the house to kind of test that and then show it to you. Heres a look at the filters. As i said, i did nothing other than just tune. The pids i dont tend to use the sliders ive experimented with that. Maybe this summer this spring i can get into using the sliders more. But this is a shot of my pids and the filters oftentimes people ask about my rates here are my rates, its something that i think im going to have to make a video on.

Maybe i can make 15 cents after showing that video to everybody about my rates ive been using these rates for a long time. I still use beta flight rates up in this top corner ill. Just play a casual flight where im flying uh, this particular battery and the familys out its evening time and im just kind of chilling and relaxing. So i mentioned that you know its kind of a pain to work on this thing, because your boards kind of buried down below the vista the naked vista down there. So if you have any work to do down there, yeah its a little bit of a challenge, but dax has made these spacers now. I found in my particular case that to get my camera angle about where i wanted the bottom that hooks into this front little stack part i put that on top of all the boards, and that gave me kind of pulled the camera angle down a little bit. If you want more camera angle, you lower that a bit and itll poke the camera up higher, of course, for inside flight. You know: weve got a pretty wide field of view with that camera, so i didnt feel it was necessary to raise my camera angle. To me to have any fun also, i think one of the other concerns that many people will have is about how exposed everything is. Now i had a series of crashes and i didnt have any troubles with vistas.

A number of people have commented about going naked on their vistas, taking off the heat sinks and not having durability issues, but i can understand why you wouldnt want to do that. So if you wanted something that would protect the vista youre, actually going to add weight, of course, but mounting might also be an issue. It may be something simple that you just mount something over this area, maybe a little triangle or something to keep things from generally. Hitting the board again, i had a bunch of crashes. Ive been flying this for a number of weeks and i havent had any problems: repairs when you break these nylon screws they just it just takes forever, and they dont necessarily thread through these very easy youve got to kind of finesse them through. I always kind of felt like i was going to just break one of the screws by twisting them and because they are this nylon material as it gets tight as you get into the vista, i found that i would strip out the heads, theyre, phillips, pan heads And so i would find that i would strip those out so that im, using needle nose or some sort of plier to then grab the head and turn it as it gets down, lower and lower. You do need to chop off the standoffs. Ive got a frame over here where i can show you. I was experimenting with going with metal as well, although this one isnt, so you chop those off, i bork this one thats.

Why i kept it around just kind of show you so you chop the the post off and then or you just clip them with your wire snips or something like that. Then i took my soldering iron and pushed it down through there. I made these two big and then i was thinking well ill, just throw a little washer dig it out of my bin, and then you know i just i didnt like that, because i figured you know these are going to be wobbling around. I want it to be fairly snug all the way through, so i got another frame out and redid it so thats, something that when youre making these holes poke your soldering iron through you know clean up any of the melted and then put your screw through and See how it is you know, dont start big at what you think it is start. What you think is small and then work a little bit bigger and a little bit bigger and then work around the board so thats, something that you do have to do in order to be able to get those screws through there im, not certain im, not 100. Certain you can use metal screws because again these nylon ones were really tight and maybe theyre just oversized or something or maybe its. You know. The mounting is something that i did, but i just found them to be very tight. Watch dax video on it and see what he has to say about his build experiences, because i do believe hes built more than one of these.

He is actually ive seen people posting on his facebook account of other builds that they have, and maybe some of you have come in at lower weight than even i have. But i thought it was very interesting to be able to bring the weight down lower than the hd zero, which is really surprising to me because it has a single board, but its also got a canopy. Now theres some little things. I guess we could shave some weight. We could trim these off to shave some weight. These props are very light. Theyre, like 0.35 grams, so really light props. These z props are also very light. Uh, the aziz props get all the way down on your motor belt. I know its going to be hard to see there, but i could not get the hq ones and i did drill them out a little bit hq props. They dont drill them out. Please hq start drilling out your micro props all the way through same size. Of course, when i drill them out, i dont want to make them any bigger so that they slip on the part they do stick on. I just was trying to get them drilled out close enough to where i could get them pressed all the way down, but i could not accomplish that, but you do see. Maybe you can see that you know i did drill those out with a little hand, drill that i have just not big enough to get them all the way down on the shaft.

I do have a capacitor on here, its a tiny little capacitor, but i dont know that thats necessary or not ive only built the one. I have the capacitor on here, basically because it was already on this pigtail. When i started on the board, this board does not come with an xt30 and this pigtail it comes with one of those dual ph20 connectors. So maybe another reason to have a capacitor is maybe that will help save from that initial plug in of frying. Anything on the board: it is only a 5 amp esc and i know a lot of people are kind of adverse to using the 5 amp ese, because if the props are bound up and they cant spin freely and youre, armed or youre trying to fly or Are you coming upside down on a blanket or a tree or grass 5 amp escs tend to be sensitive to that motor spike. That voltage spike that we get when our motors are stuck. Our props are stuck so something else to be aware of, but i did order two more of those boards, because i really like the fact that i can update the receiver without having to update the flight control firmware betaflight, so thats it you need to head over To daxs channel watch his videos on the mob digital uh, 7 and uh. Thank you again for doing this work and bringing this to the community. I certainly appreciate it.

You need to hit it hit him up and subscribe ill put links to the different things that i use down in the video description that all in one board down here its the diamond shape board its real light too. I think 3.3 grams is what it came in on my scale. Unfortunately, i didnt take a picture before i started the build. I was too excited uh and its got express lrs built in so thats. Why? I ordered two more of those boards and i do want to use those boards more to kind of test the reliability because thats something else that we oftentimes think of when it comes to all in ones, everyones, always looking for the most reliable all in one. As of this time, i think theyre, all kind of equal for the most part but head over to daxs channel ill, have parts that i use for mine down in the video description. Ill also have a betaflight dump down in the video description. If you want to try my tune out so be it, but remember you know if things change the tune might not work out so well for you thanks again dax uh. He also sent me a kit that i can use to build the second one, some prints in here and ill link, his thingyverse down in the video description as well. So you can find the 3d printed parts that youll need in order to build one up, and if you have a whoop company, if youre not a builder and you have a favorite whoop company, maybe its iflight or something else show them.

This video show them daxs. Video show them what can be done on 2s with a naked vista inside. I think this is something that the market, the buying and fly market needs to bring, so those that dont want to build can have one of their own and maybe theyll come up with a canopy that doesnt stick way up in the air like the iflight. Does you know i like a low profile, so i can do some slower sort of shoot suit. Excuse me: shooting gaps um, you know, keep the camera down out front and make some sort of canopy that has it all mounted a little bit like the hd 0 mobius 7.. So show the companies these videos as well, so that they can see whats possible. What theyre missing out on? Because i think this is a lot more fun than this because of the weight, because the noise more weight is less maneuverability inside, because inside flying is hard enough. Last thing we need is more weight, dragging us around our corners.