Look ultra quick video today just confirming the compatibility of the new mavic 3 with the original smart controller that many of you will have bought over the last two years. Smart controller still markets itself as the solution to maximize your flying experience with aircraft using ocusync 2, and it lists the mavic 2, the air 2 a2s, the zoom enterprise and the phantom 4 as models that its compatible with now youll see. The new mavic 3 is not listed here and you might be wondering if the page hasnt yet been updated or, if theyre still working on getting the two to work together. Well, if you check the specs of the new mavic, 3 youll see that the transmission system is called o3 plus and crucially, there is no mention of compatibility with ocusync 2, unlike the specs that show this for the air 2s. So what does this mean? Well, look, sadly, it means that the new mavic 3 will not work with the original dji smart controller, and, whilst i initially expected this just to be a temporary thing that they would fix in the future, that fix maybe some time away or may never come at All sure enough, on the official dji forum, its been confirmed by dji that the old smart controller is not compatible with the new mavic 3. confirmation goes on to explain how they tested this and found the old smart controller. Doesnt support all of the image transmission requirements of the mavic 3.

. So to be clear for those of you that have bought the smart controller anytime over the last two years, youll find it does not work with mavic 3. dji released the upgraded new smart controller at the same time as the mavic 3 on the launch called the Dji rc pro this is bundled with the cine package priced over four thousand pounds or five thousand dollars or you can buy the new rc pro on its own for 879 pounds or almost 1200 dollars. But crucially, when you check the compatibility of the new smart controller, the rc pro you see its showing only the mavic 3 or the cine and nothing else. So i have to say this is pretty poor to say the very least: people have been buying the smart controller on the basis that its a premium product that would work with new models being released in the future, and now here is a new premium drone that Has been brought out and instead it brings out its own version of the smart controller thats incompatible with any other model. I personally have been waiting for an upgraded version of the dji, the dji smart controller for well over a year. Now. I think the current model, its its old its over two years old and has a relatively small display when compared to the new controller from autel and in my opinion, a proper upgrade is very much due, but the new dji rc pro is definitely not the upgrade.

I have been waiting for, i cant help, but think they just tweaked some extra electronics inside to make the old smart controller work uh properly with the new mavic 3 and they hope that would be enough. Sorry not for me, and unsurprisingly many many people very unhappy at this situation, and rightly so. There is a glimmer of hope in the last sentence of their confirmation where they mentioned the words for now. Absolutely no word if this may be next month next year or never look either way forward is for armed for those smart controller owners out there, considering the mavic 3 buy it for the drone experience and not the expectation that it will work with your existing smart Controller because for now it wont as ever, look find this useful. Give me a little thumbs up always helps. Thumbing down will only tell youtube algorithm that you dont, like my videos, so instead feel free to express your anger and frustration in the comments below, because it is a bit of a poor, show to be honest, either way.